I really like this guy, he’s not famous, I just stumbled across his video. The song grows on you. Interestingly he plays every instrument in the video, if you watch carefully you’ll notice that, just like Alan Parsons used too.

I will have my “Welcome Page” done by this Monday which will be very helpful to new sufferers finding this site. It will offer them some sound advice. There’s been a lot of back and forth on just what the campaign is that is coming, I just wanted to let everyone know to have patience and trust that it’s going to happen (and it is).


Comments on: "Better days around the bend …" (20)

  1. MelFriedman said:

    Morning Mr C.

    I have always thought that music is a window to our soul.
    and that love was one of the reasons for living.

    God bless,Never give up HOPE!

  2. w/having morgellons for five years, (best i can tell as of last month, being october)…mel,i have come to the same conclusion…love and music that speaks to our heart seems be why we’re here…two really good frequencies.

  3. I’m really looking forward to better days around the bend. The nightmare I’m experiencing continues in ways I have not yet seen documented by anyone. Please see the latest video I just uploaded…I was able to capture 2 pieces of “lint” MOVING like worms on a piece of hair. This is absurd! First it was thread and now it is lint that animates like a snake. It’s even more absurd that authorities like the CDC are still turning a cold shoulder to something they know is present throughout the world in common places (I’ve seen it in retail stores and it is very present at my gym). Sooooooooooo scary. So very frustrating. Please see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuggysBeGone?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/lKs6DEMBn38 Somebody really needs to help before this gets even more out of hand. I’m genuinely hoping you will lead the way MCS…for BOTH new people who are just learning about/experiencing it, and those of us who are drowning in this nightmare.


    • Torpedolynn said:

      I wonder if someone would test it to see if it is lint or a worm. I vote a worm. Great catch and nice to see what it looks like, because so many of us get that movement on the scalp.

  4. this video reminds me of a personal experience i had w/m…i had slathered down w/ coconut oil and a white fiber snaked it’s way up thru my pant leg (that were gap brand by the way)…i believe the fiber came up out of me in route to get to the coconut oil…m seems to thrive off of coconut oil…i took a heaping tbsp early into m…got so pukey…sat on the toilet crying and peed a fiber bundle, there were literally red,white and cobalt blue fibers as well as a “hair” looped thru the fibers.just saying.

  5. I keep playing this again and again. Thank You. Better Days Around the Bend.
    I listen to this again and again. Better Days Are Around The Bend.

    I am thinking about putting an advert in a community newspaper, very low key asking if anyone is having these symptoms. I will use a different email.

    I am also going to call local alternative pharmacy’s health care workers etc. to see if people are coming in with these symptoms.

    Cain\t wait to you release your newbe welcome.

    Thanks Mr. C. for all you do. Ruth

    • as my sansom park tx white trash alter ego would say “that morgellons is some nasty s–t” true dat.

  6. on a much more serious note…does anyone have an idea or suggestion re:what feels like inflammation in the brain (my guess) to the point to where my vision is being adversely (sp?)affected.took some quercetin yesterday,may take more than one dose…it’s like my brain is in vice grip…morgellons is taking the essentials from brain…selfish gesture,i want those things for me.

  7. just read my comment, left out the (a) betwwen the words in and vice, that’s w/ what i thought was proof reading i’ll blame it on morgellons ,that’s become easy enough to do by now…ok, i’ll stop.

  8. i’m so cracking up @ myself by now re: typos…i give.

  9. 11/30/11 was a very dark day for me. It was the first day I’ve witnessed a fiber coming from within my body.

    I’ve got the first video of it up on YouTube. Although it clearly shows movement UNDER the skin (it tried to move away from the lesion when I kept applying colloidal silver until it decided to surface and exit my body), the next video will be more interesting for this group because I have more pics that show much more detail (these would not interest the general public much because they don’t know what they are looking at). The one I have up on YouTube now can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=BuggysBeGone#p/u/0/Xx2bzDYaJ2I

    Went to see a doctor today. I’ve been referred to a psychiatrist. I will gladly see her because now I have enough video to make a strong case that this is NOT delusional. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

    **Please post links to this YouTube channel anywhere you can. I’m hoping it goes viral and gets the attention this condition warrants.**

    praying for us,
    a very, very, sad Buggys

  10. I am still getting bit. I wake up with blood on my sheets and pillows. I have treated for everything. I have black specks and fibers coming out of my body. I roll the bed with a stickything and it’s covered in fibers continuously. I need some good news please. Ruth

    • Have you tried Mr CommonSense’s Poor Man’s Protocol on this site?
      I have improved by treating the inside mainly and watching my diet (staying away from GMOS where possible)

      The most important thing is to keep your hope alive. Yes you can get better.
      You could also try some affirmations and visualizaitons. ‘Each day I am getting better”
      Try to focus on wellness not sickness (easier to do when you are feeling better)

      Love and Light, Jade

      • Hi Jade, yes I am on the protocol plus lots else. Maybe it’s a good thing the black specks are coming out. I just don’t like it when I feel I am still getting bit. I am trying to keep positive. I am just having lots of anxiety at the moment. Thanks Jade. Ruth

        • I have found that taking lots of garlic can help the anxiety
          2 capsules of New Chapter garlicforce or another strong brand or raw if you eat it with food. (also tumeric capsules, MSM), basically antifungal, antibacterial herbs. Also teas such as pau d’auco, roibois.
          Also affirmations or healing readings. Blessings, Jade

  11. I’m a believer…the answers are just around the bend! In the meantime I want to wish Mr. CS and all of us on this crazy Titanic trip a safe and joyful holiday season! I am a Christmas, New Year, and Solstice celebrator…but know this condition is hitting every faith, view and segment of society. Let us all join hands and believe! Peace and love to all, Joe

  12. Jade and all, I made recent entry on my blog about an acupressure approach to anxiety. It’s simple and may be worth considering. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand for a reason (and it is difficult to always see them as symptoms).

    Alison Adams has an excellent book out on fatigue related illness (found at: http://www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com/) and connects it to mercury toxicity. I’m rereading it and find it fits Morgellons. I think it’s well worth the $16 or so.

  13. jade, thank you for the much appreciated reminder on the apparent benefit of sulphur based supplementation…the morgellons thingy seems to go into a big time defense mode when ingesting said stuff. and joe k, i would be willing to bet you’re so right on w/ the mercury theory.gayla

  14. I have been trying to find out what day or days the Moregellon Conference is being held and the site!!!!

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