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  1. Linda G. ("Violet") said:

    Mmmmmmmmm….just absolutely heavenly and so uplifting Mr. CS. It’s a very modern but ancient message that spans time. I like its sense of forgetting about the divisions in our country, as well as trying to figure out what is “right” and “wrong” and just concentrating instead on the only thing (person) who can make anything right in each of our lives.

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. dividingcricker said:

    beautiful—-no atheists in this fox hole…still reading posts from the begining ,real tear jerkers but i remember what i went through with nothing to go on and nobody to talk only rock was my faith that i would get through it…knew enough to just keep trying things….i m still reading and searching…don t think its in my nature…i just know we ll find out , get answers..and a cure …..about the zeolite i ve had a few heart palps but still not as bad as they were…eyes still seem clear…my mind seems better…my dose is 3teasp a day in 12 oz green tea w/steavia drinking a few glasses of water probably the more the better …no hex effects…so that is great…i ve been on this foe 6 days…..the itching seems to be less….ps dr don huber needs our prayers hes having health problems on the home front,

    • To dividingcricker, I used the zeolite from a well know company (it was very expensive) recommendation from a cousin who had cancer ( he passed away a year ago) and I also did not find that the zeolite has helped and is a waste of money. I still have a bunch left and using it up but really don’t think it is helping. I am trying another program and seem to be having good results but will not say anything until my trial period is up which will be at the end of March. My lab tests at the end of the month should let me know if this new program is helping at all. Lyn

      • dividingcricker said:

        i ve been researching zeolite powder which is cheaper and works better than the liquid theres a web shelly penny www, who started my quest with a on line book,,free book… there several governments who have used this in many ways ,most resent japan for radioactivity from the nuclear plant explosions…it is also used in anamal husbantry in farming sewage plants and so many applications it just goes on and on….well i m giving it a try but that shelly penny book explains alot….l ,,hope you stay well…over and out

    • hi david,
      i have been reading your replies and meaning to tell you something. i am no doctor obviously but when i was real sick with m and had lesions that almost went through my face and into my mouth (no exaggeration) i was at emergency a lot for the pain but also heart palpitations that were going crazy and every time i was at er and i had the heart thing going they always kept me longer for something hard to spell starts with h…anyway its low potassium. they always had me take it there and then did an ekg. now i always eat bananas and also v8 and i never ever have my heart race anymore. also my anxiety has almost evaporated. i think mr common sense wrote he had also had low potassium when he went to the er. i don’t know food for thought i guess.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Yes, I did have low pottasium, now I drink V8 and eat bannan’s and almonds, but don’t over do it, as long as you don’t have kidney problems you should be fine. I had bad heart palps, was in the ER with stroke like symptoms many times, interestingly, potassium is a big deterent to strokes …

        • i love almonds and didn’t realize they had potassium. its funny because since i got sick i have had serious specific food cravings. v8 and grape juice never tasted so good. pineapple too. also indian food. i keep cans of coconut milk and several different curry powder blends on hand. i eat it sometimes days in a row. i never go more than three days without curry. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night with one thought. coconut curry. i have it down where i can make an excellent curry in about 6 minutes! the indian spices are very healing and i swear on my eyes it has been a major help in the healing process.

          • tina, re: coconut milk…i read that it pulls nuerotoxins from the brain…due to the probable build up of said toxins in my m brain, i forget to include the coconut milk like i probably otta…thank you for the reminder.gayla

            • coconuts are actually amazing. i drink a lot of fresh coconut water (young coconut). i am lucky because real close to me at the chinese market they sell a case of nine for about 7 dollars. sometimes a little less depending what the market is. the water has electrolytes and it is very pure and clean. also i believe it has one of or some of the b vitamins. i think b 12. don’t quote me on that. the electrolytes help me to absorb my supplements. plus i just love it. i dint know that it puled nuerotoxins. good to know. thank you. i continue to keep with my nuero toxin detox. i can spell and talk better now. at one point i actually couldn’t tell the difference between an 8 and a 3. crazy! i even spelled my own last name wrong once. i am actually in awe of the bodes capacity to heal. in this regard morgellons has been an incredible experience. i feel empowered now that i have seen what diet and supplements can do.

  3. tina, sadly i so do relate to those m sick days…i’m better now…it’s been a slow heal.

