Multi-Infection Syndromes

Scourge Of The New Millennium

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Axiom of Healing:

“Clean up the internal environment and all the little bugs will leave on their own.”
When there’s nothing for them to eat, they’ll go find a new restaurant.

You get the picture. This journey back to wellness is always quicker and more permanent when we systematically remove each and every co-factor contributing to the condition. This takes heightened perception, self-observation, and a refined intuitive grasp.

You can do it … one day at a time. This journey, and its a challenging one, is best taken one step at a time.

After years of exposure to pollution, heavy metals, insecticides, toxins, chemicals, contaminants, poisons, radiation, etc. the human body does come to reflect the environmental profile of the locale we live in, food we eat, beverages we drink, as well as pills and potions, capsules and lotions.

Multi-Infection Syndrome — What is it and how does it occur?

Each of these different inanimate invaders, when not properly detoxified, finds a home somewhere in the body. Depending on what it is, they each gravitate to a different tissue, organ or body part. After months or years of accumulation in a specific area of the body, an altered environment is created whereby it becomes hospitable for various pathogenic micro-organisms to make a home.

As an example, when nickel accumulates in the scalp of a man, it draws a particular parasite which lodges in the hair follicle. This is how male pattern baldness occurs. The parasite ultimately destroys the hair follicle.

When two or more pathogenic micro-organisms inhabit the same corrupted space it is called a co-infection. If the disease process is allowed to advance unimpeded, it can evolve into a full-blown multi-infection syndrome.

AIDS, CFS, ALS, MS, MD, Morgellons, Mono, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Epstein Barr, Candiadisis, Huntington’s Disease and other Multi-Infection Syndrome

Many of the alphabet soup diseases — you know the many New Millennium Maladies — fall squarely into this category. They are chronic, degenerative diseases that usually have an autoimmune dysregulation component. So difficult can they be to diagnose that oftentimes two individuals with the same set of symptoms can have two completely different diagnoses, legitimately so.

An example of a multi-infection syndrome is one that is frequently found in those who have an overgrowth of candida albicans, chronic acidosis, mercury poisoning and/or toxicity, leaky gut syndrome and a diet replete with ‘opportunities’ for parasite contamination. The infection component is defined by systemic candidiasis and/or parasitical infestation(s) throughout the GI tract.

Incidentally, it appears that candida, especially the pathogenic mutant form, loves mercury. Where there is mercury in the gut, there is often candida overgrowth. Where there is systemic candidiasis and mercury poisoning, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and other debilitating diseases often emerge.

That’s enough biology, pathology and etiology for now. All you really need to know is that this entire disease process can easily be mapped out by those who have the right knowledge. The step-by-step breakdown is as follows:

(1) Toxic contamination of the local environment in the body occurs under the radar for an extended period of time

(2) Pathogenic micro-organisms pile on one after another in the same area over years of neglect and assume a subclinical profile

(3) The localized site evolves into a full-blown breeding ground, experiencing more toxic accumulation and unaddressed infection before becoming systemic

(4) A co-infection then often develops into an intractable multi-infection syndrome which may include bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitical or mycoplasma components

(5) What started out as a single toxicity in a signature point morphs into a systemic multi-infection syndrome caused by “hypertoxicity”

(6) Numerous other co-factors conspire to ensure that the syndrome moves in the wrong direction as the key risk factors elude identification

(7) Until the greatest risk factors are properly identified and addressed the individual sits (or sleeps) in a limbo of sorts until they get really sick and tire of being sick and tired.

(8) AIDS, CFS, ALS, MS, Morgellons, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Duchenne MD, Huntington’s disease, etc. are examples of multi-infection syndrome

(9) Many of these syndromes can and do co-exist in the same body, and therefore can elude diagnosis because so much is going on

(10) Once the body is accurately mapped out on both sides of the fence – toxins and pathogens – getting back to the destination of wellness is made easier

Each of these named diseases possesses a similar set of toxic accumulations in the body, as well as similar “microbial cocktails” which inhabit the polluted and vulnerable tissues and/or organs. Therefore it is easy to confirm exactly what you might suffer from, IF you do your homework.

Remedies and Resolution

Dr. Hulda Clark and Hanna Kroeger, two of the greatest healers in American history, were fastidious in their work and research concerning these New Millennium Maladies. They conclusively uncovered the many relevant correlations — between toxin and pathogen — which are referred to in this discussion of Multi-infection Syndrome.

Furthermore, they determined that once the pathogenic micro-organisms were definitively identified, the toxicities involved could be identified. This same sleuthing works in the reverse direction as well. Then, one can set about the process of eliminating one or the other, or both at the same time.

Depending on the severity of the disease process there are many effective detox protocols, alternative treatments, and healing modalities which can be quite effective in addressing these intractable multi-infection syndromes. All of them should be considered carefully in view of the overall health condition of the infected individual. The exact status of all biological markers and vital data should be acquired prior to embarking on a wide-ranging treatment plan.

For instance, if mercury is present in vital or delicate organs, doing a mercury detoxification program is a very important decision. Performing one may be the perfect approach; it could also end up creating a new and more serious health condition. Whenever you mobilize mercury in the body, you risk sending it to a place where it is more dangerous to human health than where it previously sat!

