The Charles E. Holman Foundation Announces Research Publication Honored Among Top 2%

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

A recent study of Morgellons disease has been cited as a “must read” by the Faculty of 1000 (F1000). The article entitled “Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study”, by MJ Middelveen, EH Rasmussen, DG Kahn and RB Stricker, was published in the open-access online Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research. Three of the authors, including the principal investigator, serve without compensation on the Advisory Boards of The Charles E. Holman Foundation.

F1000 is a global community of over 10,000 experts who select, rate and evaluate the very best articles in biology and medicine. The service is widely used to find significant new research articles, and the inclusion of the Morgellons article places the work in the top 2% of published articles in these fields. The study evaluation can be accessed at the F1000 website (

In 2011, veterinary microbiologist Marianne J. Middelveen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and internist Raphael B. Stricker, MD published a study documenting similarities between Morgellons disease and a veterinary illness known as bovine digital dermatitis (BDD) that causes lameness, decreased milk production, weight loss, and skin lesions near the hooves of affected cattle. That study revealed that the unusual fibers seen in the animal disease were similar to those seen in and under the skin of people worldwide who suffer from Morgellons disease. The new study confirms that Morgellons disease is not a delusional illness, as some in the medical community maintain.

The latest findings confirm that fibers from both bovine and human samples were similar in formation at the cellular level and had the chemical and physical properties of keratin. The keratin composition of filaments from humans was confirmed by immunohistological staining with antibodies specific for human keratins. Fibers from human patients were found to be biological in origin and are produced by keratinocytes in epithelial and follicular tissues. The findings are consistent with the 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publication stating that over 80% of non-biopsy material taken from patients had a protein composition.

“This study puts the final nail in the coffin of delusional disease that these patients have been labeled with,” stated Dr. Stricker. “It proves that Morgellons disease is a physiologic illness. From here on, scientists will be able to move forward in finding a cause and a cure.”

The Charles E. Holman Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization committed to advocacy and philanthropy in the fight against Morgellons disease. The foundation was named for Charles E. Holman, a pioneer in the fight against Morgellons disease. The Charles E. Holman Foundation is based in Austin, Texas and is led by Executive Director, Cindy Casey Holman, R.N.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact Ms. Cindy Casey-Holman, R.N.

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  1. I posted a link to this on my blog as well. This is worthy of more press than the CDCs report. It needs to go viral!

  2. dividingcricker said:

    Praise the lord Im going to send a copy to my Dr. We really need to take that DOP off the chart. Sharon and I have have found the link in a paper written by Kaiser/Biotechnology . The post is written on one of Sharons comments on the last web The company that designed this product is Agraquest a monsanto off shoot . The offending biopesticide is laginex has been linked to all the symptoms of morgellons. The linking /offender lagenidium giganteum has been the center of many studies. It seems that the Oomycetes were used to make a pesticide / seed coating (Laginex) . There are still many unanswered Questions to this horror, how many other products are in this compound but on the bright side litagation is on going and it seem that laginex has been toned down. It also seem that the government made them take it off the market but stock still on the market could be used. Sharon uncovered many sites but years ago I remembered all about this connection with this product ,I just didn t spell it right. Our local mosquito control told me how it worked and I linked it to this disease. I know That in my heart this is it, Believe it or not .DC

  3. It made it to the San Francisco Chronicle
    But I agree with Joe in that it needs to go viral!
    The evidence is mounting to an irrefutable level!

    • I sent it to my Infectious Disease Doctor (the top man in Canada). He thanked me though I do not know what his take on it is. When I first saw him 5 years ago I think he had trouble with the term Morgellons (not sure). I was such a mess at the time. He prescribed resperidone (sic); it did stop me obsessing though it did nothing for the Morg. symptoms. I stopped taking it once I realized I still had M.
      Perhaps dermatoalogists will stop playing psychiatrist now and give up the DOP diagnosis.

    • Well Cindy, they posted the study in
      and there is a Morgellons Research Fundraiser in LA in August check it out (Mr C perhaps you can pos this)? proceeds go to morgellons Research
      and here is the research being posted in

  4. Facebook, Tweet, share!! Let’s get it out there!

  5. Katherine Kerry said:


    Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Common Sense. I am newly diagnosed and being
    treated by a well-known Morgellons expert. I am already feeling better after just
    6 weeks. I have been sick so long with tick-borne illnesses that I do have great
    confidence that this will ever go away completely but it’s great to feel better and
    your blog has been very helpful.

    Having read the article above, I went reading about bovine digital dermatitis and
    found the artilce below. This may be old news to you since the study was done
    in 1996 but I wanted to make sure you had seen it. It is called Spriochete-Associated
    Bovine Digital Dermatitis.

    • Katherine Kerry please share with us who the Morgellons expert is and what the treatment course is.

      • Katherine Kerry said:

        Hi Sharon & Lisa,

        I am sorry I didn’t check back after I posted my message. I am
        seeing Dr. Ginger Savely who now has an office in Washington, DC.
        She is a nurse practitioner who has written several articles on Morgellons.
        I have been being treated by her for three months and the most significant
        changes have been a huge decrease in brain fog and daily inflammations.
        The hair all over my body is affected and I have had one lesion and many
        extensive rashes. She has me on Biaxin, Ceftin, Zithromax, Mepron and
        Artemesinin. I
        was diagnosed with late stage Lyme and Babesia 11 years ago and have
        had some intervening years of pretty good health but haven’t been this
        sick in 11 years. I started getting Morg. symptoms about a year a so ago.
        I still feel pretty sick and depressed. I just started Lexapro. We’ll see how
        that goes.

