I’m so sorry for posting that last video. John posted the video I’m sharing on this post in my other post, I nearly had to go outside to my car so nobody would see how it effected me. I’m sorry for posting something so “down”, my tendency when things get bad is to isolate and close down, to tough it out. The video John shared caused me to really think, it just never crosses my mind that this might actually be mercy being shown to me. Thank you John, I am truly greatful and wish I had your faith.

For the last two months I have been absolutely racked with pain. I hate to go to bed because it’s a tormet of joint/muscle pain. My arms have fallen asleep so bad a few times I thought the feeling might not ever come back, it was very frightening. The fatigue is terrible, constant dizziness, and something new, my ears are now ringing so loud I can always hear the ringing, even over TV and music. While I have no crawling or biting or any other truly indicative Morgellons symptoms I’m in a mess.

I am going to see a naturopathic doctor for the first time this Monday, and she said she can help me get better, I believe her, I’m sure this is all thyroid related, but traditional doctors say I’m fine, my t3 and t4 are normal (ya right).

Thank you John, and everyone, please accept my apology.


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  1. Hi, Mr. CS. Violet from the LB here. I’m so sorry you’ve been so down and that you are having such pain and other difficult symptoms right now. Something you may want to get checked by your doctor is your red blood cell count (and also your white blood cell count and your platelet count). I have a condition called polycythemia vera along with morgellons, and I’ve always wondered if others have this but do not know it. Many doctors are not aware of this disease (polycythemia) and therefore may not know to take steps to help you. Many of the symptoms are shared by both conditions–itching, dizziness and feelings of a full head, difficulty focusing, extreme fatigue, etc., etc. PV is a life-threatening condition, as it can cause strokes/heart attacks, etc. from clots. Just a thought I wanted to pass on to you.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Violet, my head feels very full all the time, I’m constantly worried about having a stroke, that is what I think is going to happen to me, thank you so much, I will have myself checked for this right away.

      • I am so glad to hear that. If your physician needs information on PV, I’d be happy to give you the name and phone number of the physician at Johns Hopkins who is an expert on it.

      • Mr. Common Sense
        Your words helped me in my darkest hour. I heard you on an audio clip from How I Cured Morgellons.com and I felt your sincerity. I just want to say thank you and that I am praying for you and with you right now. Spirit sent to me so many modalities and caring people. I am 85% better. No more itching, hair falling out and legions …I still have scars but I can sleep at night. I can stay up a whole day. You were the one I learned about sulfur …it has helped me I buy MSM. I also take liquid vitamins because all those capsules do not work for me and a product by Max GXL international (MaxOne). I am not a distributor
        but it is something I will take forever. I have offered this to a few folks who have HIV and they are having great results too. MaxOne is glutathione. All Glutathione are not equal. Whatever this company has put into the delivery system really works to boost your immune system up. You can google this company and perhaps listen to the audio . God Bless you….you really blessed me. I am soooooooooo grateful for you.

  2. Debra Bialko said:

    Best wishes Mr. C.S. Make sure you tell her all that you have taken in the past few years just in case the problem can be found in any of those products. Hope for a full recovery!!

  3. Gosh, thank you for coming back. It scared me so much as I was feeling down today as well. I believe the ear ringing and pain are all part of this. If I weren’t so broke I would go fro accupunture which helped me in the past but I am now bankrupt and too old to be hired on anywhere. I think that I am nearly ready to go home. Did you know that Steve Job’s final words to his sister on his death bed were: oh wow, oh wow, oh wow….. (as in profound wonder)

  4. God Rocks! said:

    Thank you Father for your Mercy and Grace! For I know you Healed me and you will heal others! We Praise your HOLY HOLY HOLY name and all the power and Glory is yours! Thank you for your healing power falling over these people! God we cry out to for Healing! I fall on my face and worship you daily for I am alive! Seek his face and spend as much time as you can learning of Him as you have on Morgellons! I tell you I have been healed since Springtime! Glory of God! He will not do for one and not another! Seek him all and be healed In the Mighty name of Jesus I pray for you all.

    • Trully God Rocks! It is my faith in God that kept me sane. I actually had flying bugs come out of my skin. I was so sick, weak and scared. Mr. Common Sense’s info really helped me and encouraged me. I am a believer and even knowing God I was so miserable that I was gonna take my life once. So glad I didn’t. I don’t have the crawling or biting anymore. I still have some fibers that come out. Diet is key.
      Max GXL helped me. Through God someone sent this product to me and initially I was skeptical because I had tried soooo much, but one thing I realized immediately was that I had energy. God is able!

