A Special thank you goes out to Pamela Mae of http://www.morgellonsfocusonhealth.com for alerting me to this important news story.

CBS News airing program on Omar Amin Phd and NCS on Tuesday night at 10pm Neurocutaneous Syndrome and Morgellons

This is the summary Pamela Provided to me in the Email.

Very nice. Good Press. Sound Science.

We know that each case with Morgellons is slightly different. But all present with Hyper-toxicity and Fungal involvement. I do not believe that Omar Amin Phd is saying ‘All’ Morgellons patients have ‘Only’ Hyper-toxicity from Dental products.

Because Omar Amin Phd is a Parasitiologist, I believe he is aware that because of the Toxic state of NCS or Morgellons patients that the body has become unable to move the toxins out.

The body has then developed Fungal involvement,in some cases bacterias,and in other cases an external parasite. As is evidenced in the work by Nancy Guberti CHN,by her  ‘Functional Medicine Testing’ done on Morgellons patients.

It is my own personal belief that  Dr Fry’s,’ Protomyxzoa’ which is a blood based newly discovered protozoan ,also needs to be eventually dealt with,and which comes into remission when all of the above are controlled dealt with or eradicated.

Our health and welfare are not based on the CDC, the Government,or upon Foundations which really say or do nothing.

It is driven by the Lord our God,and the wisdom and it’s responsibility given to good individuals who will move sound science to help those in need.

Congratulations ParasiteTesting.com and to you Omar Amin Phd.

Pamela Mae


Scottsdale doctor claims to find cause of skin crawling disease

See http://www.kpho.com/story/16666981/cdc


“It will make you crazy because that’s all you can think about,” said Stacy Hillman, who describes 2011 as the year from hell. “I was suicidal,” she said.

Last March, Stacy started feeling pin pricks on her skin and a few weeks later, lesions covered her entire body.

She tells CBS 5 News, “It felt like there was some type of bug, thousands of bugs, crawling all over my face.”

Stacy and her husband, Jeff, spent thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor, trying to get help.

Jeff remembers those visits. “They basically would look at her like she was crazy.”

Stacy shared that skin-crawling sensation with thousands of people all over the country.

It’s common name is Morgellon’s syndrome, which the CDC doesn’t recognize as legitimate. Critics say it’s a mental issue.

Stacy fires back, “Pray you don’t ever have it for a day or a week, and then talk to me and tell me if it’s all in your head.”

The Hillman’s found relief in Dr. Omar Amin in Scottsdale.

He’s a parasitologist, but since so many sought his help believing they were infected by bugs, he wanted answers.

“I’m a hard-core, old-fashioned scientist,” said Amin.

Amin believes the problem actually comes down to dental material, that is not compatible with the body’s immune system.

The exposure to those toxins causes nerve damage, which makes it feel like the skin is crawling.

Amin says, “the nerve cells will misfire. You have no normal nerve impulse anymore, and that misfiring will cause the sensations of movement and pinprick.”

The lymphatic system tries to eliminate those toxins through the skin, which breaks out in sores and invites other biological organisms to nest, like spores which grow long-stemmed fungus.

The concept is new to science and easy to dismiss, but Amin warns thousands are at risk.

“Everybody who has dental work, and that’s just about everybody who lives in this culture of ours, is an open game,” he said.

Amin calls the disorder, NCS, for neurocutaneous syndrome, and sees patients from all over the world.

The Hillmans came to seek treatment from Los Angeles. Stacy is taking homeopathic remedies, and her dentist has started to replace her fillings with more compatible material based on her individual blood tests.

If you would like more information on Amin and his Parisitology Clinic in Scottsdale, visit his website here: http://www.parasitetesting.com


Comments on: "CBS News airing program on Omar Amin Phd and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome" (29)

  1. dividingcricker said:

    SHOW ME!!! i think white fillings have been around 25 years or more … do india farmers have fillings…. do dogs have fillings… i think there may be a connection with nanotoxic material but there are to many other things that this might be but it all leads to chemical agro businesses. i have read so much about bt crops and what india has been through 200000 farmers committing suicide.. i know it seems like a far fetched amount of people i just wonder how many american farmer have done the same thing… how many organic farmers… how many — a russian news artical said one million and counting…. SO MUCH DISINFORMATION…

  2. liesbeth43 said:

    This is not disinformation, but I agree there has to be more causes for Morgellons. My symptoms started after restaurating ( white fillings) my front teeth. The dentist spilled a large amount adhesive into my mouth.
    Thank you dr. Amin
    Thank you CBS
    and thank you mr. C and Pamela.

  3. Is it possible ot watch this airing? If I missed something I am sorry, but I can’t find where ans when it is to be or was aired.

