To Believe

A special thank you to Pamela from MorgellonsFocusOnHealth for sending me a link to this video. Simply amazing, I had never seen this girl sing before.  If you stick out the whole video the lyric’s are incredibly moving.

Also, this is available in full screen mode, just click the symbol in the lower right corner of the video. You can press the little “gear” image and choose a higher resolution.


Comments on: "To Believe" (3)

  1. Oh, yes—She is just a little angel. I’ve seen her on PBS a number of times this past year with David Foster, who seems to be mentoring her, along with Sarah Brightman. Apparently Jackie did not start singing until just a very few years ago. Isn’t she lovely? Thanks so much for posting her!

  2. sharoninthehighlands said:

    So beautiful and inspiring. I believe we will live to see that day. Thank You for sharing Pamela and Mr C!

  3. Robin Laws said:

    Oh I just love that little girl to pieces… I heard her when she was on America’s Got Talent, and to this day I still find it hard to believe that voice is coming out of such a tiny little girl. She’s truly a gift from God!

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