    • yes. it’s a long hard journey overcoming morgellons. i still have issues though i am so much better. i was making videos chronicling my healing journey. i actually stopped and put them on private because of some of the negative “vibes” that are sometimes part of the morgellons community. i wanted to help others and help myself to sort of unravel how it ever got so bad and also try and digest the trauma.
      i decided to put a few videos back up. i chose this one because i was hoping that it would show others (those without morgellons) just how bad it really is. in this video i was out of the woods but yes, its along haul . sorry about the rambling in this video and a i get a little weepy. this video was over a year ago and right about when i was feeling a little better.

      • thank you Tina for your human resilience, against the toughest odds … your video has inspired me to “keep on keepin’ on”. I am new to this disease and needed hope tonight..

        • thank you. that you have some hope tonight makes me very happy. you can get better. sometimes when i feel i am losing the hope battle i remind myself that i am dealing with a major illness. many people including children are doing this as well. morgellons is a “special kind of infliction”, this true but if we and take away the scary images (those freaky things coming out of us) we are sick just like others fighting any serious illness. its a part of being human. my x husbands editor had cancer and i remember something he said that struck me. he said when he first he first got sick he said to himself “why me?. then he said “i realized why NOT ME”. i thought that was poignant.
          i hope you start feeling better and fight more hopeful evenings. this site (mr common sense) is amongst the best as far as leaving out the scare factor but keeping in the reality of the fact that we are sick and need to do something about it.
          thank you mr common sense fro continuing to bring us hope and accurate non sensational information. you rock!

  4. dividingcricker said:

    just thinkin out loud.. for as smart as we are … i watch the news and i havent seen any news in years…just a bunch of bs everyday. like everybodys in a daze…going through the motions, almost dead..the spirt of this country must be at its worst level ever..and i don t see a light at the end of this tunnel..and about morgellons i think we need a voice and without a voice we will never be acknowiedged…i mean how can all this be in somebodys mind..give me a break..these news people must be bought and paid for…so much disinformation the agencies who are looking out for us what are they doing they must be bought and paid for….i mean what does usa stand for UTTERLY STUPID ASSHOLES i know that is crude but when are the people going to snap out of it…how many lies can we take …..well i spoke my peace..and if i really let loose i can make even the hardned *******run for cover and know its not a good thing to ask me anything…..well i ve been on that zeolite for 8 days …maybe my mind is clearing up.. heart palps ok eyes seem very good and having been sleeping sound…still have some itching but seems less al the time……

  5. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

    6 There was a man sent from God whose name was John. 7 He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. 8 He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light.

    9 The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him. 11 He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him. 12 Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God— 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

    14 The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth…. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 18 No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known. (John 1:1-14,18)

  6. dividingcricker said:

    john i try to hold my temper in check…but as you well know that even god didn t get religion until the new testament was written…i told that to a decon of our church on a fishing trip ,,,,he almost fell overboard laughing…..LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

  7. dividingcricker said: that web has a lot of info. been on my cleanse 9 days had some heart preasure but could be a disc ploblem.still taking alot of minerials calm potas. cal. still wondering if it just another waste of money and time ..if it does remove toxins as a broad cleanse i would really like to see more testimonals from morgellons or nanotoxic people…well i feel that for every one person who posts here 10 are just reading them get off your butts and start writing…let everbody hear what your doing…join the fun….what else do i do /glutin free organic no sugar i use stevia kleen green enzyme cleaner,stay very clean ,vit-immutol,krill,flax,multi,cal.pot,mag,b6,b12.bcomplex,amenos,glutiathione,lcarnatine——-umka,its a liquid for lung problems,cold flue,sambacol a eldaberry ex for colds flue fevers viruses–i use spry gum and tooth paste its made with zylatol sugar not sure of the spelling there are so many herbs i use oregeno red marine algea this stuff is great for herpes breakouts works beater than any perscription….theres so many of these things i use ,,not everday i usually think of it as a snack with vit if i have a problem…most have been used before i got morgellons…pretty healthy otherwise….well hope this helps somebody

  8. hello mr common sense and everyone,
    i have been inspired to start a blog. it’s called “food for health and happiness” and it’s geared towards food for those on the mend (like us). most of us are trying to keep a good diet but it gets tricky when you are not feeling so hot. i wanted to try and post tips on how to find and prepare healthy food without spending a fourtune or crazy recipes to follow. so far there are only a few posts up and nothing great but i am pretty proud of my almond butter and blackberry sandwich. it is wheat, dairy, and refined sugar free. it tastes like dessert. when i get up to speed you will be able to find some quick and easy meals that are healthy too. tonight i am having chicken sautéed in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs. so after dinner i will put that post up. it takes less than ten minutes to make. if this seems like unabashed advertising it’s because it is. now that i am able to focus and spell better it will be good practice for me. it is also something i am trying to do to help me and all of us live a little easier and hopefully happier.

