I took these comments from a thread on LymeBusters however, as usual, a word of caution when surfing Morgellons forums, they can be full of scary stuff that will only add stress to your already stressful situation and often times offer up dangerous remedies.

You can click on each picture for a larger image, this one I find particularly interesting with it’s floral like appearance (a fiber at 100x magnification).

Figure 2A: Fibers from Patient 1. Note floral appearance of fibers (100x magnification).

And that sure looks a lot like “plant hairs” which are called Trichomes. Stellate Trichomes (which stellate means star shaped in botany).

And this picture below of plant hairs (stellate Trichomes) looks like that one above to me, in that it’s how Stellate Trichomes grow.

Also, Trichomes secrete a sticky (that turns hard) resin. Trichomes also look like fuzz as they’re growing.

I’m not saying this is a smoking gun, just reporting it as yet more news …


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  1. Thanx 4 the report MRC, very interesting and informative, hope u doing well ….

  2. Hi, Mr. CS:

    Those pictures and comments above were actually Toni’s, from the LB.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      You are correct Violet, I’ll will amend the post, the reason I didn’t give a link is so many of the forums have such scary and conspiratorial nonsense on them I don’t want to direct folks to places where they can actually be made worse, or try remedies that are in fact, quite dangerous …

  3. dividingcricker said:

    Have we become a science experiment Agro-bacterium, seeds blasted with dna/rna of unknown animals, I don t think I can be swayed I believe its this GMO-NANOTECHNOLOGY-ROUNDUP connection. is clear.The studies here and foreign are finding many dangerious connections with our futuristic food and ill health and death. All the signs are pointing to the use of this grain being eatin by farm animals with there death and or ill health. The only action is to switch to a organic/all organic diet. Growing your own food with organic seeds and finding a sourse of clean organic food.If you knew what I have been reading about this gmo /roundup connection you would t hesitate. This connection goes into Qtips to Vitaman Pills ,most things we come into contact with have the gmo connection somwhere. Reading labels and knowing what is gmo is a must. The study here is a peer reviewed so maybe something will come of it. I m not holding my breath, I m hoping that the labeling law has a wake up effect in this country. California is putting this on the ballot this fall(GMO LABELING). Many connected companys are comming tigether and forming a MONEY BALL to fight Monsanto and the other gmo/seed corperations Dupont Bayer Etc. GMO seeds were released in 1994 and the morgellons started in the population about the same time,many connections can be made,even the seed companys were telling the farmers that the seeds and plants were poision. I heard this first hand!!!!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Here’s a thought, deer are eating this corn in the fields many times before it’s what we call “field corn” or hardened. We’re already seen the evidence that some of the GMO material is binding with our DNA. Could deer be loaded with this foreign DNA and then deer ticks be spreading this menace via tick bites. In essence, Morgellons is just another TBI (Tick Borne Illness) but not actually Lyme?

      • Yes and Yes again Mr C.
        Studies have shown that more than ticks and fleas are carrying this.
        I have been diagnosed with the coinfections mentioned in the study as well within th MD community.
        I must reread the report and find out how they are curing the cattle with BDD.

      • dividingcricker said:

        My real beef is the lymes test , if the AMA will not even acknowledge that the lymes test is a flop or lets say its a total failure, we are all left hanging in the wind! Now about the GMOs binding with dna, Remember they can t find lymes, a bacteria that can be seen using any microscope. We really don t have much of a chance.unless we change the system ! I have hope that i m comming up with a answer to the lymes puzzle . Its a simple solution to a very complex problem . On another note my heart palps have gone away. B6 COQ10 magnesium potasium cell salts Its been about 2 weeks without a bump!My older sister was the B6 reference also B12! Seems there isn t much they can do for heart palps.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Has really been fun to have all these different views and banter! This in my opinion has been the best weekend for your site MrC. You know when the shock wears off , its just another piece of the puzzle. We all have different views and one may be a little different but may all play into the big picture of health. Most cures happin by mistakes,most people that have found a cure were not Drs but regular joes figuring out that some crazy diet or weird use of some drug or herb has stopped a disease in its track!!! We all need to have a open mind and open heart. Were all in this together and together we will find our way ON ANOTHER NOTE , I accept your views of protecting without going overboard. I accept you trying to protect so viewers don t get scared. This weekend I think people have respected this ! I think people just finding there way don t understand what the hell were even talking about. There more worried about (step1 2 3 PMP What to eat , bathe , itch , you have been there. Well the tree has been shook well see if we can find any nuts!

  4. dividingcricker said:

    No corn here just soy but I have read that very same thing some years ago. Up here in south jersey we have blue tongue killing the deer. We have lymes out the waszoo. Most of the game birds are all gone only turkeys seem to be impervious. I can remember spotin deer and seeing 4 to 500 deer in a nite with 20 foxes now your lucky to see 20 and no fox. The web you did on the gut problem came out in sept 11 I sent this to my GI DR . I think these DRs are in the same boat as everybody else. My regular dr didn t have a clue about morgellons or gmo effect , even the state viroligist had never head of it. , maybe they have read about it by now . Hell ii mjust as scared as everybody else. I think my undying searching and my dective/theory work is working overtime. If I can figure it out ,a cure Ill tell everybody, If they will listen thats another day and another dollar. Just getting them to quit drinking soda ?or white bread?switch to a glutinfree diet?GO ORGANIC WITH NO SUGAR!!!! I try MR C have you ever studied SAMENTO cats claw? give it a look!!

    • DC, if you read the stories of people that have been cured, they took a multi pronged approach and that was by both anti biotic and building the terrain.

      In other words an anti biotic that works on Lyme type disease as well as flushing the liver and kidney. I took one but for not long enough.

      Just wondered what your opinion of this report. No one is commenting on it which I find strange.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Sharon Google nanotechnologyand morgellons that is a start but the gmos are tested and found to be ok, the problem is there are no way to test for nanobots or nanotec pesticides. These seem to be the smoking gun.In some blood types people are allergic which causes itching and sores but they seem to be able to stay in the host without causing infection. Do they die in 7 years? I think there are some very smat people putting this in the works and without any oversite or laws we are in real big trouble. Farmers are dumb like a fox and money wiil only greeze so many palms.I think the whole house of cards will come tumbling down and the taxpayers will have to foot this clean up too.I m not a realy smart guy but I must have some gift to stay with it when everbody else goes home. Just start learning about nanotechnology and come up with your own ideas. I have made my own mind up on the cause and metals and other toxins were all here for thousands of years ,they are toxic and cause many problems but these strings growing out of people and foreign looking insect-looking things are something new. They have shown up throughout the world,Where People Eat GMOS..AND I have taken several different antibiotics for months and months but If the medical (ama) can t get a test to find lymes how are they goin to test for gmos and nanobots,what good are they! Remember we are all germs We have more virus bacteria and fungus cells than we have cells of our own. This is a fact !Now we have gmos and nanotech crap too…..

  5. With all due respect, the authors of the peer reviewed publication would like to stress that to date they have found no connection between Morgellons and genetically modified organisms. BDD is not related to GMO’s either.

    Yes, GMO’s are a serious concern but it’s a completely different topic. Morgellons has been described in medical literature for many years….certainly as far back as the 1940’s and possibly even longer ago than that.

    Mr. C…please help me understand this. The last peer reviewed publication in a medical journal by these same authors and on the very same topic is the one that you and Mr. Berstinger were so offended by it and the post was removed. Now a follow up publication …same authors…same topic is allowed. I don’t understand your reasoning for this.

    I’m trying to understand where you are coming from. I don’t understand the rules you’ve established as far a how a medical journal publication that is peer reviewed Is determined to be either post worthy or not.


    • Cindy, I understand your confusion. Here is a peer reviewed report and only one comment about credit over the research. Much of this report rings true to me for one reason that my toe nails are all deformed now and it only strated with the MD onset and become worse with time. How are they treating the cows with BDD.

      My theory is this: GMO bacteria has been proven to invade the liver and impair proper function. If the liver is not working all of the other toxins take over.

      the GMO theory also may explain how a bacteria can jump species (i.e. cattle to human) as that is what they do by blasting a foreign gene into a plant organism.

      So, how are they curing the cows? What kind of testing should be done to detect BDD? My comprehension is bad I must read the report again.

      • sharon, re: m and the liver or liver function… a guy told me by phone once or seem to sorta ask me “isn’t m a liver thing?” it seemed as though he told me or ask me this thru devine intervention.

      • Sharon…for the cows they use topical antibiotic foot baths. They do not like to put the cows on oral antibiotics because they would have to be taken out of the milk line.
        Tissue samples from the cattle and histological examination of the tissue as well as the visualization of the filamentous growths would (I assume) be the diagnostic criteria.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Mr. C…please help me understand this. The last peer reviewed publication in a medical journal by these same authors and on the very same topic is the one that you and Mr. Berstinger were so offended by it and the post was removed. Now a follow up publication …same authors…same topic is allowed. I don’t understand your reasoning for this.

      Cindy, I’m really confused now, after your comment above you put a press release out applauding the study?

      • This IS an incredible study! I LOVE it! That’s why we put a press release out about it! This paper follows the first study on this subject which was published in the peer reviewed journal of Clinical Cosmetic and investigative Dermatology. You deleted the first peer reviewed paper on this topic. Why did you delete it? Now do you understand my question?

      • Mr. C….This is the second peer reviewed publication published in a medical journal on this topic. We put out a press release on Paper 1 and Paper too as it is peer reviewed published scientific research. You deleted Paper 1 from being posted here
        We also put a press release out on the first paper and you deleted it from being posted here claiming that it misdirected you from some of your goals??
        Here is where you deleted it and where Berstinger made his derogatory comments about the researchers.
        See what I’m saying? Or in this case what I’m asking? You considered paper 1 not worth but Paper 2 is okay to post. Why is that?

        • dividingcricker said:

          I would love to throw my two cents in this misunderstanding ,and I think we don t want any hard feelings . We have all been through hell and back . I have on many days disregarded some research thatI didn t fit into my Ideas. We have all done this. Maybe we should all take a breath and try to get along. Cindy we are proud to have you here reading our ideas and fears. I don t know you or Mr C but we are all in the same boat and we really do need each other more than we think. Last weekend was really great and many new and exiciting ideas were shared. The things we all have in common ,were human were fragile and were all fallible. A lady that help to raise my dad always said “ITS LATER THAN YOU THINK” so keep that inmind !!!!

  6. dividingcricker said:

    Cindy Casey what is your best guess. I ve been on the nanotechnology side of this disease . Our mosquito commission used a product called langanex a larvacide that had a 7 year life. While I was researching this the webs were comming down ,the company in Baltimore is no more .I don t have a bit of proof but there are many connections to a grand mistake somewhere. The FBI lab that studied these fibers were silicone/polyethelene based,just like the bollyballs made by this Baltimore Co. The seed coatings are of a nonpesticide, nano that grows with the plants to the flower which attacks the intestines of insects. I can only have a theory about this but my theory is were eating nanos and some people are allergic and some people are not! Everybody is eating this stuff but the long term effects are showing up in the few. Infants have been using this soy(gmo)and the hospital have removed it because of allergies and deaths. Dr Don Huber is linking gmos to many ills in humans and animals. Jeffery Smith is linking gmos in india to 300,000 sucides and the deaths of farm animals eating btcotton stubble(seeds of deception) I think connections can be made but the fda is doing all it can to block any investigation. Read (SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION) there are many connections with GMOs if You Look. Whats Your Best Guess Cindy? Nobody here belives me ,so I would love another view!!!!