  5. Robin Laws said:

    You should know you never ever have to apologize for something like that Grady… we all have times when we get hit and we fall becuz of it. But you’re the kind of man who always gets back up… and I know you will this time too. Just know how very much you’re loved… and know you’re always in my prayers. Take your time, have faith, and also know we’re gonna be here just as you’ve been here for us thru the years.

    Much much love to you ~~ Robin

  6. So sorry to hear that MCR, my prayers are with you, I know you ll pull thru this One too, I also think this is all part of it too, as I also have other mysterious symptoms other than bitting crawling, God bless and hang in there …

  7. lyndaincanada said:

    Please get tested for Celiac disease…after 43 years i just was diagnosed. I believe the Hypertoxicity symptoms are separate from the celiac symptoms but I also believe that the celiac (because it is auto immune) contributed to my illness. Extremities fall asleep, debilitating joint pain, brain fog and skin manifestations all accompany celiac and modern wheat-eaters…1 in 100 or so are celiac in US and only 10% are actually aware. Please read “Wheat Belly” to see how modified wheat may be the culprit in so many autoimmune related diseases…a compelling read…Hope you feel better soon. Consider getting off the wheat whether you are celiac or not…

  8. sarah lewis said:

    I also have ringing ears and thyroid problems along with itching and biting and I do believe they are connected if not directly to Morgellons because of it…in that it causes so much stress and stress causes so many other things to happen, it’s hard not to be scared!! Hope you find out what’s going on, we all appreciate your words of wisdom and pray that you will soon be healed! Best wishes Sarah L.

  9. Hi I’m sorry your feeling this way. i can relate to your symptoms, my arms used to feel like i had no blood in them, during the night, I’d have to shake them vigorously.. Dr M, in OZ said 80% of Morgellons patients have Lyme.
    I had a PCR test for Lyme,and am positive, been on antibiotics for 4 months , been tough at times, but I’m starting to feel human, after 6 years of toucher,is the only way to describe it.
    I hope this might help you in some way. Lots of Lyme test come back negative, they aren’t sensitive enought. Wishing you well soon. Cheers

  10. lyndaincanada said:

    You just have to read this about the use of roundup on wheat crops!!!!!!

    A wheat farmer weighs in on the book “Wheat Belly”:

    Posted on January 8, 2012 by Dr. Davis
    Keith Lewis, a wheat farmer, left this insightful comment about modern wheat growing practices:

    You conclude in your book that modern wheat breeding has dramatically changed the nutritional value of wheat. Modern wheat farming has as well.

    I have been a wheat farmer for 50 yrs and one wheat production practice that is very common is applying the herbicide Roundup (glyposate) just prior to harvest. Roundup is licensed for preharvest weed control. Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup claims that application to plants at over 30% kernel moisture result in roundup uptake by the plant into the kernels. Farmers like this practice because Roundup kills the wheat plant allowing an earlier harvest.

    A wheat field often ripens unevenly, thus applying Roundup preharvest evens up the greener parts of the field with the more mature. The result is on the less mature areas Roundup is translocated into the kernels and eventually harvested as such.

    This practice is not licensed. Farmers mistakenly call it “dessication.” Consumers eating products made from wheat flour are undoubtedly consuming minute amounts of Roundup. An interesting aside, malt barley which is made into beer is not acceptable in the marketplace if it has been sprayed with preharvest Roundup. Lentils and peas are not accepted in the market place if it was sprayed with preharvest roundup….. but wheat is ok.. This farming practice greatly concerns me and it should further concern consumers of wheat products.

    I went on a wheat and refined sugar free diet before I read your excellent book. I lost 30 lbs in three months. What a remarkable change…… In my 69th year I have never felt better.

    In Wheat Belly, I focused on the changes introduced into the plant itself. But there are other aspects of wheat beyond the genetics and biochemistry of the plant, such as bleaching agents, pesticides, additives, and residues of herbicides like Roundup, as Mr. Lewis points out.

    How much worse can this thing get?

