This will be my last post until after Thanksgiving. I am busy working on the upcoming campaign. Enjoy this, it’s what makes America great. You might have to turn your volume up, it will touch your heart.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving and What Makes America Great" (3)

  1. This was deeply touching, just as you said it would be. I was especially touched to see the love and Godly faith of the parents which I’m sure was the foundation for having raised the family they did. They had few material possessions in the home in which their parents raised them, but they show evidence of the results of their parents having given them the most important of all possessions–the security of their love and God’s love, as well as being the solid role models they are.

  2. Wow… now that’s the foundation of this country right there! Beautiful… just beautiful!

  3. A Blessed and Happy American Thanksgiving to us all.
    I am personally grateful for many things, but you, are a rare gem.
    God Bless us all.

    Happy Turkey Day, a All!

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