    • Just for the record…I see GM foods as a very serious and concerning issue. No, I do not think it’s okay for Monsanto or anyone to monkey with our foods. It’s really scary. A healthy diet is important for anyone with any illness and I think it’s a good idea to avoid GM foods and processed foods.

      Morgellons has been around much longer than the technology to genetically modify anything so I don’t see how GM anything could be seen as an etiologic agent.

      But GM foods are scary and it sure doesn’t do anything to improve our health…it’s down right scary and wrong IMO.


  7. PeacockMaiden said:

    I just wanted to jump in and say I love this blog. I’m a nurse who got scabies from a patient, then the scabies didn’t go away…you know the rest of the story.

    I think there could be a GMO connection, as well as the vector-borne theory. The cows who get the bovine digital disease are eating the corn and grain that could be treated with GMO bio-insecticide. Then we come along and eat the cows and drink their milk. That’s only one possibility. I do believe vectors can get infected too and transmit this.
    In the end, I think they will find that the transmission of this can occur in many ways. Perhaps with GMO bio-insecticide has one of the Lymes into it, along with fungus and whatever else they cooked up.

    I am happy to see this new research paper. I have an appointment with Dr. Stricker in June. I just got tested for Lyme, and I’m waiting to receive my results from NeuroScience.

  8. Hi to All,

    We obviously have a long way to go in research of Morgellons so In answer to your question of what do I think ….I can do no more than speculation and I don’t think that speculation is helpful to our cause so I tend not to.

    As I mentioned, the first peer reviewed publication in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology authored by Middelveen and Stricker …..Mr. C refused to allow posted here. Mr Berstinger was seemingly very opposed to the research as well. Mr. C deleted the medical journal publication for some reason that I do not understand. In that article, more was explained from the veterinary standpoint about BDD. Veterinary literature was cited where BDD is known to be caused by a spirochetal infection…a type of treponema….and I am sorry that I don’t recall the details. But I do recall that it cited the veterinary research in which the the cause in the cattle was a type of periodontal and genital treponema. The cause in the cattle was determined by inoculating healthy cattle with a pure and isolated innoculation of these treponema spirochetes and they were able to induce the disease BDD in the cattle. (this does not mean that this is the cause in us until we have much more needed research and funding is hard to come by). So much research is needed and so little funding and all time and effort on the part of all of these researchers and our organization which funds the research is 100% all volunteer.

    This is going to take a village of all of us being dedicated to do what we can to help support the efforts of those who have the knowledge and the means to find these answers. Until then, all we can do is speculate on a bunch of theories and I don’t see how that gets us anywhere without the means to do the testing. Right now we need money bad to fund the next step which will be advanced histology (very expensive) and more scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

    I heard from several dairy farmers when we put the first article out to the press. Some have treated the cattle with antibiotics but they hate to do this because most antibiotic administration means that the cattle have to be taken out of the milk line. Some have used copper applications with some degree of success. Of course cattle are tougher than humans and some of the treatments used on cattle would be far too caustic to use on human skin.

    I’m not sure if my posts will be allowed here as I said I cannot understand the rules as the first peer reviewed research on this topic by these authors was immediately deleted and derogatory remarks about our endeavors were made. I don’t even know if my posts will last here so I can’t devote much time to my posts here until I better understand the rules. We do have newsletter which you can subscribe to on our website if you wish

    Again i ask Mr. Commonsense….why was the first publication deleted and immediately dismissed while this second paper has been posted?

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts on this topic. I hope it stays.


    • I am sorry for not understanding your post quite well, except that you say it could be spirochetal. Then how can you explain me that I had my cloths vacuum bagged for 4 months and they still don’t die having lack of any air? How is that possible that anything alive can survive in tight bags for 4 months? Medical community has a long way to go to understand this and I am not talking about the scientists.

      • Amanda , spirochetal refers to a disease caused by spirochets (this maybe incorrect spelling) They are found in the blood of one who is infected with Lyme disease and others considered a co infection.

        Regarding the vacuum bags, I do not believe that they are air tight and there is probably lots of food for critters in the bag.

        I do not do this but know of people that remove the bag or filter depending on the type of vacuum. |they then seal the bag or filter in a heavy palstic bag between uses.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Amanda I have been doing the bug dance for many years If you have bugs and there in the vac try getting some borax soap powder and sprinkle some down on a throw rug and vacume it up with your vacume. this should kill the bugs in the vacume!Borax is a nontoxic bug killer Diotomacious earth mixed 50/50 with borax is a real great bug killer. If your home is infested the mix is sprinkled everwhere in the home/under the cushons under the funiture the window sills then throughout the house /walk ways garage ets I usually leave it down 3 days using a broom to work it in the cracks etc. Then we sweep it up. The borax makes the area very alkiline and the diotomacious earth is a irratant/joint killer to all bugs . This combo kills most everything even the critters in the vac. I ve used this in craw spaces attics vents dog houses anywhere we can get bugs. Most stores carry borax,most feed and tractor stores carry diotomacious earth. Good luck

        • thanks a lot for the comments. I did try borax and all that. What I meant is those air tight bags, that you store your cloths in and vacuum the air out. So, they are absolutely air tight, I had to pay a lot of money to get those that do not leak the air and the bags are full of my cloths and so stiff they lean over my walls like stones. So, I am sure there is no air in there, but 4 months in that condition and the bugs are still alive. I mean the bugs are not as strong as they used to be, but they are still there. I thought may be absolute lack of air will kill them. I am going to try
          now 6 months and see what happens. I live with a minimum use of cloths and the rest of my cloths are stored like that, because I cannot get rid of them or donate in any store with that condition and infect others. But what kind of alive organism would live like that? That is what I am pondering.

          • dividingcricker said:

            I have read that freezing the clothes works. People have used these mint flakes in the house and in trash cans with there clothes in them . I think the web listing has where to buy them. As far as killing bugs with a lack of air I really don t think bugs need air to live!. Most bug guys use heat or cold to kill stubborn bugs. If you can see these bugs with your naked eye maybe you can figure out if its a common bug. This kleen green enzyme works real good on all types of bugs I started using this a few years ago look at the web ,talk to the people and get some ideas on how to. We use this in the wash 3tbs with borax and Dr bronners pepermint a little squirt. I ve been using this mix for years. We use kleen green as a 10%/90 mist to spray the house . I use it to soak or spray with after a shower50/50 mix . This enzyme is nontoxic and has more uses than I can mention. I could probably write a book on how many uses it has .good luck

            • thanks for the info. I have menthol crystals even soaked my cloths in those and bough deep freezer long time and tried. Still alive, nothing kills them. going to try alum, which might stiffen them, will keep you posted.

            • Amanda, what do the bugs look like??

            • I have never seen them, except if those that are the black speck looking ones. I once took those to the health department and the guys said seems like a mite, but the legs were broken, couldn’t tell me what mite. They are tiny, but when it itches, i look at the itch area very close and see a black speck looking thing, and i catch them put in a bag. that was my sample, got ruined many times while taking to the health department and then gave up taking anything there, they might think I am crazy. so, I do not see them in the cloths, but feel the crawl, when I put on a sweater, like 5 minutes later, when the fabric warms up, they start getting active, and I start itch. the crawl is what drives me crazy, but i can kill the adult ones, i can’t kill the nymphs or choke them.

    • Hi, I am a 34 year old scottish woman desperate for some guidance and advice. About 5 years ago I started having crawling sensations and the appearance of black specks and other unusual things coming out of my body. At first I thought I had contracted scabies and took my worries to the doctor who although couldn’t see any of the symptoms prescibed me creams and directions to rid myself and my family of these pests. This was carried out to no avail and they became apparent in my hair also. After many visits to the doctor and debates with my family who thought and still think I am going mad. I came upon a website discussing skin infestations and collembola. This explained alot to me about the symptoms ocurring through out my body. So much to my families disapproval I ordered showergel and cleaning products to combat this. Although this helped we obviously weren’t extensive enough and the specks and itching returned to myself a couple of months later. After moving house, diligently trying to remove this infestation, I returned to the doctors where I was refered to a dermatologist and a psychiatrist. The dematologist took a skin scraping of my hand and looked at my arm and told me I was to continue with the psychiatry as my skin looked normal and obviously had a mental health proThis conditblem. The pyschiatrist diagnosed me as having dislusional parisitis and prescibed me anti psychotics and anxiety tablets. Over the last 5 years I have suffered depression and have tried several times to commit suicide. I have been in and out of psyciatric wards which has increased my anxiety for fear of infesting others. The last 6 months my mental health has improved dramatically through prayer I have had a burden lifted from my shoulders much to my families and doctors relief. Even to the point he has let me come off anti psychotics. The collembola seems to lay dormant at times yet apparent at other times. This week it has been very aggressive around my whole body. Hundreds of white fibres( some hair like others dust like) coming out my hands. Along with black, blue and pink and rarer green specks coming out all over my body. There is also some red and silver bits of what look to be like glitter coming out as well. Just incase you like the medical proffession think I need to go back onto anti psychotics my husband, mother, mother in law and psychologist have all seen the fibres coming out or that have came out of my skin. Although they will agree that I have some sort of skin condition they refuse to believe that it is collembola or infestation. I am adament that I will not go down the road of damaging my mental health with worry and fear but I am determined to sort out this physical condition so I can get back to enoying my life again. This condition is very distressing and time consuming as I have become obsessed with picking the specks and white materials( which I am considering to be eggs?) off my hands and body and trying to kill them. I would be grateful if you could give me any advice> I know this is a very difficult subject.


      • Julie, I am sorry to hear of your situation but glad to see you’ve found your way here. Mr Commonsense has put together a ton of information…so look around. The most successful approaches to recovery appear to have a “Toxins out, nutrients in” approach. I don’t think you’ll find anyone here who believes what you have is delusional. You are not alone. Be good to yourself, Joe

        • dividingcricker said:

          hay joe i just saw a web that was right down your alley all about removing heavy metals really good site . i give it a 10 and a 1/2 . I watched 20min of the viedo but right now I have a job to do!!! I posted that the AMA wants to label GMOs , must be something going on!!!

          • DC did you say the AMA wants GMO’s labelled? That is a major good news!

            • dividingcricker said:

              The AMA wants to label GMOs YES I think there is alot of government web activity FDA USDA CDC its really hard to figue out but maybe the vote in california on the labeling has reached a level thats getting the government ready to be on the offensive of this thing. I m just guessing but If I could see into the future and the seed companys were to blame for medical problems I wouldn t want to be standing with the guilty seed companys. We might be seeing the beginning of this corperations demise. I think it will be all behind closed doors. Dr Mercola did a seperate web on it not on his medical web. I just stumbled on it after I read this AMA web . I did a comment on his web last nite. So I guess its been out there for a day.