    • Hi Lyndaincanada, just curious did you lose the 30 pounds or the farmer commenting on the practice? Is this a Canadian wheat farming practice? Here I was thinking at least our wheat is not GMO (yet). Perhaps I should google Wheat Belly, it sounds very interesting. I have a massive “wheat belly” but have found it so difficult to stay off of bread. BTW – i tried to email you last June at the address Pamela gave me, then school let out. I have connected with Kathy in NB, it has evolved into a wonderful kinship since. How are you fairing?
      greetings from sharoninontario

      • Ruth In Toronto said:

        Hi Sharon where abouts are you in Ontario? I am in Toronto. Yes Kathy in NB is a sweetie.

        • sharon inthehighlands said:

          Hi Ruth, I am in the Haliburton Highlands. It is lovely and snowing her today. I guess that I am a typical Canadian talking about the weather! When did you become ill? Do you live near a sewage treatment plant? Did they spray your area for the Asian beetle or West Nile prior to your illness? Just curious as this is one of my theories. I have changed my name from just sharon and adding the highlands as someone else was posting under my name.

  11. You are very much cared for. I have missed you being on the site so much. I find you very positive. We all have ups and downs. My C. you always seem to rise from the ashes and you will again. I am so sorry you are going through this but I am very glad you will be seeing an naturalpath. You need support to so why don’t you reach out instead of isolating when you are having a scary bad time. People want to be there for you. Ruth

  12. I have been dealing with Morgellons since 2008. I probably should say it has been dealing with me. About a year ago I began taking Max GXL (gluthatione) along with high potency vitamins and MSM (sulfur) It’s been 3 years and 6 mos but I am feeling better than I have ever felt since 2008. If I could choose just one product that has helped me the most it is Max GXL. It boosts your immune system up to 100% within 1 to 2 months of taking it. I am not a distributor. I am just passing this along to help others. I almost committed suicide because of my suffering and now I am 85% better.

  13. Big Hugs to you Mr. C, I pray for your good health and send healing vibes your way. You are such a light to all of us here, please know that you are not alone in your suffering. Please lean on the shoulders that are here. I have had a ringing ear for a couple of years now and know how distracting and uncomfortable that can be. I find mindfulness meditation (sitting or walking slowly while using all of your senses) and practising gratitude helps me get through the difficult days.
    Love and light to you, Jade

  14. i am so sorry you have pain. i am sorry so many of us have pain. don’t say sorry. these are sad times.
    there some stuff i want to tell you in regards to my health. mostly because you and i seem to have similarities both in our symptoms but also what made us feel better. i am back in california treating for lyme..go figure huh. i won’t lie it has been hard core and some crazy symptoms ramped way up. i was pretty disappointed at first but i am now seeing a bit of light. apparently this is normal. i had no idea how much of an infection i was carrying even still after i felt better. this is some of the stuff i want to tell you.
    the ringing in my ears popped on over a year ago when i first started feeling better. in fact it started the day i started feeling better. it came on with a vengeance and LOUD too! it is just now starting to diminish. it is very subtle now, but still there. i have been treating for lyme about two months now and thats when the ringing started to quiet. when i can get my thoughts in order i am going to send you an email. i sort of feel like our journey back to health has such similarities that perhaps by telling you a bit more of my experience you may be able to benefit somehow. i know i have benefited from your experience.
    you are such a sweet soul. don’t say sorry.

    • Hi Tina
      I was wondering if you can share with me about your symptoms of Lyme and where you were tested, and your treatment. You may email me if you wish. Thanx

      • Igenix is the best lab for testing for Lyme. This I was told by one of the top Lyme docs. Many have been tested for Lyme with negative results when Igenix found Lyme DNA

