I would like to refer you to several professionally written papers by Joseph Keleher on Morgellons.

Joe has written many outstanding articles on Morgellons, including the most exhaustive paper on the historical perspective of Morgellons dating back to near ancient times.

Joe has a category of his own on this blog that you can click at any time and see all of his articles.

HOWEVER, the articles referenced in the link below I do not believe have been published on my blog and I think you will benefit greatly by reading them. Please click the link below to access the articles.

Please see http://www.jwkeleher.com/morgellons-research.html


Comments on: "Three Must Read Articles on Morgellons" (79)

  1. dividingcricker said:

    It just seems that focusing on one probable cause really has limited jwkeleher. There is no mention of GMOs or Nanotechnology. He does mention that there was no mention of itching . I would think that mentioning itching would be worth mentioning. Mercury has many serious effects on health no doubt but if mercury caused these effects india would have written obout it thousands of years ago. Mercury in dental filling have been used for over 150 years and would have caused morgellons before now ! It does seem more logical to think that we got infected in the years after 2000 and GMOs have been here before the 90s but they are changing them all the time. I really think it is more related to the last bee colapse ,the butterflyes dying so what was causung that? SEED COATINGS and this new mosquito spray that has been taken off the market.The largest morgellons people are in areas where they sprayed for mosquitos. Can you tell me why this is so hard to believe and so scarry but the mercury is so easy to accept? We are searching for the truth or are we putting our heads in the sand !

    • DC I don’t think anyone ever ruled out GMOs
      Even joe in his writings points out to hyper toxicity and i think what he did to beat this thing was mainly detoxing himself, I think everything is still on the table and different people could have had their immune system compromised by different toxins to catch this dreadful disease ….

    • Hey DC,

      They are still using this stuff only they changed the name. The company is still in business. AgraQuest, google them. They call it serenade or sonata. Now they are also pushing a seed coating for strawberries, yum!

      • dividingcricker said:

        Sharon the GMO strawberrys have starfish genes in them . The agraquest product is a fungicide not the same product I was reading about this fungucide it seems better than flouride or mercury that was used in the past but I really don t know much at all. The funguni seem to be everwhere in product these days . I think this other product were looking at has been erased from prying eyes. Sharon did you ever use that kleen green product or red marine algea by pure planet or immutol ? I have been using these for years, well just a thought! BE WELL

        • dividingcricker said:

          Sharon I guess I was spelling LANGENEX and it is laginex, I gues I m not the only one that can t spell because that brain fog is everywhere.

    • DC, this mosquito spray has not been taken off of the market; only renamed according to David Bell, the biologist that worked on it. It is known as Serenade and Sonata. AgraQuest is still very much in business. If you google Laginex it all comes up.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Too bad I can t spell ! I was researching the laginex-lagenidiun giganteun human infection , theres alot of studies but I also read a fda site that takes laginex off the market with a few hundred of these types of pesticides. I don t know if this is just the united states or the world. like you said it is a fungus and it looks like a egineered bio-pesticided so we still don t know whats in the stew. The one thing I have been looking for are the dates on the web. We need to find the most current studies of infection or treatment. I m going to compose a letter to the head of virology and see if he knows of a treatment. Well I ll get busy on that letter but I ll keep looking Great work!

        • DC I have read some articles about some workers Beeing infected while working in the
          Lab on Lagenidium giganteum a parasitic yeast
          Like water mold/ fungus, ofcousrse Monsanto denied it but what if we get hold of the worker who got infected …..

          • JS, one is David Bell, a biologist formerly employed by AgraQuest. If you google LAGINEX his website comes up.

        • dividingcricker said:

          HISTOPLASMA CAPSULATEUM I need a little time for all this to sink in !

          • dividingcricker said:

            Sharon do you think anybody even read anything were talking about, that kaiser paper fetched me right up. I tried to put it out of my head but I really don t seem to block it . Its 130 and Im still rolling it over and over . I m going to mail it to this big wig Dr tommorrow and I see cindys paper gets some boost in another review so I ll print that out too. I tried to see if there was a protacall for this toxin but really didn t get far . Diflucan seemed to be the most prescribed and it has a crean to. but I m no Dr Tommorrows another day . We must be talkin another language because no bodys saying anything !!! DC

            • DC I m sure there are a lot of lurkers out there, as far as Diflucan goes I m on it again right now, I was on it in the beginning of my illness and helped me a lot. But it’s very toxic and had lots of side effects but whether is helping me because of candida or other fungal infection not sure but it does help in my case, planning to stay on it for a month this time if my body can handle it….