Do you really want to do that? It all depends on how you do it. And, how efficient the detoxification pathways in the liver are, the transit time through the GI tract, general bowel health, among other very significant considerations.

Here’s another potential or unforeseen difficulty: If you focus only on eliminating a bacterial or viral infection with all the best options available, you just may push the individual into a Herxheimer reaction or worse. The resulting die-off, if done too quickly, can aggravate all the existing symptoms and add more to the list, especially if they have been in a toxic overload situation for a protracted period of time. Also known as a healing crisis, detox reaction and cleansing reaction, this response by the body is indicative of too much, too fast.

The key point here is that each person is called upon to develop some serious body consciousness when confronted with a Multi-infection Syndrome. Ultimately they need to be in charge of their journey back to wellness. As they are diagnosed and treated, coached and counseled, they really ought to peer deeply into their being, on every level, so as to ferret out the root causes as quickly as possible. Here’s why:

Back to our example of candida and mercury. If you only seek to kill candida all day long, which many do, without addressing the other components like mercury, or sugar addiction, or intestinal flora imbalance, or emotional temperament, or repressed anger in the liver, etc., then you will eventually over-compensate with candida-killing agents which will eventually produce unintended consequences, toxic side effects and collateral cellular damage. You don’t really want to do that, do you?

So, be thoughtful and long-term in your thinking when engaging any particular protocol, self-healing program or treatment regimen.

In conclusion, we recommend a focused, pro-active and balanced approach when dealing with a full blown Multi-Infection Syndrome. By reading the right books, going to informed websites, consulting with experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, and doing your own self-help routines and daily practices you will make GREAT progress. Having faith and patience will add immeasurably to to the eventual success.

Above all, be initiative-oriented as you alone must be present for duty if these health challenges are to be overcome

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

Axiom of Healing:
“Clean up the internal environment and all the little bugs will leave on their own.”
When there’s nothing for them to eat, they’ll go find a new restaurant.
You get the picture. This journey back to wellness is always quicker and more permanent when we systematically remove each and every co-factor contributing to the condition. This takes heightened perception, self-observation, and a refined intuitive grasp.
You can do it … one day at a time. This journey, and its a challenging one, is best taken one step at a time.

For those who just found out they have a Multi-Infection Syndrome, we highly recommend the following:
Diet, as always, can be corrected immediately.
Light exercise, deep breathing, nature walks, hatha yoga, and meditation can also be included in the daily routine.
The avoidance of all negativity like TV news, shock radio, newspaper print and distressing movies is also highly recommended. In this way the mind can be cleared of unnecessary stress and stimuli, and the body will more easily relax allowing for a more rejuvenate mode of being.


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  1. dividingcricker said:

    thats alot to take in…i thought we were writing a letter to drs….you start metioning hulda clark and hanna kroger the drs will run for cover,,,i have at least a dozen books by both auther-healers that are held high on my list of great healers but most drs have not heard of either one..both women are dead and i was reading there books 20years ago way before this morgellons started..are we starting back to scratch..and maybe thats what we need to start again looking with new eyes..well another subject…the diotomecious earth needs to be taken with magnesium citrate /prunes/metamusal something ,becauce after a few days i could be a problem…i mtaking a few days off to clear out and get back to normal…over and out……

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Well, I thought the article was worth reading, the first quote under “Axiom of Healing” is exactly my experience, once you cleanup the bio-terrain the rest flees. That’s why once I came to my senses I stopped cleaning all together, the problem wasn’t in my environment, it was in me. Neither my wife nor my children felt anything, yet I was crawling head to toe. If you stop, think logically based on the facts alone, you soon realize there are not bugs crawling all over you. Trust me, I looked with scopes from head to toe, nobody else felt it, whatever was going on it was contained with me and me only. I sat in a wooden chair at first because I thought bugs were in the fabric, but later realized that it was merely that fabrics bothered my skin, there wasn’t anything in the fabrics, the problem was me. Whereas a lot of people throw everything out, I didn’t. Thank goodness we had leather couches though, those never bothered me. I think a lot of it was allergic reaction to dust mite carcasses. We get hyper-sensitive for some reason.

    That’s when I went after an all healthy bio-terrain tactic and got better.

    I am working on the flyers, but that doesn’t mean the blog hits the skids until complete, many people check here everyday for something new and I felt this article was worth a read.

    Concerning Hulda Clark, I purchased her super powerful herbal parasite killers, never had the guts to take them, I know a lady at whole foods who did and she was absolutely black and blue from head to toe for 6 months. Besides, at that point, I had already resolved that parasites weren’t the issue, and if I had any (and everybody has a few) if I corrected my terrain they would die off because the landscape would not longer be favorable to them. For the last month I’ve been on a gluten free diet, I must say, should have done this long ago …

    • dividingcricker said:

      i know we have tried to put the worst of this out of our minds and maybe the allergy/reaction has gotten less and less because our bodies have become use to it…i just read these new posts and the past floods back like a bad dream..the ones that are just comming…we need a 1 2 3 step by step they can read so the process can be easier to see and repeat..home diet vitamins herbs friends family drs what to expect–a timeline..i read this and i have lived all this material but most people don t know this material..its like learning greek…you have to live and breath it..they don t want to know they just want it to go away…make a easy -clean your house—clean your body–eat the right nongmo stuff–no sugar–food products instructions….mr c you must hate to see me pop up like a morgellons bug haa haa just another itch that needs scratchin

