DISCLAIMER: The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kaiser Permanente or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

See  http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0029908

So, in the end, it would appear that nobody is responsible for this study, or on the hook for it’s claims and or results.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


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  1. Was that disclaimer always there? How ridiculous! The CDC issued the report, they are the ones that were given the task to research it. If they can’t take responsibility for it, they never should have released their “findings.”

  2. Thanks for forwarding this. I didn’t see a date on this article and wonder if you know what it is?

  3. One observation I made was, that if the study was between 2006-08, why are there references dating 2010 and 2011? e.g. Stricker, et al
    Another question in my mind has anyone ever heard from participants on other websites? I have not but do not frequent them often.

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    The link above in my post is from the CDC site itself, see http://www.cdc.gov/unexplaineddermopathy so that is the official CDC Report on Morgellons. However, the three big players (The CDC, Kaiser Permanente, and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) have all washed there hands of the study.

    Very interesting indeed. To me it says, they know, or at least suspect, there is more to the story and do not want to be held accountable when it comes to light, and it will, and they know it.

  5. sherry taylor said:

    Weirdest “disclaimer” I ever saw..is this even legal?
    So the individual writers who put their name on it are responsible?
    The “funders” are not responisble, the gov’t?
    Kaiser..arm of the army is not responsible?
    The Center of Disease Control is not responsible?
    What are they afraid of?
    Did they call in professional “writers” to take the fall?
    I don’t understand.
    Aren’t researchers unbiased scientists?
    Judging from the writing of this final report they went with the party line..no data backing it up that I saw.
    Apparently..judging how much they were going to tell the “public” was part of their job….who does this?
    Something rotten here…so there are secret things..obviously…re proprietorial info..(read money..genetics, agribusiness.etc)..or defense, climate control(chem trails) (read bio-warfare)..well that come down to money making too doesn’t it?
    A woman today was taken off a plane…because they thought..maybe “monkey pox”..she said bed bugs…lesions.led her mother to “report” her. What is going on?
    Our building was bed bug inspected last week..because of the info black out…no one can learn much about this new bacterial.fungal and parasitic infection…..but people feel something.
    Try to get help and you are marginalized, isolated. Then you learn more..become more afraid an less trusting or the organizations supposed to protect us.
    Then you see stuff like the last CDC report..and well…something is very wrong isn’t it?

    • almost two years ago on august 1st i was finally able to to get on a plane. i still looked like hell. i was taking a flight from the sacramento airport to london heathrow. i had a 2 hour layover in denver. when i went to get back on the plane they would not let me board and refused to tell me why. i was very sick and obviously this was the reason why. my face looked really bad. i went to a hotel and called my sister. she then got the phone and went crazy on british airlines. they agreed to let me on he next day. but it was a horrible horrible experience. they treated me like dirt. by then i was used to it after the doctors etc. i just kissed their behinds and i was as nice as i could be as i was just trying to get myself to europe (where i had lived years before) where i would be in a much better position to heal. that scared me. the whole thing does. i just wanted to tell you that this IS happening. it happened to me and they were so rude . they treated me like i was some kind of terrorist or something when all i had done was slept the whole time i was on the plane. the trip was exhausting and i did not need that 24 hour hang up added to it. by the time i found my way out of the airport to a hotel and back the next day to get on the flight that they ‘ALLOWED’ me to take, i had to be in a wheel chair.
      also mr cs, good find on the small print.

  6. Here is another interesting observation: Kaiser has a code in their system for DOP, which is a rare pyschiatric disorder. As these were their patients, they must have already diagnosed them as such. Hence giving a strong indication of a total bias in this study.

    Also this is very convenient that they did not do one DNA test and only one Lyme co-infection test when roughly 20% showed signs of an anthropod bite.

  7. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I think the next logical question is “What is the CDC’s official Position on Morgellons?” and it will be very interesting since this study is obviously not their official position. However, the media wrote this whole syndrome off once the report was published. Was that disclaimer added recently? I do not know. But we have been basely betrayed.

    • The CDC will be happy to place the burden of blame on Michele Pearson.

      “Author Contributions
      Conceived and designed the experiments: M. Pearson JS CB KK MLE CP ML-S VK CD M. Parise BL. Performed the experiments: KK VC M. Pearson CP SZ ML-S VK LB PA GL MES W-JS PW JH GL SM EL IM FM. Analyzed the data: AB BF AWH AP FCG. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: CP SZ ML-S VK LB GL MES W-JS PW IM JH SM. Wrote the paper: M. Pearson JS CP ML-S.”

      • You are so right Ayla, Randy Wymore was quite surprised that communications to her had been blocked as he wanted to bring some shortcomings to light before it was complete. I believe this is why the disclaimer is at the bottom of the report. CDC also states that the study it is inconclusive.
        Apparently the last paragraph of the Peer Review Report asks doctors if they have patients presenting with Morg symptoms to do case studies.