      • hi js, this is a very long post but i think it might be meaningful to some of us morgies.
        i was bitten by tick when i was very young. it paralyzed then then sent me into a coma where i nearly died. they finally found the tick up in my hairline. and i recovered but have had some weird symptoms since i was young. like loosing my hearing (i have prosthetics in my ears). head aches, rashes, and insomnia. this is all when i was very young so who even thought about lyme right!
        well into my teen years i had some real personality changes. anxiety and depression. that got chalked up to deaths in the family and being a teenager. by the time i was 22 i had muscular skeletal issues for no apparent reason. they called that fibromyaligia.
        then at 40 all my symptoms ramped way up plus new ones. frightening nuero and cognitive issues. seizures. heart racing and palpitations. extreme fatigue. numbing of limbs, face and feet. also bells palsy (facial paralyzation). i would get lost while driving. i was finding it more and more difficult to talk and find words. my nose and ears would just start bleeding (not at the same time). my spelling became very poor. this is the short list of all the crazy symptoms. there are just too many symptoms to list. then the lesions started. i could not get a doctor to take me seriously so i started trying to do what i could with supplements etc.
        i was amazed when all these life long symptoms started kind of falling away. don’t get me wrong, there was some serious serious herx reactions involved and a bunch of er visits. thats when i started hearing about the connection between lyme and morgellons. i knew i had morgellons but had never considered lyme.
        my lyme doctor says all her morgellons patients test positive for lyme. i have have also heard several other prominent lyme literate docs say the same. what the connection is..i do not know.
        so igenx is definitely the lab to use but in lyme, the best testing is still not so accurate. in fact the longer you have it the harder it is to get a positive. ILADS maintains that diagnoses must ultimately be made on clinical observation.
        if you can it is best to find a lyme literate doctor. also personally (after much research) i would not even bother with a doctor that does not follow ILADS guidelines.
        i know this site is for morgellons but i would like to say that as i move into my second month of lyme treatment i now realize that it was probably the lyme and co infections coupled with exsposure to mold and some stressful life events that opened me up to morgellons.
        the first month of lyme treatment was very hard. i got sick again. and because i am also being treated for morgellons my morg symptoms ramped up. some deep deep infection came to the surface. i was sorta shocked. i am happy to say that i am feeling pretty good now but i am told it is a long haul and am trying to keep my expectations in control.
        however this whole journey i have gone through every month symptoms lighten and then fall away.
        it seems like it will be the lyme lit docs that will first really lean into morgellons.
        they are used to crazy symptoms.
        the problem is that the lyme docs are expensive. i don’t know about you but my health is worth more than anything i own. i sold my car and we sold our
        house. i would rather walk healthy then drive and get lost.
        one last subject.
        yes i am being treating with pharmaceuticals. i made this decision after lots of research and some long hard thought. ultimately what made me make this decision was when i read what some of the top naturopaths have to say say about lyme treatment. some of of the best naturopaths agree, in lyme sometimes you do need the big guns. however it is worth saying that most lyme doctors will tell you that it won’t be be so easy to walk away from lyme with out the herbs, supplements, strong immune support, detox program and dietary and lifestyle changes. in fact a lot of lyme docs feel you may never heal if you can not detox. also there are many people that have been able to heal with out pharmaceuticals but by applying all the afore mentioned. woof..a long one.

        • Hi Tina
          Thanx so much glad yo hear that you are doing well, I will be checking myself for Lyme as well, been really sick past few days with flu like symptoms, chills weakness, dizziness, some pressure in my head and other stuff, so I think it’s worth it to look into it, challenge is to find the right doctor for all this. again good luck,best wishes and God Bless

          • JS, check out ILAD for a lyme literate doc. An average doc will run lab tests that chances are will come back negative if your condition is chronic. Do not mention the word Morgellons. They don’t like it when we self diagnose. Make a list or journal of symptoms and observances to relate to them. My biggest mistake was not doing these things initially. I would get upset and forget half of what I wanted to say.

            • Thanx Sharon, I found an LLMD near me that I will be calling her in Monday, thanx 4 the tips, hope u doing well….

  15. Rachal Jossey said:

    I have dealing with some major issues in my ears for the past couple of months and being extremely fatigued. I started using the Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint Soap and have tried the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, since using these products I have seen some results with my scalp however my ears have been overwhelmed with something. It is as if the are full of some type of mass that causes symptoms associated with an ear infection, however the dr says there is no infection. (Expected that one) When my issues with Morgellons first started I had gotten an ear infection causing severe vertigo and then got a massive lesion on my scalp and small red bumps with black centers all over my entire body. I felt as if I had lost it and was never coming back. All my senses were altered. I seen things that were not there, I heard things that were not there, I felt things not there, smelled and tasted things for no apparent reason. The doctors were no help telling me they seen no visible signs for my symptoms so was sent to psychiatrist where I was believed to be schizophrenic. I’ve had no luck with the many doctors I have seen over the years. I have been on a emotional and physically stressful roller coaster ride for several years now and am at wits end. It is pretty much just an issue with my scalp and my ears right now, but in itself is driving me insane. I hope that you get to feeling better and wish you luck in your future endeavors. I sit and pray that someday I can feel some kind of normalcy again.

