This has been on my mind for some time now. I do believe that toxicity is a big part of what is making Americans, and indeed people worldwide sick. For now, let’s talk about how the environmental movement is quickly turning into the largest polluter, and indeed, the most irresponsible industry in America. Not only is Green Energy unsustainable (it cannot make a profit without being propped up with “billons” of tax dollars) but it relies on horribly toxic heavy metals.

Mercury “dust” filled Light Bulbs

Consider for instance these new Mercury light bulbs. What are people doing with them when they burn out? Before I answer that question let me just say that I can speak from experience here. These new bulbs don’t last longer, but shorter than incandescent bulbs, at least that has been my experience. I hate them. I have to replace them quite often so I asked my wife to call the county’s recycling center as they have a place where you can return them. But the guy on the phone told my wife, just throw them in the trash, they have so little mercury in them it won’t matter. Now, let’s consider that course of action. The garbage truck comes, picks up our trash, smashes the 2 or 3 light bulbs from our garbage and the mercury dust is set free to float in the air. Of course, there’s no telling how many other people threw out there bulbs, then consider this being done nationwide every single day. This mercury is a fine powder, and this is its most dangerous form. No doubt our streets will end up with mercury dust all over them on trash day, and it’s only going to get far worse, my guess is they already are covered in the “dust”.

Next the wind comes and blows this dust into air to be inhaled by our children and by us as well. When it rains it gets washed into the streams and continues to poison the entire ecosystem. All of this in the name of environmentalism. We are staring down the barrel of a massive unleashing of mercury dust across America. You don’t even want to read the instructions for what to do if you break one of these mercury bulbs in your home. Are you prepared to have your carpeting removed? Well, you just might need to.

Why would environmentalist insist on putting Mercury “dust” inside a very thin glass bulb and then forcing Americans to have 20 or 30 of these in each home? Let’s assume that every home in America has 2 or 3 burning out each year. There are 125+ million homes in America, so let’s multiply that by three. We will be throwing out 375,000,0000 (375 million) light bulbs containing mercury dust. Most of these will be crushed when your garbage truck goes through its compaction process (in your neighborhood) to make room for more garbage. America will soon be breathing this mercury dust non stop, if we aren’t already.

These kinds of environmentalists and their initiatives I can live without.

Solyndra Not Dealing With Toxic Waste At Milpitas Facility – Solar Power

Remember the massive swindling of cash that went on at Solyndra? What were they making again? Oh yes, that’s right, Solar Panels. Now the bankrupt solar firm, once touted as a symbol of green technology, may be trying to abandon toxic waste. The next phase of the company’s liquidation is under way. It involves getting rid of all the heavy metals left inside the building that were used to make the panels. Wait, did I hear that right, Solar Panels are manufactured using heavy metals? Most of them very toxic such as cadmium? Isn’t that what environmentalists claim is wrong with other forms of energy?

These heavy metals don’t degrade at all, so we want to make sure we don’t allow these materials to get into the environment,” he said.

It’s not just the leftover hazardous materials, but also the machinery used to apply them to the glass tubes. “Certainly those tools will need to be decontaminated, cleaned up, handled correctly as they are taken apart,” he said.

CBS 5 found the building locked up, with no one around. At the back, a hazardous storage area was found. There were discarded buckets half filled with liquids and barrels labeled “hazardous waste.”

The building’s owner, a company called iStar, claimed in court documents, “there may be serious environmental, health and safety issues” at the premises. According to the documents, they include, “numerous containers of solvents and chemicals…and processing equipment contaminated with lead.”

Well, I’ll be. Solyndra, the great mother Gaia savior has left a toxic mess behind. Imagine that, environmentalists doing the very same thing they accuse everyone else of doing. And lead? You mean lead, cadmium, and other very toxic heavy metals go into making solar panels?

Finally, what then was to be done with spent and broken solar panels? Have they been disposed of properly at toxic recycling places? You can bet that answer is “No” nor is there a plan handle them.

Giant Wind Farms

Surely harnessing the wind is harmless right? Well, it turns out that it is not, it’s coming with a high price. There is much debate on how many bats and birds windmills are killing but there is no doubt that they are killing them. In fact, they kill bats without even making contact with them. In my state, the wind mills will probably end up being responsible for the extinction of three species on the endangered list. If you want to know more on this subject just Google it. The environmentalists have many “debunking sites” trying to say that wind mills don’t kill them, but the facts say otherwise.

However, let’s look at the latest news.

Wind Mills are causing the earth to warm, and this is proven via satellite studies.

This is a lovely story from the UK press today based on a paper that has just appeared in Nature. Wind farms cause global warming! And yes, it really is true, this is not some joke nor strange denialist “science”.

Wind farms can cause climate change, according to new research, that shows for the first time the new technology is already pushing up temperatures.

So says the Telegraph. The Guardian gives us:

Large wind farms can increase local night time temperatures by fanning warmer air onto the ground, new research has revealed. The study used satellite data to show that the building of huge wind farms in west Texas over the last decade has warmed the nights by up to 0.72C.