        So I think the bad guys in all of this is Kaiser Permanente (sorry if miss spelled)

    • I just listened to a Randy Wymore interview regarding the CDC report. Apparently the Peer Review was quite different than that was published. He states that hte last paragraph asks Doctors with patients presenting these symptoms to do a case study.

      There was a lot of good information and fter hering it I now realize why the CDC has a disclaimer on it. This is definetly worth the listen.
      Thank You John B for bringing this to our attention.

  8. Here’s a letter to the editor I sent to The Examiner in San Francisco:

    The CDC recently released and posted online Clinical, epidemiologic, histopathologic and molecular features of an unexplained dermopathy which included a map showing a cluster of Morgellons Disease sufferers associated with the Guadalupe River watershed downstream from the New Almaden Mercury Mines. While some in the medical world suggest this symptoms set best fits in the diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis, my research and experience suggests symptoms relate to mercury toxicity (see Keleher in Explore! Journal for the medical professional- issues 17.4, 17.6, 20.5, and 21.1). Parethesia (crawling, biting, poking sensations under/on skin) is a known symptom of mercury poisoning (see accounts of Minimata, Japan as well as Northern Iraq or do a search on pubmed.gov of “mercury” and “parenthesia”). The best means of determining a systemic body burden of mercury may be testing gluathiane levels. I believe further investigations are needed.

    Within 24 hours there were attempts to hack into my emails, my blogs were blocked, and even my Facebook acct. had attempted hacking. The letter was not published and the paper has not responded to my emails.

  9. dividingcricker said:

    I guess were in the deny and lie cover-up stage. When a child does something bad its always nobody did it. When 80 microbioligist are dead somebody knew something and my guess is they know everything. The odds of this staying under wraps is not to good they are just in waiting and holding there breath/can t do it forever. Look up SIM40 its still not well known. Everything must be true we heard it on the TV news/read it in the paper?????

  10. Some time back, Mel posted a link on his FAQ Page to a radio interview with Randy Wymore that was quite revealing. In the interview, Dr. Wymore, who was apparently one of the physicians on the Peer Review Board for the CDC study, shared his concerns about design and implementation flaws in the study as well as its ill drawn conclusions.

    Listening to that interview gave me a totally new perspective on (and respect for) Dr. Wymore’s courageous commitment to the cause of Morgellons sufferers.

    What a travesty, the CDC study!

  11. dividingcricker said:

    Its funny that a lawsuit or at least litagation hasn t been started with all of the above in morgellons/fiber/diesease. At least all the documents and full studies could be reviewed, by a another independent lab. This could lead to a trustworthy lab comming up with some real answers. I guess the labs could be frighened with a few death of there colleagues. Don t want to be a scary boggie man shaking a pitchfork or anything. You people need to calm down Stop lookin at that THRIVE MOVIE and JEFF RENSE AND THAT NUT ALEX JONES and that JFK stuff and focus on the smoke and mirrows we can t see HELL OBAMA will fix all our problems YES WE CAN……OR NO WE CAN T I can t remember?????

    • Great article Trisha, thank you. It had some links to great sites aswell (including this one)
      No comments on the Rany Wymore interview? He discusses the Peer Review Report, which differs somewhat than the public report. Brief but informative and explains the disclaimer and why it took so long to be released in my opinion.

    • Hey Mr C, is it possible to add this site to your blogroll, it looks like a good un.

  12. Clinical, Epidemiologic, Histopathologic and Molecular Features of an Unexplained Dermopathy

    Question on Disclaimer

    Posted by Ruthintoronto on 27 Apr 2012 at 20:56 GMT

    I would like to know if this normal procedure to to have a Disclaimer attached to a study that was requested by the CDC. Have the CDC done this in previous studies? Thank You. Ruth

    “DISCLAIMER: The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kaiser Permanente or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.”

    No competing interests declared.
    Go on over all and make your comments. Check your spelling, as you can see I did not. Ruth

  13. Janet Fedeles said:

    What are WE going to do about this, is the question we need to be asking OURSELVES. We need to come up with a plan. And then we need to DO IT.