          • DC, There’s a good article in this month’s Scientific America on internal environment and microbiology. Also, Harvard Medical Pubs just released a book The Autism Revolution which I blogged on yesterday…interesting in what is shared and what is not! I’ll look at bodybio. Thanks, Joe

      • dividingcricker said:

        Well Julie you have morgellons and we all feel it can be helped by diet , I have switched to a glutinfree ,organic ,sugarfree diet. Many of the symtoms are less with the diet change but I haven t seen anybody cured by the diet. I live in a very buggy area and have seen my share of infestations but like you know this isn t normal! I to believed I had scabies or some paracite infestation but researching the web for months and talking to the sales people of the scabies products they put me on these webs about morgellons. Were all in the same boat but this web has the poor mans prodicall PMP search this web and you ll find it! Some of the things are scary but we all try to help one another out. Things I tried with this diet are no carbs because they turn into sugar and feed the (sugar worms) So a dibetic diet is really what works. Eggs stringbeans oatmeal goatsmilk green vegtables things with very little sugar. As you get better you can add things to see if you react. The cleaning is the next step and this web will get you on the right road. Just try to take one day at a time and you will get better. There are many scientist working on answers all over the world so don t give up hope. Many new things popup here that help . Just the other day Craig talked about MOM milk of magnesia(bayerproduct) that wipping down with it stopped the itching. I just bought some to try it. I use this Kleen green enzyme. If I haden t found this I really don t know what I would have done. Well All the best just relax and know were all in this together.

        • DC, I believe it was magnesium oil that was suggested, though if one were strapped for cash I suppose milk of magnesia would suffice, though now days I would not trust anything from Bayer.

          Julie, if you or anyone is interested I will dig out the link to the website that sells pure magnesium oil and mag. products. And yes you are in good company here. Many of us have been called delusional.

          At times this disease can make you act less than what folks call normal. what do they know they have never had specks, sparkles, fibers, bugs, etc. coming from their skin.

          • dividingcricker said:

            yea sharon craig had mentioned MOM Bayer I know he did talk about M oil but I thought I would try it for a antipersperant and it really works great. I used it for my itching hands and that worked too! so maybe it would worth a try . At least you can get it anywhere.

            • DC, for deoderant try organic baking soda. Isay organic only because i have heard regular stuff can have aluminum in it. You probably don’t have a powder puff to apply it with, I just put about a teaspoon in my hand and massage it under the arm. It also works for itch. When my son had chicken pox after bathing him in it I made a paste and dabbed it onto all of his sores.

        • Hm, you think Morgellons is not bugs? I still think it is, I cannot get convinced enough to believe this is not a parasite or a mite, or a fungus. it does get in ears and under the skin, but it reproduces by itself in the cloths too, after you wear it once, since I believe it had a contact with your infected skin, then the cloths get infected and then, as a circle. I tried to wear brand new cloths that i did not touch before, and i feel just fine, but when I return to wear those, i feel strong crawl, because they reproduce on fabric and become stronger. correct me if i am wrong.

          • dividingcricker said:

            Amanda Paracitology,see if the local vet has a guy he uses . If you can get a sample. This is the same story many of us have told. On that natural ginesis web the have a biting mite slot that tells the story with these mites. There are 45000 types of mites if that helps. I always react to cardboard,wheather its the cardboard or what its made of is the million dollar question. I m not alone the UPS and FEDX workers are in the same boat with this allergy or mite! I wish I could be more help but in time it seems to get better. Whatever it is we used a 50/50 mix of borax and diotomaceiouc eatrh in the house and dusted then swepted in three days ,sprayed kleen green every day for months. washed with kg ,borax,dr bronners pepermint every wash . washed myself everyday with 50/50kg and dr b changed to a sugarfree diet . There are many theories of what people think it is ,mine is a nanotec bug that has gone haywire ,let loose on us and no government help is to be had! Were on our own. You have us and were in the same boat. Just remember somebody will be here.

            • hm, makes me think all the time, then what on earth this is. I just put everything in plastic bags air tight, whatever it is that breeds on us and fabric, or I would say organic, to control it that way, nothing seemed to help, when I was screaming out for help. My roommate never got anything and she stayed in my infested place afterwards with two other women, and all are fine. I seemed to be about to commit a suicide. thanks for the info, it is hard to analyze alone.

            • Amanda just hang in there it will get better, you have to improve your immune system as well as your environment. I think diet is just as important. Everyone had their own theory on what this could be, I personally think its a fungus, wether a mutated Candida or some other kind of genetically engineered fungus.. I think the bugs are in our environment and come to feed on us due to the overgrowth of this fungus they are attracted to us and also since we have a compromised immune system we our body can’t defend against it, but I promise it gets better, just hang in there we are all in this together…..

  9. Here is the link to the episode where the first peer reviewed published study on this topic by the same authors was deleted. Even though it appeared in a medical journal, Mr. C made the decision to delete it because as he puts it “it directed him away from his goals”. See why I am confused? And worried that my posts won’t last?

  10. I would like research to be done on the black specks, they never seem to be mentioned and they are one of the prominent features of morgellons.

    • Hi Ruth,
      I have seen a few different types of black specks. There are the ones that are tightly wound balls of filaments and then there are the black almost metallic looking pieces which I think we have a pretty good idea of what they are although it’s not confirmed. If you want to email me privately I can tell you my thoughts on this and what is being speculated. I don’t want to speculate or make guesses publicly for obvious reasons.

      • boomer2012 said:

        Cindy, I did not have your personal email, but I did sent an email to you at
        info@thecehf dot org

  11. dividingcricker said:

    Ruth They are not going to research black specks because specks don t fall into there field of endeavor !!! But If you want me to comment on blackspecks here goes! With a hand held microscope 12$ at any radio shack. It looks like a small blood vessel bleed. These sometime account for something called a bloodmole or cherry mole, They really don t seem to be any harm and people with lymes seem to have scads of them . I have seen these on people and asked if they had lymes and almost all have the disease. Mine have almost all gone away. ??? It took about 10 years and I tried several topical creams but nothing really did much. I think using kleen green enzyme 50/50 after every shower spraying and rubbing my whole body has cleared my skin. This kleen green enzyme must break down the protein of the morgellons crap. We could also be seeing the morgellons being expelled by the body. What ever it does I think it works better than anything on the market!!! Be well RUTH and I don t have a problem giving anybody my best guess!!!. PS 12$ I hope your interest lead you into great findings

  12. Stacy Strickland in identified the black specks as “fungal hyphae.”
    I sure with all these plant and soil entomologists would work together.

    • I agree, thats what i thought when i viewed them under a microscope also. Mix them up with olive olive oil and that will break up the sebum holding them together and then you will see how much they truly look like hyphae…or even better Hyphae loops.

      • That’s interesting Craig. I haven’t looked at the fibers or black grit under a microscope but Dr. Fry’s research on the FL1953 protozoa (which he thinks is a link to morgellons) tells him that it is a lipid loving, biofilm generating organism. One of the treatment methods that he suggests to starve it out is a no-fat diet. Normally I would think that a diet with no healthy fats is an unhealthy diet. However, this diet also greatly reduces sebum in the skin. I’m wondering if the break up of sebum that you mention helps release the toxic fungal matter from our skin. ….no conclusions here, just thinking this through.

        • Noreen, to be honest I have not heard of this Dr or his thoughts before, but i googled it and his thoughts sound interesting and I plan on reading more on his thoughts. It very well could be as he says, I am hardly even a layman when it comes to microscopes let alone what im seeing in one, I just know when i took a pic with mine and then did an image search with google, Hyphae were the best match.
          interested in the diet you mentioned as well and will read up on it. I went the route ive heard MCS suggest and took care of my terrain more than anything. ive been symptom free for 3 months now after 5 years of this, continuing to get healthier as it really helps.

          • I got good results on MCS’ suggestions too. I’ve only recently changed a few things up based on these protozoa test results to see where that gets me. Oddly one thing elimated while treating the protozoa was supplemental magnesium. Wondering if there is a correlation to using a form of it topically to draw it/them out…..wildly speculating beyond anything scientific here, so I’ll stop now.

            • Marsha, Tina posted a few months ago how magnesium oil was part of her recovery and I have since read that it works at the cell level in repairing natural function.

        • I forgot to add, I did use olive oil to get the black specks out of my skin, it worked great, but what worked even better was milk of magnesium. The cherry floavored worked really good for that, but was nasty sticky to keep on very long. lol the plain or original seemed to work ok, and it would dry non sticky and seemed a good barrier once it dried.

          • Did u put it on your skin? I cant take magnesium, since I think I have weak kidneys. Getting tired of this thing honestly.

            • dividingcricker said:

              amanda craigs comment was from a few weeks ago! he was talking about MOM milk of magnesia made by bayer. I used it for a deodrant,seems to work great. One time I used it on my hands for itching worked on that too! Your question about what it is! Nobody really knows, I have been researching this for 4 years everyday my guess is its a nanopesticide or larvacide that cotton and other grains and all gmo crops had in them. If you research Morgellons and nanotechnology(google that) and start reading. There are many connections ,remember its just a guess and nobody here thinks I m right. Just askin how much are you itching?

            • Thanks a lot for the info. I am not itching anymore at all, only sometimes, when I reuse my sheets or the cloths. The crawl is killing me and I feel like something lands on me sometimes. I itched in the beginning very much, I am just afraid to give it to somebody, my friends or relatives. I will be devastated. Where can I buy that magnesium milk?

            • Amanda, please read up on benefits of magnesium here.
              Milk of Magnesia or Magnesium no doubt has other stuff in it other than magnesium. T Pure Magnesium helps in repairing cells and working on pain and is not that expensive. It is in oil form.

              Also be careful what you put under your arms! DC said he used it for deoderant, pure organic baking soda works too. Non organic may have aluminum in it which we want to stay away from.

              Also the earlier post when i asked what the bugs looked like, I was only curious not implying the they were not real. I have seen bugs in the past as well. i have had this for seven years now. It does seem to get better and comes back a little less each time in my experience. But I am older you young folks have a better chance of beating this.

            • dividingcricker said:

              I bought a little microscope from radio shack year before for my fleamarket and yard sale stuff . I think I payed 12$ for it . I think its 40x .You might see this thing with new eyes. If it is a mite you could match it up with a web picture. In the natural ginesis web they describe many mites and bugs. Ive been tired of this thing too. Oh I have this and nobody else I know in the family or else has it . I think it under or skin! be well I ll check back tonite in about 4 hrs

            • Thanks for getting back to me. I feel pretty lonely, since this is something I can’t talk to my friends or my family all the time, they do not understand, even though they know I am dealing with it. I spent a lot of time on the net reading about this. drop me an email at amanda_afg at

            • Amanda I don’t think, whatever this is, is that contagious, cuz no one around have gotten it from me. However I m very careful, I think the conditions must be right for someone to get this, weak immune system, genetic predisposition, and I think we probably had the fungus growing in us b4 the critters found us to feast…..

            • dividingcricker said:

              I really don t hink MOM can be that toxic and I really don t know much about kidneys, are they bad because of disease or born with a problem . maybe theres somebody here thar can help with that too. I switched to a glutinfree organic sugarfree diet with limited carbs I did this besause our family has celiac and we have alot of diabeties. My aunt has a sugar problem and she got me to change my diet. I lost 20lbs + Whatever this is it seems to love sugar . Some webs I read called it a sugar worm. I read about this KING diet which elimantes sugar. So all sugar is bad anyway ,I use stevia for a sweetner. I ll check with you later.

