This video is unfortunately what the media is reading into the study.  At then end of the video, when this supposed medical expert points to his head, I just had to chuckle. Interestingly, even he himself stated that he has had patients with this (and he is in NY). Basically, people with this condition are everywhere and yet the conclusion is that it’s all in everyone’s mind. What has to be true for this assumption to be correct? Which is more plausible, that there is a real, physical, causal agent behind Morgellons or that a mass mental delusion is spreading throughout the land?

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Comments on: "Fox News Report on Morgellons Study" (26)

  1. sharoninthehighlands said:

    The Mayo Clinic describes our symptoms in much more detail, perhaps after diagnosing JK Author (Judith Knilans) they widened there scope. Note this Fox Doc called it a disease. If only they had done DNA/RNA tests in the study, they would have come up more things in common. Dr Harper’s study came up with half of the group testing positive for CPN or C Pneumonia. I tested positive for that as well as Mycoplasma which was found to be the cause of Gulf War Illness. Mycoplasma is known to morph into many different infections. Read about Dr Garth Nicholson and how his wife and daughter were infected. The daughter came home with “Gulf War Illness” and his wife with the same symptoms. His wife worked in a lab at Baylor U where theywere experimenting with this stuff on prisoners in Texas. Isn’t Texas the first place people were being infected? Any “cure” they come up with will probably kill us anyway. It is true the mind is powerful and collectively we can be even more powerful. How to unite???

  2. I’ve been doing tons of research into what I been dealing with and have many differing opinions about it. All the research I have discovered myself astonishs me as well as helps me keep some type of sanity into the madness of this so-called “IN THE MIND” disease. I am now seeing a new doctor who does not know me to see what approach he takes in treating me, so far he is trying something no one else has and I’m hopeful it will be effective. However, he did make a comment stating he felt like there was no miracle cure for my complaints, it would more or less something I would have to maintain.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sounds like a wise doctor, I believe his statement is correct, we maintain, get to a state that is bareable …

  3. mr.c it seems our body adjusts or adapts to what ever pathogen or state of being our body is in to survive the moment.

    • sherry taylor said:

      Dear Mr. C,
      Sounds ;like there was a bias going into this study..I’ve heard a number of figures thrown around re the size of sample..Why wasn’t this written up properly with statistics and procedure?
      This conclusion is anyone with a degree or’s on a par with lab tests for example on Crestor done by people funded by Crestor..that a first year student could plainly see are not valid or reliable.
      To then put out PR..with false can they say it is all in people’s heads..what did they use to justify that?
      What did they actually test for anyway?
      They must think north Americans and the English speaking world are really stupid.
      How arrogant…I’m more worried about coming censorship of the that is scary.

  4. sherry taylor said:

    You’d be really crazy if you weren’t upset or showing signs of anxiety..when dealing with this

  5. Robin Laws said:

    I’ve watched so many of these news reports since yesterday and read articles as well. But just the way the man at your link Grady was acting all high & mighty and even saying they put a ton of money into the study (which he quoted wrong… it was only 350,00 not 600,00) made me gag. I couldn’t even watch the rest of it. Makes me so heart sick… but we will survive just as we have been doing. This isn’t over either.

    • I always like when you call me “Grady”, boy those were the days, I came down with Morgs in 2006, though I’m pretty much better, it was 3 years of solid hell and still to this day in 2012 I have anxiety left over from it, it’s a remarkably shattering experience isn’t it?

    • robin, i so do admire your apparent ability to articulate, possibly a personal question…but anyway, have you noticed a difference in brain function w/ having morgellons? be well, gayla

  6. That was really one poor excuse for a “study”. I read the report last night, and just about wanted to throw up. I am not the most educated person on earth. (I am an LPN, and recently completed a 4 year teaching degree) but even I could see how biased the study was from the very beginning. They went into it with the plan to discredit the disease. A total idiot could look through my little 10x microscope and see that the material that has come out from under “fake” scabs is NOT normal, and did not come off of my clothes. I’d like to see some of those researchers try to sew with the “common fibers from the environment” that you can’t even SEE without a microscope!
    Oh well, the government was involved. What did we expect? But it still hurts to have to tell people how bad you feel, and have them look at the sores covering your arms and now erupting on your face, but seriously, it’s all just in my mind. No way! Somebody is crazy here, and it ain’t ME….or the other people suffering with this disease, disorder, syndrome or whatever. I particularly noticed they didn’t even touch upon the fact that people’s dogs and cats get this. And that the same creepy stuff can be found mixed in with common household dust. I guess my dog is nuts, and since the house doesn’t have a head, well, I don’t know how they would have explained that away.