The basic effect is that given that the ground at night is generally cooler than the atmosphere, thus the air near the ground is cooler than the air higher up. Turning blades of the turbines mix up this air, cool with warmer, and thus lower the temperature of the higher up air.

The effect is quite large too, that 0.72 of a degree is not far off the 0.8 of a degree which is said to be the total amount of anthropogenic global warming so far!!


Beware the “Green” dream. It is laden with flawed science and based on flawed conclusions. It’s propped up with billions of tax dollars which could be far better used. And the “Green” industry is built on toxic heavy metals just like, if not more than, other non-green industries. Don’t even get me started on battery power, you can’t imagine the toxicity of the batteries they are trying to power cars with.

For me, I’ll take oil and coal any day. Oil is natural substance and there is more seepage into the ocean naturally every year than the BP oil spill contributed, in fact, you cannot even compare the spill versus natural seepage of oil into the ocean. Accidents happen, they will always happen. Our mistake was trying to clean it up with Corexit. I watched an interesting story on John Stossel showing that they had a contest and a company was able to cleanup oil 20 times more effective than the EPA, but the EPA didn’t do a thing to help but use Corexit.


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  1. mercury is in corn syrup too and i hate those lightbulbs as well (the so called last a long time kind). my dad sent me an email showing these massive chemical like burns a guy sustained from dropping one of those hot bulbs on his feet. bad news. also the light from them seems to irritate people. well it irritates me.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I read that a while back, needless to say we try avoid HFCS at all costs. We try to eat as natural as we can

  2. dividingcricker said:

    MR C My sister researched the wind farms they were putting up and the electric consumer was at a real risk at a electric bill that would bankrupt the average consumer. The bird strikes are a real problem in shore areas. The solar pannels are a bust also . The average install was raking in around 800$ a month in our area and now its down to 200$ If you put out 40,000 on a 80,000 with government rebates the system only lasts 20 years at that rate your profit would be 8000$ less the maintaince and removal. You would probably wouldn t make up the 8,000$. The mercury bulb is another toxic stew. A vermont or maine mother had a bulb break in her house. She called the town cleark who called the state DEP the total cleanup was 10,000$ . What a savings this country is making with all there great decisions.These companys are usually the ones that go bankrupt and leave the taxpayers with all the cleanup bills. The news people really don t report on the hot topics and if they do its to ridicule the dissenting view. Its a them against us and big business needs to get this energy in the USA behind us. We probably have enough energy to power this planet a 1000 years. Im not against clean energy but doing a thimble full of electric for a pile of unending cash just seems stupid.Studies are great but closing bulb factories before we have a mercury bulb factory here . just stupid.!. I know there will be alot of people against this view but do they pedal there car to the store or heat there house with hope. Its great to live in wonderland but facts are facts. We need all this dirty fuel to live. I just wonder where we would be if the epa/dep and the fines and litagation was turned into a helping hand and commonsence. Probably not in the mess were in today.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Excellent response, sounds like you know quite a bit about this issue. If the government would get out fo the way and stop subsidising industries then ones that could really turn a profit would spring up.

    • It’s all about Politicians making money. How do we think that these marginal Dweebs go to DC with a matchbook Lawyer degree and come out Millionaires?

      Follow the money!

  3. barbara miller said:

    you can recycle those bulbs (that burn out too darn quickly for the price we have to pay for them) at home depot. double wrap in plastic grocery bags, tie them up good, and take them to h.d.. it’s too far to take them to the waste dept here in san antonio. you sound like rand paul on this one. 🙂 that’s not a bad thing imho. i bought a huge bag, dozens of the old bulbs so i won’t need the new ones for a long time.

    oil, gas, & coal are finite. even if they last for another millenium (which they won’t), they’re finite. what do our great, great, etc, grandchildren do for energy if we use it all? we need to do something now. conserving would be nice, but few are willing to be inconvenienced or uncomfortable. i stopped using my central air & bought window units years ago. i only cool the room i’m in which is mostly my bedroom where i eat, sleep, have my tv & computer. i cool the kitchen & bath only when i’m going to be in there for a while. i put a timer on my water heater that turns it off at night & for most of the day. my electric bill last month was $56. if you buy window units at the end of summer, you can get pretty good deals.

    i suggested that they put nets around wind mills both in texas and in the ocean to protect flying things, but i never got a response. it’d allow air to get through but not birds or bats. if you’ve ever been in west texas, you’d know the wind never stops blowing. it’s stupid to not use it. and it’s so hot all the time, i doubt anybody notices that it’s warmer.

    why are people so concerned about global warming & the environment but not willing to do all they can to stop it? i recycle everything i can. i catch my water in the tub that gets wasted while waiting for the hot water to get there from the water heater, and i save the water from the sink waiting for it to get hot. i dump it in tubs then take it outside and use it to water my plants. i managed to not lose one tree last year during the texas drought, and i only used the sprinkler once. my plants are big, green, and healthy. it’s inconvenient, but my water bill runs me about $13 a month.