            • Actually, DC and Amanda I looked it up and Milk of Magnesium is not recommended to take internally for one with kidney problems. It is listed as such – I looked it up on the net.

              Magnesium oil is a transdermal therapy.

              Tina, are you there? I believe you used Magnesium oil and found it helpful?

            • dividingcricker said:

              Sharon Tina went Fishin shes heading back home to belfast I think Well I was using the MOM on my body not in my body but I really don t think its to bad, MOM has been on the market 100 years My aunt is 90 years old and uses it for her irregularity, I use calm a magnesium drink. I have been using it for 20 years. I really don t know what to say ,only that you can buy MOM ant where ,you can buy epsomsalt any where I guess Im pissin in the wind here!!!

            • thanks for replies. I looked it up on the internet, and i agree can buy MOM anywhere here, I will use it on my skin I think topical is safe for now. Prior getting morgellons, I had chronic pains for 2 months and I think it was my kidneys, doctors usually don’t know anything and gave me painkillers, but then I had weird urine symptoms like bubbles in my urine and it was right before I got morgellons, so I dont know if I need to connect these two or not, but bubbles is not a good kidney sign, I just try to be careful. My tests came normal, but then again, doc never gave me a referral to the specialist. and magnesium oil? do you take it topical or drink it?

            • Amanda, the mag. oil is to apply to your skin. there is much info on the site as well as dr.s recommendation. It is for pain and stress and is meant to absorb into the skin.

            • dividingcricker said:

              Amanda did you always have kidney problems?I was just reading about kidney symptoms you could write a book. or two..I really know that a diet change can really help alot of illness I know we all have a allergic responce to many food . The worst are the grains wheat barley and rye. The really bad thing is cows milk and the off shoots cheese yogert and its really bad with the antibiotics hormone and etc. I have been living and breating this way of life for years so small changes are best at first. Just stopping high frutose corn surype HFCS . and the fast food MickyD ETC

            • actually my diet is much better right now. I never eat processed foods, or sugars. I do like bread I must accept, i eat good bread though. But I believe in all natural healing, for almost many serious illnesses and diet comes first. I did not have kidney problems before at all and I have been always pretty healthy.

            • dividingcricker said:

              Kidney complex VP nutrition I was wondering if the normal enzyme production to break down protien has been shutdown? what they call proteinurea I ve just started the look see and I really am in the dark as to what causes kidney problems. I just read about this protein and the enzyme problem poped up. The company I use for my enzymes is enzymedica in fla. but this VP nutrition seem to be a kidney specific deal. I really just started so don t expect too mutch to soon . Sometimes I recall things in a week or two and sometimes (bam) I ll remember. but I ll stay on it and i ll get back to you!

    • dividingcricker said:

      Just a thought Trisha, I had these cherry moles, skin tags,black moles with the black specks. When I changed my diet to a glutinfree sugar free diet the skintags fell off(got real red and sore) then fell off The moles went from raised and dark to almost smooth and lighter The cherry moles are almost all gone and the black specks(under the skin seem to have vanished! The diet (no sugar no glutin) maybe caused my skin to clear . Even the Dr commented on it. I also had fibers and still have them comming out of me ,still itching Much less but still there! I think there are many roads to this disease but my money is still on the gmos and their nanopesticides. I don t think they stopped using the pesticides they stopped using the silicone/polyethelene bollyball casings. They switched to a sugar casing that doesn t have a allergic reaction. Just something I read Somewhere!!! .

  13. Some of the worlds best mycologists have looked at this extensively and although some features of Morgellons may “look like” fungal hyphae, fungus has been ruled out. There has been no fungal hyphae identified in Morgellons. Morgellons does not respond to long term high doses of anti fungals. It could be possible to have a secondary fungal infection but to date, no connection has been made to any fungus or bacteria. Researchers see Morgellons as a distinct pathological condition. Some bacteria are very difficult to culture so it is possible that some type of bacteria could turn out to be the etiologic agent. We need more research.

    • dividingcricker said:

      I wish I had a better memory about what i have read.My rambling research was leading me into the nanotechnology side of morgellons. A mosquito larvacide popped up on the radar and I recalled talking to the Man who collects the mosquitos from the trap next door . He worked for the County Mosquito Commision a nd he told me all about this larvacide (LANGANEX) they were using all over the country and how great it was working killing mosquitos for 7 years with one application. This was applied with a areial spray one ounce covered 3 townships and cost was 50,000$. Most of the morgellons seems to be in mosquito areas or farm areas . Right! Nanopesticides cannot be measured unless you have an electronmicroscope. While researching I was reading about the seed coatings using this new coating that grew with the plant and attacked the insects through the flower of the plant . When the insect came in contact the insect would die because it was attacked through the intestine(WOW) All this was on the web but as I was researching they were pulling them down daily . Now I can t find much !!! This is attacking us Dr Don Huber , Jeffery Smith And Dr Mercola have all touched on this and just researching morgellons/nanotechnology will start you in a new realm. I KNOW NOBODY HERE WILL BELIEVE THIS!!! I SORT OF FEEL LIKE jim carey in the TRUMAN STORY!!!

    • Cindy, I agree we need more research. Given how little productive research has been funded, I think exploring Morgellons needs three priorities. 1) First the World needs to know this is a true medical condition (it is interesting to note which peer reviewed studies get into the mass media and which do not), 2) A means to diagnose needs to be created (though I think the condition is understood well enough to create this already), 3) treatments needs to be assessed to determine a best approach to symptom management/ recovery. You know as well as I do…too many people are still suffering and this condition is systemic. I’d like to see more studies on specific symptoms such as the fibers…but, first, I’d like to see the above. Thanks for all you do, Joe

      • Thanks joe. I agree. First we have to prove Morgellons as a DISTINCT pathology. It is NOT, as the skeptics continue to argue, a combination of other existing conditions. Then develop a diagnostic tool to test for it and only then will targeted treatments come along. This takes a lot of funding just to make head way in the proof of the existence of the pathology. Even with our all volunteer researchers….the scientific studies require $. A handful of generous people who have Morgellons or who have family members with it have gotten this research off to a start. For that, I am so very thankful. I have a horrible case of this stuff and that’s what fuels my passion….along with knowing thousands of others all over the world suffer as I do. We will get there someday but it will take a lot of time and funding. Once the first couple pieces are firmly in place ….the other pieces will be easier to fit…like a jigsaw puzzle. But the first few pieces have to fit firmly first and things that are plucked from the sky or outer space have no place in helping to put the puzzle together.


        • Cindy, Actually research takes more than time and money (proof= the long awaited CDC report on “Unexplained Dermopathy”). Research takes talent, commitement to truth, ability to recognise patterning, and willingness to share your findings. Sometimes it also takes the humility to sit down with others you may disagree with and simply share.

          My personal experience of recovery along with patterning I’ve observed through space and time suggests Morgellons is related to mercury as a neurotoxin. I am not a medical professional (archaeologist by training), but I do believe I’ve provided enough for qualified researchers to consider this connection. Glutathione levels may best assess a body being “mercury burdened” (testing cost around $33 per person, so a decent sample of Morgellons sufferers could be understood for little cost). Anyhow, this is my idea of a cheap, easy and potentially informative approach to Morgellons research. Maybe I’d be proven wrong?

          I like the research you’ve been promoting. Still, until there is a major paradym shift in the medical world’s and general pop’s understanding of Morgellons as something other than a delusion, most of the world will consider studies comparing Morgellons fiber production and curious bovine hoof growths as no more valid than those discussing alien bacteria (I wish this wasn’t the case). If the three I mentioned above were in place, there’d be all sort of money for all sorts of studies.

          Happy trails, Joe

    • Ok forgive me if this is ridiculous but, Why couldnt it be Hyphae or a fungus that is resistant to antifungals. With all the Genetically modified crops coming out doesnt it stand to reason that other areas of the ecosystem will be affected by these crops. Heck would not surprise me one bit to hear how a fungus was modified to produce a killer fungus to attack silk worms or other type of crop destroying insect. Oops it seems to like people too.. What is it that these mycologists say the fibers are that make up these black specks coming out of out skin. Ive got many pics that look identical to different algaes and different types of fungus yet they came out of my skin. I still think fungus, but im no expert, and would love for someone to say exactly what it is, not what it isnt.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Craig I think it won t grow in a petri dish? The last I read The CDC has washed there hands of this and sent it of the navys germ warfare dept. I just know its a hot potato and many smart people seem to keep passing the buck.I was just looking up magnesium oil and I wonder what the hell is in milk of magnesium? In swansons vitamans they carry a magnesium oil Dr Hendal has many products that are salt related. What is your Idea on how milk of magnesia works. Could you write a little history and use thing? D C

        • This is an old article some of you might have read this already …

        • Hi DC,
          Actually the CDC did not wash their hands, though it appeared that way initially.

          The Peer Review is somewhat different than the report we read.

          Apparently the CDC asked any physicians with patients presenting with all of the known
          symptoms to do case studies and I assume report findings to the CDC.

          I heard t Randy Wymore speak around the time of the release of the report. Dr Wymore mentioned to Ms Pearson at CDC of some of the irregularities that had taken place in the study. One example being that ultimately the only people that participated in the study had already been diagnosed as DOP by Kaiser Permanente.

          It sounds to me that there may have been a conflict there and this is why the CDC would not take responsibility for the results; nuf said.

          • dividingcricker said:

            I don t think the cdc is a agency that does any scientific research the cdc is just a wack-pack to put a face on disease. The government can, in a interview, comment that the cdc is on top of that!!! If we looked at cancer like it was morgellons ,The cancer disease has about 100years , billions of dollars research,hospital,xray,,100of thousands of workers ,runs studies you get the point/ and nobody knows what cancer is….???My best guess is they are milking cancer to the last dollar. I think I read a billion dollars a day. Morgellons , who gives a shit about morgellons? Everything that was hush/hush about morgellons was they were just waiting for it to go away. I don t know what that means but the 7year life of larvacides could be whay they are talking about…

        • Dividingcricker, I do not know why it seems to work so well, It was a suggestion from a friend to try it. One thing I wonder is if maybe the people who use epsom salt soaks for M thinking the sulfate is helping, I wonder if it isnt the magnesium in the salt that helps most? I know milk of mag had been reported to help acne and rosacea as well. (which in my opinion are caused by demodex mites). I wish i had an answer but, I dont One lady suggested that the mom works because it attracts all the water and acts as a flush to the skin, but I dont believe that is why it works.

          • dividingcricker said:

            Craig I always wonder If its some ingredient thats not listed, wouldn t it be crazy if it were aspertame? or some other toxin thing like the white dye? What symptoms were you trying to calm?