      • dividingcricker said:

        i just wish i could meet a health coach that knew something more about this problem than i have lived through.i ve been bitten by mosquitoes green heads strawberry flys gnats noseeums tick giggers blackflys spiders wasps bees ants bedbugs fleas i live in a world of bugs and poison oak ivy shoemack we got and i ve had it along with paracites ..ive lived and breathed it…this shit ain t anything that i have ever been through..drs don t know.. its new and weird..things grow out of you like fine hair thats red blue black 1/10th the size of a hair black specks and there under your skin the fibers are under your limited knowledge has lead me to nanotechnology…something we ate breathed or touched, we have absorebed and our bodies are trying to get it out of us..if its a nano its atom size.its not a paracite but it may attract paracites bugs and i think it was designed to attract to draw bugs and infect bugs to kill them..if you look at some of the nanotoxic web the epa fda have set up there very concerned about nanotechnology and its human effect..the microbiologist that have studied this have been may be right that it was a mistake but i think that people all over the world are suffering and that many people effected is not a mistake..i know sometimes these government programs get rolling and even if they know its gone wrong the people in charge can t stop it..i know in my heart that the people who have written about this are alot smarter than me..i m just trying to ride it out , just like you, i mean i m just a mechanic who has to see a mechanical problem and fix it or make it work…i have to invent things..ive worked with engineers and they make a concept, then it becomes reality but it usually takes alot of tweeking before it works….this is no different …there are 1000s of products already on the market (nanotechnology) drugs coatings fibers cleaners paint sunscreen airfreshners ,,,if you research nanotechnology it will absolutly floor you….i feel i m living in the wrong century…i just love to work hard all day and come home and watch tv and go to bed…i never wanted to have a degree in nanotechnology research and be nanotoxic…..i just hope we get over it…….

    • dividingcricker said:

      i think that our type of common sence has gone by the way side my dad and your dad looked at the world way different than it is today .i just feel defeated somedays there to many narcissus running the show.public servants should be selfserving without anybodys intrest inmind except there the corperate machines….but…we are making a little dent….a ripple…well i have taken the hanna krogger herbs wormwood blackwalnut ets without any bad effects ..a little stomach upset , thats all…not as bad as a big chaw of tobaco(almost killed me) .a buddy said it worked on his blood hound…been there done that…like they say if it dosen t kill you it ll make you stronger…glad to see the glutinfree is helping tried the coconuts,hard to open but does taste good.i ve been posting a few recipes on the food for health ,,she posts comments here…crab cakes and shrimp in butter sauce and shrimp maranara…..i do love to eat and that glutin free slowed me down a little but after i converted my recipes it was no trouble…..have a great day

    • lyndaincanada said:

      Hi Mr CS I am so glad you are trying gluten free. I suggested several months ago that I believe it is possible that for many of us, the immunocompromising agent in this condition could be gluten. I was diagnosed with Celiac and my healing was compounded after I went completely glutenfree. I remember one day being very cognizant of this when putting gluten bread into the toaster and my face “started crawling” – not literally but u know what I mean, and I thought… Wow… Gluten is somehow part of this craziness for me. Some books that are absolutely necessary reads for M sufferers are: “Celiac Disease A Hidden Epidemic” by Peter H R Green. He is the Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. I live in Canada, but I think someone should contact him and conference about the similarities of M and Celiac disease. Both are hypertoxic diseases… And “The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook” by Jeanne Marie Martin. Please find the time to read these two guides as they are integral to understanding the toxic ramifications for us. Read also “Wheat Belly” to understand how gmo wheat may indeed be a contributing factor to our toxicity on top of the gluten issue! Also make sure to go to and view the movie Thrive. It is available for free now after April 5th. A very important film to make sure goes viral as it supports that our earth needs an overhaul and it suggests realistic solutions for the health of all of us and our planet.
      Get quiet and listen to your intuition…and you can thrive!
      Blessings to all,

      • Lynda, I haven’t heard that wheat has been planted as a GMO. Just looked it up and it doesn’t appear to be. That doesn’t mean that somehow we haven’t developed severe reactions to it.

        I’m convinced that the symptoms I had earlier in the week, where I had full onset of itching, is related to the food I ate. My body reacted instantaneously. I believe that the GMO’s in our food source have opened us up to such severe allergies that the body goes into red alert. It may not be the whole picture, but it’s a part of it.

        I’ll look into the books you recommended. Thanks.

        • Ayla, in the book Wheat Belly (i only have read a teaser on it) but wheat over the years has been modified or bread to have higher gluten, to be shorter/easier to harvest and then who knows what else, new pesticides, etc.

      • Well said Lynda, I totally agree with you. I saw the movie Thrive and have checked out the Thrive Movement website; very inspiring. So glad we are getting an early spring here in Ontario Canada.

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Mr. Common Sense

      I love your site and have to share that I did have bugs crawling all over me. They would all try for the same spot and crawl over the top of one another. If I walked they would fall off and down my pant legs. Sometime grabbing onto skin and hanging on on their way down. They liked my private areas. So when I hit that area hard with cleansing. They would get mad and do angry biting and move to the inner and outer legs. Until the area became bearable again then they would travel right back onto the privates. If worms were crawling on my head and I did more to rid them they would go more for my nose and ears and eyes. I could heard my no seem ums to what ever body area I wanted. Even areas they really did not go to very much.