  9. dividingcricker said:

    well still taking zeolite no hexes everthings ok not itching as bad and still looking for more cleanses…the anti gmo news is getting out there but it does seem so slow..if only the news and government had a little push..i was readind this web linking autism to gmos ..they said 1 in 88 children have autism. that was in milatary children..i read they did a study with the amish thy found 3 children and they were adopted..jeffey smith is really on the front with this battle ,he has written several books and has some dvds cd and i saw him on dr oz …well i bought some cell salts hylands bio12 it has all the salts .it does seem to quiet the itch and the soul…would be nice to be able to take a vacation from this stuff for spell..well over and out

  10. dividingcricker said:

    this cleanse is working ,many things seem much better.I was just reading about how many of these nanotoxic elements are metals gold silver aluminum barium seem to be the bulk of the nanomaterials .i wonder if the metals get incased in the human body and are strung together like uric acid makes gout stones .these gout stones are needle like projectiles that lay between the layers of muscle they usually are no problem until they hit a nerve in the toe or back and cause muscle spasms.the body does have many ways to expell toxins and encapsulating these nanotoxins and moving them to the skin..we rub and itch and scratch these things out of us..this zeolite helps remove the toxins instead of recirculating them back into the body..well i m just thinkin to much food for thought over and out

    • dcricker, what you said about toxic amounts of metals (minerals) can make sense.tina had previously mentioned pretty much the same re: aluminum (sp)?…i seem to notice people w/m saying they get considerable relief from m symptoms when they include things that help to remove heavy metals…we’re just thinkin’

  11. dividingcricker said:

    these toxic things we are exposed to have riddled us with ill health.just breathing the air is dangerious.Just touching or rubbing sunscreen(ananotoxic substance) could be harmful .Eating and drinking could puy you in harmsway..Trust is becoming a very rare thing,and if you can t trust your dr or government who can you trust..i have written about the governments role or connection to monsanto and other years past this connection was unheard of..If its not illegal it should be..government insiders should not be the goto guys for these corperations ..I mean these people work for us ..they should answer to us..AND to be silent on so may just as bad as being lyers.folling this morgellons has been a chore and piecing fragments together has been what most researchers are doing..the truth is stranger than fiction..I think are next big hurdle will be are freedom to say and use the internet like felling is in a few years or sooner this freedom will come to a end…well ive been on the zeolite for 18 days with no bad effects..seem much better..even the itching seems appitite is something i m having to watch…eating to much…still not able to do a 8 hr day but when i work 8 i usually dont stop for lunch or a snack and 8 usually turns into 14 ..that is going to be something ill have to work into..i m taking these bioplasms cell salts by hylands 4 ..4xs a day they are very really would be nice to get back to normal….all for now …over and out

    • i took bioplasma for 2 months. at he same time i added in a few other supplements so i cant actually say for sure that it was exactly the bio plasma for sure that made my skin better but at the time i started taking it which was last july was when my skin finally stopped feeling like hardened plastic.
      i was sick and weak and had all this stuff going on internally for a while but my skin look fine for a long time..then the skin went south
      it has been a strange process. first there were these little red and brown dots.then the little moist unhealing sores came that took a long time to heal. they did not itch or hurt. then i got nodules with the lesions and the little red skin tags went away. then the lesion came (bigger and at first only slightly hurt. then they sort of cleared up but my skin was mottled with pigment and just looked like over all hell.
      when i started treating with supplements and so forth my skin went crazy. thats when the stuff started coming to the surface. massive extremely painful lesions and for the first time the specks and those blue and red fibers and then the white ones that move. yikes. the stuff was literally coming out of my ears. large disgusting chunks out my nose. i coughed up stuff for a couple months. as i kept hammering away with various supplements, silver, baths etc the lesions started healing but as they healed giant lumps and lesions started grouping together. ended up in emergency surgery to remove two big ones. over a year ago was the last big lump /l lesion. it was above my eye. i could feel the stuff moving up the side of my neck and face finally it settle or sort of grouped above my eye. it was huge. and took months to go away but that was my last huge skin thing. oh thank you god as my skin returns to normal. well, i still have the scars. oh swell, but i have to say i feel the bio plasma was very helpful to help get through that “plastic stage”. five months ago i tested positive for lyme and i started treating with a dr for lyme and morgellons with intramusclar shots of rochephin, biltriccide, ivermectin, albendazole, fluconazole, vermox. i am still trading and think i forgot to mention some of my meds but my skin did get irritated initially again at the start of my meds. i finally don’t have to give my self shots of rochephn anymore but still on a lots of medication and supplements (though tapering way down)l i feel really good and my skin looks decent. it will never look like it did before but oh well.