            • well for 4 years I had insane itching and eventually bought a microscope to learn I had multiple mites infesting me: demodex,cheyletiella,scabies and collembola or springtails. so mainly i was trying to control the itch and kill off the mites. someone suggested the mom for the itching and said it would help remove the debris. I had been using ditomaceous earth topically for awhile with no real relief. eventually i came across Zep hand washing soap with a E2 rating designed for meat packaging industry to keep contaminated workers from contaminating the meat, I mixed it with bedbugs no more from the dollar store (cinnamon oil clove oil, and peppermint oil in glycerin and water) 50/50 and used it on my skin and sprayed my interior of house and attic with 50/50 mixture of the soap and water and also I started taking a product called candida clear and one called black walnut hulls. I figured the candida weakened my immune system allowing all the mites to infest me (mites being attracted to fungus). took about a month but now no more mites and feel a lot better. I think the soap killed the mites and eggs, the smell of the oils kept ones in my environment from reinfesting me and getting my candida under control helped me to get my immune system stronger. But its all a guess what it was that has worked so well so far for me, but my 2 friends i got morgellons from have had it 10 years and are doing this now too and so far they have rid themselves of lesions, and are getting better cognitively,. but not as fast as i recovered. I never got the lesions though, just the fibers and brain issues…I think the demodex are what cause the black speck, their “debris” and eventually the debris buillds to a point it festers and lesions get born. LOL whatever it is though its working for me so far as well as my 2 friends with it. sorry such a long hard to read post.

            • Thank You for the post Craig. I am sure many people may benefit from that simple mixture. Clove oil is amazing; kills warts also after a few applications.

              Do not apologize for long posts, though I recommend that people break up the paragraphs with 2 spaces in between. Makes it much easier to read for old timers such as myself.

            • dividingcricker said:

              I think I got this in fla. but Im the only one I know of. I thought it was scabies and after 1000$ on crap that didn t work I ran across KLEEN GREEN enzymes . With a soaking bath 2x a day and spraying the house ,washing everything over and over again. In a few months we got in under control. I did use some of the mint mite itch creams and a few other powders borax/diotomacious earth. It has been hell to go through . I also changed my diet to a gmofree organic diet with no sugar. I was already on a glutinfree diet so the switch was easy. I have always been switching things up my whole life so change comes easy. The wat kleen green enzyme works is it breaks down the protein of insects so the molt sooner than normal . It has never failed me on any front. a friend of mine brought a skeebaal table home with bedbugs They spet 1000$ on exterm..with no help I gave them a quart of kleen green and they applied it a few times and havent see one in two years.This has really put me through the ringer. What ever doesn t kill you will make you stronger!! The sugar thing makes morgellons and lymes thrive, carbs potatoes carrots like carbs are bad. ant sugar is bad. Rice seems ok. I ate rice and eggs many days . It was my go to. I had some sores bad itching fibers black specks

            • I keep wondering about that saying you just used “what doesnt kill usmakes us stornger”. I wonder if it also applies to the morgellons?

            • dividingcricker said:

              Craig I hope and pray every nite that i ll get better. With all illness sometimes hope is all you have. Yesterday I worked 8 hrs in the yard and age and this morgellions is in a contest to hold me down. I can remember working 18hrs a day and going out and getting 4hrs sleep and doing it all again for a month. Tired, but always kept going , now if i get 5 or 6 hrs im toast but I know several guys my age just like me so 56 is showing its signs, I m 50% better than I was last year. Slow but steady progress. If I had a 8hr shift job I don t think I could do physical stuff that long ever day but if I had 4 and 4 I could handle that.. My work is very demanding hard dirty work and I would really love a easier type work. Everybodt here has muddled through this crap somehow

            • Hey DC, I know where yu are coming from on the physical labor aspect. I was working in the hot sun for just 4 hours for the las three days and the pain keeps me up at night.

              Time for some retraining whre less labor is involved.

          • I have been reading a lot about magnesium oil of late. Here is a good source for the oil and a doctor’s explanation of why it works. I am digging for another doctor and site as well. they both hae huge sales on right now if anyone is interested.

          • here is the other site that offers pure ource magnesium oil with another doc explaining why it works. they have a sale on now as well.


      • craig, i’d be willing to bet you’re right on w/the fungus theory, in that, what is said to be the best natural antifungal being, coconut oil has such an effect on my m symptoms,as well as the fact that early into my m symptoms a local alternative medicine doctor, that is said to be an intuit (sp?), told me that she was ( getting ) from wherever that m is a “fungus w/a parasite”…probably so, but it seems to me that my severe brain fog as well as brain dysfunction is due to a bacterial coinfection.

        • Yeah thats the angle I finally attacked this from. I no longer have any of the itching or the black specks from skin, or even any of the fibers coming out of my skin, but I still dont think im completely cured. I swear as strange as this sounds that I have mites or something living in my sinuses, or maybe a destructive fungus, something is making it itch like mad and actually causing erosion..need to get to a doc and play stupid and see what he finds.

          • dividingcricker said:

            Before I got morgellons a friend had infected ear nose and throat she saw a waterpick adapter to irrigate the sinuse cavity. I use a old waterpick with a rubber washer ,cut the plastic end off the tooth jet and got a small gromet type washer to fit pick and nostral. The new water pick I just use the handle with no pick .I set the water pick to a very low setting . I mix 12oz of warm water with one teaspoon of salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of baconsoda. Mix well pour in waterpick hold head over sink with forehead lower than nose This allows the water to get to sinuses. Its like using a netti pot but is easier to control flow. When sinus fills blow through nose hard. This loosens debree, repeat on other nostril. Cleaning the sinuses this way is a real relief for sinus headaches and infections. As you learn to control this you can close off both nostrils and the water will come out the throat /nose holes. The first time I did this blood and puss with sme really gross stuff came out and it really hurt. Adding the baconsoda stops the sting. Other things I have added to the salt are a few drops of iodine but the salt is very safe . A hour after you do this there is usually about a handfull of water still in the sinuscavity. Putting the top of your head on the floor will release the water through your nose ,then blow..Go do some nose duching. good luck DC

            • wow good advice DC. I never thought of using a water pik though i do have a neti pot. They work well on allergies and colds.

            • dividingcricker said:

              The one thing I forgot was cleaning the water pick with a small amount of peroxide evertime you use it, It is very important to clean the wand hose and container. Two or three table spoons of peroxide with a 1/4 cup of water should do it. I ve been doing this for 15 years or more and no more head aches. I do this evertime I get a real dirty job its a real life saver. My friend saw this on a web a dentist in fla had put up sellin an adapter to the water pick . I tried to find it but it must have been taken down. The pick that I cut off I left about 3/4 inch past the finger knob. For the rubber gromit I used a royal handle flush gasket. The kind of flush valve in public rest rooms!

            • Hey thanks for the good idea, I will try it. I just wish that I didnt see the “House” episode not too long ago where the guy was in the hospital with some sort of a brain infection from using tap water in a neti-pot. lol sorry if you never saw that one or watch the show, but now you too can enjoy that thought in the back of your mine. =-)

            • dividingcricker said:

              I saw that Craig and If your worried about it you could boil the water first or buy saline for a few bucks.I saw a new spray product that was like a arosol can with a nose nozzel. I m sure this has already been patented. Everything I come up with has a patent somewhere!

          • Not at all strange to us Craig. I still have major scalp and nasal issues, constantly experiencing gluey sticky nasal secretions. Years ago when still seeing a physician he, gave me a small number of ivermectin tablets and that night it was as if a mini war was going on in the tissues of my nose…creepy

          • craig, i would also bet that the candida supplement you took was what really made the diff re: m symptoms…it’s probably better to work from w/in to better address m symptoms.coconut,coconut,coconut seems to be speaking to me today, maybe w/ a little msm on the side.

            • I hear alot of people saying coconut helps, are you though talking about coconut to eat? Not that it really matter because I live in a little pawdunk town and I couldnt find anything with real coconut in it either to eat or as a lotion. lol 70 mile drive to Vegas might be my only option.

      • These answers don’t come from matching up pictures. Fungus is fungus because it has specific cellular properties that make it fall into the fungus category. It could easily be determined if this was a fungus by using scientific testing techniques that are able to detect fungal properties on a molecular level. Looking at similar pictures tells us nothing really…other than maybe a hunch. Hunches or “beliefs” are even far less useful than “coming close”. As my brother used to say “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. LOL. People say “I believe…..this and that”. In medical science these beliefs mean nothing and in fact only serve to discredit those who have them. I don’t speculate or theorize. I would rather follow the scientific evidence because that’s all that counts.

        • Cindy I agree, but on the other hand having gone to the docs and trying to get a “professional” opinion and being turned away like they do, the only choice ive seen fit is go on my hunches and speculation. I worked in healthcare for the past 15 years and when Docs i knew personally wouldnt even examine me i turned my back on the “professional” medical community. if the things arent hypae or a fungus and has been tested, well what then did they say it is? if they know its not fungus then they must know what it is or it very well could be a new type of fungus. Not trying to be a a@@ I just dont see how they can determine its not fungus and not say what it is then. so for now if all i have is comparing pictures and going by that versus nothing, im choosing the pictures and so long as the treatment I do isnt harmful, well im going to try it. I would still be a mess if I hadnt.

          • craig, ok now it seems as though you expect me to actually converse w/you one on one re: coconut (oil) that is.w/having m for five and a half years, i find interacting w/others doesn’t come so easily at times, but thank you for your reply. you know, you may be able to purchase the coconut oil on line or if you have a health food store nearby (is that a word?) so anyway, the coconut oil softgels seem to work better for me, but a word of caution, i seem to have quite herx or healing crisis w/said softgels.

            • craig, apparently didn’t proof read comment before posting, should have read… quite (a) herx, the anal virgo in me wouldn’t let that slide,plus it’s a matter of trying to stay on top of m brain.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Regarding the study of mold, fungus and other pathogens it is my understanding that they can only be identified by culturing if they are already in the system.

      If it is a totally new specimen cultures do not work. All off my tests that came back positive for anything were DNA testing. Traditional blood tests and cultures came back negative. DNA testing revealed several gram negative pathogens between my blood and dental samples. (old root canals – nasty)

      • We have something like 100 times more bacterial and fungal cells in our body than the human ones and this is on a normal day without being in a disease state. Yes, there are plenty of known bacteria and fungus that are nearly impossible to culture.
        There are other ways of assessing whether thses are life forms besides trying to grow them in culture. The molecular and cellular structures and composition etc.

  14. David, my black specks I have looked at with a microscope 2000X and they still look like black specks. I thought they would look like balls of fiber. I see blue strings, red strings and a very pretty light blue fiber but this still does not tell me what the black specks are. Wilth the micro my skin has lots of black specks besides the fiber ropes of a multi colour spectrum. Ruth

    • Ruth try stirring them up with some olive oil, that will break up the sebum that holds them together and you will see the fibers or hyphae

  15. I would also like to thank Trish and Cindy for there comments. Ruth

  16. I’m glad to see that research is being done, even if it doesn’t give us all the answers yet. The research into the cause (causes) and cure has to start somewhere. I can easily believe that some of the “stuff” that I see under a microscope is made by my own body. The keratin connection makes sense. I still wonder though, what about the black specks mentioned by others, the hexagon shapes that occasionally occur, and the many other types of colored fibers, especially those that move on their own! I still am of the opinion that multiple causes will be found and it will take a multi-pronged effort to cure it. If indeed it can be “cured”.

  17. I almost forgot….I have found the exact same black specks, black fibers and the clear eyelash shaped fibers in rotted wood around a leaking toilet. I’ve also found fibers in cobwebs in the attic. Personally, I can’t wait to learn what causes this and what can be done!

  18. Craig, that must have been a huge batch of spray to make enough for your house interior and personal hygene as well. How much did you mix up over what time period.

    I find it hard to get a good spray bottle these days. They wear out after a year or less.

