The Campaign

First, my apologies for not carrying through with the campaign. Let me explain to the idea behind the campaign get your feedback.

I know from the emails I receive and posts on this blog and other sites that most Morgellons patients drift from Dermatologist to Dermatologist and receive little to no help.

The plan was to create a simple but professional flyer, two pages maybe even only one, which was along the lines of a missing  person report. It would have a photo  much like this one.



They might have recently visited your office. This person would have been trying to get help for skin crawling sensations, biting sensations, might have had skin lesions, and even brought in a container full of samples.

This person was probably very distraught, not thinking clearly, suffering from severe anxiety, and convinced they were infested with bugs or parasites.

We are a group that is very concerned about this person who is likely to do harm to themselves if they try some of the crazy remedies for this condition which can be found on the internet. They might also be further harmed by being taken in by some of the bizarre and outlandish stories surrounding this condition.

If you have seen this person our only request is that let them know that they are others like them who are managing this condition, some even resolving it. Try to calm their anxiety and let them know they should maintain composure, and not destroy their family or marriage, or waste precious time trying to convince everyone around them that this condition is real … (much more but I’ll stop here)

I’ll spare you the rest but the idea was to enlist everyone to send this flyer (which would be made available to you) to all of the Dermatologist in our local town or area. There are not as many Dermatologist nationwide as you might think, I have the complete list.

This wouldn’t be a campaign to get people to visit this site, in fact, no websites would be mentioned, we would only offer advice to the Dermatologist that might help them help this person. It would be a way for us to educate many about the people they’ll see, to recognize the pattern, and offer a lot of advice many of us have learned the hard way.

We would in effect, be providing Dermatologists with some tools to help them help those who are suffering. Our goal would not be to convince the Dermatologists that this condition is real, merely to let them know what these patients are going through and likely to do if they are not helped.

I was going to keep a list on a separate page on this site of all of the Dermatologists who received the flyer. Volunteers would email me the Dermatologists they mailed the flyer to and I would update the page on this site.

Now that the CDC report is out and has basically called this a psychological problem by nature, I am not sure such a campaign wouldn’t simply  fall on deaf ears. Many I spoke to in private concerning this campaign didn’t think it went far enough or felt we needed to direct them to some “safe” sites”. I think directing them to any site is a show stopper because the Dermatologists is then on the hook for any undesired consequences  or bad advice that might be offered on one of those sites. I think this would have to be a selfless campaign where the only goal is to help those that out there right now at their wits end.

Please don’t go off and start sending letters, if we are going to do this it must be a coordinated effort. If you disagree with this approach don’t hesitate to comment. Anyway, that was my plan.


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  1. I totally agree with you Mr C. I volunteer to help if i can be of assistance.

  2. dividingcricker said:

    if you start this you better start small and see if it works..i ve have asked all the drs i know and they had not heard of morgellons or had any patients with the problem.i knew them good enough to get them to switch to a glutinfree diet before it was all the rage.and to try iodine for the change of life..i just don t think a dr can do anything without a pat firm ok from GOD -the AMA…If they get caught the rath of GOD will take there licence..i ve read about the cancer drs the lymes drs losing there licene for treating patients with unconventional alternitive nondrugs-herbs and have been throwr out or been jailed…some drs are not members of the ama but they still answer to a medical board if some questionable (deaths or somebody gets hurt)..

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, that’s just it, we will be making “NO” recommendations other than letting the doctors know this pattern is out there and to try to work with them on the anxiety, not to tear thier families apart (which happens more often than you know, including divorce) and to do no harm. These are perfectly safe things for a doctor to say to any patient.

      Most patients spend thier first year yelling at everyone around them that “IT’S REAL” only to lose all thier fiends and much needed support system.

      I don’t think any of the worries you brought up are valid in this case.

      • maria reina said:

        I read the letter in awe. I think it hits the spot. I think it is more than wise to leave out any WWWs as they already think that we are just grabbing symptoms from the net.
        i’m in the UK, but we have same problem here with the derms. if you don’t mind, I’d love to send the finished article to the Royal College of Dermatologists – in fact I’d deliver it by hand.

  3. The recent ABC report presenting one of Dr. Omar Amin’s patients (and before/after photos) had the anchors at the end saying something along the lines of,”…How can the medical world not know this is real?” Good question, eh? I think many in the medical world do know this is real…but are terrified of the legal consequences. I have offered to do a brown bag presentation on my Morgellons related research for my local hospital and they will not even acknowledge my offer.