    • janet is right. it is out of hand. the problem is that most people that have morgellons are too sick to do much. first thing is those of you out there that are really sick. don’t push yourself to do anything other than heal. you need every bit of yourself to do it. the other morgellons people that have salvaged their health or are not as sick will be on the front line. oh my god my comment is turning into what sounds like a battle plan.
      i have been thinking about something. it has do with combining forces.
      now mr cs you are awesome and i also respect your blog and that this is not a lyme forum but it is true that many of us morgies have lyme diseases. i know it is not the same thing. i know it because i have both.
      i am thinking that we might have to align ourselves with the lyme community. god knows we need allies. i am not proposing we call it lyme. i am saying we have to raise awareness on the chronic multi infection syndrome issue. they lyme community has ilads on their side. we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. the feel of ilads seems to be moving towards a emphasis on the ugly co infection issue. which really is the issue. we have a ton of freaking bugs. no one with lyme or morgellons has one thing. this is the real issue. we have infections. i almost don’t even want to call any of this a disease. it is true morgellons is it’s own crazy pathogen. we do need to get to the bottom of that and we need scientists and dr.s to do that for us. i love the fact that so many in the morgellons community got so far with a toy microscope but we need big guns for this big problem
      those of you out there that have morgellons if you go to a lyme dr most of them will treat you. this will help the entire morgellons community by doing several things. first of your health will most likely improve (putting you in a better position to take action). if you can afford it i encourage to do so. you will also be helping the people that can not afford it because by going to and being recognized by a real doctor you help the dr.s to see what a problem this is and also help them to start understanding how to treat it. we are the patient zeros….. as i worked with my dr she and i both learned.
      so there is a start. anyone that has the means please put this in a dr.s lap please do so. thats not to say you can forget about diet, detoxing, bi terrain and all that good stuff.
      the peer reviewed paper will start coming. doctors will tell the family members of the morgellons sufferers that this is very real. the family member will rally. they will tell others. word of mouth is not to be underestimated.
      my family who pretty much dumped me in the beginning now understand that we all have a serious problem on our hands. having a doctor verify this helped.

  14. hopefulron said:

    what do you expect from a pig but an oink

  15. dividingcricker said:

    This has been another fantasy waste of time from the tower of babel. THE truth is we have no money or power and we are kidding ourselves if we think we can make a dent in the disinformation that is going on. I think we are living the future and have quite a jump on the herd. We should get ready to help the world because everybody is going to face this ill health cascade. We have amased a large ammount of information that will help the masses. We have almost all become healthier and maybe not altogether well but much better through diet , suppliments cleaning, and life changes that we ll have to teach many people. My cynicism is with the group, even if we knew we would still be doing the same thing ,we are getting well slowly, Just remember when it was the worst and you didn t think you were going to live another week.. Well I do … Just Stop And Think…We are comming out of this fog.And I don t think were well yet but were getting there. I have resigned myself to the slow healing process and hope this will someday be a thing in the past. we ll just have many stories to tell !Just keep on keepin on. over and out PS DON T QUIT FIGHTING OR LEARNING

  16. are you ready to laugh. i promise you you will if you follow this link. also mr common sense tom is going to be doing many more cartoon for us. it’s really exciting

  17. Sequoya11 said:

    Oh! reading that study makes me so mad.

  18. dividingcricker said:

    You should look at the jeffery smith autism interview with alex jones The rest of the world is taken aback and the band plays on in this country. No news here just a few political bullshit news shows that really don t matter Just look I dare You

  19. Wonder if Mr Common Sense might post the following article here? http://thehealthcoach1.com/?p=1492 — Morgellons: Plague of the 21st Century

    It answered a lot of my questions and has already changed my whole approach to getting better.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Kathleen Downing a responce too a SOS I found no help with Drs. Here are some webs for products that really help. http://www.naturalginesis.com a enzyme to calm the skin and wash /soak in. This product kleen green was my lifesaver. The people are very helpful. Change to a sugarfree diet Some webs refer to these as sugar worm I think its a nano-toxin but its not important ,the sugarfree diet works to calm the skin. A diet that is gmofree is also helpfull because it was probably where it started.My aunt has sugar D and her diet is almost the same Stay away from starches potatoes carrots ets it seemed that brown rice was ok. I switched to a glutinfree , organic diet Its a stretch to change but it really worked for me.This has been a long affair for me because of the other toxic things that are in play. Mercury Aluminum Barium Lymes and who knows what I have. The only way I have healed is searching for answers on the webs. What I have told you took me years to find out, Its a life changing event that will lead to health. If you post a problem here sombody will have a answer but being clean eating right and being patient is all you need to do. . It takes alot of time but the body will heal . Think of it as a poison has been injested and the fibers are comming out any way they can. Stay calm and good Luck

      • To Ayla and Dividingcricker Kathleen,

        If a good Doc is recommended that helped somone do not turn a person away. Three people who are now symptom free that took BOTH paths to wellness in conjuntion.

        As we are more than likely dealing with a pathogen that was not invented by nature a 2 pronged approach is likely necessary.

        Tina did both paths as well as Mel (How I Cured Morgellons) and Joe Keleher (Morgellons Joe)