    • Sharon, i bought a 2 gallon pump sprayer from walmart for like 15 bucks. I had a gallon of that soap that i came across and used it up over a period of a month, but it was worth using it. I looked online some and its like $75 for a gallon of the stuff. I think if anyone is having the whole parasite issues or mite issues where the symptoms are worse at night, well thats when you should be spraying and trying to kill them imo. when i finally did that at night is when i noticed the biggest impact. I think when they are hunkered down in their hiding spots it is really hard to effectively kill them, but get them while they are out to eat on you, well they dont stand much of a

  19. Sharon you are so right about that peer review. Doctors were encouraged to write case studies such as the one Middelveen and Stricker published on the 3 cases of Morgellons. The case studies will need to be submitted to medical journals and go through the peer review process.

    • Thank You Casey, I have been harping on this for weeks. People are just so battle weary they do not trust any longer. I find it encouraging that it is no longer considered DOP and that more than one approach is being taken in the research.

      I wonder if the CDC would now look at lab tests having been done for comparison.

      If there was a computer program to feed into they could come up with more facors shared perhaps. I am too broke to pay for all of the DNA testing I had done several years ago. I tested positive for bartonella (supposedley a lyme co infection) c pneumonia, mycoplasma and heavy metals off the chart.

  20. Hi Sharon,

    It is still being called DOP and it will take lots of medical education and many more publications and research to change the stubborn and stuck in old literature field of dermatology. Look at how long it took for h. Pylori to be the accepted cause of gastric ulcers. Many years and many publications. There is a lot of work ahead but at least there is some progress with the 2 peer reviewed publications in medical journals authored by Middleveen, Stricker et al.

    I still don’t know why Mr. C. deleted the first publications and John Berstinger made such derogatory comments about it even after it was deleted from this forum??

    We must continue to move forward with more research and with more publications in medical journals such as these IMO. That is how we will get Morgellons placed firmly on the medical map and stop the knee jerk DOP diagnoses. It isn’t over yet by any means but these kinds of publications do give us ammunition to use in fighting back.

    Mr. C. Please tell us why you deleted the first medical journal publication comparing BDD to Morgellons claiming that it misdirected you from your goals? After all, it was the prelude to the publication we are discussing here. And why was Beratinger so offended by those who do publish in peer reviewed medical journals. Anybody know how many times I have asked this question in this thread? Still no answers to that bizarre reaction to a peer reviewed publication on Morgellons disease. Please explain why if was deleted so quickly from this forum. The thread I refer to is reference in one of my posts above.

    • This is Mr. C’s website.

    • Cindy,
      No offense intended, please believe me. Folks tend to get too “self focused” to move on to the next step.
      We are all aware of how hard you have worked and how difficult this road that has been chosen for us actually is.
      We can never move on if we don’t leave our theories behind, expanding our opportunities to other folks knowledge or experience.
      This “peer reviewed” crap is just that.. crap.
      No one is paying attention. I always try to move along and pay attention to what makes sense and what works in the world of bizarro.
      My very best wishes for your recovery, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity.
      God Bless.

  21. dividingcricker said:

    Fatal Attraction or what ,,,I can t take it any more. nightmare DOP I M havin PMS or somethin Help me help me Can you lightin up or what . NOW I GET IT WOW sort of reminds me of my older sister I ll come back when the coast is clear WOW

  22. An interesting link from a person who gave this theory to Dr.Wymore back in 2006, but Dr.Wymore was not interested.
    (OSU has a big interest and obtains grants for both Agriculture and Nano studies)

    Dr. Stricker took this part of this topic on and is willing to consider a plant connection as he did previously with agrobacterium. It is almost certain that there will be a FOOD connection, We do know that it is making our livestock ill.

    Food/GMO has never been scientifically RULED OUT as a contributing cause for Morgellons. I have not read any paper ruling GMO Food out and what goes in our body, reacts with our body.

    I want to say that I appreciate all the intelligent people from all walks of life doing research on their own.
    It is something we must do for ourselves. Since we are the sufferers, our thoughts will better help the researchers come up with ideas that they may not normally realize on their own.

    • dividingcricker said:

      EVE I thought we would see the smoking gun ! what about the healthy vibrant country indian or mexicans who were healthy now commiting sucide or die from eating GMOs ,Their cattle/sheep die from eating GMOs. The investigation seems to be a little short of the mark. The followthrough isn t following through. He has made a effort but colligen isn t red blue and green ,at least on this planet. Mercury doesn t change colligen to rainbow colors. We have to face facts on the slapintheface reality. We are being poisioned with GMOs and there cousin nanopesticide. These casings for the pesticides ,silicone/polyethelene have been changed to a sugar and we will see a decrease in morgellons , They are just waiting for it to go away . In there mind(monsanto,dupont,bayer,fda,cdc,etc,)we will be just a DOP ,a foot note in the multibillion dollar a day corperate world Just my theory,a hay seed from S J DC

      • Exactly, no scientist has ever proven that GMO food is safe for animals or humans to eat. Therefore; it can not be ruled out as a possible contributing cause making morgellons worse and other illness problems. However; there is a whole lot of proof all over the world that GMO food is not healthy for animals or humans. We were not meant to eat genetically changed food.

        • dividingcricker said:

          In December Dr Mercola did a interview with Dr Don Huber . That was a real milestone for me . I think Dr Huber did the EU tour and many other countries speaking about the dangers of GMOs I really think as many others do that the GMO is the smoking gun. I still am leaning to the nano pesticide and the seed coatings. I have never seen any studies of the nanos that were kept on the web. I m sure a real smart researchers is writting a book on this. If I could get this scrambled brain to put this together a researcher could have some real fun with this! That engineer has a part of the puzzle but I wonder if anybody has a background in nanotechnology and its effect on the cellular/DNA/RNA level. With all the breaking news this year I feel that many pieces will come together.

  23. Harry Foot Warts —-published in 2005

    “Because hairy foot warts are bacterial, good management practices can reduce the spread of the disease.
    • Reduce the number of cows with hoof insults.
    An injury to the hoof predisposes a cow to infection with Treponema, so make sure that cows
    have proper footing and do not have to spend a
    lot of time standing or walking on concrete.
    • Provide a clean dry housing area. Bacteria
    need moisture, deprive them of moisture and
    you can reduce exposure”

    —-SOURCE: posted by Neils on Lymebusters in 2008

    • dividingcricker said:

      Switching the cows to a non gmo diet has improved the health but have you ever worked a dairy farm? When I was a kid I spenp 10 days on the farm and soaked all that in. What a learning session that was. The farmer was a family friend with 100 dairy cows , very clean farm well maintained! We went to visit a neighbor with cows /what a differance.Dirty stinkin not even a place to walk without steppin in there own crap. The farmer and being clean is the ticket to happy cows , his pastures were divided into several lots so he could maintain good graising and heathy cows . The milking barns were cleaned 2 times a day and the shoots were all nonskid . The feed was all grown by him . All I know is what I saw. Most family farms are gone because of big agra big corperations. We are going back to surfdom.I don t touch any cow milk or milk product! I use to drink it right out of the teet.

  24. Thank you all for the Intellectually stimulating communications. I have no theories or speculations to share but it’s understandable that many are very emotionally connected to their personal theories. There is a long road ahead in determining the etiologic agent of Morgellons but I have high hopes of dispelling the DOP dx and stopping the destruction being done to people with the wrongful DOP diagnosis.

    I wish that the keratin staining had been done years ago. It’s a start but there is a long ways to go before we’ll have the etiologic agent.

    Eve…I Fully understand that this is Mr. C’s blog. I have brain fog but not THAT bad! LOL! What I was trying to better understand, are the rules. I respect this as Mr. C’s blog but I’m still don’t understand the regulations. That’s okay. No worries. I sure never wanted to make anyone upset about anything.

    We all cling to hope as a way of making it through the day. Hope for a better tomorrow for all those who suffer with Morgellons and other under researched illnesses as well.

    I’ve enjoyed the dialogue but we seem to be upsetting some so I’ll be on my way. Thanks again as I have enjoyed the interesting communications

    Let’s all hang on to our hope and our sense of humor.

    Take Care Everyone!


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Cindy, no need to worry or go away. I removed the first post originally because it seemed like just a theory with no supporting evidence, I thought this later write-up was better. Sorry I haven’t replied, been very busy, I let everyone know why soon.

      • Thanks for the reply. I did not understand that when both papers were peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Is it okay to post links to both papers now? First paper was published in Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology. Second paper published in Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research Journal.

  25. Why do you leave Cindy? No one is upset, but you appear to be worried for no reason.
    Trisha does the same thing….. juts ‘s as if you all are “drive by ‘s”
    What is up with that?
    No one is passing judgement here, it’s called “sharing”.

    We don’t always agree, but if we did not there would be no discovery, no knowledge.

    • No worries Lamb. I am not upset at all. Just have a horrible break out, feeling so miserable and have way too much to do. Painful lesions everywhere. I have to use what little energy I have to do the essentials and as I’m sure you understand sometimes it’s all I can do to just maintain. This disease is horrible. I have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it and unfortunately I have not found any treatments that are effective for my case. That’s why I’m compelled to continue the quest for more research to better understand the pathology.

      I’m still not sure if this site is geared toward recognition of Morgellons as a distinct pathology or whether it’s designed to categorize Morgellons as the skeptics do…a combination of terrain or toxin issues.

      I’ll check back in when I’m feeling a little better.

      Ya’all take care.


      • Actually, Cindy, the skeptics aren’t talking about this being terrain or toxicity issues; they’re calling Morgellons Delusional.

        • Actually we have some of both and some skeptics combine the delusional accusations with “it is merely a combination of other known illnesses or disease conditions”

          • dividingcricker said:

            I was matching up some of those pictures in the study ,I tried not to but I just couldn t help my self, And it looked a lot like starfish. I started to look ar GMOs genes starfish. It does seem strange that these pictures look just like starfish. I know I shouldn t think those thoughts but maybe we should sometimes think out of the box. Like I said I just couldn t help myself .I m so sorry Just google the connection of genes gmos starfish . I think it is strange that the starfish gene is widly used in gmos. I know that your gang hasn t seen any connection but it does seem that monsanto might get it ! I will make you a believer,maybe not today but screaming and kicking all the way. I really hope you are feeling better, and remember were not biologists but were are forced intoit.

  26. Whoops that would be “just”!

  27. Oh my good Lord! I just read about Trisha and her challenges re: pancreatic cancer! So Sorry! I will pray pray pray!
    She has been a super charged white light in my life .
    I do actually know someone who beat this cancer so I am full of hope and prayer!

    God Bless you Sister!

  28. dividingcricker said:

    I know that GRAVIOLA/PAWPAW are what I would tryI know very little about mainstream medicine and cancer. My dad had prostate cancer and my research found this graviola ,his results we very good Psa went to normal 10 years before he died of a morphine over dose after a broken hip! I had him taking carcummin and a aloe natures factory a freeze dried aloe. I had talked to Dr Burzysinski in taxas but my dad didn t wan t to go to texas for a month. My dad was almost 90 the morphine and a hospital infection both of which were caused by our health care system caused his death! We should all be so lucky.. Well Trisha might have a few tricks up her slieve. I can t remember the DR who figured out the connection with pregnacy and pancreatic cancer but this dr figured this out ,maybe i ll do some more research and remember Lets all keep our fingers crossed and do alot of praying!