    • sherry taylor said:

      it’s the sonar..sound vibrations.. that the bats use to navigate that gets messed up…so no nets will make any difference. Thinking about where you put them relative to bat colonies would help. They eat lost of insects…important.
      But the heaviest thing is the bees…that’s our food, man. They are territorial and do respond to love and care. Treating them like slave labor..moving them from orchard to orchard…no working. “Animal Husbandry” means taking care of the creatures that take care of us..there is a whole other model in Europe..we just have to open our eyes.

  4. barbara miller said:

    another thing i did was suggest to our city govt that all new commercial construction be required to do xeroscaping on their grounds and that the water company offer rate reductions for a limited time to owners of commercial buildings as incentive to change their grounds to xeroscaping. i received a response from the city that the water company will be calling me to discuss the feasability of those suggestions.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Barbara, I had to google “Xeriscaping” but ya, that’s very cool. In fact, I have one gutter that I haven’t run underground, I think I’m going to buy a rain barrel and hook it up to that, thanks for inspiring me. I do believe in measures like this.

      I saw a show the other night where a guy was using rain water for his toilet and shower, he ran it through a two phase filter one of which was UV based. He’s cut his water bill in half and the water company is no longer filtering water to simply flush down the toilet.

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Thanks for everyones replies, I figured I’d get skeward for this post. I am a conservative but all in favor of the real environmental message, that is, reduce, reuse, recycle. Unfortunately many have turned the message into this “man is a virus on the earth” nonsense. I didn’t throw those bulbs away, there in the garage in a bag, I refuse to let them be disposed improperly.

    I’ve planted 35 trees in my yard, we moved into a new neighborhood quite a while back, our lot is like a woods, most of our neighbors have 1 or 2 trees.

    When we lived in Seattle we had our gutter hooked up to a rain barrel, I used it to water in the summer time when it rained. Here in our new house I’ve run our gutter water underground to the back of our lot and made a little wetland, complete with cat-tails that wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t done that, it’s like a 20 x 30 feet marsh, all kinds of critters live there. So I do what I can, our kids love bugs and nature, yet, I’m one of those mean big oil republicans the media would have you believe in ( he he )

    I’m all for clean energy too, the fact is we have made oil, and coal very clean, and natural gas is very clean already.

    The only thing that will solve this issue is the “market place”, ie, competition. Trust me, people want to make money, if there is a way, it will be found, unfortunately, government wastes money mostly. Investors demand results, business plans and so on, trust me, I know.

    Anyway, the myth that “Green is Clean” is just that, it’s not, it’s an industry laden with heavy metals. That can change, but only if the government gets out of the way.

  6. Most likely I disagree with you politically, but appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I don’t have confidence in any free market to ensure that our environment is kept clean, but am disappointed in the government rubberstamping of supposedly green solutions that can be quite harmful (the phrase ‘mediocrity thrives on standardization’ often comes to mind).. In either case we are responsible to express our views and protect the environment from toxic burden.

  7. Thanks Mr CS for a critical overview of the issues of our time. It is good to be aware of the problems that our society are dealing with. However, oil and coal are not a solution. The sun energy will be final solution, it is just a question when and in which form. I am sure it will happen soon, otherwise our society will suffer abnormally.

  8. dividingcricker said:

    The Antigmo forces are going against monsanto in california (ALL OF THEM) It seems to be a all-out attack to label gmos DR MERCOLA has asked for everones help in donations. Its a bold move ,one that is long over due. We need to make a stand, a line in the sand Just to let the news , the government and monsanto know that were not going to be the suckers for there poision experiments. Save the children in our own country, Have you seen these sick braindead kids . Autism has reached 1 in 54 male children How much more do we have to take befiore we wake up.Allergies have increased 800PERCENT The bees are in total collapse I was reading that one farmer had 75% of his sheep were stillborn./eating gmos without his knowlege the government planted gmos on state land . The sheep were grazing this land for years without any problem ,then BAM . If he knew he would have never let it happin. Please donate what you can…..Our lives depend on it

    • sharon said:

      California starting a money BOMB to fight Monsanto in the Label GMO bill. Apparently petitions are being discarded, a small donation will mean much more. If this gets passed in California it will be adopted in many more states. Living in Canada so much of our food is imported from USA over the winter will be a worth every penny! Please donate to the money bomb. This is the link from Dr Mercola’s website. Please pass it on:

      • dividingcricker said:

        Thanks for putting the web up I was just looking at the hits , almost 80,000 The web was put up 12 midnite est . So in 12 hours 80.000 , THE NEWS SPREADS. Thanks again Sharon

      • sherry taylor said:

        thanks what a gem..and thank you California…we love you America..from Canada but we have followed you over a cliff re this support of the agribusiness food industry’s free hand to do…well whatever they what’s happening to our food..see the little girl growing the yam on youtube