      Before I went to the internet for help I took samples to my Dr. He told me I had 4 stages of some bug. He looked under a microscope at them. I asked him what kind and he guessed fleas. I asked him to send them to a lab for further verification. He had no labs that did flea vitrification. He also thought I had Scabies because I had some track marks but never tested me and treated me twice for it, But I never itched. I had horrible stinging skin. No itching. I had 2 different pest control Company set out traps for fleas and never got anything except for one trap with 2 bitty legs from a bug only seen under a scope, but I was told you can not verify a type of bug by leg parts. I took that trap to the ag department and was told that.

      I had kept my samples of bugs and pulled them out of the freezer after frustrating events with Dr. and pest control. I looked under a hand held mag and searched fleas and found out that none of it looked anything like fleas. Well a organic best control guy I talked to while search said fleas carry mites. So I started looking into mites. Walla. They matched all stages of some mite. Had the good luck of having a bug tickle me arm and got the hand held mag out and got to looking and the cutest bug. Had a face like a man in cartoon. I showed this to the hubby and then we tried to catch it with a piece of tape. We did put it was disfigured and no longer could see characteristics. I found it look like a Chigger. My husband said impossible. We live in central CA. I learned over a long period of time that maybe all types of pest live in all types of conditions. Only when in better climates in larger numbers do people and animals get hit by them. If you are a walking restaurant you are going to attract all of them. This bug looked exactly like a Chigger. He felt so wispy that I believe he was one of the first on board before the total outbreak. I can remember off and on for a few years having something wispy crawl on me. I always ignored it or sloughed it off as something else. Our landlords sun lived in the mountains in organ and used our home and washer and dryer and kept his work supply’s around about the property all the time. But years before that the very first inkling of trouble was when I went through a couple of months of attacks by wolf spiders. I would wake up and smack them on my face while they bite me. I would grab it and sure enough a wolf spider. From that point I went down hill for almost 10 years. I started keeping a health journey 8 years before the big out break because I had all these queer symptoms. My hubby could rarely get me to a Dr. so he at least got me to write it down. That way when and if he got me to a Dr. I had kept track of what was going on.
      Sorry so long, but I want to make sure you knew that some of us have bugs and sample of them off the body.

      In Light Lynn

  3. Great observation and did you read about nightshades. From a skin standard I thought you all might want to see what the Honorable Senator Markey has to say on the unregulated Dangers of Skin Care.

    PS. That article I presented was written by Doctors for Sufferers and they wanted some input.

    • Thank You Trisha! Glad to see an elected officaial doing his job looking out for people. Also glad to hear that this organization went to you for input.

    • Wow…Thank you Trisha…Great information! Go Markey!!!

    • Please notice that Rep Mahkey’s key word in this diatribe is “regulate”, his emphasis is not necessarily on “health”.
      It’s about Gov’t power and control over us… not safety. His co sponsor Jan Schakowsy is a committed Communist party member, and has been for many years.
      Be careful what you wish for folks…just sayin’.

      • dividingcricker said:

        i feel like i m in a zoo , just another animal looking at the keepers and waiting for another shot.we really don t have represenitives in congress or the senate we have bought and paid for dancing chickins working for there biggest cash cow and their intrest..washington run amuck with special interest.they are all lawers with a watchout.i wonder how many laws are already on the books to protect the consumer that they don t use..if they looked at one toxin mercury could paralize the ada and the immunization of children etc..that would lower the add autism alzhymers ms parkinsons all nurodiseases…just look at were developing nanos to solve all the ills of man..thanks for the heads up LAMB over and out

        • you are so right dividin, too many lawyers in government, rather than solve a problem they are either a part of it or make matters worse by just making more laws. maybe a doctor as president would make a change. even if one may not agree with all of his ideals at least Ron Paul is for freedom and good health freedom. IMO

      • I totally agree with lambs comments about the regulation of skin products. Remember, it isn’t only the chemical additives that will be regulated. It is ALL products. I just got done contacting my legislators about a bill that hopes to require all natural practitioners to not only have “certification” (regulated by the government, but to increase the cost of the authorization to thousands of dollars (and the requirement seems to include those, like me, who only have opinions about “natural.”) You may not be aware, but the laws as they stand now, for medical practitioners are so strict that, (if they so desire)they could prosecute a mother for giving her child aspirin, because she’d be practicing medicine without a license. Of course they don’t prosecute–yet. Remember all those forms you have to fill out to allow your child to have an inhaler for asthma, to self-medicate. Remember you have to do it all over again within the year, with permission and letters from the doctor?


  4. This article does make good sense. For myself symptoms appeared to peal off like onion layers as I pursued detox work. I do feel it is important to create your defense before you start an offense on toxins. Preparing the colon, liver, kidneys, etc. to the detoxification process is necessary.

    • Hey Joe, did you see the old culprit mercury as one major factor in co-infection – quoted by the health coach?

      • Sharon, Yes, I saw mercury’s mention. If you want to see a further outline of how mercury works within your body, look at Alison Adam’s book related to all conditions of fatigue. Once this is seen for what it truly is, we’re likely to see few are untouched.

