Once the video starts it’s better to raise the resolution via the little “gear” icon. Even 360p is much better.


Comments on: "For the leper and the lame …" (9)

  1. dividingcricker said:

    Wonder how Trisha made out today. I know were all keeping her in our prayers. I ve had a medical condition most of my life. Its a thing you can accept and live with,doing the best you can. Trisha ,being a nurse has seen the worst and the best humans have to give .I think shes a stong woman who is doing all she can to be well , but a little bit of praying always helps. Amen

  2. dividingcricker said:

    Was just reading the AMA will back the labeling of GMOs Its a very new news break so I m not holding my breath. I think Dr Mercola Dr Don Huber Jeffery Smith had alot to do with this . It only takes a few good men to take a stand against evil! Then again it could be there only move. Many things have happined to monsanto that leads me to believe that all this evidence has pointed to a government and world shut down of this corperation. Well we ll see!!!

  3. Well, I totally missed the video! It’s gone.

  4. no disrespect, but if the video has images of people w/leprosy, i don’t want to see it…that disease is so disheartening.

    • I have cared for quite a few patients with leprosy in my nursing past. I don’t mind looking at leprosy or Morgellons. I feel like a leper most of the time. Have to keep everything covered for fear of grossing others out by my appearance. That is an awful feeling ….the fear that others are grossed out or disgusted by appearance.
      In the Bible days of course leprosy was not yet understood and they may have used that term leprosy to describe an array of conditions affecting the skin. ??

      • dividingcricker said:

        Cindy I tried a few hundred things on those sores but I didn t have much luck with conventional or alternitive stuff. Heres three things that worked the best Manuka Honey used with a little on a bandaid. This honey is pricy but it really works on the sores! SSD silver sulfadiazine cream I was married to a er nurse 25 years ago and I used this a few times on wicked skin cuts that were very hard healing.When I got these sores that didn t heal to well I resorted to other any means to get this. I tried SSd and it does work. This last thing works slower its a algae Pure Planet RED MARINE ALGAE PLUS. this stuff works great on many bacteria and virus type infections. I have been using alternitive type break through stuff for years and there isn t too many products that have slipped through my radar. When I started this morgellons I was already on a very good course of vitamans and minerials. Maybe this is why I have stayed healthy. I gave my Dr a list of my vitamans etc I told him that “now I can t sue you,” Hes a pretty good listner but he doesn t know what to do with this stuff. Heres some other vitamans that I think help Imutol, this is a beta glucan 1.3/1.6 it has many healing properties. Calm a magnesium product that is really great before bed my diet is a glutinfree organic sugarfree diet. Many lymes sufferers are on this diet and antbody thats sick is better off using this diet. I use cooking as a tool also. The organic foods with herbs are really a boost Well good luck with that list STAY WELL

      • cindy, sadly i understand, i have said that very same thing (“i feel like a leper”) more than a few times myself. i don’t have noticeable skin lesions, but i know what i know.

      • Nutrition plays a big part in all illness. The ayurvedic herb GOTU KOLA clears the bile duct including gall stones. A blocked bile duct is not only a problem with digestion, but bile is critical to the health of the whole body. This herb is used as a specific in treating leprosy in India and good for memory too.

  5. dividingcricker said:

    FOOD FOR HAPPINESS Tina your web is not entering comments ?

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