  9. The murderous light bulbs – there are articles and Youtube videos showing that people have had their skin burned into a deep red rash while sitting and reading near these mercury light bulbs. These bulbs also emit a huge amount of electromagnetic energy on us, and that against our health. And what about all the people who simply don’t follow directions, or are alcoholics, or otherwise just not equipped to thoroughly clean a home when they have knocked over a light bulb? If there are children in the house or other apartments next-door with children, they will all be poisoned. This will happen all the time. The children have no say in this forced law that will impair, or kill them. And apparently adult Americans do not, either. It seems this poisoning has got to be planned. I just don’t believe the government has not thought of this possibility of all the people who simply can’t or won’t follow through on HAZMAT style cleaning, should they break a bulb in their home. They know there are many, many people who live in squalor, as well, and their children don’t even have a hot meal or clean clothes. The government truly believes they will follow light bulb clean-up directions perfectly? What about all the kids who are home alone because their parents can’t afford after-school care in this country? Poisoned they will be when the bulbs break.

    • sharon said:

      Up here in Cnada I believe they are quietly phasing out the CFL mercury laden bulb without legislation; and you can still buy the old candescent bulbs. Once people tried them aside from the mercury aspect, they are horrible. They are too dim and super noisey.

      Phillips has come out with a 20 year LED bulb that has the brightness of 80 watts, using just a fraction of power.

      The downside to Natural Gas is how they are taking it out of the ground called fracking. Check out the documentary: Gasland.

      There is some fantastic progress made in plasma technology. Unknown to many there is an initiative going on between the Tehran University and a little company in New Jersey. Yes between Iran and the US. Google Lawrensville Plasma Physics.

      Yes Mr C, I agree once the government starts subsidizing an initiatve there is a mad dash like pigs to the trough to make a buck with no regard to the outcome.

      • You need to research the fracking thing….. like you I was freaking out about “fracking”. The technology is actually quite a bit safer than I thought originally.
        After 2 years of research on this issue, I am much more positive. Many reactionary posts on the net are just that reactionary!

        The Government is corrupt from the bottom up

  10. It’s all well and good that these bulbs can be recycled at Home Depot, etc. The point is, most people will just throw them in the trash. Kids, especially will be poisoned. Many kids spend hours alone after school at home because there is no money for daycare. Our government is asking for children and incompetent adults to take on HAZMAT clean-up in their homes!!!! This is an outrage.

  11. sherry taylor said:

    I blame it on WE are not thinking things through beginning to end..and maybe not listening to the dare I say it wise older people..possibly?
    Seriously it was a very good post a usual. Tying to go too fast..means trouble in the end..often. Ontario is in a mess power wise because of this. Remember that song..”Take it Easy” hard to believe the 70’s was that laid back..that was one of the first guitar songs I learned along with “Heart of Gold”. Maybe the fashion was atrocious but..some of those values were good. Let’s take the best and leave the rest.
    Life teaches..rushing…not a good thing.
    Sherry Tayor

  12. As a member of the Green Party, it is always interesting to see how environmentalists are being defined. Honestly, Mr. CS, I agree with most of what you’ve shared (especially the mercury light bulb thing!) The area where I am currently living is being destroyed by gas drilling and fracking (who knows what is being put in the ground water). The sad thing is given that toxins move from mother to fetus at a greater rate (EPA shares mercury moves from mother to fetus at 5 to 10 times the rate). The real canaries in the coal mine are the unborn.

    • dividingcricker said:

      I just don t know what to say about fracking It just seems that nontoxic enzymes and water would bring the gas to the well , This untested chemical stew/to human and animal health should be studied and made illegal. The workers on these riggs don t know how toxic it is… Water samples have been sent to labs to try and remove this mess and filters won t touch it. The car gas with MTBE the gas additive has the same problem. Its water soluble ,its the only additive that is used like this. It can be removed with coconut carbon or centare carbon. The fracking compounds are just plain nasty. If there is that much gas , you would think they would try everthing in there power to never use this crap…..Was up in tiogia co on the border ny couldn t even get a motel room a few years back.I have never seen so much drilling stuff. Money is making a few people rich but at what cost.

      • I live in Tioga county! I actually moved here to get away from toxins (it used to be woods and farms). It is all about greed. I vote Green because the environment is priority one. I don’t agree with all they stand for…but they’re the best fit for my wants (clean air, water and land).

        • dividingcricker said:

          Joe we have friends in the Caskills Downsville off 17 right next to the papacton res. Its on the delaware river We were just alarmed when we saw all the drilling trucks and equipment like a invasion.We couldn t even find a room in pa. had to drive to Corning to find a room. We went to the Glass museum. That was almost 2years ago. The lady who runs the health food store in downsville was filling me in about the fracking. It doesn t seem to be something there going to do around the reservoir or in delaware co. for that matter. My brother in law has a hunting cabin west of you and the club signed a drilling release, i gave him all the material about the drilling but the club had already been brainwashed-too late . With all the problems people already have they don t need deal with the polution of frackin. We ll hope you make out ok I think I could put up with the gas well but not the chemicals from the frackin. Stay well

    • sharon said:

      Hi Joe, Just curious about the Green Party in the U.S. What are some of there solutions. I know here the first thing the Green party leader would do is raise taxes. Do they approve of Cap N Trade? Personally I think that was a very dishonest ploy for the big polluters to just keep polluting.