            • Yes I’m reading them…wow!!! You guys are awesome (sharon and dc) and this site for you all do…I’m pretty much a lurker, thank you, Teresa
              this is really good/important info, sorry I have a lot of brainfog
              and not making much sense

      • I’m sorry but you are incorrect. Agraquest’s product; Laginex’s active ingredient was the water mold, lagenidium giganteum. Agraquest’s product; Sonata’s active ingredient is the bacterium bacillus pumilus QST 2808 and Agraquest’s product; Serenade’s active ingredient is the bacterium QST 713.

  2. Hi MRC
    Thanx never read these before, hope u doing well, is there away to email u directly or privately

    Love and Light,

  4. PS the parasites are SECONDARY to Degradation of the BIOTERRAIN. Fact not Fiction.

  5. My neighbors kid got his bike stolen and I am going to help him find out who stole that bike and get it back. Some things in life take priority and a kid without a bike right now is my priority, time to take a little break from disease and pestulance.
    Thanks for the blog and may we take some time to do the “small” things in life and have a life.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff……”IT”s all small stuff” We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Reclaim your terrain physically, mentally, spiritually and get a life” by who knows.
    Love and Light,

    • hello trisha i really need to talk to you. i will only be in the states for about 8 more hours my phone number is 213 805 1587..and for any of you that feel like stalking me..go for it..the number is only good for a couple more days. trisha please call me . best, tina i will explain when we speak. it might be kind of important and i think you are the person that needs this info

      • Hi Tina, you could probably reach Trisha at ESPBotanicals if she doesn’t get your post in time.

      • dividingcricker said:

        hey tina how you doin whats for dinner? You been reading all the new stuff or have you been hidin out just lookin and lettin sharon take the ball and run with it? Sharon found all the good stuff ,I just got the ball rollin . The UK MORGELLONS site has some real great info the KAISER PAPERS that sharon found is really the nail in the coffin for us . Lets hope and pray we can get some better news on healing this crap Well thats all for now hope all is well , Over and out.

  6. Thank you for the post Mr C.
    While I appreciate Joe’s hard work and agree that mercury could be a contributing factor; I have been detoxing and supplementing for 7 years now.
    I spent fortunes on removing mercury and replacing dental work with very costly bio compatable materials followed by more detoxing.

    Unfortunately I also wasted money on stuff that only touched the surface. I cannot afford to see a practioner that thinks outside the box. I still have extreme itch in the scalp and privates and I don’t know if they are fibers but they move when pulled out of my scalp, will twist and dance if sprayed with alchohol and they are in fabric as well. No amount of washing in all of hte recommended products kills or removes these things.

    Anti physchotics were prescribed by one of the top ID doctors in Canada which only helped me stop looking at what was coming out of my scalp.

    Now I am dealing with crippling pain in my legs, feet and hands and cannot work so I spend far too much time on the internet conversing with the likes of us (lol)

    Mr C, has your pain gone away? If so can you share what worked for you?

    thanks again

    • Sharon I think a lot of our symptoms are caused by the neuro toxin or bio toxin this thing is releasing Inside of our body, I m taking cholesthyromine with some help I think there are other stuff out there to take to minimize the effects of these neuro toxins …

    • dividingcricker said:

      Sharon I stumbled on a pesticide site which lead all the way back to starlink gmo corn . It looks like theres 5or6 new gmo corn from another set of companys . Theres another set of allergies and I know I went down this road a few years ago but reading the symptoms again did ring true. I really think this same nanopesticide is in the starlink and many of the first gmos for animal feed . I really wont give up until I find the link! Thats where Im headed but I was worried about You. Sometimes I really get bummed out and I know most people really can t get there heads aroud this research. I know in my heart that we are looking at the cause of morgellons. Its just a matter of reading between the lines . Just remember that most countries will not let this grain in there countries,and langinex has been removed from the market. What ever gives you morgellons it has probably been removed from the market. Remember the Taco Bell scare and all the stores removing the corn products off the shelves. This was the same time they took the larvacide was taken off the market. There has to be a connection. Were probably looking right at it! I think Ill go on that that Oomycetes uk site again tomorrow Be well

      • hmmm, starlink for animal feed. perhaps this is what’s giving the cows BDD? just a theory. (starlink, starfish??) perhaps could get Dr Mercola involved as a spokesperson. he has such a large readership.

