Comments on: "How GMO foods alter organ function" (10)

  1. Gillian said:

    Thank you, that was well put together and easy to understand for the “lay person”. Excellent!

    • keep reading the articles til you get to the one
      Baking Soda Cancer and fungus by Marc Sircus., A C , OMD
      I am so pissed off right now that I cannot speak!
      Sorry for you all, I am not computer savvy and cannot post the link but one of you can do it.

      GD !! I have suspected this all along and passed on my limited knowledge to so many useless MD’s.

      Drink some baking soda and water at least 3 x per day and hydrate with filtered H20.

      Lemon in the water and keep your alkalinity up!

      Take your vities and eat organic!

      I knew these Pr**ks in the gov’t knew what this sh@t is! Don;t go barefoot or roll in the grass, it’s in the soil.

      Try scopulariopsis species on for size ( fungal infection that is)

      Sorry.. I could JUST SCREAM!!

      the is the bomb

      • Lamb, the books and magneseum oil can be found on Dr Mark Sircus blog, so folks need to type in google search, coicidentally i had just left his site and sent my family info on the oil and Dr Sircus book on transdermal magnesium oil. He offers 40% off through his site. (no i do not get a commision on sales) 🙂

  2. dividingcricker said:

    Almost sounds like Alex Jones Or Jeff Rense stuff. All kidding aside I read a web that the Information on gmos is comming out to the general public and the heros are on the way . We do need a few good stories to back this money bomb that mercola and his army is putting together. Sounds good to me!!!!!

    • sharon said:

      Hi Dividingcricker,

      That is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. He has a great website, I am on the mailing list for daily news at

      p.s. as crazy as Alex Jones sounds, warnings on his old videos are no longer theory have become fact. I won’t site examples but Monsanto is the most evil company on the planet. They brought us Agent Orange, Round Up, and Frankenfoods that are destroying our livers and wiping out future generations.

      • dividingcricker said:

        I watch alex most nights and some jeff rence we need all the good news we can get . Dr mercola was on there the other night . I m open to all news even bad news . you name it CHEMTRAILS. RADIATION MERCURY ALUMINUM GMOS ALL THAT GOOD STUFF EVEN NANOTECHNOLOGY.Hell I even donated $100 to the california gmo labeling cause. TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. What gets me is the governments role in this Want to read a good book SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION (not Jefferys book, ) this is another book ,the time line and who started this evil mess and the reasons for it. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. Its all comming together!!!! Were all on the same team, right!

  3. sharon said:

    Thank You for posting this Mr C.

  4. dividingcricker said:

    Monsanto stock is falling , seems DR Mercolas money bomb is starting to effect fear in the stock holders. This is the first sign of a bump in the road . Ive been watching this stock for a few years . This is just another of many hits they have had this year. The EU -Monsanto left Germany. China Wouldn t let them grow rice Many labeling laws and Antigmo Areas are poping up in many countries If you guys followed this stuff it would be great but it almost seems everybody is in another world. Five states in india made gmos illegal. Vermont,Hawaii,have majority antigmo votes but the states are affraid of litagation from monsanto. The California fight is different because of the ballot vote monsanto can t fight this!!!!! It really does seem that awarness has started.

    • sharon said:

      Hey Dividn, that is good news.

      I think a lot of folks are overwhelmed with illness, making ends meet financially, constant fear porn coming from the talking heads on TV; finding or keeping their job and all of the other things that distract us in this life.

      Dr Mercola and Mike Adams have very large audiences and I think folks in California realize there lives depend on this bill.

      Protests take a lot of time and effort. Their are a lot of retirees who would pick up the placard so to speak if they were motivated perhaps through AARP?

      In Canada it is even harder to raise awareness. Almost all honey now contains GMO – one more thing off the list of edibles!

  5. dividingcricker said:

    Autism 1in110 or 1in88 or 1in56 what is it ? Is the smoking gun GMOs ? Dr Don Huber thinks so. There are a few webs linking gmos but no studies because thats illegal . Gmos are a patented product so the corperations will SUE because they have to give the OK before a study is done!!!!! The increase in autism is not just alarming its dumbfounding that the US government hasn t raided the corperations behind this trail of tears. Studies are leaking out from Germany Japan England but mainstream media dance around the problem like its a very hot potato. When the PTA moms figure this connection out ,all these corperations are in big trouble. My theory is that they have known all the illeffects for years! Other effects are dated back to 1993 when Soy was altered . Death and disease spike after this date. This death grain and now vegtables are making the united states a skull and cross bones to the world. Are grains are selling but when the countries like china russia the eu develop nongmo grain markets the USA will loose big time….WERE ALL LOSING with this government proping up this death and destruction . The world is waking up and what will you tell your friends and family?

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