  13. fracking is just plain fracking insane. i cried when i saw gasland. these people are watering there live stock with water that is so toxic is catches on fire. they are sick and they can not even bath in their own homes. they can’t move because there house is worthless to sale.
    the liquid they inject into to ground to cause the fractures to get the gas has some 500 chemicals in it. there was a big fight in the courts where they would not divulge the list siting it is a “proprietors blend”.
    also sometime back i read that millions of gallons of water poisoned with the fracking chemicals spilled into a colorodo watershed. it’s criminal.

  14. I could be mistaken, but I have seen a lot of hysteria. The freaking lightbulbs are more dangerous than anything! Where do you all think your energy that runs your homes and towns comes from?
    Oil runs the planet whether you like it or not.
    Green technology has NOT caught up with REAL life yet!
    Sometimes the truth sucks, not that THAT is not painful in itself!

  15. Actually… we and our planet got along just fine without fossil fuels for a very long time. Only 5 % of the world is wealthy enough to own a vehicle. Being more resourceful and less consumptive makes sense. Many of the “green” solutions are for things we really don’t need. Food, shelter, love and health are among our truest needs.

    • sharon said:

      I’m with you Joe,
      I know all people cannot do this, but we lhave owered our material expectations, moved to the bush and are building a cabin off grid. Morgellons has lead me to a more spiritual path. Perhaps wishing to be dead for a number of months did it. I do not mean suicidal; just OK I’ve had enough, I am ready to go.

      Apparently there is more in store for me on this grand journey.

    • We were also riding horses and bobbing around in ships for months to travel. There are Billions of people on this planet, there is NO WAY analytically that only 5% of all of those people drive cars. I am sorry to disagree with you, but this factoid is just simply not provable!
      I don’t disagree with your less consumptive approach and we use as little energy, plastic,etc. as possible but growing your own food requires renewable resources like water, for example. Oil and gas are the engine of the economy and until somebody comes up with a technology better than wind, solar, the Plug in Volt (where does that energy come from after 40 miles) we have to use what we have and devote our best efforts to the future.

      I don’t know where you live but there are not enough trees to cut down where I live to keep my family alive October through May… it’s just reality. Can’t change it, it is what it is.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        You are right lamb, oil an fossil fuels will power the planet for at least the next 200+ years. The number of cars on the planet is over 1 billion plus and growing at a tremendous rate.

        • Mr C, I will read the article but the first question in my mind is are those billion cars all currently running on the road? Electric cars are making a big leap in countries like India. We now have electric cars with long life batteries that will travel 400 miles on one charge.

          Wouldn’t you like to be free from the tyranny of the oil industry? The U.S. exports more refined gasoline than anyone in the Western world and yet you pay such high prices. Ever wonder why?

      • Your are right Lamb nothing will change unless attitudes do. The alternatives have been repressed but not for much longer. I posted links earlier but got no feed back.
        Your military can fly drones thousands of miles to kill people with no one on board; yet cannot come up with a cleaner, safer (not nuclear) power.

        BTW you can charge your Volt on a solar charger very effectively.

        Also when you say that 5% is not a realistic number of cars in the world, I wonder are you taking in all of the under developed countries? Even many Europeans do not have cars and they are in the developed world. Then there is a large part of South, Central America, Africa and the middle east and Asia where most people do not have cars.

        Even greater is the danger imposed on the entire world is the endless wars and the depleted uranium radiation travelling from the middle east.

        • Sharon,
          If the sun is not out the car doesn’t charge. The alternatives have no viable means of support without Government Intervention, i.e. Solyndra and Cape Wind as just a few examples The Government has no money at all until they tax those of us who pay taxes. We then pay for all of these utopian fly by night technologies until they fail within a year.
          Basically, the Volt runs on electricity which is powered by electric charging stations for the most part!
          What powers the electric charging stations? What powers the light rail commuter trains to nowhere that no one uses?
          Europeans take Public transit where it’s available because petrol is over 9.00 dollars per gallon… no one can afford that, but those who Must move their goods to market (like farmers) HAVE to pay for the transportation of goods and services . Therefore food becomes astronomically expensive.
          It is just reality, I am sorry.
          Not rocket science.
          Electricity which powers the very computer that you depend on is not “hand crank”, it is powered by fossil fuels, natural gas and coal.

          It is what it is until somebody comes up with an actual viable idea.
          Birds being slaughtered by potentially rusty, noisy, useless wind farms are not going to feed you, clothe you, transport you etc.
          All of the metal in those wind farms has to be disposed of somewhere when they crap out and rust… there you go… metals in your drinking water when they de compose.