  16. For every one of us that you have lifted up one time or another, a prayer has been sent above for you. Always you have been there for thousands and thousands of us! With each post and each message from you, we have felt a great brotherhood and compassion from you for our suffering, confusion frustration, despair and isolation. I am crushed that you are feeling so ill and traumatized by your health problem. I have no medical platitudes or cheerful remedies; I am not a doctor and do not know your particulars. What I DO know is that you are intelligent, resourceful and a willing and responsible participant in your own health matters (as you have encouraged us all to be). I also know that you are loved by God, you are a child of God and that He is watching over you. You are perfect in your imperfection -as we all are, Mr C. I for one, have nothing but unconditional love for you as a Brother in Christ. My heart sits with you today, and in all your moments of uncertainty and suffering, and could I take them up and bear them for you, I gladly would. Thank you for profoundly touching my life, and know that like the other commentators here, I am here for you as a friend and Sister in Christ.

  17. Mr. C/S, I was surprised and so sorry to hear of your set back for we all were glad for you when you felt you were cured. Funny thing is that I was just re-reading your introduction two weeks ago where you said you had fibromyalgia but it seemed that you had just focused on the Morgellons. When I have heard that people have fibromyalgia I figured that they also had some form of Morgellons. I know I do not have fibromyalgia because I do and pretty much have had lots of energy except the time I was in my worst stage and lost 30 lbs. I do have the constant ringing in my ears but that may be due to old age hearing loss, however I know that they are in my head but do not make me miserable from them being there. Probably the combination of Morgellons and fibromyalgia is one bad combination since you have constant pain with the fibromyalgia.
    I agree with those who seek help from our Heavenly Father for I know he helped me through my first episode and has helped me when I felt I could no longer go on. As bad as it has been Morgellons has changed my life but there has some good that has come out of it and I know that God has a plan for us

  18. i know there is all kinds of advice and suggestions flying around out there but i have to share this. you may already know about magnesium oil. for anyone with muscular skeletal issues it is a great relief and mr cm i think you might get a bit of relief from this. it has helped through my worst times of pain it also calms my senses. its magnesium oil. it is simply magnesium chloride dissolved in water. you can buy it pre made at the health food store or make your own very inexpensively. rub it into your skin after a hot bath and honestly it really takes the edge off. they call it magnesium oil but only because of the consistency. there is no oil in it. for those of you with open lesions it will hurt so careful. i even think it keeps my skin nice and clear of bumps, itches and lesions. i use about ten squirts (it comes in a squirt bottle when you buy it pre made). i do not use it on my face as it stings. here is a link with directions on how to make your own very inexpensively.


    if anyone out there tries this out let me know what you think. its also a great way to get magnesium into your body.

    mr c you are in my thoughts and prayers

    • Shaheerah said:

      I use Magnesium oil and I love it. It is great for tooth aches. I dilute mine with distilled water, my skin is quite sensitive from all the stuff I have used trying to rid my body of morgellons. I use 2 ounces for bathing. I get it by the gallon…a site online.

  19. I have been without the crawling sensations for over 4 years, but still recover from symptoms I am certain are part of this symptom set (primariliy endocrine related). The book Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibermyalgia; The Natural Recovery Plan is an essential read and describes the connection between fatigue related illnesses and toxicity. I cannot recommend it enough!!! Note:as a writer I generally avoid using exclamation points, so you know I mean what I am saying….three times over.

    • Hi Joe, Good to hear from you. Does this book contain the SHINE protocol? It covers Sleep, Hormones, Infection, and Excercise hence the acronym.

      • There are several protocols presented in the book which would go well with SHINE. Alison Adams was a dentist who became extremely ill and, much like all of us, began a search for health. Her book makes mention of eventual parasitic infestations…and also describes connections to LD. She connects most symptoms to underlying toxicity issues (primarily mercury) and give a clear approach to overcoming symptoms. I think it is the best written and researched book on the topic out there. Interestingly, she had not heard of Morgellons until I contacted her. She has a website: http://www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com which has some great resources.

