Joni-Mitchell-to-quit-music-to-help-Morgellons-sufferersLegendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell has said she is ‘trying’ to quit the music business to help out sufferers of Morgellons disease ‘ an illness she first publicly admitted to having in 2010.

‘Two nights ago, I went out for the first time since Dec. 23: I don’t look so bad under incandescent light, but I look scary under daylight,’ she said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

‘In America, the Morgellons is always diagnosed as ‘delusion of parasites,’ and they send you to a psychiatrist,’ she added later. ‘I’m actually trying to get out of the music business to battle for Morgellons sufferers to receive the credibility that’s owed to them.’

Mitchell has had an illustrious career beginning in the late 1960s folk scene. Her 1971 album Blue is considered to be one of the great masterpieces of folk music.

Throughout her career she has performed with a number of people and became immersed in the Laurel Canyon scene which was taking place in the Hollywood Hills.

During the interview she surprised fans by slagging off Bob Dylan and accusing Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) and Janis Joplin of sleeping with their whole bands..

‘You were born Roberta Joan Anderson, and someone named Bobby Zimmerman became Bob Dylan,’ performance artist John Kelly (who is the creator of a Joni Mitchell tribute show and was also being interviewed with the singer).

‘Bob is not authentic at all,’ Mitchell rebutted. ‘He’s a plagiarist and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I.’

‘As for my name, my parents wanted a boy, so they called me Robert John,’ she explained. ‘When I came out a girl, they just added two letter A’s to that. Then I married Chuck Mitchell; I wanted to keep my maiden name ‘ I had a bit of a following as Joni Anderson ‘ but he wouldn’t let me.’

John Kelly, who was also in the interview, is the star of Paved Paradise: The Art of Joni Mitchell where he dresses as Mitchell and performs her songs.

The original story can be found HERE …

PS: Thanks Tricia for alerting me to this story …


Comments on: "Joni Mitchell to quit music to help Morgellons sufferers" (14)

  1. Old article Mr. C…2010. It’s a reprint. Joni doesn’t seem to be following through. Wish she would. It could make a huge difference to have her come out and speak publicly about Morgellons.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Crud, thanks for the update. I didn’t know it was an old article. I wish she’d contact me, I think we could work together on this, uggh !

      • You’re awesome Mr C.
        It might be an old article, I’ve never seen it 😉 Thank you.

      • Hey Mr C, have you tried her website? Perhaps if you sent her an email to her website? Also she must have a manager. I tried to call in a favour of a friend of a friend but to no avail. She has some really cool art by the way. She retired to paint is what it says on her website.

  2. “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in….” hahaha perfect song from the past

  3. I read the story too but there wasn’t much on how she was going to help. I think one statement or 2 mentioned it. I tried to make a comment and leave her my email address so we could get people backing her. We have a world of resources on the internet as far as support she may need and I think it would be a great waste not to use them.

    Now as I post this I see it is an old article. Well that wipes the smile off a face real quickly. Maybe she has Alzheimers too.

  4. i thought about that too. here’e the thing. a lot of times we don’t hear about what is a person is doing until real results come. so maybe..
    i still think it is amazing that she has morgellons and way back then she was singing….

    “Hey farmer, farmer
    Put away that DDT now
    Give me spots on my apples
    But LEAVE me the birds and the bees
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    ‘Til its gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot”

    also to anyone that might be suffering..i know this is not a lyme forum. i know that lyme and morgellons are not the same thing.though it did turn out that i tested positive for lyme however. i have however finished my lyme treatment. it took four months. i also did lot’s of other stuff for a long before.
    i have been waiting for this day since i am now symptom free of morgellons.i wake up in the morning refreshed and i don’t hurt anymore. it is really holding this time. thank you god. thank you universe. and my skin..oh my skin. it is soft again. no lesions, no specks or crystals or anything creepy. please take heart, if you pound morgellons on the head long enough you can get your life back..

    i did not know what i had until it was gone. thank you god for showing me.

  5. Tina, what great news. I am so happy for you. It gives me hope. Did you use meds? Ruth

    • i did ruth. i didn’t want to but i had a persistent lung infection. my lyme doc has many morgellons patients and she did say that they did well treating for the lyme. i did the scwhartz protocol (spelling?), intramusclar rochephin, and fluconozole (spelling again..sorry).
      my honest opinion is that one can recover from morgellons, lyme and co infections without pharmaceuticals but i had been sick for a long time. i decide to do it and i am glad i did. without an excellent diet, supplements, immune support and bio terrain rebuilding i don’t think just the meds would have worked for addition to the aforementioned, when i started walking for exercise and upped my vitamin d 3 (way up) with d 3 on the days i don’t get sun is in it all clicked for me. i had been on the mend for a while but that struggle i was having to hold my health in place know to really feel that relief inside of me. no more fatigue, pain etc. symptoms came and went. then lightly came again then fell away completely.

      • Tina, that is such good news, congratulations on regaining your health. Perhaps you could put a summary together on How I cured Morgellons to share with us?

      • Tina,
        If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell us who the doctor who helped you with the Swhartz protocol?

        • hello chris,
          dr therese yang in santee california. you will start of and for the most part see trang (an awesome and lovely nurse practitioner). they will want to test you for lyme and you will probably test positive. i did. you will be thankful because this will help them to be albe to keep you on meds as long as you need them.
          my symptoms flared again. much lighter then ever before. except my nuero symptoms.those came bad. i got the wobbles and some bad frustration. try and push through and walk it off.

  6. Thanks Tina, it is so good to hear about people recovering from morgellons. I am very sure I will get there too, and like you I will share the good news that M can be beat. Ruth

    • hi ruth, you are very welcome. i had all the same thought s that i know everyone else must have. thoughts get into your head. even
      on hearing that someone got better i caught myself thinking “oh that’s good…but…maybe i am sicker then they were” or ” it’s everywhere in can i ever get rid of it”.
      or the worst thought of all “omg..what if it that crazy stuff”. it is hard to imagine feeling good again when you are sick. for me it was really bad at first and for a long while there but as i got better it felt like a struggle to get my head above water. then in the later part of healing (the obnoxious straggler symptoms part) when your head is above water that’s when you “bring the rain” as they say. the last part takes a while. just stay at it. even after you feel good..keep shooting.i have been off meds for a couple of months. i could relapse but i know my body pretty well and i keep on feeling better. the last part of getting better was getting over the pharmaceuticals. that stuff is nasty. if you can get better without those meds you should but don’t feel bad if you need them….that’s what doctors are supposed be for right.

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