      • dividingcricker said:

        i ve been researching aluminium in the body Ther are so many webs that lead to chemtrails in drinking water lakes streams soil aluminium dust on trees which makes them like a bomb when they catch on fire.Children have aluminium levels that are close to the 8 or 900 parts higher than they should only be in the 1 or 2 parts per in the body.A video what in the world are they spraying….is a 2 hr open your eye freek out what the hell open mouth viedo that is worth the time…..researching the effects of aluminuim in the body–one is itching like a allergy.memory loss coordination loss, confusion,disorientation.reducesintestinal activity,flatulence,headaches.colic,dry skin dry mucous membrane,colds burning pain in head relieved by food,heartburn.and aversion to meat ,alzheimers,hypoparathyroidism,als,anemia,kidney dysfunction,liver dysfunction,oseomalacia,dental cavities,parkinsons,dimentia,dialactica,and ulcers….the aluminium can be removed by DMPS IV chelation…i ve been taking zeolite -which removes metals..i don t know how well it works because i didn t get any blood work done ..the other thing that chelates is my other life i read that i helps remove mercury bromide iron ut i don t remember aluminium but i think all metals-are ferrous or nonferious can be removed with iodine …the asian countries consume 12.5 mg of iodine a day americans consume 0 …if its in the salt you use its usually evaporates to 0…kelp has the highest amounts and thats how the asians get there iodine….kelp pills i think have it would take about 100 a day to get 12.5 mgs..that has a on line book secrets from the sea by cris robin the uses and cures of iodine..they sell lugols…its a liquld –one drop is 6 mg they recomend 12mg a day as a mainanence dose..the edger casey people sell atomadine i don t know what the mgs are but i think its 2mg a drop…william douglas a dr in az sells sski one drop is 12mg…the other iodine is isol i think thats how its spelled ..isol is about 2mg a drop……mr c is not a proponent of iodine and i have been a on again off again user…there are pills that the government passes out in a nuclear accident and i think there 12mg a pill and some vitaman companies are marketing severial multi types…i think that taking kelp is the least dangerious and a start…and the history goes back to acient man..they knew if you didnt get iodine you would get sick and die..the throid is the gland that doses iodine to the blood stream to kill germs..iodine is generally in every cell of the body for protection….when the body is low disease can occure…so many bad things can happen retardation creatonism hair loss goiter woman problems breast cancers and many cancers Most of the cancer/cures of years back all included iodine…in the 30s 40s 50s the us government took iodine out of the food is still used as betodine but the chemical stabilizers make it useless….It was used for well sanitizing until the 70s..then went to bleech or chlorine(mms) and its still used as a backwash media cleaner pot perm in green sand filters….i think if your intestered in iodine try to find that book secrets from the sea …i use it in my bread -one dropper full about 20 drops per loaf…i also use the vermont cure 2 drops of lugols one cap full raw apple cider vinager(bragg) one tea of honey in warm water 10 oz….the othe way to take the liquid is to take one drop and put a dollar size iodine staine on the belly..if it disolves in a hour or two that means your lacking,,,the iodine will load in the body until it takes a day or two before the stain disapears….ps everbody is lacking iodine

        • except maybe me because i eat dulse everyday. it’s irish seaweed. in ireland you can collect it at certain places on the beach. dry it. then eat. i used to live in northern ireland and will return there when i am finished wrapping some stuff up here in los angeles. i have a load of dulse because my x husband sends it to me. when i get back to ireland i am hoping to send out dulse to anyone that might need it. not selling it of course. a gift. as it is a gift to me from the irish sea. it is an excellent source of iodine. i crave it.

