I hope you aren’t offended by my sense of humor, it’s good to be able to laugh at life’s situations sometimes no matter how bad they are.

Take no offense and enjoy, there’s a lot of tongue and cheek in this, I made it tonight as a sort of release valve …


Comments on: "Hitler is Told the Secret Behind Morgellons has Been Leaked" (37)

  1. Mr. C. Thank you for this. I laughed so hard, this was just too funny. Ruth

  2. omg. that was hilarious. i sometimes wonder (when i let my brain run wild) maybe those chemtrails are to kill this little beastie on the fly. they spray for the med fly and other stuff…nahhh.
    like i said letting my brain run wild.
    this was very funny and the comedic relief is much appreciated.

  3. I am a sick puppy, I can’t stop watching it and laughing. I think I have watched it 5 times already. Thanks, uth

  4. pamelamaez said:

    YOU !! So funnnnnyyy! HHHaaaa hhhaaaaa Qwacking up!! Good job!!
    He’s BAaaack!
    Big Hugs Mr C!
    Ps… fav part? The fear building CHEM TRAILS!!!THE FORUMS ! The Forums! you got it!

  5. That was pretty funny MRC……

  6. Brilliant! I only wish Hitler had a little alien by his side.

  7. Your sense of humor is matched only by your talent… that was very well done.

  8. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I’m glad so far everyone’s got a kick out of this. I was just reading how laughter has been medically proven to be very beneficial to the body and releases all kinds of positive effects, Ruth, you get better and Tina glad you liked it, Everyone else too, it was fun making, now as I watch it I think “Oh I should have said this there and that there” but it came out pretty funny I think.

  9. Just as I needed a good laugh you came up with it. Thanks so much. I apprecietae it.

    Although you gave me a laugh, I must tell all that I found much deeper relief this morning as I watched Dr. David Jeremiah on Turning Points. This is Christian, Biblically based, and I think this morning I was meant to tume in. I have been esp. weary these past days and lacked the will to go on. Listening to him embraced me to take a deeper look at how I was feeling and find some truth in havind the will and why.

  10. I just happened to think; first David Jeremiah on Turning Points, then your superb video. I now wonder what a great day this will be.

    You put a lot of work into this and well done. Thanks; and I mean it.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I like Dr. David Jeremiah, listen to him on the radio and sometimes catch him on TV too, but more often on the radio …

      • I saw this quote from a devotional on facebook recently..seemed appropriate!

        “I have deliberately set obstacles in your path to test your prowess. I will not always cause favorable winds to blow upon your life, for then you would be at ease and would soon grow soft and dull. It is when the wind is high and the waves are threatening that you become alert and keen, and then I can strengthen your spiritual fiber.”

        ‘Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time’ (1 Peter 5:6)

        Far behind what looks to us as utter chaos, God has a plan working for our good.

        • they say god never gives you anything you can’t handle. with morgellons i had to wonder if god had overestimated me! now i’m ok so i guess he didn’t and honestly it does give me a sense of accomplishment having come out the other end of something like that. thank you for that nice comment and also the good health information you give

          • tina, first of all, i have a love for your spirit, but for now i have to disagree w/god having a hand in this m thing , although i most certainly believe god’s grace has gotten me to where i am now re: m. i lost my grandbaby to m, i know my loving, merciful god would not do that to my family. loving the kale, thank you for the good reminder, gayla

            • Hi DrMimi,

              I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult that has been…

              Just to be clear though, I did not mean to imply that Morgellons was a product of God’s will. Rather, it seems obvious that Morgellons is a product of Man’s ignorance, pride and greed.

              The words that I shared were from a Facebook devotional that someone else wrote. I was moved by them because I am truly grateful for the fires and trials God has allowed in my life. Through our weakness His strength is made perfect.. and yes, through our trials, our “spiritual fiber” is often strengthened.

              Over the years I have had the privilege of serving and encouraging many thousands of people who have overcome various types of chronic illness. Upon their recovery, quite often they express gratitude for the “wake up call” they needed to make changes that were necessary to restore their health… or as the Apostle Paul put it, “Be no longer conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

              Anyway, I certainly meant no offense… I too live and breathe moment by moment by His mercy and grace.



            • gayla, i am so sorry for your loss. i never felt like got had done this or do i give anyone else credit for my health. not even god. i know for sure that i could not have prayed my way out of this . i do however believe we all our an expression and
              creation of god including the beautiful medicinal plants and
              food that did in a combination lead me out of this. kale is good stuff huh!

        • john burgstiner, did you really quote the term “spiritual FIBER”?…in all honesty, i was somewhat taken aback by said term.

          • I didn’t catch that on the first read. Pretty funny in an ironic kind of way! God can strengthen my spiritual fiber all he/she wants…just stop making it come out of my skin!!