    • I’ll try to duplicate the link here for you, but if it doesn’t show up here, look for it halfway down the original post, right under the words “STORY FOLLOWS Scottsdale doctor…”
      just left click on that and it should take you to the tv station website and start the tape of the broadcast.

  4. christina said:

    If this is true then this has to be contagious because my 2 month old and 2 yr old have never has dental work.nor has my 2 month old eaten any foods that are contaminated.he’s only drank formula and water.so in otherwords that simply isn’t coorect what he and everyone else is saying or this is contagious.

  5. Stacy Hillman said:

    Hi, I Stacy Hillman, the women in the news clip. If you go to Dr. Amin’s website you will get all the information. It’s not just metal fillings, but can be any dental material or in some cases no dental work at all. You get your blood drawn then in is tested against more than 500 common dental materials used. The test the categorizes them into 3 sections, highly reactive, moderately reactive, and least reactive. The Holistic Dentist then replaces the problem materials with ones from the least reactive section. The a detox protocol is followed. However it can also be caused by chemical, used inside and or outside, solvents, and other foreign materials in the body. One lady had no dental work and was perfectly fine until she had a skiing accident and the had to put a pin in her foot. It was titanium, I believe. Shortly after her symptoms started. She had her blood work done and found out titanium was in the highly reactive section. She had it replaced and is fully recovered. His protocol, which includes the presciption to get the blood test, is 100% successful if followed. I’m living proof. You are messing with you life, he has the answer. He’s website is http://www.parasitetesting.com. This is a helpless hopeless thing, I know I been there. I’m want to help as many people has I can. I will be praying for you all.

    • Hi Stacy,

      I too am from Los Angeles, and have been dealing with this now for a year, with no solution. About a week ago, I got an email from a stranger, stating that it was this NCS
      I decided to check it out and the more I read the study and the patients profiles, the more I found myself, within their/your stories. Would you mind emailing me and giving me a brief rundown of what your process to getting better was. I too was at the bottom of the barrel and now really feel I am about to beat this thing. Also, like you, I vow to help out as many people as possible. I would not wish this upon anyone. I really found out how strong and important my family and friends are to me. My life has been forever changed with this. My email address is as follows: LAconfidential@mac.com

      Thanks for your time and look forward to your response.


  6. dividingcricker said:

    christina try reading a dr mercola web lymes is not just a tick born illness just came out this week … many drs in the field think most people have lymes and pass it on by toutch tears sex breast milk most insects carry it fleas jiggers gnats flys … its been proven but there still talking about ticks …. along with the lymes they have found more than 10 other tag along bacteria just as bad as lymes… my thought is the agro businesses have loaded the gmos, these seeds with these insect killing bacteria and they have run amuck attacking us… there are also nanotoxic pesticides that attack insects and us … time will tell my heart goes out to people with kids… ive found kleen green helps stop the itch takes time but it works also a sugar free diet some old webs refered to them as sugar worms…. seek and you will find ….

  7. liesbeth43 said:

    Christina, perhaps the causetives agents ( there is much more to this then only dental chemicals) crossed the placenta during pregnancy. If chemicals can cross the blood/brain barrier, they can cross the placenta as well. I am so sorry to hear your babies have this to.

  8. I credit Dr. Amin for being a key player in my recovery. He convinced me I needed to consider dental toxicity as the cause of my symptoms. He links symptoms as relating primarily to adhesives (especially with toluene). My research suggest causes of symptoms connect to mercury (though exposure by dental work, skin whitening creams, ground waters from gold/silver mining or, historically, hats with mercury content and mercury in cinnabar form used in dyes). Toluene may alter mercury from inorganic to organic species (allowing passage beyond the blood/brain barrier and into CNS). Toluene and mercury have been used in known neurotoxin of once popular fungicide Granoson M and Ceresan M (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1038246/pdf/brjindmed00204-0063.pdf for large scale poisoning of farmers. Some sufferers described, “ants under skin”). I’m guessing the Indian cases may relate to toxic fungicides. Dr. Amin has worked with hundreds of people with NCS symptoms and, especially in discussing the role of parasites, has much to share.

  9. Dr. Amin seems to be helping Morgies recover, but I can’t swallow his theory of the dental toxicity. I think he also knows more than he is willing or allowed to tell us. I had Morgellon’s long before I ever had a filling put in my head. My teeth only began to suffer as my Morgellons symptoms progressed. Everyone seems to want to help us heal, yet they can not tell us the truth, how we got sick in the first place. I have healed myself only by building up my immune system and using natural products that target fungus, bacteria, parasites, and demodex mites from my body. To kill off these culprits will bring healing, slowly but surely. I have comfort knowing, those that have deceived us, will one day be punished when they meet their Maker. My God have mercy on the rest of us.