        • Joee, i had trouble registering on her site, had this problem on Judith Knilan’s Heal Naturally site as well.

    • that is exactly how i would describe my getting rid of morgellons .. “For myself symptoms appeared to peal off like onion layers as I pursued detox work”.

  5. Thank You for bringing this report to light. Also thank Trisha Springstead, RN for introducing this website of devoted health coaches. What a great idea!

  6. Thought the article was excellent. Thanks for posting Mr. CS. Agree with Joe about detoxing. The body must be prepared for the work ahead and one shouldn’t rush into detox before that is accomplished or they can get much sicker.

    I too realized that I wasn’t dealing with bugs when I went through the healing process which was very gradual. All the stinging and biting sensations as well as itching became less and less over a three month period (as if the volume were being lowered). That is not how a bug would die. Not that I don’t believe that there isn’t a parasite involved, because there clearly seems to be based on all the “non-human parasite, taxonomy unknown” showing up in the DNA stool tests. This may be mycoplasma or fungus and not what we normally picture when we think parasites.

    At this point too, I’m convinced that food allergies are also related to our disease. I’ve been fine for months, no itchy symptoms and two days ago ate some quinoa with lunch. Later that same day had 3 cookies made of oatmeal, walnuts, vanilla, baking soda and maple syrup. Within minutes of eating those cookies, I became itchy all over. I’ve practically removed all grain based carbs from my diet so eating these two carbs near each other was not something my body was used to. The itching felt just as strong as when I got sick initially. Over the past 2 days symptoms have receded again, but boy did I get shaken.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I too have removed all grain from my diet except I eat oatmeal every morning, oatmeal is gluten free and actually quite good for you. Glad to hear you are getting better Ayla !

      • Mr C, if you like oat meal you would love the granola I make with organic oats, thinly sliced almonds, raisins, maple syrup, coconut oil and cinammon baked at 150 on low for 10-15 min. My husband switched from oat meal after trying it and wants little else for breakfast now.

      • Sorry Mr C, who told you oats/oatmeal is gluten free? It isn’t as it is impossible. You might look at this article on the truth about gluten @ from the gluten free society, Dr Osbourne discusses the hidden gluten your doctors don’t even know about. It’s only 2 minutes and the website is great too. Good luck

        • Mr C and Teresa,
          if one switches to organic oatmeal the gluten is often not an issue. there are folks that can tolerate gluten in oats or spelt but not wheat. though not monsanto type gmo, wheat over the last 100 years has been manipulated to contain more gluten and other proteins that reek havoc with the gut. commercial bread and some beers now contain gmo yeast; probably even more harmful. i have been making my own gluten reduced organic bread that is yeast free it tastes great. soda bread is now one of my favourites.

          • YES IT IS>>>>Know what you are talking about!!!
            and you are definitely confused or disillusioned if you think that oats are gluten free. Thank you!

            • i did not say that oats are gluten free, only that many people can tolerate and enjoy oats but cannot eat wheat and that this was not an issue before the ag industry started manipulating our food.

  7. Ayla, I’ve been trying to go glutein free…but having a heck of a time. I’m also trying points presented in Trick and Treat related to the paleo-diet. One must watch (it is free online for a couple more days) is the movie Hungry For Change (pointing out food addictions, fat production, and how to regain balance).

    • Thanks for the tip, Joe. I’ll check it out.
      Also, you might enjoy watching this from Dr. Terry Wahls who healed herself from MS through diet. It’s extremely well laid out. She is talking essentially about the same diet as you (I think). I try to follow her guidelines and feel great when doing them. Then I have those days where I have to eat contraband. A slice of pizza a month. Then I’m back to being good. Carbs are a tough one.

      • dividingcricker said:

        the last part of dr terrys comments on iodine(kelp) is a chelation treatment to remove heavy metals -mercury a nurotoxin that can cause ms ..i just can t get my head around the us governments refusal to take alamalgams -tooth filling material off the market…a book i read in the 90s MERCURY FREE by james e. hardy a dentist who goes into great detail on the effects of mercury the history and how to remove and cleanse the body…cleansing the body through eating and drinking is the key…but if the dentist and mds are still hell bent on putting poision in americans without letting them know the dangers then we need a new is scary to think that the health care system -drugs-mistakes-misdiagnosis is killing and maming more americans than wars car accidents etc etc combined….hulda clark told it well , its either chemical or paricites..we have all been overloaded with chemicals all our lives and it is absoultly amazing that were still standing….lets just pray that this is just the begining to a new start a new look ..i feel it ,, a stirring that maybe things will change…

      • Ayla, I believe the reason it is nearly impossible for us to cut carbs is that we need them. Wheat has been changed so much over the years to actually produce more gluten as it makes better bread supposedley. I started making my own bread from organic white flour and no yeast and have really aquired a taste for it. Irish soda bread is so easy to make also, no kneeding and waiting. I make a great pizza crust this way also sans yeast.

        • Sharon, would you be willing to share your bread recipe? Bread is the hardest for me to give up, and I would love to make my own organic bread!