          • dividingcricker said:

            whats for dinner i m only 3000 miles away…everything looks real good …i m a little on the american basic side .i m a 3rd generation irish american…well do you know how much iodine is in dulse per oz..i ll look it up…mr c if your reading this look up iodine and the heart …so many connections with regular heart beats and iodine…i haven t been taking iodine everyday but maybe thats what the dr ordered,,,zeolite removes heavy metals but does t have any chemical/hormonal/minerial just removes toxins/metals….i m going to make a list vitamans minerials for heart palps…all for now over and out

            • i don’t actually know how much iodine is in the dulce. however i do know it has strong anti fungal qualities making it a good food choice for one with morgellons. more and more i am feeling my problems are in the fungal area. everything that works well for me turns out to be anti fungal. like pau darco, msm, oregano oil, coconut oil, coconut water, peppermint oil, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, lemon juice, etc etc etc. oh and of course dulse! those are just some of the things that i take that i can think off the top of my head. i am starting to really rethink my lyme treatment. i can’t be taking antibiotics when i feel i have massive fungal problems. especially not flagyl.

            • Mr. Common Sense said:

              Funny you should mention iodine, I actually painted some on my arm tonight, only the size of say a quarter, it disappeared completely in about 3 hours. I’m talking from dark brown to totally gone. I did a lot of reading on it, one guy says it’s a load of crap and that it just evaporates. But then I know for a fact that they are delivering medicines, even strong pain killers, through patches on the skin, so obviously your skin will absorb things. Supposedly, if it disappears in like 12 hours your iodine deficient, Well, I put mine on, we went to dinner, came home and seriously, it was gone, couldn’t have been only about 3 hours. I have Iodoral too, but got a really bad frontal headache from it which happens I guess when you’re displacing a ton of Bromide (sp) and it lasted for a few days, so I’m starting slow with the painting and working my way back up.

              Interestingly, about a month ago I switched to a totally Gluten free diet for the 1st time in my life and I have to be honest, I think it really works, I feel better than I have in a long, long time. But oh the cravings !! he he

              I have all of classic hypothyroidism/adrenal fatigue signs, so, I’m going after that. I feel pretty good lately, still very surprised how quickly that iodine disappeared after painting it on my arm though.

  12. dividingcricker said:

    i switched to a glutinfree sugarfree diet stayed away from most carbs but rice seemed to be the only thing that didn t make me have a allergic reaction..i do stray a little bit with sugar but not much.i eat chicken stirfrys and steak stirfrys but keep my portions very small. i use a pasta called natta-pasta rice base.i use beading i make from glutino crackers and g/f bisquick with spice.i can cook any dish glutinfree its just a learning curve..back to fungal is really a sugar problem..everthing that the body uses is turned to sugar its just at slower rates…a sugar sub i use is organic stevia by now a little goes a long way…so try the sugarfree for two or three weeks a see if it clears up…see you later..

  13. dividingcricker said:

    my sister is a edger casey follower she read that putting it on the neck both sides by the juggler vein .i think she does this 2 times a week…the other thing i read was putting it on the thigh,,both very high in a 50 cent size ..i guess drinking it in vinegar and honey(THE VERMONT CURE) is probably over the top …well the zeolite is very easy ..i ve been very happy that my bowls are working so well..sorta funny saying that….i ll list some products (snacks) and a few easy dinners that are easy andddd good luck

    • when i decided to go gluten free it was ezekiel bread that saved my life. it’s great stuff. organic as well and not expensive. i also like that you can find it at most major grocery stores. i make a pretty yummy bread pudding that is dairy and gluten free..oh and refined sugar free too. white flour is a pretty disgusting thing when you really look into it. i do use stevia here and there. a little raw honey or maple sometimes. hey have you tried the diatomaceous earth? it pulls metals and toxins and is actually good for you. plus is el cheapo. perm guard fossil flour has a good clean source. hey mr common sounds like you really do have adrenal fatigue. i came across some good iso..if only i can find it again. i am tooting my own horn here but you guys have to make that sweet potato custard i came up is so easy and dairy and refined sugar free. the directions are on my blog. i am just about to post what i had for dinner