  10. I’ve been trying to find this news story online but without luck. If anyone finds it could you please leave a link (I’m interested in hearing what was shared). Thanks, Joe

    • Hi Joe,
      If you are looking to the link to the tv presentation, it’s halfway down the original post, right under the words “STORY FOLLOWS Scottsdale doctor…”
      just left click on that and it should take you to the tv station website and start the tape of the broadcast. I think it is still there.
      BTW thanks for the recommendation of the Alison Adams book. I’m still at the beginning of it, but it is interesting so far.

      • Noreen, I did watch the piece you linked to. Is it the same piece shared on CBS?…maybe Pam knows. I’m glad you got Alison Adams’ book. It is well worth the read!

        • Yes, I think so. I don’t know if it was aired on the Arizona affiliate alone, or was shown in other areas.

  11. dividingcricker said:

    I tell people im not veterinarian but i know what a horses ass looks like ha ha …..the cdc is looking for a disease …i think its a toxin different from a disease. i read a web site about larvacides using nanotechnology …it was application and use that it lasted 7years like a killing machine… i know this web is no more the company is no more so ..the web talked about bucky balls …. i researched nanotechnology and bucky balls a company in baltimore made this stuff also read about carbon tubes ,this stuff is so small i would guess you need a electron microscope to see it…. bucky balls as i remember are made of polyethelene/silicone wich the fbi found in the fibers of a morgellons victim…..now lookup nanobot…..wiki… alive but not… now the biggest losers are the insurance companys …. look up nanatechnology/insurance… if they say its real the whole house of cards will tumble ….this computer is a great thing you can research anything even if you only have a limited amount of skill or knowledge…there are trillions of dollars at steak and the idiots that are in charge of the use of this stuff must be ….i just dont no what to say….crazy….they need good science need containment the un has laws the us has laws canada has laws that were not followed…. really im a nobody and a nowbody with no science education can figure this out using a laptop everynite its just a fluke or there are just so many leaks its just out of the bag….now the cure…. there working on it …. maybe the next dr visit it will only cost 5000. one thousand for the dr one thousand for the drugest..one thousand for the drug co.one thousand to the people who cant pay and one thousand to monsanto for comming up with the idea….my thought for today

  12. liesbeth43 said:

    Hi Joe, this new link was posted by Ginna on Lyme Busters.

    http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_nor….ent s-to-valley

  13. Hi, Glad for those who the dental treatment works. I have no natural teeth ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have morgellons, so what???????????billie

  14. dividingcricker said:

    news flash CHINA has rejected all gmo rice MONSANTO is having a headache………..a judge in california has ruled monsanto not to plant gmo sugar beets until the unknown effects are confirmed….maybe dr don huber is making more of a impact than anyone will know… dr huber is going to washington next month to speak to the head of agriculture(dont know who that will be) we ll have to see ….

  15. With all due respect to Dr Amin….there are parasites involved. I have extracted them from patients. I do not know but I have my suspicions that he may also know that it is more than Mercury. I have had people reporting to me in alarming numbers and I have a big Question……Why are children with no dental sealants and animals presenting with this also?
    Why are so many people complaining of mold in thier homes and constantly feeling hit by something in the home.
    If it is just Mercury then I will eat my words. His studies were based on Mercury and dental toxicity. Also remember other heavy metals are involved and people of the Gulf Oil Spill are presenting with this along with children.
    Love and Light,

    • liesbeth43 said:

      Trisha, it is not ( only) the mercury. It is the polymers/monomers ( biomaterials) These biomaterials can absorp metals ( i.e from amalgams/ titanium prosthesis ) and if they can absorp metals I’m sure they can absorp micro organism as well. It is technical hard to explain about the polymers but they use these materials for practicly everything (dental plastics, bone cements, drug delivery systems) All these materials are mutagene, genotoxic, cytotoxic and perhaps one person is more sensitive then the other. Plastic is not so fantastic….. 😦

    • Trish- This is the first time to my knowledge Amin has even mention mercury as a possible cause. His work has focused on the dental sealants (especially with toluene) and he acknowledges the presence of parasites as secondary symptoms.

      Toluene and mercury are primary ingredients in fungicides used in the past. The Iraq case of seed with fungicide were studied with conclusion of, “Sensory changes were commonly associated with motor weakness so that the complaint was usually ‘a feeling of
      numbness and ants moving under the skin; my hands are weak and do not obey me to do my work.'”
      Br Med J. 1978 Mar 11;1(6113):613-6.
      Methylmercury poisoning in Iraqi children: clinical observations over two years.
      Amin-zaki L, Majeed MA, Clarkson TW, Greenwood MR.