    I agree the information needs to be made available, but wonder how it will be received. Let me know how I can help.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well Joe, I think the “Have you seen this person” approach that describes the typcical patient that is going to walk into thier office will really help. It doesn’t preach, doesn’t try to convince them that the condition is real, and merely offers sound advice, one might even say “Common Sense Advice” for the Doctor to give to his patient. Not only will this allow the Doctor to feel he is able to help, but he will in fact be helping, resulting in a positive experience for everyone.

      The Doctor can say, you know, I’ve heard of this condition (we will not use the word Morgellons in the flyer) and I think I can offer you some advice that will provide you with some immediate relief.

      Here’s an example, read this post from this site (it’s like the 3rd reply)

      I already posted my comment on the one that said they feel like they are infested with bugs. Scroll around until you find it and look for my name (feeling stupid) and read it. Please take the advice I gave. If you have been to a doctor and they said nothing is there. If you have been awake for long periods of time and then get a few hours of sleep and go back into the staying up pattern then you need to do exactly what I said. You need to get alot of sleep. Get some medicine that will help you sleep if you cant sleep on your own. If you are smoking

      ice coke whatever or if you are just being kept awake picking at the itch then that is the problem. That is why you feel this way. If the doc said nothing is there and you dont see anything (even if you do see it) but the (doc) said nothing is there, then nothing is there. Please, I beg you to take my advice and go to sleep. You are fooling with your mental health staying up 24 hours at a time. I did it. Spent $5000 on exterminators, vets, docs, derm, 1 emergency room visit. Creams ordered off of scabie internet sites and animal shampoos. (I forgot to put that on the other comment.)Please, Look for my nickname while scrolling on the dermatology section and read the comment. Please do what I said. Get the very much needed sleep. Please believe me. It will stop. Nothing is there. I am so humiliated. I thank god I listened to my dermatologist and stopped the maddness and got hold of myself. All I needed was sleep. My god, I cant believe what I was doing to myself. Dont let it happen to you. Dont wait until someone calls the mental hospital on you, or you lose everything you have. I also threw away alot of things that I wish I still had. So stupid. All because I thought it was fun that I didnt need alot of sleep. I liked cleaning up and doing things in the middle of the night. I also had to be awake in the daytime too to take care of regular things. So stupid. It’s so important to get normal sleep. Please look for my comment a few below this one. Good luck, god bless, and if you havnt been getting enough sleep. GET YOUR BUTT TO BED!!!!!!!! NOW!!!

      Look at what this lady went through, and while this isn’t the “cure” for most, look at her words carefully.

  4. dividingcricker said:

    a idea might be to make a new web just for searchers drs schools that is eash to understand with products contacts other websites histories gmos but makeit to the point and they will come….just a is so tearful to read some of these stories..i don t have kids but my heart goes out to parents-families who are going through this.well hope all is well and good luck….

  5. Ahh, someone with a TON of common sense! Bravo! I think that letter is a phenomenal idea – and very smart thinking not to direct to a certain website for the very reason you stated.

    And I think it’s great to mention that some ppl.have actually ‘recoverd’ and regained some semblance of a real life with M. –
    And this not only to give the patient hope, but b/c I’ve often wondered – because of the way some of the doctors treated me with such utter hatred, never even coming close enough to study my lesion filled bod – whether they are actually afraid of catching this disease themselves?!

    Anyway, anything I can do – let me know. Thanks for your great work! You are appreciated1
    ❤ Pattie

  6. dividingcricker said:

    you make the flyer and i ll hand it to the head of virology in my state.i ve known him for 22 years.. we ll see what happins..i know alot of thought went into this idea .i had a idea like this with gmos to focus on the mothers-pta,schools-churches-ministers-rescue squads-fire and police-nurses..these people are on the front lines dealing with this stuff …well mr common sense i ll put in the time…….

  7. Cindy Baery said:

    Ok-lets get it started!!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      You know what Cindy, we are going to do just that. I will finish the document and make it available for download as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. A PDF file is printable and viewable from any web browser so any user should be able to work with it. Kinko’s can even print them up for you very cheaply if you don’t have a printer.

      More soon …

  8. sherry taylor said:

    great idea Mr. CommonSense thanks very much..going into the eye of the storm
    I was treated the very worst by best worst prescribed 1950’s style anti psychotics..the pharmacy couldn’t even find any more..with them looking at me like I had 2 heads when I asked for a printout of the side affects sheet

  9. My comment is that dermatologists are not the type of doctors that I have been to with this disease. I did go to one, but that was before I was aware of what it was that I had. And, I did take specimens with me, so, there you go. All doctors need this information, I don’t think this is a skin disease, but rather internal.