          • Marsha, I love to share recipes. This is an easy one that seems to be low in gluten, just made of organic white unbleached flour, organic baking soda, salt, dash of sugar. No yeast. In this recipe the You\tube video shows her making sort of a semi flat round loaf, where I now shape mine into a loaf pan and so far have had to use slightly more milk but you can make it with ou milk also. I sour the milk with vinegar prior to mixing the dough. Here is the link for Irish Soda Bread (you can add raisins also)

          • oh ya i forgot also check out the GlutenFreeClub website. They had an amazing gluten free bread recipe, just do the ole google

            • Thanks, so much, Sharon! I will pick up the ingredients and try this while I’m off for Easter vacation! I’ll be sure to visit the website as well. I’m trying hard to eat healthy, and give my body what it needs to fight off the bad stuff!

      • I finally got the chance to watch Dr. Wahl’s presentation. It is definitely worth watching! The toxins out, nutrients in approach is the way to go. I was interested in what she shared on the need of iodine (I’ve been wondering about a Celtic connection to Morgellons/ Wilson Temperature Syndrome/ endocrine disorders, etc. and wonder if it relates to iodine/sea rich diets of the past?).

        • robert1949 said:

          I have often wondered about the Celtic connection as well. I read on Jan Smith’s MorgellonsExposed website that for 10 years in the NIH listed Morgellons as one of the symptoms of a genetic disorder caused by a 3rd copy of chromisome 1 at Q4211 to Q4212. Apparently it was pulled from the NIH website (they said reason being that it was a clerical error). A person who had this disorder in her family looked it up by googling for symptoms with this order.

          Also, I believe that it was Hildegarde Staninger that reported a high number of M folks having what they call the Eve gene which is the oldest mitochondrial (from the Mother) gene that was mapped in the Genome project…..interesting

      • Thank you so much for this Ayla = Awesome!

    • dividingcricker said:

      joe the only carb to use is rice its very low to change to sugar..i ate eggs and rice for several weeks to stop itching even fruit made me itch potatoes were terrible almost all vegatables and onion garlic seem ok and spices theres a diet called the king diet and its basically a diabetic if you know someone with diabedies 1 or 2 see what they use….just no sugar i use organic stevia from now i stay away from all gmos corn is real bad…i use organic stuff..and the only thing that really worked and probably saved my life was kleen green you will get through it it will get better one day at a time

      • lyndaincanada said:

        Yes clean green enzymes really helped to eliminate the pathogen off of me my clothes my bed laundry etc. If you aren’t using enzymes–you should be. They are a natural cleaning source — it seems like Gaia is pushing we humans (her parasites!!!) to make natural choices that are less harmful to her…check out Gregg Brayden on you tube… He is amazing and his lectures are all available free. He believes the earth and its inhabitants – are going through massive detox so that it (we) can enter into the new age (after dec 12 2012) as more loving and evolved beings. Perhaps our need to detox our bodies is related to a necessary purification so that we can “raise our vibration” as he puts it… And our race can really live in the love state we profess to want. Joe I was able to check out that film “Hungry for Change. ” I am grateful you made the suggestion as I believe we are truly all hungry for change;) a film worth paying money for especially important for all of us suffering from what I believe is hypertoxic infection/allergy reaction to toxic overloads…Joe I loved the bit about visualization and the important role it plays for humans in the film. Well worth viewing. Inspires healthier choices:) Blessings to all! Lyndaincanada

  8. Great article Trish!

    Mr C, your message has never changed… its all about restoring your bioterrain. That is and always has been the focus of our protocol and the vision of Logos. Having access to great nutritional tools and natural medicines is a tremendous blessing for those who have been labeled, rejected and isolated by the medical establishment.

    I am grateful for and humbled by the opportunity that God has given me to serve, love and encourage those who are suffering with chronic illnesses such as Morgellons. It is not a job, but a calling that I do not take for granted. I see His faithfulness every day in lives being restored and transformed, and I never cease to be amazed.

    How awesome it is that we live in a time when people like you, Mel Friedman and others can reach out in love and minister to the needs of suffering people around the globe.

    Thanks again for all that you continue to do for the cause of your fellow man and for the awesome love and mercy of Christ.

    Love Always,


  9. Mr. CS, Thank you for this wonderful website. I am working on my terrain and really want to believe that there aren’t bugs crawling all over me……that way I could stop the constant cleaning that never seems to help. But there are a couple of points that I can’t get past. First, when I take a sea salt bath, I see all these little translucent things floating in the water. They are very difficult to see, but with the perfect lighting they are definitely there. Also, in some cases there are multiple family members experiencing the same symptoms. My husband does not have this condition but has felt the crawling on a couple of occasions. How is that possible if bugs aren’t involved? Is it possible that once your terrain improved, the bugs left you alone? I’m looking for some insight into this because the thought of bugs crawling all over me still freaks me out! I would really love to hear from your readers on this too. Are they like you in that once their terrains improved, it was no longer necessary to do the cleaning protocols? Thank you so much. DB

    • DB, I too thought there were bugs crawling on me, but learned over time that they were symptoms. As I worked with my protocol the sensations, while still there fully throughout the body, started to get dimmer, as if the volume were being lowered. This process took close to 4 months until all symptoms which were by that point, only a whisper, disappeared.

      Only through the process could I see that these sensations couldn’t possibly be bugs. Bugs would not die that way. You either kill them or you don’t.