  20. Kathleen Downing said:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have read both this article and “does this identification mean anything” and I can’t believe there is finally some REAL information on this. My husband has been suffering for over 3 years and I have been reading everything to try and help him..same story with all the dr’s we tried. One “specialist” told him it was just mersa. As soon as I saw the video’s that are posted in the “identification” article, I almost cried. My husband has told people of the moving/growing threads and they look at him like he is insane..After so long of the same reaction, he was beginning to question himself..I showed him the footage, and it was as if the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders, he whispered..”i’m not crazy” He has horrible sores over most of his body..and the ones that have healed are now dark scars and blotches. The new ones that seem to appear out of nowhere, he is in fact right now getting ready to start “the routine”on a new one on the back of his head by the nape of his neck. The routine as I call it involves hours and hours in front of a mirror slowly “draining” the sore. There is always strange things that come out of them, especially those moving “hairs”. Funny thing is, that even though he picks and pokes at them for hours, there is very little blood and no infections. I would love to know more about BACILLUS SUBTILUS. I am sorry to be going on and on, but I feel like I have finally found the place to get REAL help. Which brings me to my question. How do I help him? He is consumed with this. Picked at them has taken over his life and he gets more and more depressed. He can’t work leaving me to do that, and it is the center of our world. I feel like we are getting so close, but what do I do next? We live in S.F. and have gone to alot of Dr.’s Tried to get into the Kaiser/CDC research, but we not able to. Also, no clue as to the way this is got? It started with my husband very shortly after he was ejected from a vehicle and slid along the pavement and through someones yard. It seemed to originate in the same spot as was scrapped open.
    So, thank you again for the great information, and any resources anyone can direct us to in our area would be appreciated.
    Thanks again..Suffering in San Francisco

    • Noreen said:

      Hi Kathleen,
      You might try Dr. Rosenbaum at Preventative Health Center in Marin (San Rafael) or any of the other doctors there. He has helped a friend of mine and was very thorough in making sure she had good tests for lyme disease and coinfections, and they work on a consulting basis with Omar Amin (parasitologist) in Scottsdale.
      Mr. C can tell you more, but a good place to start is with his Poor Man’s protocol II article on this site. All of it is good, and especially the N-A-C, selenium and vitamin C has helped me. Adding lots of green vegetables to the diet helps to detox the system too, which will help with symptoms. From there, there are many treatments that your doctor can help you with to clear the symptoms.
      From what I hear you’ve missed nothing in not getting into the Kaiser/CDC study, except perhaps some lyme testing and a lot of disappointment.

    • Kathleen,
      My recommendation is to find a good Naturopath. Doctors don’t know what they are dealing with here, and most don’t believe Morgellons is real. Forget the Mayo Clinic

      Learn what you can about balancing the pH of the body, make sure to cut out all sugar (and anything that is converted into sugar, like bread), all processed food and go organic. Diet is a huge part of managing Morgellons, so I hope your husband will embrace that.

      Detoxification of the body is important as well as chelation therapy. This should be done with a professional as chelation attempted too quickly can cause serious problems and make someone much more ill then they initially were.

      I had the nutritional panels used in Functional Medicine done and worked with supplements that my nutritionist (Nancy Guberti) outlined in a protocol based on my test results. If you have the money to do these tests, it’s well worth it. This way you can get a metabolic snapshot of the body in it’s present state and address the issues it is having such as if there are bacterias, yeasts, fungus, what they are and in what quantity, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut syndrome, biofilm, Oxidative stress, adrenal stress, neurotoxins…etc. The two tests are given by Great Plains Labs and Metametrix Labs. Metametrix uses DNA testing in their stool test to determine if there are parasites, a much more specialized test than your doctor could provide. The other test is Organic Acids Test (OATS) and is a urine test. You can listen to Nancy speak about these tests here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pamcrane/2011/02/22/nutritional-testingwhat-is-it-gi-effects-dna-test-what-it-is

      There is no cure for this disease, but many have found their way—and not one persons way is the “right” way. There seem to be many roads that are helping us back to living as close to “normal” as we were before becoming ill.

      By the way, Nancy works with clients around the world via skype if you are interested in working with her.

      I’ve attached a link to my diet and pH page: http://morgellonsdiseaseawareness.com/diet_and_ph_plus_ph_chart
      for some pointers about diet. Another great link to watch is the diet Dr. Terry Wahls recommends for optimum health.

      A good site to read and to help make sense of detox is Wolfe’s: http://morgellonsaid.wordpress.com

      Hope some of this helps. All the best…

      • I have about a hundred more reporting to me. It seems that they are now reading the Minton Articles from 2009. Get ready for more.
        I need a team now.
        Thanks MCS, Pamela, Joe and Ramona for helping.

  21. mary kelly said:

    did not read the comments so forgive me if I am off subject here at the end. I sent a letter to the cdc under the FOIA a couple of months before it was released. Got a letter back they could not complete my request in the 10 day period because it was lost… ( unable to locate it something like that, I will share the letter privately with whoever would like to see it ) I also wrote the NYT and senators reps and the press saying where is it no right to peer review it it is public property. Maybe someone listened… what happened next is interesting. Got an email from cdc wanting my address and phone number for the report. Ok everyone wants your number these days but it seems weird to me that email came from the one and only contact I had from cdc was the FIOA form. They mailed me a letter from that form… I always leave phone number blank or fake on all forms. BTW a very famous private eye told me even if your cell phone is turned off certain people can turn it on and listen. Google it. I am holding back a lot of other info but I am just saying be careful who you give your # to.

