I’ve spoken from Romona a few times on the phone and we have discussed FIR therapy. The FIR pad she shows in this video is the one I also have. I think I paid like $350 for it, so it’s not cheap. I think it played a significant role in my healing, but I cannot be sure, and I didn’t want to encourage people to spend so much money on something that might not help them. I know how most of you have already spent nearly every dime you have on trying to get better.

See http://www.healinggrapevine.com/ for more on the Healing Grapevine.

You can read Romona’s Story on For Infrared Therapy here …  I do know she was very very sick and attributes her healing to FIR.

I’m curious to know if any of our readers have any FIR experience to relate.


Comments on: "Far Infrared and Resonant Absorption Health" (14)

  1. I hope more people that have tried this therapy will post their results as to find if it does in fact help, be well Mundane & I hope you continue to get better

  2. dividingcricker said:

    I still don t get it what does it do and the only fir I get ,is off the dog and cat Please explain in man terms. Do you plug it in or what?

  3. dividingcricker said:

    Im so stupid somtimes I just couldn t got how this pad was going to work without electric. I think i found about 10 saunas on craigslist new with ceramic heating systems . Im going to research it some more and get back to you…

    • sharon said:

      Hey Dividin,


      Here are some very simple plans for a DIY Sauna and benefits by A Dr Wilson. I was going to make one but waiting until we move. You don’t even have to build a structure. If memory serves me the materials and plans come in just under $300.

      • dividingcricker said:

        That is a load of info on saunas. Thanks sharon

        • sharon said:

          Yes Dividin, I was happy to find a solution less costly than a full blown structure. I trust Dr Wilson’s research as well. He does not charge that much either if you buy the units from him just under $ 600. The bulbs last about 2 years or 5,000 hours and are not that costly to replace. I got to thinking that one could even use a tent, as he said off gassing is not a problem as it does not get as hot as the old types of saunas.

  4. Awesome product! I sleep on mine every night, I even travel with it when I can.
    My body temperature came back, my arthritis has dissapated and I feel pretty darn close to normal. I found that I crave the warmth and look forward to lying down at night.
    Love this thing!
    It is made in Korea and takes a bit to arrive, plus I am on my 3rd temp control in 3 years. I may have a lemon, but have saved up for a new one and plan to order it again soon. The saunas vary DC so please be careful before spending the money. I have a ceramic FIR heater for my dog…. eeehhh, not so much.

  5. I cannot do without my fir pad. I feel it kills the morgies, only problem is that you have to spend so much time on it to do that and you have to have the pad right on the spot where they have colonized. You also have to have the temp up to at least 50 in order to kill them but you cannot kill them as fast as they multiply so it is not the completel solution. You also have to be careful because you can burn yourself. I’ve got it to work every where except my head but when I do use it on my head it settles them down. The very first controller I got was bad so I had to send it back at my expense but they sent me a new one which I was very greatful for. I also ordered another one because I wanted to be able to cover more of my body, for as you can see from the picture it isn’t that big. I use both pads every night and cannot do without it. I sit on one when I am on the computer. because they seem to like to hang out on my glutei


  6. dividingcricker said:

    Maybe a sauna user could post there info I just keep thinking that it will be a big expence and not used. I really can t see me using this or a sauna Maybe if I could get one to fit this lounge chair with a vibrating mode and magictouch fingers now theres a thought .

  7. I have a cheaper model infrared sauna and feel, in combination with bentonite clay, it is helpful. Skin is our largest organ and, while it is great to sweat and release toxins, we also need to be aware of the skin’s potential to absorb toxins (in a typical shower our body absorbs up to 5 cups of water). I feel a shower and drinking water filtration system may be just as important (and cost much less).

    • sharon said:

      Hey Joe, I see there is an Amish man in Pennsylvania that builds these (portable) at a reasonable price. If you are looking to replace yours. here is Dr Wilson’s link.

      p.s. I do not receive a commission (lol)

      • Sharon, Thanks for the tip! I actually have my house up for sale and am searching for a solid income back in the American Southwest (it has been tough in the NE!). I used to go to traditional Navajo sweats when I taught on the Navajo reservation…and, depending on where I end up, I may just make a traditional sweat for myself. The Irish also used to have traditional sweats…with stone benches and all!

        • Joe, i understand that you are a teacher. Perhaps you could hook up with the many people who are doing home schooling or alternative . No doubt some are realizing that this is not a simple task along with lifes other demands.

  8. The Far infrared is helpful because it gets rid of the toxins but to really get it out you need a far infrared sauna. Shop around, you can get a nice one that does the exact same thing as the one that The sales oriented folk say has special tetrahedrons or K bonds. those are sales techniques and as long as the sauna is running at 5-15 microns and has negligible EMF your fine . It won’t do anything for the biological component though, for that you need a protocol using Samento, Banderol, Olive leaf extract tincture, cinnamon bark tincture, teasel, cryptolepis, sida acuta etc. You have to treat all the different infections and then detox like crazy.


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