  10. dividingcricker said:

    nanotoxocology toxicology of nanoparticles nanoecotoxicology i know this is not the news of the day but somebody said not to use the word morgellons theres a few i ve been seeing that are thrown around in the disease webs…the europeans are way ahead of the usa in research at least out in the open in prevention ..many of these new products go before a review board before they release them to the public…i know that there are many suffers that don t see the connection with nano and morgellons but i feel this is the gmo nano connection..i mean most research is leading in this direction.our government and corperations have no laws or oversight in gmos or nanos The government agencies are just starting to see the light….there alot of new and exciting breaks this year monsanto has been in the news everyday with onething or another..dr don huber dr mercola jeffery smith and many scientist are chipping away at this house of cards. we just need that break to put this in the public eye….

  11. gayla webster-chewning said:

    mr.cs…this brings to mind the time when i felt like (at the time) that i was near dead w/m pleading w/doctors @ my local county clinics and mostly county emergency rooms for help re:m, when a doctor that was actually filling in for the np,casually mentioned to me that the entire staff of this perticular county hosp. had received a “memo”re: morgellons…can you imagine…i near s–t…pls pardon the language…but that’s putting it mildly…i near begged this doctor to pls tell me more and she would not go there w/me…simply a continuum of this m nightmare for me.

  12. this is the same county hosp that the only ID (infectious disease) doctor they had on staff, totally dissed my m symptoms…it’s also the same hosp that their only nuerologist confirmed w/a contrast MRI, that i have brain lesions,(a confirmation to me that the brain lesions are due to morgellons).

  13. is anyone out there in pr (public relations). mr common sense kudos to you. yes it is high time we take action. may i make some sugestions? the letter is great. would it be possible to have in this letter contacts or links to health practioners that are treating this condition that are willing to speak to other health care workers. also maybe links to websites that would be helpful to the health care professional get some understanding of this condition). these links should be only the very reasonable ones such as yours and maybe marc nuemans in germany. this might be a different letter or project all together but there are physicians that have offered to share their protocols or info with your dr. i saw in a morgellons convention dvd ginger savely made this offer. also that female indian dr. dr nepal? (i can’t remember her name) trisha springstead (springfield?) would jump on board for sure. sorry i am still half asleep. i will wake up a bit then reply again. i know when i later went back to my doctor and told her all that i had been through and about about morgellons she wanted to know more.

  14. This is a bad idea. You are practically affirming the person is nuts with this. It sounds like a creepy quack Doctor wrote this. I do not want posters and flyers like this distributed. What the hell are you thinking.

  15. mary kelly said:

    OMI we all have lesions inside, I have had breast sonos and mris for years due to brca1 ( breast cancer gene ). I watched as the “cysts” spread from one breast to the other. All biopsies came back as fibrous tissue….. They also always grew back. This disease is turning our whole body into fibrous tissue. The technician I always went to said you have the most unusual tests I have ever seen, each breast has over 150 “cysts “. No fluid ever came out of the “cyst”


    a good read is all of this docs comments, it’s about half way down the page

    great thought trying to reach people, it took me 6 years to figure it out and by then I was very sick.

    • dividingcricker said:

      look THE VATIC PROJECT MORGELLONS DISEASE A CRIME OF SILENCE if you google it should come its under stony brook university micro biology

  16. dividingcricker said:

    boy mary kelly thanks for the news i ve been 4 years with this but i really have been on the hunt for health all my life..if it had to happin to somebody i ll take it…i m pretty tough and am not scared to die or try anything to heal myself..from what i ve been reading about chemtrails this toxic stew ,mostly aluminium ,i ve been trying to remove it with zeolite and diotomicious earth along with vitamans and minerials..keeping my enviroment and myself clean..using a enzyme cleaner kleen green..i m using a glutin free sugar free diet and trying to stay stressfree..i m pretty good right now..and looking foward to better health this year…well over and out thanks again

  17. Don’t think so- my guess is that when any derm in the UK sees this they would have every patient they’d ever seen with this sectioned –and that is what they are calling Morgellons here –a mental illness -and this flier would only cement their assumption —an assumption they have made without clinical investigations
    To add to that doctors here get a money bonus for referring patients to mental health units and teams -so I think that would be adding fuel to the fire
    I have lost a faith in doctors and a flier isn’t going to improve the behavior of any I have met either -would they stop being rude and sarcastic or throwing things or throwing me out the door or gazing at me across the room and declaring that nothing is wrong -no
    I got rid of this for 10 months and caught it again from someone returning from Dominican republic and it is very real
    Sorry Mr C I think this is a very bad idea