        • dividingcricker said:

          Sharon I did a comment on the whole thing on mercola this morning I get the daily news email and did a rant on there last nite about usa becomming a communist country and on and on , I m waiting for the Black ops to get me tonite. The idea that this is what causes the cow/vet/dog problem . Dogs were dying of this for many years this is why there are nograin dog foods now! So after I did this comment on morgellons and the study news of to day . I commented on laginex and Oomycetes the big connection. I probably screwed it up but I think the mercola staff can figure it out. In one way Im really excited and bummed all at the same time. I ve been trying to research the vet cures for this.There was a company in nevada calle n-zymes that cured the dogs of the problem and another in tenn. DINO-VITE I ll research them tonite . I bought both produsts but never used them for my health because I didn t have any problems at the time. I was thinking that a enzyme product could at least control the overgroth. I get on it tonite DC

          • DC, i don’t know how much attention Dr Mercola pays to the comments section. I meant more like sending him an email or calling on their 800 number. I get his newsletters too. He also has a vet that he recommends. I think it is a link on his home page. After todays’ article everyone will want to move to Vermont!

            Be careful about taking stuff meant for animals; our systems are very different. Also someone desperate may latch on to that and do themselves harm.

          • DC, I had a recipe for making your own enzymes from fermented fruit, water and honey. I will see if I can did it out.
            Craig mentioned an enzyme i think it is Vitalzyme??

            • dividingcricker said:

              Sharon the enzyme is probably like the kleen green enzyme. If you read that mercola web you must have read my comment . I think I went a little over the top but yesterday was a bad day. In the collum of people just below the no.1 cricker is the one about laginex . You should call and fill them in on what has been uncovered. I guess were not supposed to think for ourselves . I was checking the university studies (toxic over load or nanopesticide accident) something on that line. Did see a few fungicide drugs that were mentioned. I think we ll figure it out.

          • Hey DC, don’t feel bad about your post on Dr Mercola, about 95 other people apparently were sharing your frustration.

            • dividingcricker said:

              yea sharon go down 8 comments and you will see what I said on the mercola web Did you call them ? It could be important to them to make this case against monsanto ! I think you are probably a more organized in your thinking . I was never a good student just good with my hands and fixing problems !

  7. If you have a chance go to my website and read the testimonials on New Hope 2, people are wasting a lot of monies on things that do not work but I have formulated only for sufferers for this. I am not trying to steal monies or thunder but it helps and it draws the toxins out of the body. You need to read the work we have done and ask Pamela Crane, and others about the http://www.espbotanicals.com and how it has helped them topically it is not the cure but is sure as heck helps.

  8. Thanks for giving a link to my articles. The audience I had in mind with these was medical professionals. I’d hoped my efforts would be enough to get someone in medical research to look at mercury as a possible cause. Whether you believe in a mercury connection or not, those recovering from these symptoms are approaching the problem by reclaiming their internal environment.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Joe I have been trying to remove mercury for 20 years I really do believe it is one of the worst toxins that we ever deal with but what I uncovered years ago with this nanotechnology pesticide has the edge. When I was researching langinex mosquito control there were 1000s of webs all touting this new process,now you can t even see any webs , It has been erased from the cloud . If it wasn t that bad why did somebody go to all this trouble. This is the same cover-up they did with Rife. If you can t find it on the web you can t Sue/no litagation.Who do you blame!!! The company is part of Monsanto so nothing suprises me at the depth they will go.

  9. Detox, the skin, Detox the body,
    detox the brain and Detox fom the fear. I have so many reporting to me and they just need to detox in every step of their life.
    Take care of you there are free Non GMO diets and Ph diets on the site and you can get well. Just listen and learn from MCS and Grow.

  10. Joe,
    I have sent your articles to every Dr I know, your work is not in vain. Remember that. You are loved and you are wise. Even the health coaches understand the truth in your work and I get it.

  11. As I munch on Cilantro that is a great detox herbal. They are using it with other parasitic diseases.

    • It is one of the best for Mercury Toxicity.

      • Torpedolynn said:

        Trisha Do you think maybe that is why I grave Cilantro so gravely, is because of the Mercury overload? I think it is cool then that my body is screaming at me what to do next. I really pay attention when the body talks.