  11. dividingcricker said:

    In my twisted mind I really think monsanto has lived this moment. If the truth came out about the health problems that monsanto has created and is covering up they would all be hung. If it wern t for the US government hiding the toxic effects and illnesses caused by monsanto, (the people would be calling for there deaths) . It just doesn t add up , we are the government and this corperation has more rights than government to mame and destroy anything in its path. Why isn t the EPA on our side? Why did the president flip flop on gmo labeling? why hasn t the news media not reported on this illegal activity?Why are the doctors in the fold with this obvious food/pesticide corperation? Rember we are not alone . There are good people working to right this wrong. The world is on to there tricks and little by little bit by bit the house of cards is comming down…..Nothing funny about it! Sorry I don t see it!

  12. The very same video recently circulated the Lyme Disease community. The text has been changed to Morgellons. I hope I am not loosing my sense of humor but I didn’t even get a chuckle from this one in either venue.

    • Good job of titling the video and it was an interesting portrayal…but I have to agree with Cindy–While the play “The Producer’s which spoofed Hitler is funny ..this is too real to be funny. Hitler’s regime was behind experimentation/tortue on humans before killing them and was the cause of the annhilation of six million Jews, gays, gypsies and righteous Christians– I may add. His regime used biological warfare on humans and it is plausible he would have and did create such an organism as Morgellons. It is no secret that according to the Lyme Disease Conspiracy theory which may be true..that the US hired Nazi’s after WW II to create what ended up being the LYME Bacterium in Plum Island to use against Russia during the cold War–so it’s hard to find humor in something that is enveloped in truth. Secondly, as a TV Producer myself, I can tell you that use of a movie clip without rights permisson from the movie company and putting it on line for all to see is risky business legally–if the company sees this, they can sue whomever has repurposed it. Clear violation of copyright laws.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Debra, I don’t show all my cards up front, there are many ways to make propaganda, you say this is to close to the truth to be funny, well, maybe there’s something to that, did it ever occur to you that I might just be a little bit smarter than I appear, and that somethings I do aren’t what they appear to be at all?

        As for the copyright thing, there are 100,000 Hitler video’s just like this on YouTube, it a craze, there are whole sites dedicated to how to make them. If they want to sue me than can gladly help pay my medical bills, because that’s all I got.

  13. dividingcricker said:

    Just looked up the lymes viedo The same viedo Cindy Wel come to THE UNITED STATES OF MONSANTO. They are probably working every dirty trick you can think, even getting people to log into there websites. Getting there inside information from ill people that are just looking for answers from the problems that they created. The rotten apples can be right under your finger tips Maybe the idea train has run out.The truth would be a nice change. If i m wrong Im sorry but usually i m never wrong. This just isn t adding up, just like the government and the monsanto connection!!!!!!!

  14. Y’all need to leave your misery for a moment! Laughter is indeed, the BEST MEDICINE!

    Lighten up for a bit… you will feel better.

  15. Here’s a bad joke I just thought up.
    Knock. Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Morgellons who?
    More gallons of water for the elephant.

    OK. Maybe not the funniest Morgellons Knock Knock joke…well, actually it may be the funniest Morgellons knock knock joke. Heck I don’t know. Please come up with a better one.

  16. ….the knock know joke is grin/chuckle worthy! Thanks Joe! : )

  17. Meant to say “knock-knock” instead of “knock- know”

  18. I know this is sorta like …is it “butt naked” or “buck naked” kind of things but it is really supposed to be “tongue IN cheek” instead of “tongue AND cheek”.
    This sort of thing actually IS funny ….to me that is. : )
    And it’s okay if some don’t see the humor in these phrases. LOL!

    • cindy, this is why you and i contracted morgellons…it’s because we never knew if the term was or is “butt naked” or “buck naked”…i have to ask, are you a virgo?

    • ya….i always get those wrong…i always thought it was “nip it in the butt”. another one i got wrong for way to long was “winner..hand’s up!”. it is supposed to be “hand’s down” like in a card game when you the dealer says “hands down”. i thought it was hands up in the air like yay i won then you throw your hands in the air. right!? i guess that is just a different type of horse. right?1 hehehe

  19. Mr. CS, I thought it was funny in that way that you can’t ignore the elephant in the room, yet nobody wants to talk about it. In this case, I think the more people talking about it, the better. No, the disease isn’t funny at all, but we do need to have lighter moments in all our misery. I would like to invite any one who is interested in just talking about personal issues, or their need for a bit of comfort or support, to check out my Facebook Group called Morgellon’s Safe Harbor. It’s in its infancy, but I hope it will be an emotional help as you have provided a wide variety of information and kept us up to date as to what is going on.

  20. Not a Virgo. I’m a Leo though 8-20 is my day!

  21. But drmimi…you sure do sound familiar to me. I’m thinking you’re a Virgo ..that is if you are the drmimi I know and love!

    Back to the video and the humor (or lack there of)…
    When I saw in the heading “contains a lot of tongue and cheek”….I wondered what the..? It almost sounded pornographic. The same terminology “Tongue AND Cheek” came in an email about this video. THAT part struck me as pretty funny. But spoofs on Hitler are not very entertaining IMO.

  22. Just seeing this now for the first time. Brilliant! You did good. Really happy to see it. Going to watch it again!

  23. Great Humor Piece my I share this?

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