  18. maybe the m pathogen has morphed it’s self to devour sp? the toxic amounts of heavy metals that are now in our environment, which in turn, must surely be in our bodies…hence the NAC…thank you mr c

  19. dividingcricker said:

    morgellons caused by agrobacterium Smithkline has the antibiotic the fda knows all about it there not taking the blame…alot of finger pointing is going on well see soon enough…whos to blame..theres so much news i need to rest and relax ill get back to you later

  20. dividingcricker said:

    US Patent 5,242,820. issued Sept 7,1992, by the US Army and Army Pathologist Dr. ShyhChingLo Google now has a patent search you can use to verify it yourself.

  21. dividingcricker said:

    a real set you back in your seat ytube CONSPIRACY CON ON CHEMTRAILS SOFIA SMALLSTORM look up the patent no on the last post really over the top i really think the more i find out the more i feel i m living a nitemare…more like a sci-fi book they turned into a drive-in movie alot of mentally deranged godless scientists gone amuck with people in power letting them loose on the planet….wow

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Dividing, I don’t buy into any of the chemtrail stuff. In fact, I don’t buy into any of the conspiracy stuff. Morgellons isn’t some heaped upon us intentionally, if it’s the result of man, and we don’t know that it is, it’s an accident, simply the result of arrogant scientists assuming their work is safe.

      The one thing I try to do around here is provide a safe place for everyone, and not get them scared about everything. When their are contrails blanketing the sky, me and my kids are outside playing. Even though I know springtails can cause problems, I still go out in my hard and feet get covered with them.

      Don’t live in fear people, you have two choices, spend all your time researching Morgellons and all of it’s theorys or you can simply live your life, I chose the 2nd approach, and it was fundamental to me getting better.

      • Stacy Kaufman said:

        Hi Mr. Common Sense,


  22. dividingcricker said:

    SORRY I UPSET EVERYBODY.AND I KNOW ITS NOT DOING ME ANY GOOD EITHER IT WAS THAT MARY KELLY STARTED ME LOOKING AND ONE THING LEAD TO ANOTHER DONE!!! went canoeing on sunday ,that was great .we saw two bald eagles flying over the lake…it was a beatiful day.. well very sorry over and out

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      No need to apologize, it’s just that you know how it is, somebody news discovers they have this, the next thing you know there on the web reading about chemtrials and everything else and wind up afraid of the entire world 😉

  23. Hi Mr. C,
    I’ve re-read your draft for the Campaign a few times, because initially something seemed off to me. After thinking about it for a while, I’d like to let you know the impressions that it leaves me with:
    -all patients coming to a doctor for help have uncontrolled anxiety which doesn’t allow them to think clearly about their condition.
    -patients with these symptoms are trying to make others think their condition is ‘real’…..?
    It doesn’t seem to me that either of those statements are the best thing to be sent out to the medical professionals, many who already have a bias against exploring any cause or treatment for morgellons symptoms besides phychological.

  24. mary kelly said:

    Hey Guys,

    Chemtrails, I do not think they are trying to kills lots of people, if you think of the incentive the payoff would not be in the lifetime of those doing it if this only effects a limited number of people and a lot get well. There is no proof that what is found in the air samples are from a chemtrail. Cliff Carnicom even says that. Weather control, again the financials do not add up. They spray over the ocean…. They do exist, just learn a bit about them and watch, you will believe. They are because OMI we have a huge hole in the magnetic field of the earth ( google this and nasa ) the scientists are very concerned about. The day of the earthquake in nyc, sky clear no ct. Within 20 minutes of that earthquake hitting the trails started and I mean a lot and fast. Same thing after the Turkey earthquake.

    The post from the doctor is not conspiracy. The way we are being treated makes no sense and is highly unusual. It is what he wrote and he is a doc. It is important to know this for our own protection. If you read the entire post he wrote you see he is likely exactly what he says he is. If this is a bioweapon and it effects millions of people and you are in charge, how do you handle it without a massive panic. If you do not know what to do or how to cure it. Or… our military made a mistake, fusarium….read sunshine project, you will see why that would be covered up. Things do get covered up. Read about dr Nicholson and Gulf war illness. Watch the pbs special that finally exposed it. All I am saying is allow for the possibly of something, research it, and make an educated decision or just say I don’t know, I will have to learn more.

    I want to know exactly what this is. I learned something from cricket, the bacterium, I had not heard of that. Thank you. Remember, before we understood we had morgellons and read about it likely your first reaction was the same as mine, no way can that be true, those people are crazy….

