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Comments on: "So Stop Calling It Morgellons" (4)

  1. Robin Laws said:

    Loooooove her! I also love the idea of not calling it morgellons too… never have liked that “label” either!

  2. It is very uplifting to see an article such as this that represents the part of the medical community that does support us. I am very interested in what Dr. Randy Wymore has to say or thinks about the CDC news this week.

    It is odd that this disease is never in the news unless it is called DOP. Any other disease such as SARS, Chronic Wasting Disease, etc. always got press. This disease got some press a few years back but it seems like unless the news is telling that we are all delusional, you never hear about it anymore. Almost as if the other news reporting it got the kabosh to shut up and quit talking about it. This tells me something, I just haven’t figured out what yet.

    Thank you for posting this article that has the advantage of putting a smile on a sufferers’ face for a change.

  3. dividingcricker said:

    i just went to the drs with this rash and pain in my neck and arm , one look “you have the shingles” what a relief i thought i had FTFA .. well that dr looked puzzled didnt say anything while he was writting my perscriptions then he said whats FTFA i told him it was a new syndrome . .. after 55 you start to fall the f… apart ftfa. he told me he was going to make a note of that one…. morgellons is never going to change …to many webs to many news reports to many government coverups to much has happened. any sinus pain migrain headaches 20 years ago a friend had ear aches all the time i had migraines all the time she was trying a new way to clean the sinus cavity using a water pick . using 12 oz (maybe boiled if concerned with bacteria ) one tea spoon of salt 1/4 tea spoon of bacon soda water should be just warm . water pick should be cleaned with porixide ( small amount with water to clean water container and hose run to flush water pick …set water pick at very low setting …no need to use addapter for teeth just use handle pour water in container turn on and put handle in nostral hold head over sink …water should go in one nostral and come out the other

  4. dividingcricker said:

    epa web research investigates human health effects of nonomerterials…..cdc y tube preventing adverse health effects from nanotechnology there are 27 different agencies all have a interest in nanotechnology …the eu—europe has a government agency to review all new and old products with nanotechnology….our government is reviewing data like the cdc its all in your mind …all there research is were are not sure what it does not sure really dont know we ll get back to you ….i guess i m fed up with egg heads like i said i m not a vet but i know what a horses ass looks like….i m mad very very mad……i cant even think what a parent is going through….call the NIH NIEHS FDA NNI osha empsha LOOk up the other agencys webs the dangers of nanotechnologies health effects ….good luck….

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