  12. This is great timing for me to be reminded of this, and I hope you’re right, Joe! The summer I got it, two events- a crown was done, and a bedbug bite. I still have not dealt with my amalgams, and it’s time for another crown or two. I will print out your article and take it my LLMD. And I’ll increase my robkellermd.com mercury purge, I think it has helped.

  13. As I was reasearching Charcot Leyden Crystals low and behold look what I found.
    After speaking with a doctor friend he said you may be on to something here but just check out the colors of these spirals.


    I hope this link goes through but One physician said the fibers are the livers way of drawing the toxing together and spiraling them out of the body.

    • Torpedolynn said:

      I could not find the chart showing the colors of the fibers. It had many things to choose from. Can I post some of your links at Lymebusters. We have a brand new gal there who just had a baby and she has tons of colored I think she said octagons coming out of her skin. She is scared to breast feed. She is really scared.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Torpedolynn Octagons may be related to bucky balls nanotectnology related. I can t give you a answer but this nano stuff is so small its in the atomic size but why these shapes show up in/on the skin is a real question.Many questions and not many answers. All you can do is go organic with your own food

        • Torpedolynn said:

          Hi David

          Thank you for the input. I was lucky to find only 2 of the hexagons on me and only through a hand held magnifier. They felt like glass coming out of the skin. I am so glad that was not a big thing going on at the time.

  14. OOPS the top link is the wrong link it is associated with shells and knitting. The bottom is the right link. Whoops.

  15. Cruschmans spirals not cushmans spirals. Whoops.

    • trisha, thank you for mentioning what the one dr says about the toxins being drawn together and spiraled out of the body via the liver as fibers,i believe that to be an absolute fact re my experience w/morgellons…brilliant doctor!

  16. Bravo Joe on Very well written articles! I have had serum mercury levels drawn at various times which are normal and I know hundreds of other Morgellons whose serum levels are normal. But I have not had urine levels tested. I think I have read somewhere though that urine levels > 20 are reportable to the health department (makes sense as it would be a red flag for environmental safety right?). Maybe it would be useful for the Morgellons patients who have had high levels to collect their lab results so that a pattern could be seen. I’m just not seeing the lab results that show high mercury levels. Maybe they are out there but I haven’t seen this trend. If we had evidence from reputable labs then I would consider that some strong evidence to pursue. I have not read anywhere that mercury toxicity has been known to cause these keratin growths although I know it causes a variety of neurological symptoms.

    Dr. Amin considers our sensations to be of neurological origin. I disagree completely with that because with Morgellons, the sensations are secondary to the presence of these abnormal products of keratinocytes and folliculocytes. This can be repeatedly demonstrated. The shed material from our skin is not environmental contaminants as Dr. Amin contends. Nor are the sensations of neurogenic origin. This much is known..

    I see you used my legs in the illustrations. That’s okay but when people are writing scientific papers, they usually gain permission first for all of the images used. Your papers are so well done, I am surprised you didn’t ask first. It adds credibility to your work if you cite the origin of the photos. I’m not complaining. I’m just sayin’. It’s all good and I thank you for sharing your work. I have to yet looked at all the references but I am surprised to see the multiple mention of Morgellons throughout history. Many of those old reports I was not aware of.

    Thanks again for sharing. : )


    • Cindy, I’m glad you read my research and related theory. The best means of testing whether a body is mercury burdened is glutathione levels (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrA5WANZVHU). The “Possible cluster” of Morgellons sufferers defined on the map in the CDC report on “Unexplained dermopathy” falls at the base of the Guadalupe River watershed near San Francisco. Given the largest mercury mines to ever exist in the US are upriver, the pattern may be a simple cause/effect pattern with organic mercury forming through time in aquatic setting (a slower version of Minamata).

      There may be several layers of the “crawling sensation”-some due to neurotoxicity and some due to parasites. Parensthesia caused by mercury exposure was well documented in Minamata and Iraq (in several clinical reports found on pubmed.gov patients describe “Ants crawling under skin” or “bugs under skin”). The article “Clinical and epidemiological aspects of methylmercury poisoning” (Bakir et. al. 1980) is found in full on pubmed and well worth reading; while the patterns with infants in historic Languedoc have not been proven to be due to mercury exposure, the documented symptoms sound similar to those documented in this clinical case. Dr. Amin discusses bugs as being secondary, though I wonder about internal “waking” from dormant state to animated state (Dr. Bruce Shelton shared something along these lines to me once).

