Something Silly


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  1. dividingcricker said:

    Maybe it would be great to hear a story thats happined to you thats funny or seems funny now but at the time wasn t too funny! I know I went through a few scares with this illness but now most days seem pretty normal. See what we come up with !

  2. this guy’s expression, is the face i make when a red fiber comes out of my skin.

  3. I was so used to my hair biting me that I ignored a bug biting my butt… there was really a bug under my skirt! ughhhh. scream!

  4. dividingcricker said:

    Sometimes we take ourselves to serious, I have a seziure disorder Ive had for almost 40 yeas and in the 94 ice storm I had stopped taking my seziure meds to see if I could. Well in the icestorm and blackout I was working almost 30 hrs straight in gas(generators) fuel oil starting fluid and the stress that is involved in people through the storm . I went home to collapse and had a really bad seziure. I remember my dog was so freaked out licking my face. I went to my dr at Temple and was in the waiting room in the neuroward, I had never waited like this before! The people with real problems were all in wheel chairs in beds all nureled deformed dreuling and couldn t even talk. So If you really think you have a problem and if you need a wake up call ,well Theres always somebody thats got real problems. So remember there are 7 billion of us on this 3rd rock from the sun and maybe theres another eye is looking up from some distant planet ,thinking are we alone. If I could only yell back and tell him ‘no you stupid idiot there are a few thousand of us here sctatching and diggin these fibers and specks and nobody will believe us….THATS MY STORY TODAY!!!

  5. dividingcricker said:

    MrC I purched a vitaman phosphatidylcholine/PC from It seems that this compound / oil can regulate heart cells to beat together. It really has many other healing properties autism,parkinsons,als,cancer,the list goes on and on. It repairs the cells in the dermal layer that is nanos thick that has all effects in the body. This layer goes throughout the organs ect . I m still reading and this company is selling this throughout the world with great results. In the web viedos it is very well explained. I was drawn to it because they have a way to remove metals and a blood test to see what vitamans I m lacking . the test is done by a regular testing lab QUEST. So next week im going to get that done. Well check it out stay well DC

  6. Ramona just posted a great little video on her recovery. She speaks with clarity and shares a great deal of knowledge. Watch it at:

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