Stayin’ Alive

Nobody danced like Rita Hayworth.

For now, enjoy, and follow this timeless song and “Stay Alive” …


Comments on: "Stayin’ Alive" (6)

  1. Bee Gees Rock!!!!! yippee!!!!!!!!

  2. dividingcricker said:

    my mom and dad were ballroom dancers, nice to see the best doing there best..Iwas thinking about a song thats appropriate to our condition “purple haze”jimi hendrix It does ring true. On mercola they have been on the mercury band wagon , dental , topical , and vaccines. It does go into many aspects of diseases caused by mercury. Just think of morgellons and the gmo nano connection ,we are just starting to learn and what a jump in information we have..Mercury has been around for thousands of years and its been in very resent years that its toxic nature has come to light. I really hope we will find answers to the underlying problems……

  3. My Father loved those movies and this brings back fond memories; thanks MrC

  4. Love that song! Never thought it would become an anthem for a totally strange disease though!

  5. dividingcricker said:

    Just watched a ytube free movie THRIVE it is really worth the time “very good”

  6. pamelamaez said:

    yeppers! My mom loved her..
    Very good theme..and thought…
    Prayen for you Mr C and for our good friend…
    Showers and Showers of good wishes…and Blessings…

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