      Sorry about not giving you credit for your legs. The images used by Explore! are selected by their staff and not me (I will mention this to them though). Please take a look at the Bakir et. al 1980 article. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Sorry if this is a little scatter. Thanks, Joe

      • so joe k, w/testing glutathione levels to check mercury levels, couldn’t we just supplement w/glutathione to aleviate one and balance the other…i’m terribly tired.

        • DrMimi, Unlike some metals, mercury serves no purpose in the body. As I understand it, the body produces glutathione which assist in pulling mercury out. When overburdened with pulling mercury out, we have low levels of glutathione. It is the best means for getting an overall snapshot of whether someone is mercury burdened. As a supplement, it will assist in pulling junk out of the body. I take NAC which stimulates the liver in gluathione production (it is also less expensive).

          • joe k, thank you for your prompt reply…i take nac 600 mg extended release (jarrow), but kinda hit and miss,but i will tell you when i take chlorella, i get random raised bumps that take some time to clear. i’m certain the chlorella is helping to rid my body of some unwanted something.

            • Bumps, pimples, lesions and such increase greatly as the body eliminates toxins. I took glutathione for a couple of months and had an increase in pimples around lymphatic region. I am still following a protocol from Alison Adam’s book. Like Ramona from Healing Grapevine suggests, “Flush the system” and continue a detox lifestyle.

  17. Here is more scientific research being done; linking a nano connection. If you have the proper microscope. Much of this is from Cliff Carnicom research. Doing DNA testing they found GNA

  18. dividingcricker said:

    Very good work sharon and at least its very current. Somewhere I read we were beng inoculated with out our consent! Well keep digging ,I m still searching Be well !

    • D; did you see the signature stamp on the fiber? This was taken from a 13 year Morgellons sufferer. I would not be in the least bit surprised that all of us that are unable to get well from detoxing and building the terrain which I have been doing for years now share that same trisome (extra chromisome).

      I was tested for heavy metals and mercury was the lowest of all, aluminum and lead were almost off the charts. As well as a Lyme co-infection called bartonella, C Pnemoia and Mycoplasma.

      We need to buddy up with someone at a University with electron microscopes. You would think that Randy Wymore would have one of those at his disposal….

      • dividingcricker said:

        Alot of things just don t add up with these so called researchers , they arn t looking to hard.. All the runaround no answers and joke of a study by the CDC just tells me they know what somebody did and the cdc is covering up the cover up. I was using the zeolite and diotomecious earth taken with alot of water .It picks up positivly charged metals and this web http://www.bodybio.com has a oral taste test to balance the minerals in you boby to help the body remove the metals. I put it off last week but I m going to get the test and give it a try. I reall y need a break for a day or two so I ll get back to you great work DC

  19. Thanks Joe for all you do and do so eloquently and professionally!
    Here is a gift of your Audio on your research, for everyone.
    I REALLY think you should become, or already are, an ‘Investigative Reporter’
    I keep forgetting to tell you I would love to see you grow that possiblity.


    Big Hugs and Blessings,
    Pamela Mae

  20. Joe, do you have links to peer reviewed journal literature about glutathione as an indicator of mercury toxicity? The You Tube guy didn’t do for me. I’d rather see some peer reviewed literature. It just seems that if we were so toxic with mercury, wouldn’t conventional heavy metal tests show at least a mild elevation on some of them?

  21. Joe, having given a lot of thought to your papers I have a couple of more questions. In order to pin mercury toxicity as the etiologic agent, you would need to consistently present the high levels of mercury present in all of us who have Morgellons…not just a few. We would all need to have the high levels. When you look at scientific methods …say like Koch’s postulates does with the germ theory..don’t you have to find the hypothesized etiologic agent in all of those who fit the case definition? And if we all did have such high toxicity with mercury to cause our epithelial cells to change to this degree …wouldn’t we be toxic enough to see some kind of liver toxicity or impaired renal function?

  22. Cindy, This study utilizes glutathione levels-J Neurol Sci. 2009 May 15;280(1-2):101-8. Epub 2008 Sep 25. Biomarkers of environmental toxicity and susceptibility in autism. Geier DA, Kern JK, Garver CR, Adams JB, Audhya T, Nataf R, Geier MR.