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hey Marsha

      I am continuing your rant. Don’t we all know that our pets and babies sneak and look at the Morgellons sites so they are delusional just like the CDC says. It makes me so angry and then family already believes every word the CDC says and try to tell other family that we gained symptoms from reading about them. Well I am ready to go to war now over that.

      I am going to chronicle my symptoms the best I can. Month and year and then increased intensity. Lead it up all the way to the year I finally went to the Dr.s for help and what he did and did not do before I ever even went on the net to find any answer. I bet most of us could do this. I want to see how that goes and ask sites to start a chronicle link even send our chronicles to the CDC and prove them wrong. Maybe a chronicle link would help researchers to get a better view of the pattern and trace it further back closer to the starting gate.

      In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

      • Lynn, I understand. Can’t keep these dogs off the computer!! How the house found out is still a mystery. I went to my eye doctor today, due to pain, discharge, and blurriness. I casually mentioned that I’ve been playing around with a microscope recently, and that since my eye drainage looked strange to me, I put some on a slide and I saw what looked like little tiny pieces of black thread in the drainage. His reply…..”Hmmmm” He might as well of said, “Crazy, now are we?” I decided to keep to myself the fact that I had a slide with me taken from from my ear, which has had terrible itching spells for over 5 years, and on the slide are very plain long black fibers, and some extra thin copper colored ones, as will as what I call “clear spikes”. I don’t know what they are, but they “feel” like needles. Anyway, won’t mention this to him again.

  7. Cindy Baery said:

    Speechless!! Pathetic _ they will pay one day. Wait until their family members get it. Too upset about this report. I have no family support. You do not go to Australua and come back a crazy person in 3 weeks. That is how my nightmare began . NO DRUGS- Not a Drug attic

  8. the so called study results were simply another knock up side my head,just more of what i have indured doctor wise re:m as of late summer, early fall of 2006

    • i would more than likely get better responses from ya’ll if i would spell correctly…(indure) ? what thuh…ya’ll know what i mean…sawwee

      • try to spell correctly with brain fog , memory, mammary ,and weight loss, i look terrible and ill and starting to wonder when i will lose my mind completely as this illness progresses, its maddening to endure its nuances, and frightening as hell, yea i have reached new levels of anxiety for the first time in my life.

  9. Even if they found the disease to be real (which we know it is) in the study…There is huge potential for a cover-up.

  10. lyndaincanada said:

    I was really really trying to be positive – you know – power of the mind to create one’s reality thing? …but even I have to admit this news clip is incredibly disappointing…if only closed minds came with closed mouths…We all know that staying positive is the key, but this news clip is like reliving the initial mental abuse all over again…Even I am dumbfounded…(Again, I believe now more than ever the name has to change…I hope I am wrong, but it looks like “M” is going to always be associated with “those crazy bugs crawling all over them fiber people”…worth discussing for sure… “Hyper-toxic” at least has not been through the CDC mud…)
    Years ago I watched a film of a real life survival situation in the Andes called “Alive” — near the end one real life character named Nando, after hearing the dreaded news that the search for survivors was called off, explains to the other survivors: “The bad news is that they called off the search — the good news is that we are going to save ourselves.” And they did. Two survivors walked through the Andes on almost no food, and walked to Chile and saved the others.They never gave up…ever…I see you Mr. CS as this Nando man who is facilitating the saving of ourselves…Although there is going to be disappointment…the good news is that we are going to save ourselves! God bless…

  11. lyndaincanada said:

    I am determined to stay positive – I just found this written by Eckart Tolle, it is helping me reframe my emotions:

    Two thousand years ago Marcus Aurelius wrote:
    “Our anger or annoyance are more detrimental to us than the things themselves which anger or annoy us”.
    Most of the time, you will find this to be true. Negativity strengthens the ego, but it weakens you. It prevents true intelligence from arising and dealing with situations and people. When you recognize its futility and harmfulness, it begins to subside. You can then face and accept situations and people as they are, without this unnecessary inner baggage. This is the beginning of wisdom in action.