  29. How to make a Safe Laundry Detergent
    1 lb of Baking Soda
    1 lb of 20 Mule Team Borax
    3 bars of Fels Naptha Soap Grated
    1/2 lb of Epsom salts

    Mix together and just use 1/4 a cup for colored clothes, if you want to put a drop of peppermint oil, just one drop it will give it a great scent.

    For whites you can add 4 ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide and it keeps the whites whiter than you have ever seen them.
    Trisha Springstead

    Trisha Springstead

    Dr Mark, I have a great Doctor who is Indian who listens. Read about this is awesome this doctor in Arizona just got a 2 million dollar grant to study the use of common baking soda on Breast Cancer. Now who would have thought it could be so simple. It is all about the terrain and our diet and the Environmental Toxicity.
    I have no fear…..Cancer is just another word and God is Good. Wed I go through the whole scope have to prep for 3 days for this one. Uggggggggg.
    Love and Light,

    • Trisha, that is incredible news of the doctor getting funding to research baking soda and cancer.

      Have you heard of the Italian oncologist by the name of Simoncini? I forget his first name, but his proven theory was that cancer is a fungus. He states that every tumor that he looked at was white and fungus like inside. He treated many cancer patients with success. There is much about him on youtube as well as his book/dvd.

      Another treatment one can use as a supplemental with any other conventional treatment as well. A nurse by the name of Rene Casse cured many of cancer with her tea which you can still get on line or in most health food stores called Essiac tea (which is her name spelled backwards)

      You could combine this one as well, if medical cannabis is legal where you are; they have found that juicing the entire plant mixed with a fruit juice has cured people of more than just cancer. It is on the Natural News website, key in Juicing the hemp plant. This doctor in BC has had amazing results with juicing the plant. Including a 2 month old baby who had brain tumors. Mother would not accept the fatal diagnosis and started giving the baby 1 ounce of fresh squeezed hemp juice mixed in with a mild fruit juice daily. The child is now 2 years old and running around doing all of the 2 year old normal things!
      God Speed Trisha

  31. dividingcricker said:

    One thing i remembered was the DCA drug? that is being used in canada to cure cancer . Its another thing too look at .

  32. dividingcricker said:

    I was reading about this DCA compound The cancer industry won t even concider this DCA because they can t get a patent on it. The studies are remarkable shrinking tumers without any cell damage. It just goes to show you that they are not looking for a cure they want to wring ever penny out of this disease. I think I have most cancer cure books on the market . So many cures never see the light of day. I was reading a Book about inventions and read about Royal Raymond Rife I wasn t quite sure if it was true ,with many more years of research I have come to the pure fact the he was a hero that was thrown in the ditch so the ama could make all this money. The truth is in your face facts and you really don t have to go far. Anybody that is in the grasp of the medical people has a story to tell. Its a damn shame that we can t get health care without all the political bullshit were seeing now. I think if we could cut out the ama, the american thieves(government) ,and the insurance companies, We could get a honest health care system . There is way too much greed in this can of worms. So many sick and dying and the people in charge only see profit profit profit when will they see the sick and dying ,when its their family?

  33. “I’m still not sure if this site is geared toward recognition of Morgellons as a distinct pathology or whether it’s designed to categorize Morgellons as the skeptics do…a combination of terrain or toxin issues.” re: Cindy Casey
    “Now who would have thought it could be so simple. It is all about the terrain and our diet and the Environmental Toxicity.” re: Trisha Springstead

    Cindy, bless your heart, I hate it that you’re having issues with M! I have had another “purge” of M junk from my face this week, and it’s not a pretty sight. At first glance, the comments posted by you and Trisha seem to be contradictory. But is Trisha speaking only of cancers and not Morgellons? I have found that in my case, diet does play at least a small part. Too much sugar, and I am guaranteed a huge increase in fiber production. I also wonder what part insects and environmental toxins play in this. I’ve had more than my share of tick bites, and I had an infection in my knee after placing it on a queen yellow jacket. Then there was the spider bite that caused my upper arm to turn deep purple. ER doc treated it as if it was a brown recluse bite. These were both on my left side. Most of my problems with M have begun on the left side. Connection? Speculation? I’m just waiting for answers from all the research that is going on. Hang in there!

  34. dividingcricker said:

    I don t think regular folks know what to do! Were all just guessing about the cause. Like Cindy said “I don t guess” but right now we can postulate or be scientific and do some pontification?
    In a brief summery were all trying to be clean,eat well,hope the other shoe doesn t drop on our head! Some are using Lyme Drs . others are using vitamans and herbs, others are using saunas sun. And others are using everthing mentioned and the kitcken sink! Theorys vary from mercury,gmo.mine is nanotechnology, then theres lymes ,springtails fleas spiders I think you get the picture. Marsha were up in the air ,its a tower of babble that is full of disinformation and unintellagable info. that has more fiction than fascts but the government is helping us . The cdc has all told us were nuts so go collect your ssi disability and get a good plastic cup to collect your drewl. I can tell you If you visit the site every once in a while it will be entertaining. Right now I m just laughing at what I wrote I hope everbody gets a laugh at this !!! WE ALL NEED a GOOD LAUGH


    • DC, I DID get a laugh at “but the government is helping us”. Yeah, right! LOL The only person I actually KNOW who has this, has seen a Lyme doctor. I’m going to see him this summer. Don’t know how much it will help, but I’ve been trying this and that, that others suggest, and I think I’d like to get on a protocol and have a doctor monitor the results.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Trisha does t have morgellons at least the itch/bug/sores kind. I m just wondering if we all have a type and maybe a blood type that attacks everybody in a little different way! I was bantering with another person and sometimes it does lead into new things. Many more people are dealing with allergies. I m really believing that we all have been infected with GMOs and the pesticides. My research in these pesticides bind with DNA and attrack insects. shocking, I read this some years ago but this does explain many stories of the bug infestation. Marsha the government is so deep in this lie that we will never see any of this in a court . Read this GMO cover-up book SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION and ther is a Tom Clancey novel that mirrors this book. There is another book seeds of deception by jeffery smith that touches on the gmo harm in india but its a newer book. good luck Mr Cs site is open to coversation on many subjects just try to respect everybody.We are all human

  35. So sorry to hear about Trisha Springstead, she is such a blessing to me and so many! I heard of this doctor in Houston Texas, Stanislaw R. Burzynski. He has been sued many times by the cdc, wanting to put him out of business- he is a threat to them and the pharmaceuticals. He has cured many and by God’s grace stayed in practice after many things coming against him! I watched his documentary not too long ago. I hope Trisha can check him out. Much love to all. We will find a cure and be well again, I believe it with all my heart. God is bigger then Morgellons and the CDC. HE has a plan in all of this!

  36. Thanks for all the kindnesses. I am going through my scopes and staging tomorrow. I refuse to go anywhere but here on this planet for a while. I have too much life ahead and too many things to do before I die. I have seen so many and met so many good people with “Toxicity Issues” this is an outstanding blog. The people who have really been there for me have been “M” patients and researchers people such as you. I have to tell you that my BEST Friends have had or have outbreaks of this stuff. I am in great hands and have two excellent doctors who have also become friends.
    “the woods are lovely, dark and deep and I have promises to keep, yes I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.” If you get a moment you may want to read what my SEO came out with on the site. I am not pushing anything but anyone who shares on my blog, just as with MRC will have the respect they deserve and we do not share private emails nor do we share email addresses with anyone.
    I know I am a spiritual being having a human experience sometimes more human than spiritual. God bless you all for your warmest of wishes and love. Mostly for praying for me I feel the prayers every day and the light of your love and prayers keep me going.
    So I go forth with……NO FEAR. Thanks MCS, Joe, Pamela, Ramona and all of the beautiful well wishers out there…..I will come back stronger than ever so watch out.
    Love to All,

  37. Trish, We’re an odd family. We may not be the best-looking, biggest, smartest or most-successful, but we are pretty loving. You’ve a lot of love to carry you through whatever waters lay ahead (could be choppy or could be smooth). I’ll keep you in my prayers and you keep spending some quality time in the hammock. Peace, Joe

  38. Gotta love that hammock. I shall attend to it tomorrow Joe.

  39. I just got an email from a woman who I know, whose son is a Meth Addict and has Morgellons. MCS you were right about meth being the distant cousin due to the toluene. I do wonder how many people who are in detox or addicted to Meth have this.
    Just how many Meth addicts have this disease.
    I reposted this, not saying that everyone is a drug head, nothing could not be further from the truth but look at the bases of many topical solutions, ie Kwell, Lindane, ivermectin, ect are based in toluene bases.
    I sent this link to this woman.
    Thanks for all you are doing on this post, I am feeling good today it is a good day to be alive.
    Love and Light,

    • Hi Trisha
      Glad to hear you are doing better, just wanted to say when I got sick with this
      I was eating very healthy, going to the gym
      3 to 5 times a week, did not do any drugs
      Specially never even done meth so I don’t know if meth has a connection here at least
      Not with my sutuation. However I was
      Under a lot of stress when this happend, making me a good candidate for coming down with something like this, still think
      Hypertoxicity a big part if this so different people might have been exposed to different toxins to come down with this, so saying and linking meth to this it’s not really a wise idea as many of us never and didn’t do drugs…

      • Hey JS, I think what Trisha and MrCS are saying the link between toulene and Morgs.
        Toulene is in dental products, nail polishes and many others that escape my foggy brain at the moment.

        Speaking of brain fog, sulfur products like NAC and also glutathione made an immediate difference in my brain fog.

    I would love to see what the pet scan would look like on “M” patients. Daniel Amen is an amazing man and people can get their brains back.
    Much Love,
    Lots of hints on what to eat and how to retrain your brain. Most importantly his forte is in Neurobiology. Check out the pet scans on people who are addicted to alcohol, tobaccco, meth, heroin ect and the post pet scans when the addict gets better. This brain fog is in my estimation reversable.

  41. I promise I was not calling everyone meth heads and I think I made that pretty clear.
    Most all of my people never did drugs, were healthy, good spiritual and decent people who never did illegal drugs in their lives.
    I was wondering out loud how many people are in Mental facilities and who have Meth problems have this?
    Just so I make that clear.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Hows the woman of the gulf making out? Did you read all about DCA the canada cancer cure that no drug co will look at or that cancer connection on that web? Wonder if were all eating a chemical compound(like crack) thats in the food. I was reading that a police lab convicted a teenager for crack, afer they did several more tests , they found that it was identcal to prozac. So I just might be a crack head but I didnt knowingly take crack. If we knew 1/2 of what was going on I really think the whole bunch of the evil bastards would be locked uped and hung. Well maybe the AMA will get the gmos labeled and things will turnaround but I really am not holding my breath. Stay Well Trisha

      • So many cancer cures have been blocked from us in order for big pharma and the cancer industry to continue profiting from the dying. Here is another Canadian with a cure Rick Simpson in “Run FROM the Cure” He has a website but I am sure the movie would be on YouTube by now; just do the google as ole GW would say.

        Terry Fox must be rolling in his grave 20 years after his cross country run on one leg and a prosthetic raising millions of dollars for a cure.

        We need a Revolution y’all.