          The Military does not personally “belong” to me, necessarily but I am darn proud of their efforts to keep me safe since 9/11/01. They are the military of my country of birth which happens to be the United States of America.

          Having lived through that horrible day in an up close and personal way, I for one am extremely grateful that these fine and heroic people have kept my country and my family safe.

          I am sorry that we disagree, but I will always be in your corner, especially when it comes to your health and happiness.

          Best wishes.

  16. dividingcricker said:

    Mr C These lost souls get on this site and are really lost ,fumbling around trying to find out some bit of help. Waiting for somebody to reply and there on some reply that was written in 09 … I just know that a one two three approach is needed. I really don t know If a information page starting with HOW TO USE THIS SITE or NEED HELP GETTING STARTED, i m sure you could fill in the rest . With all the info on the site you could make a 10 volume encyclopedia. A condenced version is needed (a how to page). just a suggestion

  17. Lamb and Mr CS,
    I can’t remember the source of 5%…the point is more people get around without vehicles. Maybe you’re in a situation where you can’t (I know I’ve been in that situation). You do the best you can. I’ve been without a vehicle for 1 1/2 yrs. I can walk to everything I need.

    I actually question a good deal of the “green” label items. I once had a friend try to convince me to join a food coop and when I looked through the catalog I found over half of the food items were “healthy” junk food. The “green wash” is common.

    I think it makes sense to do what you can. I took what many consider a “green” approach to home improvements (see I wanted a good small home with toxins out. It’s an older place, but I was able to insulate and my gas heat bills are under $100 month in the worst of winter.

    I don’t know the complete solution to getting our needs met without destroying our planet. The “drill, baby, drill!” approach risks much. I expect the area I currently live in (I’m planning to move) will see increases in birth defects, ADD, ADHD, autism, miscarriages, and health issues related to neurotoxins. I hope I’m wrong.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Joe I watched your improvement show Really looks great and the savings are unbelivable. I did my old house 1857 with new insulation (blown and batt) just like you did . New windows new doors new heater,changing from oil/electric to natural gas. You really go to school doing a house project like this. I have run into the sloping driveway deal , Not seeing it is a big guess , but i have used rubberized roof material making a trough away from the house . If its real extream I have used 3/4 cement board on the foundation/Fake foundation over the oniginal, higher, Some of these are over 30years old and still look brand new. Its just a matter of getting the right pitch/grade and where you live its a problem with those damn big rocks .What I did was used sand under and over the rubber to protect it from sharp rocks. Well maybe its a few ideas to think about. Like Forest Gump Said Theres never enough rocks unless you live in tioga co.

  18. Check out the PBB scandal in Michigan in the 70’s on the blog

    By the bye.. rubber comes from trees mixed with oil… just sayin’

  19. In all honesty I think the biggest problems we face at the individual, family, country and world level is the “us/they” mentality so prevelent and heavily promoted by the mass media. There are good and bad in every group of people. The “Divide and conquer” approach hurts all of us. We need to come together.

    DC, Thanks for the compliment and look at my project. It was alot of work. I did what I could. It sounds like you’ve had some success youself.

    Lamb, You might be interested in my understanding of the earthships which were being built out of old tires. While I like the idea of reusing tires…the fumes from the rubber in my opinion made the houses much less than idea. I like some of the straw bale building and also earthbag structures. They are simple, effective, inexpensive (if you manage to do it yourself), and low on toxicity.

    Several years back I participated in a “Green business” conference in San Francisco. I actually wanted to see how people defined “green”. It was interesting to go to the “Green Expo” which consisted of a true mix of the “green” definitions (toxic-free products, organic chocolate, water filteration, etc). My opinion was the “green-est” people in San Francisco were the many people living on the streets (you may disagree).

    In terms of our health though, I do believe a “pre-industrial” approach to our bodies is best. The ideas presented in “Trick and Treat” make sense. We are daily exposed, according to the “Tao of Detox”, to more toxins in a single day than our ancestors of 200 years ago were exposed to in a lifetime. A “toxins out, nutrients in” can improve health greatly!

    • Again I agree with you Joe.

      You have a lovely home, it looks very inviting. It seems that talking of environmental issues stirs people up as much as religion.

      I believe that the green initiatives set out by the government were set up to fail. Big Oil has too much to lose.

      There is a company in New Jersey called Lawrenceville Plasma Physics that already have a protocol built for home generators. It has been a very successful joint ventrue between Iranian and American physisists. This should not be confused with the Keshe Foundation which is questionable at this point of their validity.

      We have decided to set up minimal solar powere with propane back up on a temporary basis as this technology is going to go public. I think they are going to bypass the whole patent process as that is what holds these innovations from breaking through the cartels.