    • mary kelly said:

      left this out, I will not post here but many of us have seen enough with our on eyes to know they are covering up the truth and making sure no one can sue them. I bet that was said above ; ) If so well I certainly agree. : )

  22. Thanks for posting that Ruth. Really interesting article.

  23. dividingcricker said:

    Looks to me like they scrolled through the web sites and stole old information. Theres nothing new here. If there source of study is stuff thats been on the web for 3 or 4 years /give me a break, What did they comeup with? Ruth it could be a study for a federal grant. I probably shouldn t be so pestimistic, its a start to something that has already been out there. There just buying time. Stay well!!!

    • Hi Divid, I think the main point is that a positive identification for keratin has been made. Ruth

      • dividingcricker said:

        Ruth I think its a ruse. Its not a study its another lie. This information is stolen from information that was gathered by independent scientist from years back. Its been packaged to look great but these people are probably getting a government grant to put information together and make hundreds of thousands of dollars. This fiber is a silicone / polyethelene fiber not keratin. Hair burns /this fiber melts/with enough heat. Its a ruse!!!

        • Divid, this study came about first from a veternarian from Canada who saw the same fibers in cows and contacted Stricker with her findings and they then expanded on the research. I have no idea what Trisha is refering to. Ruth

          • dividingcricker said:

            Ruth on the bottom of the study they have the references and these are what trisha is saying has been taken for there syudy. When I was going through the referances 1by1 I could tell they were taken from earler work! I remember reading them!!!

            • But that is what research is all about, taking what is already out there and expanding on it. Ruth

            • dividingcricker said:

              I think shes mad because 10years of studing morgellons and they put together a peer review in there name in a weekend and they stole the blood sweat and tears of somebody that has given her soul to it…I don t know trisha but it has happined to me in the million dollar scale. You just keep on going.When people are suffering you don t think of making money on the research…

  24. I can not belive that as I look at the backend that people are trying to steal my research.
    I have to get an attorney to block people from stealing David Curtis and my information and my advocacy papers. This is getting ridiculous. People are taking one part of the Natural News digest and one part of the Body bugs information and stealing it as their own. I am sickened by what people will do in order to sell a product. Shame on them.

  25. I have given away more than I have ever sold. Now I am sick and diagnosed with Cancer and they steal my data and steal off of my website. I am absolutely disgusted with the CDC, the NIH and creeps that steal data and information. I just got the ugliest letter from nanotechnology and how I have made millions off of my skin care.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Love and Light,

  26. dividingcricker said:

    Trish I knew I saw this research somewhere , Its a damn shame that these pricks have the nerve to steal info and probably got paid for it. I know the grant game. The only thing you could do is shame them into admitting they took it off your site. Trish I LL research the people , see what I find!!! PS theres a few new Mercola webs dealing with cancer. Look Up The DR LORANE DAY cancer story .

  27. in morgellons disease and everything to do with it nothing should be “owned” by anyone. no ones ego needs to be involved with this illness.

  28. I have always tried to give credit to the people who do the research, and I post anything that Mr Common Sense writes or that Joe writes and give them credit for their work.
    People need to give each other credit for their work. That is all I am saying. It’s not about ego it is about doing the right thing.

    • hello trisha, i was not speaking only or directly to you. credit is something, i was however was talking more about the huge amount of energy that get’s wasted in the morgellons community on squabbling over every kind of everything. this has been done while people are basically dieing.
      if it was just about credit then know one has to worry because credit is not given by a few. credit is given by a majority of a group..giving someone or something the credit due and credit has been given to you by the majority. which you definitely deserve.
      i released just as i pressed enter for that last comment the i had made a mistake as i might be defending myself. which is exactly the kind of energy i am talking about. but i am here so i better make my point as i won’t be engaging in this crap again (i keep promising myself i will not).
      and yes there are too many egos involved with medicine in general. morgellons has seemed to really bring out the worst humanity has to offer. not just the doctors or family members treating the morgellons sufferer like hell. it is also the sufferers. the arguing, the accusing, the drawing of lines. the “he said, she said, they stole this or that..blah….blah…..blahhhhh. blah.”
      who cares? people are dieing. they have lost jobs, broken their families and killed themselves. i am sure these people will give plenty of credit when their lives are restored. as it stands now the wars still on. so kudos might have to wait.
      each person and god, mono e mono, knows exactly what they have done to prevent or repair this massive catastrophe. and yes joe keleher i know exactly what you are talking about.
      also trisha i am so very sorry to hear about your cancer. when people don’t give you just credit or leave a comment that seems directed at you. blow it off. we all know what we have done. that should help us sleep at night. though the itch seems to take precedence.
      so i have involved myself with exactly what i can not stand about the morgellons community but i went part way there and is has been lies and denial that have partially made this mess. i found it is much more fair to just say it like it is and i am just saying….enough.
      i am not to doing a spell check as i do not want to revisit this comment. enough said.

      • Trish, I’m so sorry to hear about the cancer. I hope you caught it in the early stages. We need your voice in this community so I hope you hit it hard with every alternative therapy in the book! I know you’ve had a tough few years and hope you’ll knock this “C” right out. Sending caring thoughts your way.