      • Thanks, I am truly doing well looking at the stressors in my life and the past few years. I really am truly happy, calm and don’t feel the need to scream any more. The above dividingcricker is an execllent piece and well thought out. Our water in this country is in a mess. As you well know bottled water in plastic is causing a lot of endocrine disruption and I have pulled plastics out of patients. Fragrance oils a no, no. GMOs from Monsatan dangerous. Toluene, Mercury, Iron and other heavy metals placing a heavy toxic body burden. Nothing petroleum based, if it says fragrance, like the plug ins and other dangerous chemicals they should ever be used in the home. Read your labels wisely because for every dollar you spend, you are voting for these products.

        • dividingcricker said:

          ANU water I saw your web viedo I will never think of water as just water. ever again I did a little research paper in grammer school on water using the national geographic magazines (cut out the great pictures) .Really got screamed at for cuttin up those N/G Water Water Every Where and not a Drop To Drink! 6/10/12

  42. dividingcricker said:

    Glad to hear you are calm trisha, and I was very touched at your comment. On another note I just looked at the number of hits we have had and I think 400,000 thousand I think that was 100,000 in a month! It really has been busy. I would love to sit in a room and banter about this morgellons until eveybody agreed that I was right all along LOL. It really is a tower of babble . I really do think that most people believe it is something very strange that we haven t seen before. Trasha when you get a little time look at that web see what you think. Well Im folding up for the nite over and out!

  43. Got Crystalline like structures coming through your skin well heres JOHNNY.
    Charcot-Leyden Crystals
    Love and Light,

    • Hi Trisha, the wikpedia entry was either deleted or not yet approved by the PTB. So having an enquiring mind it lead to all sorts; leukemia for one.

      Yes I had the crystals when originall ill and again 3 or 4 years ago when I became infected. One of htese crystals came out of my leg on what appeard to be a string about 6 inches long. No wonder they think we are crazy. Who can make this stuff up.
      Last night my head was itching like crazy, so I went over my scalp with a fine tooth knit comb in that area and out came half a dozen little white worms or grubs. I do not have a microscope, so down the drain they went. Who would I give them to anyway?

      • dividingcricker said:

        Hay sharon I bought a radio shack 12$ microscope It fits right in your pocket for yard sailing and flea markets. When I first noticed the itching I got that microscope and saw the black specks under my skin and the the fibers comming out of my skin red blue black and white. Stll remember the night I found the morgellons webs that described it with the pictures. Ive been alot of miles on this computer figuring this all out and i m still looking. I really haven t seen any natural reason to have these fibers in the dermal layer. Maybe the FBI lab finding morgellons/fbi saying they were polyethelene/silicone and with no known match in there data base. The only match was the casings to nanopesticides /bucky balls that hold the nanos. I m following this thread and it seems my only road. All the other clues have never played out. be well.

        • Polyethylene? Silicone? What FBI lab? What research are you referring to? Do tell. When did an FBI lab do any study on Morgellons fibers?

          • dividingcricker said:

            tulsa police sent there morgellons fibers to the fbi data base and they couldn t match any fibers but said it was silicone/polyethelene. The actual web is gone FBI so I guess there might be some crumbs talking about this but many of the 1000s of these webs have been removed or there under a code or something. I have found things under catched or similar. Believe me there were 1000s now all gone. The industry has removed there webs .Can you see how monsanto makes gmos or any gmo company has a viedo of the process? The nanopesticide Companys are just as secretive. There were 1000s of university webs on nanos in medicine in ag. in so many products it was unbeliavable. Now go to the government webs FDA CDC USDA the are all starting the study talk ,at least the were! The bucky ball poly/sil has been replaced with a sugar that melts in the body, I read that one nite and went back to print it and bamb ALL GONE. The company that was the larvacide co. LANGANEX the companys web has been deleated. used all across america. It had a 7 year active life killing mosquito larva. One aplication kills 7 years

            • Hey DC, The proper spelling is Laginex and if you google there is still info on it. It comes from a parasite found in mosquitoes. One of the bioligists, David Bell researching for the company was suing for the total ruination of his health. They probably shut down. Please see caption at bottom of post from google . Good ole Monsatan.

              Also when stuff disappears from the internet there is a wayback machine, I have never searched it but have seen old stuff from others. Polyethylene/silicone makes me think fiber optics.

              AgraQuest gets $2.1 million to boost bug killer
              [Jan 5, 1997] It appears the product’s price will be competitive, he added. One selling point for Laginex is that it affects mosquitoes only, Stroh said.
     – Cached.

              California Biotechnology – Agraquest – Pam Marrone Monsanto Information …
              David Bell’s was working on the Laginex Project and although Laginex (lagenidium giganteum) had already been registered with the EPA and a patent had already been issued by …
     – Cached

          • dividingcricker said:

            ok cindy sharpin your pencil google, lyme borreliosis:morgellons-uk the web should come up with a starting story about the iceman/lymes scroll down ten stories to Oomycetes ,this story will give you the nano larvacide story. This is not the original story because this has a pretty good protacal “cure”to take with the lab test to take. I m really excited to find this . I m really glad that my memory was correct ,the only mistake was the name ,its LANGINEX not landanex. I really don t know If this test and antibiotic will work but it would be just great if it worked. Lets hope so,like I havbe said so many times I m not going to hold my breath. If I could only remember all that 4year old info. it would be great. Maybe we really don t need to go there Be well everybody

  44. The Tulsa Police Dept has access to the FBI data base of known fibers and filaments. The own sample which was brought there by Dr. Casey and Dr Wymore did not match anything of the knows in the FBI data base. There was no mention of polyethylene or silicone anywhere in this report.

    Yes, I have read about the ice man story. I think some actually got to see it at the recent European conference.

    I’m familiar with oomycetes too. That’s been gone over and over for years. It’s not related to Morgellons. In the beginning we used to think it might be but turns out that it’s not.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Cindy The langinex is a compound of many different manmade things,and its a nanobot. The way I remember it ,Its self replicating. Its also used in the seed coatings and grows through the plant to the flower to attack insects. It was areal sprayed throughout the country in mosquito rich states. The Oomycetes are not really the problem its the bucky ball used in the making of the nanopesticide.25million nanos laid end to end make a inch. You need an electron microscope to see them. AND if there wasnt a problem with this why did they halt the use? Why were all the webs taken down ?. Why was all the research halted? It really seems to be in a holding pattern , wait and see ! . All I can say is were looking at the biggest mistake in history and it was probably swept under the rug. The nanotech industry is the future of medicine ,of industry, and of farming. They have really gotten off to a very rocky start or there on a path to kill us all (THE GREY GOO)look it up on wiki.Well maybe I got you thinking,maybe you ll put your thinking cap on and finish the story, I really think this is it.Its just not all of it. Hell Im starting to itch just writing about linginex. Cindy check out a product called PC I would like to here your opinion. Stay Well DC

      • DC, it is LAGINEX. The company is AgraQuest and they are doing business in Mexico now. Pam Marrone was once with Monsanto. David Bell worked for the as a bioligist and has been very ill ever since. He has a law suit against them and Workers Comp. as well as insurance company. See the link I put up just before.

        • dividingcricker said:

          Sharon I was watching the david bell ytube , well you are getting it done ,I was starting to think I was making all this up in my morgellons mind! Before I started on this mundane web I did alot of searching for answers . I have always known it was man made ,It was very new, and very or imposible to kill. My quest was what are the labs who make this stuff , what do they do I . I was reading that the rfactors have a influnence , blood type may be a factor. We the lucky ones, the infected are the people who have an allergic reaction. Well Sharon, Give It time to sink in! I think this is the smoking gun.

          • Yes and perhaps this is what is making the cows ill as well. We need to find ourselves a good vet. Maybe Dogtorj can help us. lol

    • Cindy, are there reports on record ruling out oomycetes? There are other fungus involved in laginex as well.

      On another note, I wanted to ask how many people on this site have blue eyes?

      • dividingcricker said:

        Sharon very good digging. I was told all about this by our local mosquito commision worker who collects the dead mosquitos inthe area traps. This had to be more than 10 years ago. Seemed like a great idea at the time. I had one of those lite bulb moments remembering this conversation and all I was researching about morgellons Was a very interesting ytube and another monsanto connection. That corperation is in everything. This gene connection made me think that if these genes are in people could this be the elephant in the room. Hell GMOs don t need labeling we just need to do a dna test and a lawyer.Well check that out and maybe many are already doing just that. Ill see what I can find!!!.

        • Do you remember the whole WEst Nile Virus scare? That was around the same time this poison was released. Mid to late 90’s.

          It took a while for the fear to spread to Canada, but I remember hearing a quick blurb in the morning news “don’t go out between 12 and 3 am that they woukld be spraying a larvacide to “fight west nile” in the city of Toronto.

          I thought at the time. How stupid. A city that size never sleeps. I often suspected that it somehow got into my car’s air system. I have memories now of my eyes burning so badly while driving the last time that i was reinfected; I almost pulled over but then became afraid that i would not make it home.

          I cannot work now in my field in accounting, cannot concentrate that long. I took a minimum wage job in a kitchen but cannot do that longer than half a day as the pain in my feet, back and legs is too great.

          oh well, could be worse…i know

          • dividingcricker said:

            well I see the connection so clear but I really feel there are many steps to the illness. This larvacide attracts insects,its self replicating, It attacks the intestines of the insects. That is the nanotechnology part of the morgellons disease,the next part is the GMO effects that seem to be just a puzzling. I was at a family dinner and we were eating a strawberry dersert, I brought up the fact that we were eating starfish. The very educated engineers and everybody that had at least 6 years of college were listening with there mouths open about the genes of starfish in the gmo strawberrys . Everybody was a little takenaback, the discussion was about GMOs and the effects in health many people are having! Its a relief to have a few people that see, that get it.

            • don’t forget tomatoes, the big ones with that have a very strong skin…fish scales. I did not know about starfish in strawberries though. No wonder people’s allergies are so much worse these days.

              Since my illness I do not eat anything that I cannot clean properly, especially strawberries. When we get our greenhouse set up next year, I’m going to try growing them in pots in a vinelike manner.

              Poly-keder, great material, quite inexpensive. folks are growing through out the winter in western Canada.

            • dividingcricker said:

              I was reading about a green house operation in ND that raised rabbits to heat the green house . I would love to try that but what to do with the rabbits Dog Food? I can t get a market for the rabbits I just know any green house is twice as much work as summer farming. The costs are really something that you can never count on. The few guys that tried were always fighting some fungus or market problem ,it was never a cash in the pocket deal. I guess if you kept it small for yourself it my be a good thing. I always thought of a green house just to heat the house and if a few cold frames would be great to start your garden . I have a 30×30 garden for pole beans . Its a time comsuming hobie,I did build a few of those home add-ons type green houses . If I did another one A inclosed porch with awning windows

  45. The Iceman is a fantastic snapshot of life 5000 years ago. As an archaeologist, I think there’s a great deal to be learned about today’s health issues by examining our ancestors. What are we designed to eat? What adaptations and mutations may have proven helpful for survival?

    I think there is also a wealth of info. available by looking at the historic documentation of disease, symptoms, etc. as found in the materials presented in Kellett’s 1935 article on Sir Thomas Browne and The Morgellons.

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