Before The Morning

If you’re in the dark place of dispair hang on a little longer, change is coming …


Comments on: "Before The Morning" (8)

  1. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Seems strange to reply to my own post, but as I listen to this song I think of my friends and of you, the readers. It’s probably incorrect, but my perception tells me that so many people that I know aren’t all that familiar with real suffering, however I know how so many of us are well aquainted with it. Even though by the Grace of God I was spared the horror and abandonment that comes with this disease, the feeling of suffering still runs deep within me, I guess in a way it seared my heart so that I will never forget.

    I know there are some of you who think you’ll never make it out of this mess, but you will, just hang in there, this song is for you, my heart breaks for you.

    • MelFriedman said:

      Hello Mr C,

      Thanks I loved the song. I cryed like a baby, for I too shall never forget the horror!
      I agree major change is coming.

      God Bless, Never give up HOPE!

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Thanks Mel, and I heard about your “doubly” good news, I’m so happy for you, welcome home Brother ….

  2. Mr C,
    You are the best. You are loved, thank you for this wonderful encouragement.
    Yes I understand the rejections and the sufferings.
    I think my sufferings pale in comparison to many and completely diminish when
    I think of what Jesus suffered for our sin so that we could transend this life of pain,suffering&rejection. He gave everything so that we could have *hope*His strength*a future ! That is what drives us,to serve as He did.
    It’s a good morning as this song shares, it’s a new day to see His miracles unfold.
    We have come so far, we almost have the answers! Take heart!
    Bless you my sweet friend.

  3. Robin Laws said:

    You never stop rockin our world MRC… you’re so loved!

    big huge huggies ~~ Robin

  4. Thanx MRC, really needed that this morning

  5. Life is Not a Snapshot – Love it!

  6. Thank you so much MrCS, as usual = perfect timing. These have been a dark few weeks. Through it all I thank God for you and this site and everyone on it. I don’t know where I would be?

    You are a blessing, Teresa

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