Comments on: "If I wanted America to fail" (20)

  1. That’s deep

  2. the counter for this video is stuck at 517, 844 strange huh! is that considered censorship because it feel like censorship to me.
    i know it is more than that because i just watched it 3 times. excellent video mr cs. thank you.

  3. Well said; this plan to break the back of the American middle class started years ago with NAFTA and creating a climate for industry and manufacturing to move off shore. This was a plan set out by the World Corporatocracy. It knows no party line. JFK warned us years ago in a well documented speech. It is now even on YouTube. I will find it and post later. Thank You Messrs. Rockefeller/Rothchild.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      You know whats funny, JFK would be considered a hard core conservative by today’s standards, thats how far toward socialism we now are …

      • dividingcricker said:

        REPLY My dad told me that russia and the united states were like ships passing in the night , Russia heading stright for capitolism and the USA going head first into communism, we don t know when , My dad was a wise man in so many ways. I wish I had recorded some of his rants. The nut does t fall far from the tree. Its scarry that i m so much like him. I just hate to think what this country is becomming or has become. Remember when it would take 15 russians to make any decision and now its worse here in the USA. Can you remember when business did the right thing and now all I can see is the bad!

      • I found this speech one of many , though this one is just voice with a pictoral giving a speech to the American Press Club warning of secrety societies infiltration.

  4. dividingcricker said:

    When JFK was murdered the government was taken over /for there own good not ours. WE THE PEOPLE became US meaning us CORPORATIONS or the select few. We have become the pigs in the farm lot in so many ways,herded around. Food has become feed with so much poison that even the animals are dying from it. If the government was working the poisions could be stoped in a few short days. Fluoride mercury aluminum gmos pesticides can and have been replaced by so many cheaper better products. Follow the money and the trail of tears always stops at big oil,big Rockefeller oil,medicine,drugs,doctors.This message is clouded with a few left turns that seem to favor oil and corporations leaving the middle class still flying in the wind.Less regulation for small businesses and inventors is great. Less regulation or epa governmental control would be great.After the gulf accident I have my doubts about the ad. There are alot of things to look at and when I see a well put together ad I think that all that money came from deep pockets and MY nane is not on it……

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      YouTube is still refusing to let the counter climb, my guess is it’s 5 million plus views already

  5. rdechamplain said:

    allo, merci pour ce nième contact. Vos propos,c omme ceux que vous proposez et trouvez, font réfléchir et aident à considérer faits et situations dans leur essence permettant de voir émerger une opinion personnelle plus éclairée…vous avez un talent de chercheur journalistique bien présent.. Félicitation et à la prochaine intervention…

  6. Sequoya11 said:

    Here’s another one, on being slowly poisoned in many ways. The product that was supposed to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico, after the spil, is actually helping all that toxic stuff be absorbed by human skin, without visible trace (only seen under UV light). I would say that maybe that was not an accident. Check out the full article

  7. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Everyone, I meant this to be kind of funny, remember, the more conspiracy stuff people post the more nutty we seem and the less credibility this site is going to have when we need it ( just sayin’ )

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Foster Gamble’s wife, Kimberly, in the movie documentary “Thrive” adresses this point very profoundly, she suggests that we must join together and normalize the truth, in that some conspiracy theories are in fact completely valid. But I know what you’re saying – it seems to be about timing and approach. We must always present our arguments in a scientific manner so as to not appear “crazy” – blessings to you all, LyndainCanda

    • Sorry, Mr C, I thought it was more of a politcal statement.

      I never thought of conspiracies until I became ill with this plague that has no cause or cure.
      I never thought of conspiracies until my entire family and friends did not want to hear about my suffering or even read scientific studies concerning it.

      I never thought of conspiracies until my marriage was nearly ruined and I could no longer work or receive disabilty.

      I never thought of conspiracies until the CDC granted a paltry sum of money to investigate an illness that does not exsist.

      After seven years of this i suppose it makes one distrustful.

      p.s. the Thrive movie is excellent. Unfortunately the Powers That Be will not Thrive if we are.

  8. LyndainCanada said:

    The above video leaves us with some important questions.Foster Gamble, an heir to the Foster -Gamble legacy, takes these questions and offers solutions…you will not regret viewing and helping the free “Thrive” movie go viral — go to and watch his documentary. You’ll be glad you did. It answers questions like why are some diseases not presented with cures that are there, and other diseases just denied to exist…This one has to go viral. Mr. CS, Pamela, Trish and Joe — please watch and respond to the importance of this free documentary . Blessings to you all, LyndainCanada

  9. I’m an independent for a reason: I beleive each issue needs to be considered independently of the others. I’m also a biologist, and I know that no time in our history has seen the immense pollution of such diverse forms as we now have, which is bringing on the Sixth Great Extinction. We are just another species, and as we replace all of the ones that we are wiping out with progress and growth with ourselves, we must become what is for dinner.

    • jennnifer..perfectly said. when god said “the meek shall inherit the earth” i sometimes wonder how meek are we talking here? microbes? i am only joking and there is nothing meek about microbes.

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