For those that might have missed this the first time I posted it.


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  1. Thank you Mr. CS..I didn’t hear this before. Such sadness…..

  2. Here is a ray of light on the horizon. A research paper by Marianne J. Middelveen, Dr. Stricker and others found evidence that there is a physical reason for morgellons symptoms.

    “Morgellons disease is an emerging multisystem illness characterized by unexplained dermopathy and unusual skinassociated filament production. Despite evidence demonstrating that an infectious process is involved and that lesions are not self-inflicted, many medical practitioners continue to claim that this illness is delusional. We present relevant clinical observations combined with chemical and light microscopic studies of material collected from three patients with Morgellons disease. Our study demonstrates that Morgellons disease is not delusional and that skin lesions with unusual fibers are not self-inflicted or psychogenic. We provide chemical, light microscopic and immunohistological evidence that filaments associated with this condition originate from human epithelial cells, supporting the hypothesis that the fibers are composed of keratin and are products of keratinocytes.”

    Now let’s pray that a good treatment is found.

  3. dividingcricker said:

    Joni s still got it My computers sound isn t working so I got the head phones. I really haven t listened to any of joni s stuff for years but I must say I think shes better now than ever. I don t know if she reads our ramblings but the Money bomb could use a shot in the arm A song about Earting All This Poision would be right on time. Hope your getting well DC

  4. She has had this for a very long time. Went to a lot of doctors and was very disappointed many times.

  5. rdechamplain said:

    Hi every writers, do you red Clifford Carnicom researcher on chemtrails and morgellons effect?…Please go to carnicominstitute or and ask for texts by date. You will regain strenght and hope with the results of the research of this man since l990 and more near us each month. He is easy to contact. It vulgarizes every issues and make it easy to follow. Another thing, if you want to stop the process of growing the morgellons, when appear black or brown or white excroissances , take emery fine paper or lime and scrath slowly the heads that appear and they will not grow if you do that from time to time. Can do the same on old dry plaques that slowly dissapear. Isn’t it better than nothing? This correct the skin and soften it. I tried that on my legs and it works. Happy days everyone…Billie

    • I just tried that a few weeks ago with my dodally for feet dry skin and it work but now tonight I had one break open and still ribbon worms etc.. not as many.. I don’t know if I have Morgellon’s or just Lymes as I do have a bona fide diagnosis after 2 years of fighting 5 doctors. I think there is something else goin on and it does frighten me

  6. My wife was dignosed with Morgellon disease in 2007, she has fibers coming out of her skin along with black shadows, her eye lids are swollen and is having a hard time seeing. i’m tiered of seeing her being depressed and wondered if someone could give me some answers.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      If her eyelids are swollen so much they are covering her eyes up and that is what she is having a hard time seeing you might have your doctors check for Chagas disease, that is a symptom I believe, but don’t be alarmed, that’s probably not it.

    • dividingcricker said:

      HEY Rick go to many questions will be answered ,come back and try to follow the comments and news . Going over the old webs here and morgellons webs can be overwhelming and scary. Changing your wife to a organic glutinfree diet can be the start BE WELL DC

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