  20. Marsha said:

    I just hate it that I had already broken one of those crazy mercury light bulbs several weeks before I accidentally read an article about how dangerous they are! I just cleaned it up as I would have any other broken light bulb. Now I can’t help but wonder if this incident contributed to the worsening of my Morgellon’s symptoms.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, I hope you didn’t contaminate yourself badly, never, EVER use a vacuum cleaner to sweep them up … If you break one on carpet you have to have the section of carpeting removed. This is the face of the modern environmentalist, mother Gaia is all important, man is but a virus that needs to be eliminated.

  21. dividingcricker said:

    Marsha Thats about 5milograms of mercury 5000micrograms a average filling releases 17micrograms a day, thats 6052micrograms a year so its about a years worth of filling mercury in one day. A dentist office is soooo toxic its off the chart. If I were you I wouldn t loose any sleep, We are all exposed to toxins all the time, I know I sound Callous but I worked in a bodyshop.commercialfished,hvacand was around the most toxic stews that you could ever think and mulitply that by 100. Worring is much worse

    • You’re right. I’m not losing any sleep over it. There are so many other things that I know have contributed to this. Includeing several mercury fillings from when I was a child, that we not removed with any special care later in life. There is so much to blame that it would be impossible to have WHO to blame. But those who want to protect the environment, need to first protect those who NEED the environment!

  22. Inorganic species of mercury do not have the ability to move beyond the blood/brain barrier, organic do. Mercury becomes extremely dangerous in organic form (such as methylmercury). These bulbs have inorganic mercury in them…but it can change to organic species when exposed to certain biochemistry (basis of The Barrier Theory). I am an environmentalists and do not own any of these bulbs…nor do I promote the use of them. I have a very different view of who is promoting their use. I am a Quaker and a follower of Christ. I do not bow down to Mother Gaia. I did not dance naked around a bonfire to celebrate the Beltane moon last night. I’ve never viewed man as a virus. Mr. CS, I’m your brother and not your enemy.

    • sharon said:

      Thank You Joe.
      Though I have mixed beliefs on the subject, I agree wthat we are brothers and sisters in this together.

      We are not a virus on this planet but are being tormented by a less than pure intentioned group of psycopaths in power.

      Perhaps Mr CS statement was in jest.

      • There is Sharon, indeed a place for us all to agree on our future health.
        Putting our political sides away is a good start.
        Un marrying our judgemental selves from the pre concieved notions that we were taught is always a good start.
        I have tried to learn to listen and speak in recent years with forethought as we need each other to survive.
        I have learned many things that would have shocked me in my former life.
        Best wishes for health and happiness!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Oh, I didn’t mean you Joe, I am angry at those who have hi-jacked the environmental movement and turned it into a far leftest political agenda, now it is merely a political movement.

  23. Thanks Mr. CS. That makes me feel a whole lot better. The Native Americans of the NE Woodlands use to speak of thinking ahead nine generations in making decisions and that’s the right approach. As for toxicity related illness, once we figure out how to best clean out ourselves, we need to take on complicated issues related to families, towns/cities, countries and the planet. I think we’re suppose to enjoy our time on this planet…and not spend so much time being sick. I appreciate your efforts and all who put politics aside to simply say, “Let’s help each other out.”

  24. dividingcricker said:

    Joe we can t even think ahead to protect ourselves for one season or 4 years maybe we should beg the native americans too get us back on track. We have really lost our way ,been mislead and the people who are leading seem to be going down the wrong road. Seems I am in a real dark place right now so I better quit…..

    • Get out of your dark place then. Positives are far greater than negatives.
      You are alive, you have a life, and you have friends here on this site that understand.
      I had to get my mind out of the “Blame Game” too.
      Do what you can do and push yourself each day to do just a bit more tomorrow.

      Follow the advice of those who get better ( It takes time, which I know totally sucks!)

      Believe in some force greater than the box that you are…. that sucks too,
      You WILL climb your way out… please try to have faith in your own strength
      AS Winnie the Pooh said in “The Great Adventure” “you are Stronger than you think” Great movie! It will inspire you.

      May God Bless You today and always.

  25. dividingcricker said:

    One day everything seems right with the world , then we have a day when nothing seems to be OK . Trying to sleigh dragons can be very taxing. Taking on world problems must be a killer. We are all the bell ringers to these ills , if knowbody did it then evil would take over. Were just one person at a time taking a stand,taking a chip,alittle chip everyday . I wish it were easy ,but its hard and timeconsuming. I read about 20 email webs a day then research several gmo news sites . The news is somtimes slow but steady . All the news I relay here is very tame compaired to what I see everyday. ps if this news doesn t get you down once in while then you are pretty numb. I hope GOD does bless me and everyone.who fights this evil. THANKS FOR THE PRAYER!!!

