I removed the last post

It’s hard to break old habits. I’m trying to turn the corner with the direction of this blog. Posting theory after theory is not part of my future. The article I posted was just that, a theory, and for me at least only serves to midirect me from my goal.

I apologize and know this will anger some, I will tweet the link to the theory on my twitter account so that those that want to can find it. I will post other articles and stories on my twitter account that aren’t inline with the direction I want to go. That way, anything that comes accross my desk you will know about.


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  1. Robin Laws said:

    Totally understand Grady… I’m not one to get into all the many theories out there either. Until it’s been PROVEN… and accepted by our medical community, we might as well just wait and see what THEY have to say. After all, that’s what’s gonna define it anyway.

    love you ~~ Robin

  2. I liked that you posted a scientific paper written by Dr. Stricker. I undertand that it is a medical theory. It helps provide credibility to the idea that there may be an underlying infection and it is not just a delusion. Unfortunately, as we know, the dilemma of Morgellons is that there are many theories at this point (Lyme’s, NCS, nanotechnology, GMO, chemtrails, biopesticides etc. ). It is likely that people have different conditions. However it is better to focus on what one can do to heal oneself, as you have said in your protocol, detox, pay attention to what you are eating and drinking (organic better and alkaline foods), build your immune system with supplements.
    Thanks for keeping us informed,
    my 2 cents, Jade

  3. Respect +1 MCS. And I am the same, having indulged in many potential explanations to this phenomenom. The theories are fascinating and offer in some ways hope. But they they can also mislead, sometimes to very harmful effect, and are sometimes deliberately created by profit seekers.

    I prefer your idea of focusing on attitudes, reactions and progress in terms of national health care, and indeed self management (well that is how I guess your focus) rather than the theories of individuals which we simply are not able to judge (yet).

    While we often (correctly) scorn the medical community for a lack of action, we want real answers. That means more than lone wolves posting theories. It takes data and replicated results. Until then we will not know the ‘Cause Of Morgellons’. Some theories may appear very convincing to the vulnerable (and we are all vulnerable reading this if you have experienced ‘M’. Because if you have, you would probably do most anything to be ‘cured’ or at least experience relief).

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t demand that this research is properly carried out. It is truly wrong that patients suffering from a debilitating conditions are marginalized both media and doctors alike. I hope this forum is a way to support others going through what we are or have, without crippling them with fear and un-validated ideas.

    Respect again sir

  4. lyndaincanada said:

    I understand the reasons why you removed the article…however I am glad that I printed it out and read it before you did remove it. It made me feel validated to know that there ARE indeed those who are out there who not only believe us, but are truly trying to figure out the cause for the suffering…It gave me hope…. (Perhaps it could be posted under a general subject area allocated for just theories on the causes…) In any case, I just wanted to share that I was thankful that you did post it initially…more good than harm in my opinion…bless you! Lynda

    • lyndaincanada said:

      Just stumbled upon another blog site that I found very informative for Morgies called: Spirochetes Unwound. Very well done as well – investigates related M issues. L

  5. I see the peer reviewed, published veternary research as proof that Morgellons is not a delusion. Is this fact what you are considering to be a theory? Just curous because I consider it a fact and now a fact that is published by veternary researchers who have photographed this first hand.
    Whether or not the human disease turns out to be related to spirochete infection has not been proven so maybe this is where your theory concern lies?
    I for one am very confused by your interpretation of the paper.
    What happened to the call to action that was distributed to everyone 2-3 weeks ago.

  6. IT’S REAL, FOLKS!!!!
    The Proof We’ve Been Waiting For …
    “New Research Supports Reality of Morgellons Disease”!!!!

    I guess that when the real deal arrives people are so confused by the fraudulent garbage they’ve been served over the years that they cannot recognize it.

    Orthodox research results are sluggish, at best,
    esp. when dealing with a true unknown like Morgellons.
    The just released Middelveen/Stricker article
    was peer-reviewed (a very difficult accomplishment to get through),
    accepted and published in a revered medical journal.
    This article is now viewed as hard core fact by professionals throughout the US and the entire world.

    Our dream has come true!
    The nightmare can finally come to an end.
    Of course, all the answers are not understood … yet.
    But, that door is open and we have a path to go on instead of stumbling in the dark.