  14. dividingcricker said:

    read your diotomaceous earth comment which i have used and hve a brand new bag i just took a heaping tablespoon with green tea there are alot of minerials in this stuff and alot of good press..i buy it from genesis kleen green. its a food grade and i ve used in the past but didn t remember that it also remaved heavy metals..when the morgellons started we thougt it was fleas ,very tiny fleas..we used borax sprinkled on the floors becaused it always worked .but it didn t…i tried several products but we woundup using borax mixed with diotimaceous earth and sprayind kleen green enzyme. i was also drinking the mix but after that first bag ran out i moved on to other products….i m still going to stay on the zeolit but i m going to do some more research—on anothr note i m making eggplant parmasian tonite witha salad lots of garlic …see you later over and out

    • hey do not forget..things like diatomaceous earth, chorella, and probably that zeolite also remove the good stuff. take it way from your supplements. why waste …right. we spend enough money as it is on our supplements. love hearing about food. i have a few posts i have to put up. you might appreciate them. i am a little more on the Mediterranean side of cooking. i believe the herbs olive oil are very healing. i was raised by a very old schools Sicilian woman (my aunt). she fifty years ago she was talking about the crap in food will kill you. that woman understood food and health like nobodys business. she did not study it. just knew it. she taught me a lot about a lot! even how to read when i was four years old. she passed away when i was very sick. i could not even go see her on her death bed. at the time i was nearly on mine. it is one of my sadder morgellons moments. anyway i got way off the subject there.
      back to will be seeing some off my Sicilian grandmothers recipes on my blog. i never knew my grandparents. they died before i was born but my aunt did a good job introducing them to me. thats how i learned to cook.

  15. dividingcricker said:

    humans devour 100trillion nanoparticals a day i read that and i have to do some more research…boy that diotomacious earth has a real good track record for curing a mountain of ills i just took another tbs with green tea ..really feel helps remove heavy metals help the heart skin bowls all functions of the body..the first bag i took i was really sick with morgellons and nothing seemed to help much…just to get a little sleep was a undertaking…what a nightmare..i hate to think about it….well my eggplant turned out great…taking this diotomacious earth is easy no after taste just mix with ant drink tea juice or water it is alittle chalkie but no offensive taste and no taste with juice i haven t read anything about either zeolite or diotomacious earth leaching out minerials or vitamans..i have read that chelation does leach out both vit ,min,and have to be added when the treatment is done or they add them during treatment….before i try chelation i m staying with these doit yourself things….well over and out

    • you are so right about the diatomaceous earth. it is so easy to drink. the chorella i have to force myself. my dog loves eats both of them no problem. then again that dog will eat most anything. but ua the DE is awesome. it’s not that it leeches out your reserves it only grabs the stuff in your gut. so you take it away from your supplements

  16. dividingcricker said:

    food for happy did you ever try samento its a liquid cats claw very good for is quite pricey about 35 a bottle..just read a web that smithkline has the cure for morgellons a antibiotic that kills only makes sense that a chemical co thats trying to kill us with gmos is giving the cure to a drug co to cure us..i ll believe it when i see it..should be a very active news week. especially if the news people wake up and start doing there job.i really did way to much time on this lap crapper this weekend.. last nite i got into a microbiogist web about chemtrails and gmo connection and the blackops that are going on …i need time to read it again its all under THE VADIC PROJECT so many web but just look under the vadic project morgellons its a university thats spilling the beans on soooo much. well over and out

    • i haven’t taken the to a free cats claw but i do take and started early on taking cats claw tablets. i herded violently in the beginning but it got me waaay better. that was a year and a half ago i think.. at the time i thought it was getting rid of the morgellons and it may have but i now believe it actually was lowering my lyme load that i did know i had. good stuff.

  17. dividingcricker said:

    its toa free samento you take it by the drop work up slowly to 15 per dose 2 x a day there really are some remarable stories research it…another subject isn t it always better the next day egg plant parm it just needs that soak time to mingle..we had the leftover eggplant really good…reall had a great day one of the best in a long time…i just hope and pray everone can get well from this nightmare soon….over the last 24 hrs i ve seen alot of new things…read my comments and look up some of the information…real eye openers…all for now over and out

  18. Fry that eggplant in Organic Coconut Oil! YOWSA!

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