    You have some good questions. As I understand it there are many variables playing into how mercury interacts with the body. Some of us are likely more sensitive. Some of us have other metals and toxins which influence mercury. If the body is stressed could biochemistry change the species of mercury? Do we have a non-invasive means to understand levels beyond the blood/brain barrier? Mercury species and internal migration play part in symptoms. Chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, skin lesions, crawling sensations, and such are symptoms of mercury poisoning. If the migration of mercury is focused beyond the blood/brain barrier, how would this look in symptoms and mercury level testing? I don’t know the answers to all of these questions.

    Here is a another study which you may find interesting- J Occup Med Toxicol. 2011 Jan 13;6(1):2. Is dental amalgam safe for humans? The opinion of the scientific committee of the European Commission. Mutter J. In it, autopsy studies indicate how little we know in the testing of mercury levels.

  23. Thanks Joe. I appreciate how you are so easy to communicate with. Very refreshing! You have presented your theory well and I appreciate all the work you have put into this. Are you thinking the cow’s have mercury poisoning as well? But with BDD, they inoculated the cows with pure treponemes and induced BDD (back to Koch’s postulates I go…LOL!). I’ll look at the 3rd article and forgive me as I am a little slow with the absorption! Brain fog, ya know. Thanks so much!

  24. P.S. we are putting out a press release tonight..but I am not sure if it’s kosher to post it here. The 2nd publication by Middelveen, Stricker et al has received a rating by Factulty 1000 (F1000). F1000 is comprised of over 10,000 experts in the fields of science and medicine and they rate peer reviewed journal publications. They have put this paper in the top 2% of medical and scientific publications and consider it a MUST READ! Could the tides be turning? I hope..hope…hope!

    • Middelveen and Stricker have presented some excellent research and I look forward to reading their newest. Honestly, I haven’t put much thought into BDD. It’d be great for the tides to turn…at least in terms of the general public understanding there is nothing delusional about Morgellons.

  25. if you or anyone you know is sick with morgellons and live in the san diego area. please contact me asap. also any of you out there that go on the forums etc please repost this message. this is an important message and can potentially be of great benefit to you the individual morgellons sufferer but also the morgellons community en masse. this is not an effort to sell anything to anyone or a “medical study”. this is along the lines of possible (very possible) legal representation. let’s get this moving. thank you.

    • Hi I live in south OC, Cali how do I get hold of you….

      • thank you os reply to this link which will give me your email and i will email you and directly connect you..or just click on my face avatar thingy

        thank you for responding. this could be a really good thing

        • Hi Tina, I just visited your blogspot and this doctor’s round table was an eye opener to say the least. It included some top names including Dr Amin, Dr Steven Fry, Dr Klinghardt and on.

          Thank you for this!

          • the guy that did the take away notes from physicians knights of the round table convention take away notes are from “the better health guy”. i love him. he is the most awesome researcher. whether a person has lyme or not (better health guy is a lyme advocate / health writer) his blog is so informative. a far as lyme disease goes i sort of feel like if you understand what lyme disease is to the human body you can better understand what disease in general is to the human body. understanding lyme is what made me feel like i had a grip ( a small one) on what morgellons might be to my body. also sharon i think you are an an excellent researcher super sleuth yourself!

          • dividingcricker said:

            Sharon I found that Government site FEDERAL REGISTER The Daily Journal of the United States Government Laginex AS , This site is a caution and danger site but not a manditory site . Maybe this is why they moved to mexico? I also keep seeing all these differant names that produce or are in this loop . I really think that Monsanto is behind the whole mess. Just think if they contaminated the entire food chain with the spraying of crops . WE the (lucky ones the 1 in 100000) have this R factor that makes us the canarys in the mine. I really think that everybody has this , were just the ones that are fighting it ! Still looking DC

    • Hi there…I live in OC also…very sick and very interested in hearing about this, Thank you,Teresa

  26. Trisha Springstead RN said:


    Great Blog from Dr Mark.
    Trisha Springstead RN

    • dividingcricker said:

      Hows the woman of the gulf doing? really great blogg. Ill have to read the blogg a few times to get it stuck! Did you have time to go over the http://www.bodybio.com site ? I bought the minerials and taste kit last friday ,it seems like a little different way to remove mercury/toxic metals. There seems to be so many health connection to metals. Over the years ,so many things are mentioned but not really brought up until a really bad health concern happins. I ve been very proactive in removing metals there should be a test done (broad spectrum toxin test) every year or two. In waterconditionind this test is done for about 400$ for new wells or to get a C/O . If only it were that easy. stay well.

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