    Marianne Middelveen is a microbiologist in Calgary, Alberta, currently working in the field of Veterinary Microbiology. Her past accomplishments include working at the CDC in Atlanta, GA. She knows all too well of how to perform research, what is acceptable and what is garbage.

    Theories, hypotheses, conjecture are great for general speculative discussions
    but are not taken seriously (until factual evidence is proven).
    I have observed an overabundance of snake oil salesmen/women and other such charlatans who peddle worthless concoctions & other medical quackery
    aimed at sick, desperate patients who are just trying to stay alive.
    It’s sinful for them to weave into the trust of oh so ill people
    with claims of restoring health, life and even financial stability.
    The various lab tests, substances/ mixtures, &/or promises sold
    (by a traveling medicine shows, multi-level marketing schemes, etc)
    as “medicine or cures” usually have the claims seemingly authenticated by scientific tests and articles from questionable professionals in unknown or faked medical publications.

    The information released Nov 14, 2011 is the REAL THING.
    It is NOT theory, hypothesis, or conjecture.
    It is proven … Irrefutable … Legitimate … fact!
    If that is unclear, please contact me and I will help you understand it, up-close and personal.

    Gwen Simmons, RN

  7. Mr. C,

    Your proven discernment has served this community well. Your readers would do well to remember that.

    I admire your conviction to stay above the conflict between the various factions that compete to accumulate resources and make lots of noise but don’t seem to impact many lives for the better. You have carefully and wisely avoided taking sides, and when you do take a stand it is to ensure that your blog is not the place for mud throwing, bickering or disseminating propaganda.

    I know that you are committed to staying above it all, and frankly I will not be surprised if this entire thread disappears.

    You are a blessing to many who are suffering. Keep up the good work! Best wishes to you and yours, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.



  8. I have not read the article that is referenced above but from the feedback, it seems a veterinary researcher had concluded Morgellons is real. If this is accurate, I strongly invite her to contact me if she wishes…

    I have parrots that have been suffering from this long before it affected me. Neither of them are what is commonly known as “feather pluckers.” However, both lose large amounts of feathers on an almost daily basis.

    I’ve spent considerable time observing them (with them knowing and not knowing) and it is clear to me that they are itching the feathers right off their bodies. The itching sometimes moves into a more neurotic pattern. My large parrot just itches spot after spot all over. It started with a small spot on top at the crest of the wing, which is not a common place for feather plucking behavior. My smaller parrot often will start itching in one place and then keep going as if she’s chasing something down on her body.

    I’ve looked at feather samples under a microscope and have seen the fibers. It breaks my heart to finally understand that their feather loss all this time was never “neurotic” as was diagnosed. So as Gwen shared above, this is real.

    I paid my avian vet $250 last spring to look at pictures and videos I shot of their feathers through a microscope, look at samples I provided her, and do a full lab analysis on both birds. Her final conclusion was there is nothing. She explained very sympathetically “I’m so sorry but I gave it my best shot and I do not see any of the ordinary vessels and organs that are found in known organisms.” I responded “That’s because this bug is unknown, anything but typical, and you have to look for the unordinary.” Of course you can’t convince someone of something that goes completely against all they have learned and experience they have gained. So, I accepted her medical opinion and thanked her sincerely for her efforts.

    Bottom line is this thing is still here, it’s terrorizing my birds, and is still seemingly impossible to get anyone with knowledge, ability, and authority to recognize it.

    So very sad.

  9. BuggysBeGone,

    I am sadden by the details of your parrot-friend. I have a morgie friend who lost her parrot as well. Not sure of the details, but I will be certain that your information will be forwarded. If you would like to connect with me about such issues, please email me and I will send you my phone number.

    Hugs and Prayers,

  10. Hi Gwen. Thank you so much for your sympathy. It is really horrible experiencing this thing myself but to realize my parrot has been suffering from this for years and I never had a clue…that breaks my heart!

    I just posted a new video I put together of pics I shot of her feathers under a microscope. You can see it at: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuggysBeGone#p/a/u/0/-b-qFDFn1WQ

    PLEASE post a link to the BuggysBeGone YouTube Channel anywhere you can. We need something to go viral so people can be aware and perhaps drum up the warranted attention from the medical/scientific communities.

    Sending you prayers as well…

  11. I am glad you took the article off. Apparently they pay to have these articles published, and they are not showing good ratings, plus the researchers are proving questionable. Ruth

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