      As for cleaning, if you haven’t seen bugs in your environment, I’d lay off and just do your normal upkeep. Some people have gotten Morgellons due to a vector like mites, bedbugs, lice, or scabies that was brought in their home. For those people with that type of infestation, cleaning becomes essential until they can rid the initial problem from the environment. In that case crazy cleaning is a must. However, those people often still think their houses are infested even after they’ve cleared the problem because they are experiencing Morgellons. There are usually signs of infestation, so if you haven’t seen bugs, or if an exterminator has been in and told you their aren’t any, it’s pretty likely there aren’t any.

      Take a break from cleaning and see if the situation in the home feels the same or worse. If you haven’t seen improvement up till now, I’d stop so you can see if it makes any difference.

      It sounds like those clear things in the tub you are seeing most likely are clear fibers coming off of you and not bugs.

      Your family sounds like they are experiencing some aspect of the disease as well. Just because they feel the same sensations doesn’t prove there are bugs in the environment. We do not know what the contagion factor for this disease is.

      I know how scary going through this is. Keep working on your health from the inside out as a priority. Best of luck.

  10. “i just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in”… i’m sorry for our suffering…i’m finding that the silk brand coconut milk is helping to rid my grandbaby of the m debris…praise goodness

    • hi drmimi, coconut milk is fantastic but i recently read a bad survey on Silk and a few other big name brands. if interested for the complete study go to drmercola website he has a good search engine. Organic coconut milk is best because the processed stuff from manufacturers has stabilizers, sugar and preservatives that we do not need. health food stores tend to have a lot of great coconut products like coconut water as well; it has all of the minerals and electorlites needed and has been used in IV bags in underdeveloped countries where coconut palms are plentiful

      • sharon, i so believe you’re exactly right, thank you for the good reminder…w/m i have hardly any monies,so i shop at a salvage grocery store somewhat near me (this place is such a blessing for me)…picked up the silk brand there at a fraction of the cost of regular retail (sp?) m brain can’t remember how to spell some of the simplest of words…so embarrassing,so re:coconut milk, i just pray for the good part to work it’s magic for us.

  11. Silk is not a great idea drm. Full of gmo soy, understand the need for “bang for the buck”.. that not being one of them look for good belly brand drinks/probiotics/one a day. I pray that you and yours will be well.
    Remember , that all that you read is b/s, (except here) if it sounds like a trick in a book .. it is.

    Follow your instincts, trust no one, follow your instincts….. sounds silly, I know.
    Go organic, read , read labels etc.
    Everything that went before in our lives is no longer true.

    We are Warriors and we will not stop….

    Life is not fair…… however determined people can even the odds.

    Keep on keeping on

    • thank you lamb, you’re reply to my comment is a precious one. you’re kindness spoke to my heart…good energy to help remove m pathogen from my body. you’re right, i heard recently that determination is key. gayla

  12. dividingcricker said:


  13. dividingcricker said:

    Dr Mercola has weekend web ,all about how the organic food are loaded with vitamans are loaded with gmos-nanos and how dangerious baby formulas are,gmo soy..When you really think you know something BAM here we go again.I m just in a daze thinking about my next move and did all those vitamans cause this morgellons/nanotoxic response..When large profits rule all laws are overlooked,greed is a terrible thing when it comes to health and right now I am really mad/upset.I m going to do 1000 of hrs of research on this vitaman stuff ……on another note i was reading a hanna krogger book about SIM 40 the monkey virus that was used in the polio vacine.All these wonderful things we have indured,that were swept under the big rug. That rug must have one hell of a lump under it now. WE REALLY CAN T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO HELP OR DO ANYTHING RIGHT, ITS JUST A NOBRAINER.

  14. Nope. You cannot trust anyone or anything without using what is leftover of the filter in your reasoning mind.

    If it sounds like B/S it likely is B/S.

    Take all of our new found “reality” with a grain of salt…perhaps some minerals of course!

  15. dividingcricker said:

    i m using a glutin free bread mix from KINNIKWIK a product of canada. Its a bread and bun mix that is a mix that rises in the oven.One box makes one large loaf. You just add water but I have added a few things that make it a little better. I add about 20 drops of lugols iodine in the water before I add it to the mix.Years ago iodine was added to most breads as a leveling agent , since they took iodine out they replaced it with bromide , which acts similar but is more toxic.I add salt , about a 1/2 tea sp I have several raw sea salts. I add flax oil 1 tbs flaxmeal 1 heaping tbs and flax seeds 1 heaping tbs. The last thing is italian herbs , a mix. i have made this bread about 3 years. i never eat untoasted bread . but i never ate bread much before i started the glutinfree diet.I usually cut as I go about 1/4 inch slices. in italian dishes toasted for dipping bread in oilve oil with garlis and oragano.or as a side with NOTTA-PASTA.a rice pasta that seems to be the same as wheat pasta… i ve had company that wanted to know what brand it was and they couldn t belive it was glutin free. I sometimes butter the bread before toasting for salad crutons or soup crutons.When I make dinners everthing is glutin free . We have just about thrown or given away all the food that isn t glutinfree.My next diet change is switching to all organic. Another thing about the bread it saves money to ship larger quanities , I buy 12 at a time , it seems that no health food stores carry it. Well over and out

  16. Why not just give up on the wheat/whiteflour need for carbs? Who said you needed bread, potatoes and rice to survive?

    Think about it, it’s just a habit.

    We eat grass fed organic beef, organic juices and salads, organic chicken, veggies etc.