  29. I’ve just sent off some of my more recently published work to the CDC, Dr. Dan, Dr. Wymore, Dr. Amin and Trish. When I wrote about my recovery and follow up research, the intent was to keep others from suffering the way I had. The Creator has guided me along the way and, while I have at least a couple brain cells still working, I’m not all that smart. One thing I’ve learned from Morgellons is…sure it is a sin to do certain things…but it’s also a sin to not do things when God has given you the means. I hope this makes sense.

  30. dividingcricker said:

    Joe there are a few good men. I hope its catching. I don t hold much hope in this day and age but maybe youll get your reward in a good nights sleep. Joe my theory is we all were infected with a nanobot type of pesticide. Reading the webs about the use of larvacides and talking to the mosquito control lead me down this path. Bt cotton Larvacides, Seed coating and now the oil eating /disperscial?stuff in the gulf probably is using the same nano material. The larvacide has a 7 year working life,All the webs were taken down ,even when I was researching them . Now the universitys could still have some info. and there the ones who are at the leading front of this nitemare tech. This same tech is in so many thousand things .Its just starting ,so do a little research and scare yourself. What they used was a bollyball?polyethelene/scilone that was a human allergin,they switch to a sugar based container. All this is a theory but the bugs the itching sores are in all of the morg stories. It takes 25,000,000 of these things to make a inch(small). In a seed coating they grow with the plant to the flower and attack insects. They are coated with a chemical to attract insects. This is why people attract insects. Just a theory. They are sugar eaters so anything you eat with sugar activates them. The other theory is the lymes and bacteria connection. All these bugs are loaded with lymes and attracted to people. This is the connection. Just a theory. My thought is the profits outweigh the human/few that were infected. The patents are going through the roof with nanos. joe look up WIKI GREY GOO. PS just read Maine past a no fracking law!!! Would love to read your research ,is it on line?

  31. DC,
    I guess we all have our theories. I think you know I see “mercury as a neurotoxin” as the foundation of what is being called Morgellons. Mr. CS has some of my research under “Joseph Keleher”. I plan to post all of the research I’ve published in Explore! on my website soon (jwkeleher.com …I’m waiting on Pdfs of earliest pieces). I’ve also a bunch of post on my blog morgellonsjoe.blogspot.com .

    There is plenty you could be afraid of out there. Fear is a great way to keep folks under control. Laughter, music, art and everything creative make life a whole lot more fun than being scared. I watched the new Muppet movie last night and am still pondering the big question, “Am I a man…or a Muppet?”

    • hi joe kehlher, i had written you a long comment in regard to your research, mercury and morgellons. basically saying “yep”.
      a analogy is like this. the morgellons victim has been shot about six times but one of the bullets was a hollow point. mercury.

  32. dividingcricker said:

    Joe the timelines are hard to figure out. Mercury is a metal used through the ages.Hatters disease marks the first connection with mercury and mental problems. I recall mentions of mercury and gold or trying to make gold in the darkages and turkey and china. People have many toxic effects with mercury but not the hundreds of thousands that are reporting symptoms through out the world without even having handled mercury, is hard to explain. The gmo connection seems to make more sense. Seed coating,bt corn and bee colapse and the health of the Indian farmers. the cows and sheep dieing in india eating the stubble of cotton fields. The farmers that have 75% stillborns in cattle and sheep after changing the feed to gmo. People have been walking around with a mouthfull of mercury there whole lives and still are not having serious effects,I think its a slow killer, but the human body still functions with all that mercury. If you were a farmer and just watched your whole heard have stillborns,watched the cattle starve because they wouldn t eat gmo grain If I were in there shoes I would be steaming mad and blame the gmos. Joe the fungicides that farmers used years ago were all mercury based, now there flouride based. I m still leaning to the gmo/round-up/nanotechnology connection. Many new and wondeful connections. There must be something to it the farmers acrossed the globe are ready to kill burn or leave monsantoites a bloody stump.

    • the gmo and pesticide are just another bullet. i think we can call this a “cluster frack”. there is no simple answer. we are getting pummeled by a barrage of offenders but mercury is a big bad gun. maybe it wouldn’t be so bad had we not involved so many other factors but gmo is bad. for sure.

  33. F. H. & H.- Thank you for reading my research. Whether I’m right or wrong, the best approach seems to be one of “toxins out/ nutrients in”. Since mercury is the granddaddy of all toxins…why not go for the worst?
    D.C. I know for myself a key piece to recovery has been clearing out mercury. My symptoms most definitely connected to mercury. Gluathione levels are depleted if your body is mercury burdened (blood test cost around $33).