      I see NCS as a subcategory of Morgellons and Morgellons as a form of mercury poisoning. Mercury is passed from mother to child at 5 to 10 times the rate (according to EPA); symptoms may be prenatal. Mercury can be ingested through non-dental means. The pocket of sufferers in San Francisco appear to live at the bottom of a watershed where historically gold and silver were mined (mercury is used in the extraction) and agricultural activities occurred (can increase affects of heavy metal). Babies and animals having these symptoms could be expected.

      Glutathione levels are affected if a body is burdened by mercury toxicity (blood test cost around $30). All of the symptoms related to Morgellons (except fibers) have been shown to connect to mercury. I think a decent study of mercury’s role in Morgellons could be done cheaply and quickly (instead of $350,000 possibly under $2500).

      Alison Adam’s book- Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibermyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan, outlines the relationship of mercury, symptoms (including parasitic), and recovery. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again- it is an important read for sufferers and medical professionals alike.

      Trish, you know I’ve the greatest respect for you but mercury needs to be considered.

      • Hi Joe,
        I saw this article on glutathione that may be interesting to people here (or perhaps really repetitive 🙂 I’m just getting up to speed on all of this)


        A few of his recommendations may not be immediately possible for people with morgellons or high toxicity:

        -his suggestions for exercise. If highly toxic better to start with exercise that promotes lymphatic drainage (thanks Pamela for reminding me of this!!!!)

        -and I’m not sure about the use of ALA right out of the gate. I’ve read that there are some problems taking this if you are really toxic.

      • Dear Joe,
        I think Mercury does play a crucial part in this disease. I just was astounded that he said there were no parasites.

        • Noreen, Thanks for the link to the excellent article. It is definitely a key piece to our health.

          Trish, I apologize for the long winded response. There are too many half-points in the direction of mercury to ignore it. Testing for levels of neurotoxicity and glutathione as well as patterning in sufferers health history should bring some clarity.

  16. dividingcricker said:

    boy researching gmo morgellons roundup evil doers ..its just depressing..i wish i was in fla at homassa national park i think thats right down the road form trish….i think i would rather go there than any ripoff tourist trap in fla….was just watching a new jeffery smith ytube video ,,nothing new just that gmos are avoided by almost every political or rulling or corprate group on this planet..drs are waking up mothers are waking up so if you have morgellons go organic range free there are on line products…doing this also puts a crimp in the markets the profits of monsanto and increasing the profits of organic farmers…all that ive read ,,before i got morgellons and all that ive read after i still don t see a cure relief but not a cure last night i felt great today like crap just take one day at a time…try to set at least one goal for improvement…i read along time ago magnets have a effect on morgellons ..in the farm stores they have magnets that they put in the stomacs of farm animals…there are many sizes for cows goats sheep if they eat nails or metal it stays in the stomac on the magnet well i bought two medium size magnets and carry them in my pockets…its just another thing i do….well trish been through a divorce not much fun and if doesn t kill you it will make you stronger,,,poorer bitter cautious etc etc but stronger…i m with someone who has the patients of a saint..we really have made adgustments because of morgellons..i guess were all alot different than before..well i hope your new location and life will be a blessing and if you have a day go on down to homassa park and pet one of those manatees over and out……

  17. Jackie Paulson said:

    I think I have Morgellons Disease and it started when I got my dentures, is it possible that the two posts which has obvious mercury in them – could be causing it on my face so horribly? I could send photo’s it’s horrible…i need help…four years and the condition gets worse and derm says it’s cystic acne…I have sores that do not HEAL. Help me jackie paulson jackiepaulson8@gmail.com

  18. I have been very much involve in resolving with the medical world my blood problem. Recently I have been diagnose that my blood level has gone to 50%, called 4.2
    Lost weight, not hungry and sleep a lot. Have gone thru multiple blood test , CT scan and bone marrow test. They MD have not been able to identify. Some so called white cell is killing my red cell. I had to eat better. My blood level have gone up a bit from 4.2 to 6.5 and back to 5.9
    Other MD have advise me to go to a Tropical research hospital place. In 1992 I visited Indonesia and cane home with Paratyfus. This parasite maybe the possible cause maker. After several years they may activate. In winter I have to escape Holland and stay during this winter in Houston Texas. I need someone to recommend me a welknown hematologist, Oncologist in Houston. Staying 6 mths, requires some MD locally. I am also planning to see Dr Omar in Scotsdale. Maybe he can identify my cause maken. I an Dutch Indonesian Japanese person. Please help me Ike van Gessel or e-mail ivangessel@earthlink.net

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