    What purpose does bread serve? It’s just comfort food…you do not need it to function properly..just sayin’ let it go.

    • Well, Lamb, for some of us it’s a habit we want to keep! LOL I don’t like the idea of eating any animal that I couldn’t look in the face prior to having it on my table, so I’m limited there! Big time animal lover! I don’t condemn, it’s just me. God said we could eat the meat, so I’m not judging.
      But so far as comfort food…you want me to give it up??? NO, I resist. I am going to bake my own organic bread, maybe add organic raisins for the natural sweetness. Some things aren’t gonna hurt you, so why not enjoy?
      I love organic rice with peas and carrots. It’s one of my favorite dinners. Of course, I live alone, so if I eat a bit strange, there’s no one to be upset!

  17. dividingcricker said:

    I guess we could eat chick weed and cattail roots but I want to be a little like normal , craving comfort foods and sneeking a few treats hear and there.I just love to cook and eat great food it was one of my lifes pleasures.I feel ive given up alot of things already.This bread is glutinfree and dosen t have wheat flour. Ive been on a glutinfree diet 4years and if i can get organic , which is getting more and more often i will buy it..It really would be nice to go back when we didn t have to worry about all the crap in food like we do now.. over and out

    • It really WOULD be nice to be able to go back to not having to worry about all the junk in our food. But I figure it’s only gonna get worse, (cause that’s where the money is for those who run the world), and the rest of us are going to do what everyone here is doing. Just help each other survive and get through.

  18. dividingcricker said:

    This country was founded on rights and those rights are being trampled on left and right. It isn t starting with the right to die. I think it starts with the right to life and liberty and somewhwere the pursuite of happiness. When these rights are trampled on people should go to jail.Murder is a strong accusation but we could start there and work backwards.I know Mr. C doesn t want me to get people upset so we won t go there but there is evil in this world ,that is undeniable I just didn t realise how deep it goes. It is comming to light very fast People are talking because the house of cards is starting to tummble..Lets see if Im right.Lets pray I m right Some good people are starting to put the puzzle together and they are going to work…..

    • Have great faith in your Fellow Americans. We have had a bunch of idealogues trying to take over for the past 40 or so years. News Flash…they are not that smart.

      The Emperor’s clothes are becoming transparent.

      Fight for what you believe in and vote with your sense of reason, do not lose confidence, there are many of us out here who refuse to be silenced by tyranny.

      Keep on keeping on, and never give up.

      The alternative stinks.

  19. dividingcricker said:

    I don t see why Mr C can t do this letter Stating the GMO , Nanotechnology and Glycophosphate(round-up) effects on the human body and mind.If this was put on a seperate web site with additional information and other sites to go for help information . It would elimanate the confronation problem. Who do you hand a letter to , usually this hand to hand combat is not to productive. If this web was something that was on a business card , you could take a 100 in your pocket to the grocery store ,leaving a few here and there spreading the word. Most people don t know what the hell a gmo is let alone allergies that are caused by them.Mr C I don t want to steal your thunder Im just another hay seed a speck of dirt in the room. Think about my idea.

  20. Hi, I am new to this website. I have been sick now for a year and have only recently been learning what is wrong with me. I am constantly finding advice on what to do about my health isssues but am very confused by all the information. Since there are so many symptoms that I have been having- I am unsure about which way to go. If I start taking medines or viatimins I may make problems worse. Some things I am feeling are tired, shaky, headaches and weakness. Would apreciate any advice given

  21. What is stopping you DC from doing these things? Why is this MCS’ responsibility?
    Your idea…you run with it. Like he doesn’t have enough on his plate?
    Never doubt the power of one individual, in this case, you.

  22. One way of looking at this is presented in Alison Adam’s book Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Cure. If you go to Amazon and take a look at the book sample it is figure 1: The Causes of FRS (Fatigue-Related Syndromes). The book is excellent!

    • Joe, thank you for the tip on Wilson Temperature Syndrome. The e book and other info on the site regarding thyroid function is a treasure trove. I am of Irish and Scottish heritage. My Father suffered from hyperthyroid syndrome. I am going to get a better thermometer to observe my temperature and restart therapy that I used to receive years ago. I had stopped because of heart palps and see that the time release would probably change all of that.

    • Trish, that is old news. The article came out in 2010 and is just a reprint. It doesn’t seem as if Joni is actually stepping in to help.

    • Hi Trihsa,
      I thought this was a re-post as well. Also it may be less than genuine. If you go to Joni’s website, she has left performing to persue her painting, she does not mention Morgellons. I sent a message to her via the website baout being a spokesperson and did not get a response. If she were a former sufferer, i think there would at least be a stock answer sent in reply. I also cannot imagine Joni dissing Bob Dylan like that, even if it were true. perhaps this is self promotion by the Joni impersonater???

  23. The following article published with permission to post at THC is as good as it gets on Morgellons. Wonder if Mr Common Sense might post it here? Morgellons: Plague of the 21st Century Thank you!

  24. The Health Coach is a representation of Health Care Professionals and Doctors who are some really good people. The reason they do not use names is because of the way we, in the Health care field have been treated by caring for others. Believe me that when I am able to say who they are….it is going to blow your mind. Stick with them they are fighting for all of you. I am honored to know these people and become part of the group.
    Much Love,

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