    • dividingcricker said:

      Joe I don t disagree with removing mercury or any other toxic metal. I had my mercury fillings removed 10 years ago, had chelation and used many of the go/to oral chelators. I am using diotomaceios earth and zeolite in powderform This helps with radiation also. I m attacking from every angle. Diet has also been my comcern Glutinfree Organic Sugarfree lots of health foods, Just picked my asparagus I m having Chicken parm with fresh asp..Its also a no cows milk/ Switched to goats milk and yogart. Its a change i made because I have celiac ,it runs in the family, Was the best descision I ever made. Many diseases are ingrained in our american diet. You can take all the vitamans you can but the change in diet is the key. http://www.dogtorj.com

    • hi joe, can you tell me is this test you refer to for glutathione levels or mercury? where can i get that? i too have made great progress by addressing the mercury issue. i was out of my mind. pure nuts. actually looking back it was scary. it was becoming difficult to communicate. i do the klinghart chorella and cilantro nuero detox. i have decided to keep it as part of my life. i love cilantro anyway.

  34. dividingcricker said:

    Every body has there idea of what morgellons is,and what it is not. Sometime I think Im in another bubble. My problem with mercury is were all exposed to mercury from craddle to grave. All inoculations,fillings,fungicides.air.vegtables,fruit hell were all exposed. Its a common toxin. If it caused morgellons we would have all this in our lips gums in our whole body. Well I was on the web with alaska and the human and animal effects . Its leaning to radiation but it all over the coast areas Polar bears seals humans

  35. dividingcricker said:

    Tina I was looking for a hand held meter for testing radiation for vegtables and fruit .Now i think a metal dector to test for mercury. and junk iron(fortified) flour. Holding my finger in this dam is getting very hard. Could you see the shoppers if I brought this in the store , I would be locked-up !!!!!

  36. I think biochemist could truly expand our understanding of toxic diseases. We need to eat right. We need to get toxins out. The hardest piece for me at first though was staying calm (easier said than done). Stress changes our biochemistry. If methylation occurs, I believe it may be a key part of transforming mercury from an inorganic to an organic (allowing migration into the CNS).

    Glutathione testing should be possible through any doc. As it assist body in pulling out mercury…low levels indicate it has been taxed (as I understand it). Hope that helps- Joe

    • dividingcricker said:

      Joe somehow 80 biochemists wound up dead one way or another. I think they were on to something but then again it counld have been a coincidence. somewhere I saw the odds on this ,I think it was 1 to 5 billion. not very good odds. The spooked scientists are not talkin….

  37. http://www.metametrix.com I am certified by them and they recommend glutiathone. The people with Morgellons and the People of the spill have a lot in common.
    Love and Light,
    Dear MCS thanks for sending me the lovely lady from up north. She is a good woman, did everything right and still got this God awful disease. She is good and kind and very spiritual.

  38. I always did of patting on the back It is imparitive .that we all give each other love and credit for our work Thanks for the kind words.

    I am,

  39. dividingcricker said:

    Well this has really been a news worthy day on the web I really learned that nobodys on any one page about morgellons,like the tower of babble. I never knew we were all so far apart on this! Am I the only one with any sense?HA HA You just have to laugh. Well I m going to work on my theory ,get some old facts together and bang some heads together.Change some minds. Joe did you ever read MERCURY FREE?orAMALGAM ILLNESS diagnosis and treatment? it a drs guide. We really all must have a combination of 100 years of research combined. Ive always said truth is stranger than fiction. If we had a few days of bantering like this trying to get to the bottom of things we could get a few things figured out! Or we could wind up killing one another. HA HA!! Trisha hope you had some time to get things into a calmer frame of mind. Hope everybody gets well Over and out!!

  40. speaking of mercury did anyone ever hear about that dentist. he suffered mercury poisoning and his personality completely changed and he turned into this complete eccentric and went on to found the art movement called webism. also it is said that mozart likely died of mercury poisoning after treating himself for sometime for syphillis.

  41. Tina, I hadn’t heard of this guy… but Alison Adams was a dentist for over 20 years and, because of her own health issues, quit. She knows a great deal about mercury and how it affects the body (shares a bunch in her book). She mentions a study of dentists’ autopsies showing over 800 times the norm for mercury in the pituitary gland. Mercury causes the endocrine system and hormones to go wacky!

    I’ve been thinking about writing a piece on heavy metal poisoning and its connection to some brilliant people in history (Mozart and medical mercury, Van Gogh and his habit of eating lead paint, and such). Metals for which the body has no need could be viewed as poison…certainly mercury is.

    Thank you, Trish, for all you do! I hold you in the light and hope/pray for your quick recovery.