  26. DC, Lamb is right. Count your blessings everyday and watch them grow! There are many people with this who do not even have access to the internet. Focus on the good shared…and not the bad. Sometimes the biggest battle is quieting the dragons within. Prayer, meditation, quiet walks and laughter are as important as anything. Peace, Joe

    • some people don’t even have access to clean water. i saw a mexican mother in baja prepare dinner for her family of 12 with one little hot plate. a full meal! they had a generator that they only turned on in the evening just for a bit.. they lived in a little sort of a palapa with walls. no electricity or plumbing but they were happy. then again they didn’t have cactus man disease (thats what hey call morgellons down there)

  27. During my extended stay in Africa last school year I was invited to a Massai village. One of my coworkers, a gardener named Godfrey, showed me his house of wattle and daub. He built it in two weeks for his family of eight. He was one of the happiest people I’ve ever encountered.

    Access to clean water is an issue everywhere it seems. There are several medical studies from South and East Africa describing a condition documented in some of the more remote villages which sounds identical to Morgellons. There are numerous gold mining activities dotting this part of the world…and mercury was used in extraction. The nearest water may be contaminated. I may be wrong, but I believe this accounts for the “possible cluster” mapped at the base of the Guadalupe River (CDC report- Pearson, et. al 2012) watershed draining into San Francisco bay (downriver from the largest mercury mine ever in the US) .

    • Great job Joe,
      This Gulf Oil Spill is still not over and now it is all about the buck. They could have bioremediated it but instead the PTB used that corexit. I fear for our water sources now and I do fear for the people of the gulf. They are all sick and getting sicker, many have had to move from New Orleans and get away from the horrors there. I have asked Dr Mark Sircus to have a look at Morgellons for us. He is quite an amazing man and works for not profit worldwide mission.
      Much Love,
      Leukemias are on the rise and cancers are on the rise, tetragenicity and mutagenecity are occuring and you do not want to get me started on the fish.

  28. When the last river is contaminated and the last ocean is destroyed, then maybe we people will figure out that you can not eat money.

  29. dividingcricker said:

    I do waterconditioning and the test cost about 500$ for the C/O or new well test . I really don t understand why a medical Dr couldn t do one of these types of tests on a person every year. Heavy metals plastics pesticides. bacteria . If they started testing people the price would come down and at least you would have a base line and have a great indication of the reason people in one area are getting sick.Joe after you mentioned the 9 generations Indians use to think about a action to take I thought about the ads they ran with the indian looking at the trash and polution with the tear running down his face. !!!! went to dinner M/D every body wanted to talk about a glutinfree diet. They have been seeing me eat G/F for years and now they want to know? Was there a program on tv ? I don t know how many people here are G/F eaters. If your not usually the aches and pains are the first to go . Your mind starts to clear-up . And in three months you feel much better. Its a hard thing to do and people without celiac notice the difference too. A old saying is”The Whiter the Bread the Sooner Your Dead! Well I went in a Rite Aid drug store yesterday.Its like a drug/covience store. They didn t have one thing without some kind of poision in it. High Frutose Corn Syurip Wheat Canolia Oil Every piece of candy chip snack etc , Its a death Trap. You need to go to school just to learn about the toxic stews out there. I guess were all seeing that. Takes alot to stay healthy!!!!

  30. Pensocal Task force video

  31. dividingcricker said:

    Trisha , whats the hope you have for the sick gulf people.Whats the protacall to cleanse the body? I really haven t studied the toxins and human effect but I did see some very sick fish and sealife. I always wonder about the guess work thats done in the name of science. Usually doing the right thing has two meanings,the right thing so who did the wrong thing won t get caught, The other right thing is to stand up and admit you did something wrong! I have read that the spill made alot of people rich. That seems to be a terrible way to make money , some day the truth will come out ,You can t do everthing yourself. Stay well DC

    Surfrider report look at the photos of the skin of a student who was contaminated. You would never have known they were loaded with Hydrocarbons and God know what else if you did not look at it under UV lighting. This could be a very interesting way to see any biofilms on the skin for Morgellons patients.
    Prayers and Love,
    I can’t save the world but alas, one person at a time.

    • Keep up the good work Trish! We can’t undo what has been done, but we can educate and hope the truth becomes known. I’ve been telling folks up this way in the “Gas Boom” to get filters for their showers as well as drinking water (I am happy to hear Vermont has banned fracking from their state). Crazy times we’re living in!

  33. Lastly Jeff Rense he has really been good about helping and getting the word out on not only Morgellons but also the People of the Spill.

    Great PDF by the Way.

  34. dividingcricker said:

    The jeff rense seems wipedout Still there, but has been content deleated.I was wondering if the connection with morgellons and the oil /dispersant is the same type of chemical used as a larvacide/langanex that seems to have been taken off the market. Years ogo I was researching new larvacides and this 7 year life larvacide was being used acrossed the united states. Now the name and company have vanished. The company was in baltimore md manufacturing the scilicone/polyethelene casings Bolly balls-micronsize. A lightbulb went off remembering a conversation with the county mosquito control offercier. He was the one who describer this larvicide with a 7year attack life. Now it wonder if the oil dispersant has the same or is a nanobot type vessel,eating oil? Well I signed up for your news letter . oh Dr Mercola is really going great guns with the money bomb against monsanto.Hope all is well with the manatees.

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