You can see Judas in the background, jealous of the money being spent on Jesus as he was stealing from the purse. When I see Judas I see a mirror as I’m capable of doing so much more but like so many others caught up in the trappings of this world. I’m sorry but I have to turn comments off for this post. God bless everyone and I wish you all the best of health.


Comments on: "Everything’s alright …" (5)

  1. dividingcricker said:

    I really hope everythings alright. After I talked to my sister about GMOs she was a mess for a week. Sometimes a theory is a guess. I knew a Dr of Biology,She was 91 when she died but she was one of the first biologists to study lymes. She had lymes 3 times but her mind was very good and she was very well informed about the disease. There seem to be alot of politics in some of these drugs,studies,and outcomes! just mirrored the comments she told me “they can make any drug or study sound great” The honest studies will come out and there are many studies in forign countries moving ahead without the influence of the fda. We should all have hope that we will soon get some real answers!!!

  2. rdechamplain said:

    Hi, you short text on Jesus ans Judas makes me think that I still have duality and questions about what I’ve been able to correct since I can make choices by natural laws or ethic. I look in myself and find that I have still not correct minor of more important things that remember me my human being. Now it urge to act the good way…thanks for having me look to those actions I have to make. Be blessed…Billie

  3. dividingcricker said:

    Well I talked to my sister today and she has been doing her own investigating . Shes a trash novel reader and she was telling me about the TOM CLANSEY novel that mirrored the GMO story. I don t remember the novels title but it doesn t supprise me that the story is already written. My sister can read a 500 page book in a afternoon and remember it. That always made me mad ! I m a slow reader , The same book would take me a week to read. Normal! When I was really sick and thought i was at my lowest I read a prayer in a Hanna Kroger book that is reapeated 3 times 3times a day BY HIS STRIPES THY WILL BE HEALED. This prayer really calmed me made me feel whole and at peace. It was my rock and I hope everbody can have a better day We can all use a better day!

  4. To be jealous of anything done to bless the King of creation,and the gift of eternal life is our base side isn’t it?
    Alls we can do is pray for strength and that the best side of ourselves will always be in the forefront.
    I understand stumbling – I have done it many times.
    The quizzical most beautiful thing is Gods forgiveness for a repentant heart.
    I often thought “what if Judas repented?” wouldn’t that have been a beautiful thing?
    I think this verse says it best;

    Zech ch13 v6 And someone will see Him in heaven(Jesus) and say “What are these wounds in your hands and on your side? “, and He will say, “These are the wounds I received in the house of my friends.”

    It is also written in the word that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins.It is immediate. I have known it and felt His loving presence and experienced His healing of character.

    This does not at all mean “Ok den man you go for it sinnah go ahead and sin on ” meaning …just ditch on your brothers and sisters and God will forgive you.
    Because God does forgive those with repentant hearst it should bring a humility of spirit,making you willing to forgive,and unwilling to be hateful to someone again.

    These things in our own physical and mental state cannot be done. It takes prayer and the strength of the beautiful Holy Spirit of God to teach,strengthen, and change us.
    Not by might, nor by power,but by My Spirit says the Lord God of Heaven.

    I think the first step of seeing our faults is healthy,because the next step can be laying them at the feet of the King of all Creation and asking for renovation.
    By faith accepting that He is able to do above and beyond all that we could possibly hope for or imagine.

    Bless you my brother ..always in my prayer

    • lftipton said:

      I was thinking about Jesus and Judas last night….at the last supper the Lord washed Judas’ feet. I had never thought about it….this is a beautiful thing to reflect upon.

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