    God bless…

    • good reminder, thank you, that brings foregiveness and awareness to mind …along w/ boggelty brain syndrome…Lord knows i’m tryin’,but when i try to make myself think more clearly, it seems to make my brain physically hurt…i look for suggestions re: brain inflammation and i remember one of the two times my brain seemed to function better,as if normal, was when a precious ER doctor didn’t totally diss what i was describing as m symptoms and prescribed doxycycline (in that i told him it was being said at the time that m symtoms were somewhat like lyme symptoms) at the time i was not so familiar w/ what’s known as herxing, so as i started to herx on the doxycycline, i freaked out and stopped taking it…now i can’t get my nurse practitioner to prescribe doxy for me, in that i made the mistake of saying m to her.

    • sharoninthehighlands said:

      Lynda, this is so true. I get a physical reaction when angry that weakens me
      with heart palpitations and stomach pain. Since becoming ill I have better managed my anger though the media’s take on this more than the report itself is what upset me. At the end of it all they did say it warranted more study.

  12. I wasn’t suprised with the results of the CDC study. The CDC should be really embarrased when another country or private research comes out with the truth about this. Since most of us don’t get much help from our Doctors we really don’t have much of a choice but to try treating ourselves. I’ve been thinking about going to a veterinarian. I don’t know what approach to use if I do see one. I’m sure that the Dr. would wonder why I didn’t bring my pet. I would much rather have an imaginary pet than this imaginary disease.

    • I’m with you, Julie, on the imaginary pet! LOL. It would be so much nicer to deal with than our “imaginary” disease! You could tell the vet your St. Bernard won’t fit in your little VW, but could he just check out these samples you conveniently brought along, and see what he thinks would clear up your beloved pet!

  13. Radiance MB Chesnut said:

    I go tomorrow to a appointment to see dermatologists that are suppose to be the top of their field at Oregon Health and Science University (OSHU) in Portland, OR.

    They have saw me twice before as it just started, progressed a little more and now when it has been allowed to spread throughout my body. I have a lot of fibers, bugs, etc. to show them and can hopefully demonstrate to them the critters and fiber coming out my skin and sores. My last appt. with a fill in dermatologist (not mine that I have been seeing for a rash that is an affect of CML medicine) when I mentioned Morgellons I got a lecture about it being great fraud, that I was doing this to my self in my sleep, (Even though I wear socks on hands and arms to bed) and I was delusional. He refused to even look at three bugs that had came out of my skin. Actual bugs had seemed very important to them before.

    Well here I go again to OSHU after them even e-mailing my internist and asking him to put me on medicine for delusions. I refused because all these very real things and experiences are real. I have three sisters (one picked it up in Florida) plus there spouses who also have this. It is not contagious!? We know different for sure and we are not all delusional.

    I feel kind of like David going up against Goliath. I pray that they will be opened minded to what they see. The CDC report hopefully won’t cause them to dig in deeper.

    The Fox news report was shameful..grrr.. Hopefully someone can persuaded to do a real and true news report. Stossel maybe?

  14. dividingcricker said:

    you want to read (the cancer cure that worked) the story of royal raymond rife …he developed a cure a microscope clinics and was known throughout the known world. if this was just considered just a bunch of trash treatment why did the governments go to every library and remove every artical ever writen about him … he was made man of the year who conqured disease… check it out … this was 80 years ogo and they still dont know what causes cancer. im sure the cdc will never and has no intent on ever ever finding a reason to find a cure… just my thought for today we should look what other countries are doing

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