    • joe, are you a klinghart fan. i am big time. mostly because it makes the most sense to me (i have lyme) when i applied what he was talking about things fell into place. i read something that klinghart wrote and it was about mercury and minerals. apparently mineral replacement is very important when trying to detox…like way up on the list. i guess the body uses mercury to fill in “empty gaps” where the right material wasn’t there. the body sort of rigs with mercury. plus there is a big microbe metal relationship. anyway klinghart says when you replace these trace minerals your body can let go of the mercury. also once your body lets the mercury go it is far easier for the other offenders (nuerotoxins etc) to leave.
      i also wanted to tell you i was a dental assistant. only for a year in high school. but all i did there was mix the amalgam all day. bad huh! no one ever told me at any point that any of the stuff i was working with could be dangerous. i was only a teenager.
      also another little interesting thing. the last birthday i had healthy was 40 i am now 47 and healthy again. in my 40th year i finally went in for oral surgery to remove my impacted wisdom teeth. i had put it off for years (obviously) when they were cutting to get one of the teeth out they broke the molar next to it. that molar had an amalgam in it. i went down hill from there. at the time the amalgam filling broke i was living in a house that unbeknownst to me has mold under it. i was also under a great deal of stress from my business (manufacturing candles and body products). my company made candles in huge orders for other companies. i made all the samples for all the soaps, body products and candles. they were not natural products like i would make for myself. wax is petroleum the wicks have lead in them. plus all the dyes and scents and chemicals that had to be added for effects. i often worked long long hours with my employees trying to stay caught up. i was always covered with one kind of chemical or wax or something. i was a total workaholic. it was all i did.
      i told you all that stuff because i think it all added up to me getting what we call morgellons. 6 or 7 bullets….all opening the door for the morgellons pathogen (and others). i have carried lyme since i was a child. it was not until all the other stuff got factored in that my immune system could not handle it. you right stress is a killer. it is so hard.

    • i forgot another thing i wanted to mention. i read that many of the people that tend to get much sicker from the lyme pathogens have traveled internationally. like yourself i have been to every dirty corner of the planet. often eating along side them etc. places like africa, china and long long camping trips down in mexico. to name a few. we pick up microbes everywhere. i got something in portugal which i called the pourtugeses skin disease. it was a virus of some type in the herpes family. not like the kind people get on their lips usually. this was on my cheek and i noticed when i stepped off the train i to cascais all the people had this very similar rash on their cheeks. i found it was viral when i went to the chemist to get the white cream all the people there had on their face (turned out to be acyclovir). in many places i was eaten alive by mossies. klinghart says that lyme is not just about one tick bite. it can be about 3 mosquitos bites. this comment is going to be long. but i think it is important. my list of “tested positive for” list is a long one. most lyme doctors called this collection of infections lyme disease. the good ones know that we are also suffering from nuero toxity aside from the microbes. then we have to consider that 25 percent of the population are genetically mold in tolerate. this means your immune system does not identify the intruder. more pathogens are now building. then when we consider where there is mold there is mercury. lyme disease seems to be really what they are more and more talking about being the multi chronic infection syndrome. it includes mycoplasma (so does morgellons) and a host of other offenders and right in there is mercury. so really in some way i don’t really believe on lyme disease. based on the aforementioned definition we all have lyme diseae..being a collection of microbes (bacteria, virus, fungi, molds) and metals. then we have immune modulation from the microbes themselves. hyper toxity that compounds from all this…. flouride in water and the crap in processed foods. so when the morgellons pathogen finds easy access it should be no surprise. it is joining a zillion other offenders through a door that was left wide open. there is way more to it as well. kreb cycle, the whole meth. cycle…oh and then we have all these women about my age and hormones or lack thereof enter the picture. we are at an age where the immune system naturally is less strong then it once was.
      take your pick..6 or 7 offenders. mercury however just might be the straw that broke the camels back. woof..sorry long rambling post. if you can make any sense of any of that you are a clever guy! it’s a big long story but it takes one. if you search for a simple answer and do not find one..it’s probably because it does not exist.
      oh an important note..the group of people (the 25 percent / mold intolerant) also overlap the spirochete intolerant. meaning that if you are susceptible to mold you are probably susceptible to lyme. i am wondering if mold intolerance could be the connector between lyme and morgellons. oh i am starving and babbling now. off to the indian store.
      i am not trying to pontificate there..only throwing a little food for thought out there. you can’t believe everything you read and thetas where i get my info. reading. all science is theory anyway…gosh how can we ever know what to believe!

      • Interesting progression of thought F H &H. Makes sense to me. I like the way you “babble” 🙂

  42. Noreen, I agree. That’s some great babbling!
    Tina, Thank you for sharing! Klinghart is considered by many the world’s expert on neurotoxicity. We all carry critter in us which the body keeps in balance until something goes wacky. While I believe all Morgellons symptoms have the foundation of mercury as a neurotoxin…there are also other factors bringing out these symptoms. Patterns need to be better understood. Sufferers are typically female and middle aged. I also feel, with full investigation, celtic blood will be understood as a variable playing into sensitivity. Stress also plays a role (I think I mentioned methylation and it possibly making mercury more mobile). In the end, us “sensitive” folks may the advantage of knowing we are not well. Morgellons, Lyme, fibromyalgia, Chronic fatique,ME, Wilson’s syndrome, etc….may all be variations of the same. Interestingly, all of the mentioned conditions were/ are considered “all in the head” and appear to have overlap. I’d like to get more info from you on some of what you’ve mentioned, if you’re willing to share contact me through my website: jwkeleher.com.

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