        • Thank you Joe, I will look at her site. I see I left out the N for nutrition in the SHINE protocol…oops

        • yes, yes, yes,
          after i did dr dietrich klingharts nuerotoxin protocol i felt some massive changes in regards to my mental and physical health. for anyone
          interested in toxicity and health klinghart has an awesome neurotoxin protocol. you can find it on his website. i think its klinghart.org. also you will find his lyme protocol there. he is a medical doctor, however he is much more into the natural and alternative healing modalities. he has had a lot of success with lyme patients and also autistic children. in fact he finds that most of his autistic children have lyme, contracted across t
          mothers placental lining. also he believes that the first child gets much
          of the mother toxins, not only in gestation but while nursing. lyme is is seeming to be at the root of many health issues. ginger safely, the nurse practioner started out treating fribromyalgia and chronic fatigue. she found that the almost all her patients actually lyme. i really love to hear klinghart speak about the human body, mind and health. he is a true healer and a beautiful human.
          we humans have a massive amount of microbes that live in and on us. we would not be able to live without many of them so it is real hard to say what is exactly making us sick. thats something i picked up from kloinghart. he also says that after we get rid of a bug it is arrogant to believe that we know what we killed off (not verbatim).i think with all the metals, microbes, environmental toxins and parasites it is sort of a cluster f@*k. some of us just hit a sort of critical mass or are genetically predisposed and just more likely to fall sick. stress is a biggy too. i truly believe that our immune systems our very susceptible negative thoughts. not that we asked to be sick but more like your body reacts and gets sick trying to send a message that something (emotional issues, lifestyle, diet, whatever) need to be attended to. who knows the body and mind are very complex places. we just need to listen when they talk to us. western lifestyle is not sustainable. not for me at least.
          sorry my spelling is off, i am tired.

          • Dietrich Klinghardt is considered by many in the medical world as the master of all things related to neurotoxicity. The protocol I have been following was designed by him (use of phospholipid exchange). Alison Adams taps into much of Klinghardt’s research and suggests part of recovery is confronting trauma. The nurse/teacher connection to Morgellons may have to do with “care taker” personalities (I certainly fall into this realm) and related bodychemistry.

            • Hey Joe, I tried to get the Dr Adam’s ebook but when I go throught the steps of signing up get a blank page after filling out the info as directed, to no avail. I don’t know perhaps my canadian email address is not recognized. Do you have the ebook, it is offered for free on her website; which I could not access. Perhaps I should go to Dr Klinghardt’s web site. I have been detoxing for heavy metals for over a year now. Do you still do the heavy metal detox? I had all the mercury removed from my teeth about 6 years ago. Don’t forget to add Mother to the caregiver category….

    • i am convinced that morgellons, fibermyalgia, chronic fatigue etc is all related to hyper toxicity. molds, metals, microbes all add up to the equivalent of your body being like a delapitated house full of crap. the plumbings clogged, the garbage is piled up. the lawn is over grown and half dead. it takes a long time to clean house and get everything in order. this is not some kind of infection where you go on a killing spree and then you are good to go.
      this is a major overhaul which takes time and attention day in and day out.
      once things get a little more well oiled there still needs to be the daily maintaining to keep the machine running smoothly.
      yes i do believe there is an organism or organisms involved but there is also a huge relationship between these bugs, the metals and a massive break down of body function.
      i have found the very best i can do for myself is to eat a super clean diet. i have had to throw a few hand grenades but it is the enzymes, probiotics, good good food, excersise and healthy outlook that truly is healing me. the more i look after my immune system and bio terrain the more it looks after me.
      thank you joe for suggesting this read. now that i have learned all this great stuff about health and am always looking to understand more about how to keep myself healthy in this toxic world. sounds like a good read!

  20. HI MRC
    I was wondering if you haveever been tested for Lyme, some of the symptoms that you were stating are typical of LD. I know you are on top of it already. Just a suggestion to look into. I myself also starting to have some dizziness, cold extermeties, chills, and some other symptoms, never been test for Lyme but I m thinking about checking into as coinfections are common amongst both Morgellons and LD. Good luck and please keep us updated of your condition. God Bless

  21. mary kelly said:

