KING 5 News in Seattle, Wash., first broke the news about the “mystery illness” that has reportedly affected at least 280 flight attendants thus far. According to accounts, those afflicted by the condition say they have developed persistently itchy skin, skin lesions, and hair loss, all of which they suspect may have to do with newer flight uniforms that allegedly contain tributyl phosphate, a toxic organophosphorus compound linked to skin problems.


The attendants have complained that the outfits, which may be contaminated with a toxic chemical, have caused itching, hair loss and other unpleasant reactions.

In a letter to the company’s president, union leaders representing Alaska Airlines employees demanded that the uniforms are changed.

The Association of Flight Attendants says that 280 flight stewards – roughly one in 10 of the total workforce – have suffered from the side effects since the new uniforms were introduced last year.

One of the flight attendants told KING5 on Thursday night, ‘I’ve never had a uniform like this. I broke out this week. I broke out on my back first, then on my legs.’

The attendant said he didn’t know whether the uniform was definitely the cause of the rash but added: ‘I didn’t have it until I flew six, seven days in a row and then I started breaking out.’ 

It is thought that the smart navy blue suits, made by TwinHill, may be contaminated with the chemical tributyl phosphate, a toxic substance used in synthetic textile manufacturing.

An airline spokesman said that two alternative uniforms have been provided to those employees who have suffered any outbreaks.

Andy Schneider, Alaska Airlines vice president of in-flight services, said in a statement to KING5 that tests on the uniforms had been carried out in three different laboratories but that the source of the problem had not been discovered.


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Comments on: "Mystery Illness affecting at least 280 Flight Attendants" (18)

  1. This is a pandemic no one will ever tell me different.
    Thanks for this update.

  2. Got a nice email from Dr Kolb on this. There is a book called Toxic Clothes that she is going to be doing a report on.

  3. I believe it is a high possibility that clothing is a huge aspect of Morgellons. With that said, and if it were true and a known truth by some, can you just imagine the impact it would have on the economy if our clothing were giving people Morgellons and/or other diseases? It could be why there seems to be such negativity in the reality of the disease. Just think of what would all have to be done and how many workers would be impacted, or just the plain downfall this would have.

    Of course I believe there are other things infected environmentally. All this is only speculation but if nit this, then why the huge downplay on Morgellons from the medical Society and others?

  4. In addition, I was shopping online one day and had to look up the words of the fabric content. Didn’t have to do that years ago. Most were are chemically processed synthetics. Most were made out of scary stuff.

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I think this just goes to show that our condition is likely caused by a chemical. Of course we just have superficial quotes from a few flight attendants, I wonder if any mentioned skin crawling sensations?

  6. dividingcricker said:

    Radiation from japan? Mersa? Morgellons?Maybe its a good thing that its confined to the employees of this airline. Maybe if its studied we ll find out. There were several clothing stores that completely cleared the whole store , cleaned and restocked the stores. What was that all about? The news paper said it was scabies but I wondered if it was something in the bt cotton. The jurys out on this one, we ll see. Fukishma is something everboby should be concerned about. i was listening to a leading physicist describing the ill effects this could have on the world.

    • Any clothing gets Morgellons.Tried everything, they breed in cloths by themselves and on us, if we don’t treat ourselves and our cloths as much as we can, lots of people will get infected. Just imagine how many stores can be infected with this. They also live on any surface, but surface is easier to clean. I am pretty much better with the PMP. Thanks so much.

  7. This is outrageous. I have had people report to me after buying Down comforters from China. Wash everything in hot water and Dr Bonners before you wear it.

  8. Thanks for this post, Mr C.
    Once again, it looks like another case(s) of ‘M’ – meaning “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity”

  9. dividingcricker said:

    I posted this on another of mr cs sites Sores and hair loss are being reported in seals polar bears and walrus Its really sad to see this in such a pristine area. Right now there testing for radiation, I have been staying on top of this and I feel were in for a ride with this radiation, HOLD ON

  10. Dr Mark has been working on a radiation blog. Check out his above website.

    School in Florida complains of itchy rashes….does it ever end?

    • dividingcricker said:

      Trisha Wonder if it was the lunch Maybe some gmos with nanos on the side. Hot dogs or mad cow hamburg Maybe some floor cleaner or were they spraying weed killer out side? Maybe a teacher had some toxic perfume of hair dye? We are living in a time of new and toxic wonders. I was never one to want testing laws on things that are “toxic” but I think we need some review board on everthing new and old!! ITS BEING DONE IN THE EU.

  12. I totally agree, there are so many man made toxins and now we are having problems with radiation in the pacific. How much more can this earth take. It seems that living in a bubble is the only alternative any more? Now a whole family in Calif got burned by a rock by the Nuclear Power plant in San Onofre. I think there is hope though we are entering 2012. Yes, we the people need to demand that we stop the dangeous chemicals being made and that would put about every chemical on the hasards listing.
    I have been tearing apart MSDS sheets lately on chemicals in skin care and now in foods. There are dictionaries that you can buy that speak to the latin on the labels in skin care and now on food. It is appaling the dangerous chemicals that we are surrounded by every day. We need to demand that Dow, MonSatan and all the kings men stop this insanity.
    With Love,
    Trisha It is time to petition the United Nations because this is a pandemic all over the globe.

  13. “When Man stops playing God, then maybe we will find the true meaning of Man-Kind.”
    Trisha Springstead

  14. rdechamplain said:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this info..I am grateful to you for all the care you take to offer us (me) the results of you continuous research on morgellons disease many of us suffer. With the total of infos, we will have a list of sources possible for this horror…but there is always hope. Men like you are lights for all of us who want and believe in life. God bless you. billie

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