    Thanks CS for how you moderate, I like feeling safe here.

  25. Hello,
    Im here to let you know of resources. There is funding available for those wishing to make a professional documentary about Morgellons. That funding can be obtained on, (just post the project). It must be done professionally and we are hoping to EXCLUDE the bias of the CDC and present the sufferers point of view. It must be done professionally. Please help get the word out to find the right person or group to do this. Please spread the word at the up coming convention in Texas and to groups on the web. Go to KICKSTARTER to see how the program works.

    • Torpedolynn said: The reporters of the Matter might be a place for a group of Morgellons people to go to and get a video made. Either a short commercial to air on smaller stations on t.v. or a documentary about Morgellons. There was someone on this site a few months ago who was going to try and get a documentary or something. Then it went silent. Wonder what happen on that one.

      In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

  26. MRC, I would be happy to send this out to the Derms and the IDs, but I personally don’t think
    Will make a bit of difference as they will just toss it in trash with out even giving it any thought.
    Like others posted, I think they have been instructed to not to acknowledge this …..or they
    Don’t want to be dealing with something as complexed as this, Derm mostly about rejuvenation and Botox these days not about
    Skin diseases like it should be.

  27. I had to see a doctor to get a note saying my lesions were not contagious, on order of my school principal. Parents were asking. Went to Urgent Care. Doctor, of course, had never heard of it. I gave only the basics, nothing to make him slip out and call in the guys in white coats. He actually just seemed puzzled by the whole thing. Here sat an intelligent person discussing an illness he had never heard of, giving him names of doctors, researchers, and the CDC’s recent results. He wrote that he didn’t believe I had any infectious or contageous disease, but he also strongly recommended I see a dermatolgist. After the response I got from my eye doctor…I don’t think so!!! Why must this be so hard? Went home and wiped a large glob of white matter from the corner of my eye. It was FILLED with black fibers. Yet it’s all in my mind!!Does ANYONE know of a doctor in West Virginia who is open to treating this?

  28. Kim Foulkes said:

    I think it would be great to send that to all dermatologists, anything is better than nothing. I think its worse not to have this out there, its worse for them to think just “I as an individual” am nuts as apposed to a group of us. I believe it will bring doubt to mind that we are all nuts, and they will be more likely try to help us. One day the world will know the truth and we will get the help we need and deserve but until then we have to be creative. I like the way you think Mr. CS! Good job!

  29. dividingcricker said:

    370,000 hits not bad well i m still going the diotimacious earth and have stopped the zeolite .. the heart palps have not gone away but only get maybe one or two a day and they are just a blip compaired to the ones that were last ing 5 or 10 minutes at a time .there are several webs that tell how to use for so many things in health.. we mixed borax and diotomacious earth 50/50 as a dust in the house to kill fleas and every other bug that craws even ants. we also dust the foundation and garage..its nontoxic and can be used in the garden to dust plants to kill aphids beatles with out harming butterflys and bees.The diotomaceious eath can be taken orally 1 heaping table spoon in a liquid drink 2 times a day. there doesn t seem to be any bad side effects. Its does make you bowels very regular. which is a great side thing that i also tried i had a open sore on my arm and i used honey and a bandade>>it seemed to heal overnite ..It was melaluka?new zeland honey…well over and out…

  30. dividingcricker said:

    i know you don t buy into chemtrails but how about geoegineering …i ve been a subscriber to popular science all my life..its a very popular topic in that magizine and has been talked about for hundreds or thousands of years and now its become reality.i know you don t believe in those crack pot jeff rence rants so go to the epa geoengineering web or popular science geoengineering web or look up rosalind peterson or a movie what in the world are they spraying or look up SOFIA SMALLSTORM..there are many people who don t believe it and won t even look up in the sky..humor me just look

    • Dividing, unfortunately chemtrails are no longer a conspiracy theory. I do not have the links handy but there has been spraying of different types for different reasons. In most jurisdictions it only takes a sinature from a town’s Mayor. We have been sprayed for west nile as well as a Japanese Beatle that kills pine trees – not good in Canada. This is one of many reasons why I left the big city and am not too near any big farms.

  31. There’s an excellent movie online related to food and heath called Hungry for Change (viewing is free until the end of the month). I watched it last week and found it to be very worthwhile.

    Also worth considering is info on New Almaden Mercury Mines (I didn’t realize the location of America’s largest mercury mine until today). Compare the location map of mines with Hot spot of Morgellons defined by CDC report. I know folks get sick of me talking about mercury, but it’s difficult not to.

    Peace, Joe

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