    My chrio says that organisms hide in joints, teeth and other places with less blood supply when going gets rough for them. I read up on this in regard to bacteria. There is even theory now arthritis is caused by an organism doing this. Ringing in the ears I found happens when I am near mold ( place that has had moisture damage ) worse at times. The neuropathy is getting better and better in the last few weeks from either switching to diet high saturated fats ( read bacteria can not survive in it ) or using the heating pad, or the kombuccha ( cornell study found it kills agrobacterium 33% acetic acid content, the acetic acid is what kills it, vinegar… ). I found I was dizzy when I took something that killed a lot of it and did not use a chelate to pull the toxins out of my blood ( cilantro with no charcoal to catch the toxins and or morgellons pathogen it pulled out ) . I think agro just because of how well it responded to f6 ( enzymes that break down plants ) for a while, mayo clinic ( read the study not press release ) finding plant material in biopsies, little do at my job got tumors after lyme, were growing around her rib so much had to remove a rib. The pathology report… plant material…she also has fibers, and last, that this started in farming areas.

    Once again thanks for your blogs SMA when I was very very sick and first figured this out.

    I wonder if something you mentioned you take but not part of your protocol is stopping the agro from making cellulose, the anxiety rx ( can not remember which one you were on ). Reason I wonder about this is twofold

    1- read a study that anxiety stress raises blood lipids, seems this disease needs lipids to make the gels that make the fibers ( fungihomeworld pics led me to this he showed it over and over ) also see Mark Darrah from Suny’s work on Lymebusters where he analyzed much of the morgellons materials with ramen spectrometry

    2- I had cfs for 15 years which has many of the same symptoms of morgellons I got rid of it by intensive destress therapy ( biofeedback, relaxation tapes, relaxation breathing on a regular schedule, remove toxic relationships etc. I still had the digestive issues and neuralemediated ( sp ) hypotension but that is it.

    3- ( i know I said 2… ) bile, I have read this sets up in the liver, I think it blocks the bile ducts, it need to be in control of the fats…

    I am not well, just better, things work then stop…

    Like the God rocks user, how very modern to share a prayer… feels right. thanks

  22. mr cs
    that long reply i made to js about lyme, well i was thinking a lot about you. i know you know that you have lyme. also this blog is about morgellons, but just some food for thought.
    i did feel much better after all the supplements, detox, and dietary changes but i just kept getting sick on and off.
    i feel for the first time i am really going to stay healthy. when i read your post about your numb arms. and extreme pain and fatigue.. i sort of wished you would go see a lyme lit doc. these are all our own personal decisions to make.
    i know you are an intelligent man that can do research like nobodies business. so i won’t say anymore. except that i think you are so awesome to help so many people and i just want the best for you and your lovely family.

  23. Mr. CS, please never feel that you need to apologize for not feeling perfect, and letting it show. You are, after all, as human as the rest of us! Your site has been a God send to me! I found out I had Morgellon’s in July of 2011, although I’d actually had it for probably 12 to 15 years! Your site was one of the first I found. It was filled with sound ideas, and not populated by wild theories like many of the others I visited during those first awful days of accepting that this was real, and I wasn’t alone. I visit regularly; I read the articles and the posts from other members, although I rarely post. I have found so much useful and inspiring information here! I’m praying for you to feel better soon, and find out the cause of the new onset of symptoms.

  24. Thank you everyone for all your replies, you guys are totally great, I saw a naturalpath today, tons of blood work tomorrow, we’ll see what the results bring. I am going to re-read all of the posts on this thread tonight, so much great information and thank you for all your kindness.

    • yay. you must feel better..pushing forward. i can’t wait to hear what the natural doc says. that is if you you want to share. best to you mr cs..
      you are in my prayers a lot because there is a lot to pray for and when i pray for you i know i am praying for the many you give hope to. this includes me. can’t say it enough, you are awesome.

    • Hi Mr C., Consider that some of your symptoms might be caused by a latent Epstein barr virus which has been linked to Chronic Fatigue in some cases. (Another virus may also be involved). If this is true check with your health care practitioner about supporting your immune system with probiotics, high doses of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, ashwagandha, saw palmetto, oregano oil, garlic . Do you have a cat? If so, perhaps look into the possibility of cat allergies affecting your sinus. Physical healing can also be supported by healing one’s inner self. If you would like to talk further about any of this we could exchange email somehow.

  25. Ruth In Toronto said:

    Hi Mr. C. Glad to hear you feeling better. Ruth

    • sharon inthehighlands said:

      Hi Ruth in Toronto, I live in small town Ontario after living in Toronto for most of my life. My question is do you receive your posts from this site, sometimes days or weeks after they have been posted? This happens to me only with this site. For instance I received your post of January 16 only today January 24. Does anyone else have this happen? Could it be just Yahoo servers? This only started in 2012 as I received a slew of December 2011 posts a full week later. Any computer experts out there?

  26. It’s a mysterious condition that affects tens of thousands worldwide. But what is it?


    Wolbachia is an obligate intracellular endosymbiont mutualist and can irradicate agricultural and human disease. It doesn’t infect mammals directly, but can via a host.

    The long and short of it is “You are the man-made VECTOR!

    Reason to contaminate vaccines and other things that the law don’t protect- See this Site regarding $$$$$$$ saved (PRINT in case it becomes null and void)
    How much you want to bet the Government is trying to prevent spending a lot of $ on something that may not even work, especially in America where the winter would pose harm to their costly projects. Although, without it may present significant complications to all mammals (esp humans).

    Small fraction of the agricultural benefits, never mind other plant, human and animal diseases. “Scientists already proved these benefits when they eradicated the New World screwworm from the U.S. and expanded to eliminate this pest from North and Central America In 1996, benefits of the screwworm program to U.S., Mexican, and Central American cattle producers were estimated at $796 million, $292 million, and $77.9 million”.

    GMO nematodes are not only small, but transparent. Filaria is uncomfortable but usually doesn’t cause death. However, keep getting bit by different insects, along with a compromised immune system, it might. To the least you will get many different infections which is the reason why people are exhibiting different infections, such as Lyme, Agrobacteria, etc.

    I don’t consider myself as having Morgellons because that is from an unknown source and mine began two days after mandated vaccines. My problem is not only that I didn’t consent, I was mandated to get vaccines that I would bet my life was contaminated.

    The people in control who come up with these brilliant ideas should, especially being of sound, moral, and ethical positions (given their role to protect society – yeah right) be the one to offer themselves and their families to their studies. Otherwise, Stop playing God, M…..r F…ker!

    • That was not my post. Mr C, please confirm this or I will have to change my name. Also this took 7 days to arrive at my mailbox. I just received it today January 23/2012. The censors obviously did not like the language. As a woman I would never use the M….r F phrase. I do not beleive this was written by a woman.

  27. Great news… lets see what turns up. Please let me know if we can help in any way.
    Still praying….



  28. Good news MRC glad you got someone to work with, one last thing I want it to share with you that I found out last night is that one of the posts on LLMDs that I m planning to see stated not to do any arobic exercises as that could cause the patogen to cross the blood-brain barrier. I know you run like I do so just something to think about until we
    figure out what it is that we are dealing with, good luck and God bless, my prayers are with you….

  29. Kim Foulkes said:

    Mr CS, my heart and prayers go out to you. I, like the others know you will get back up again- “This too shall pass.” God loves you so much and He will help you. I believe you will find some answers soon and your health restored. Never give up.
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgment will be proved wrong. This is our heritage in you! Isaiah 54:17
    – In Christs love, Kim
    hang on- prayers coming your way- expect good things!

  30. So many common elements!
    God Bless and Good Wishes!
    We will prevail…suffer… but prevail.

  31. mr cs,you might consider supplementing w/lecithin if you’re not already…in that M seems to have an adverse effect on the “protective fatty coating” that is said to coat the nerve…i somehow stumbled upon this information and using lecithin seems to do me wonders…this came to me as i was considering your current symptoms.gayla

  32. Look up “network Spinal Analysis” and read about that approach to healing. I’ve been getting treatments in it for 3 months. It is restoring nerve signals to parts of my body that have been shut off, and I really think it’s helping. It’s very weird, but I’m thankful to get feeling in feet again. Just a thought.
    Thanks for all you do.

  33. My prayers are with you mr. c,
    for anyone interested Dr. Charles Crist in Columbia,Mo. has worked with over 7000 Lymes patients in the last 30 years and I don’t know about Morgellons. He lived in Cape Girardeau, Mo when Masters w as doing his research and worked with him. He has opted out of AMA and so it is all on a cash basis. Lots of antibiotics, probiotics and supplements, supplements, supplements. If you so wish, he prays with you, holding hands after your appointment is ended.

    I have a video I did one afternoon when I was at computer and my legs were stinging and I felt biting. I did my microscope and there were jillions of nematodes coming through the mesh on my knee-hi stockings. Of course CDC could say they were in the stockings. HMMM?

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