    • Katherine, who is the doc you are seeing? Please share. Thanks.

  6. dividingcricker said:

    I just posted it on Dr Mercola they usually get about 300,000 views a day , I think Tina was suppose to get back today. Are you back Tina ? Where u at!

    • DC, i sae you on FB last night, I see Tina posts there as well. We should post this study there as well, yes?

  7. Thank You Cindy for making this possible.

  8. Trisha Springstead said:

    Thanks for sharing, am now sharing.

  9. Thank you all. Yes, we need to spread it far and wide. I saw that an Albany, NY paper picked it up as did San Antonio, I’m so sleepy right now but Joe os so right. We need to post, tweet, twitter, link, share on FB and use this social media to our advantage! Also someone should post it under the media on the CDC site where they have all of their media. The CDC and Mayo will certainly not have the last word on the Morgellons topic because we are collectively going to get this recognized and placed firmly on the medical map!

    Thank you Mr. Commonsense for posting this. Thank you SO MUCH! I feel like we are all gaining a better understanding of each other and our common goals and it’s a good feeling. Let’s roll!


    • Hey Cindy, A thought just occured to me that we should send this report to every dermatolgist and md that diagnosed as delusional!!

    • just in case foks did not click before; here is a brief summary of the Morgellon Study 1000 Morgellons Study Cited by Faculty of 1000as posted in website

      June 19, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco’s leading newspaper)

      A recent study of Morgellons disease has been cited as a “must read” by the Faculty of 1000 (F1000). The article entitled “Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study”, by MJ Middelveen, EH Rasmussen, DG Kahn and RB Stricker, was published in the open-access online Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research. In 2011, veterinary microbiologist Marianne J. Middelveen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and internist Raphael B. Stricker, MD published a study documenting similarities between Morgellons disease and a veterinary illness known as bovine digital dermatitis (BDD) that causes lameness, decreased milk production, weight loss, and skin lesions near the hooves of affected cattle. That study revealed that the unusual fibers seen in the animal disease were similar to those seen in and under the skin of people worldwide who suffer from Morgellons disease. The new study confirms that Morgellons disease is not a delusional illness, as some in the medical community maintain. The latest findings confirm that fibers from both bovine and human samples were similar in formation at the cellular level and had the chemical and physical properties of keratin. Fibers from human patients were found to be biological in origin and are produced by keratinocytes in epithelial and follicular tissues. “This study puts the final nail in the coffin of delusional disease that these patients have been labeled with,” stated Dr. Stricker. “It proves that Morgellons disease is a physiologic illness. From here on, scientists will be able to move forward in finding a cause and a cure.”

      Note: To read this important study on Morgellons Disease, click here. For key reports from reliable sources on important health issues, click here.

      if links do not work, copy and past into your browser, thank you all.

  10. P.S. please forgive my typos and potential insertions of words that may or may not make much sense. This iPad has a mind of it’s own (sometimes it’s delusional…LOL). I’ve had bad computer issues going on so the iPad is my only www communication for now and I am really not all that familiar with it.
    Thanks for understanding!


    • dividingcricker said:

      I just emailed sanja gupta at cnn on the study I m mailing one to the head of virology in our state tomorrow . I still think its connected with this Laginex and monsanto. Its just a matter of time until the truth comes to light . I guess were fighting this together so I hope we can at least be civil LOL DC

  11. Rollande de Champlain said:

    Good day Mr Common Sense, Thanks you very much for the precious info about findings of researchers on fibers of morgellons. This will permit to go ahead for extended researchs. God bless you for being there for sufferers and giving good news and hope to them… Billie

  12. If biopsies have confirmed the presence of spirochetal organisms
    in animals with bovine digital dermatitus, which I believe is done by
    simple Gram staining, then my natural question is why hasn’t someone
    done this in the poor humans with Morgellons and therefore solve the
    big mystery and become famous in the Medical world?

    • JLee, Perhaps because they are cash cows! Lowered milk production equals lowered revenue. Where we humans are a drain on the medical system.

      • dividingcricker said:

        SHaron SHARON**** Phycomycosis in dogs or Oomycosis a new vaccine is being used with good results ,its a algae type or mould by it has its own slot in life . I just looked under lagenidium giganteum so much info on that on mosquitos .There are alot of infections in dogs down south but it does go where they sprayed farm fields . We ll figure it out . I m going to check this ELISA blood test and this vaccine. for Oomycosis I can see the light !!!

        • DC, from what i understand the oomycotes are little tiny eggs found in the slime mould….ich

          Unfortunately, I believe that we are dealing with a combination of things; dependent upon your georgraphic location.

          Have you gone to Jan Smith’s website ?

          • dividingcricker said:

            yea, that site has been up for 3 or 4 years Its really got some great shots of fibers This lagenidium giganteum is all related to Oomycetes and the vets are call it Oomycosis or Phycomycosis and laginex is made from this mould algea.

  13. sooooo…what about the idea that seemed to come from trisha s. some time back w/ the possible correlation between the gulf oil spill and a bacterium that is said to be lab designed to eat the oil. one poster said she was told by a doctor that m is a lipid loving organism. ya’ll w/me?

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Drmimi
      I am with you on that one. It all still points to hyper toxicity and then all the tag along that jump on board are different with people. Like some getting Lyme from all the bug bites. I know 2 people who have bugs but have horrible lesions with lots of fibers. They feel no crawling or biting yet the pain of all the huge sores with all the garbage coming out. So this cow thing that has come on board to me it another tag along when suffering from hyper toxicity. Even now the thing I am learning about with the dentist and spirochetes they are finding to me still stems from hyper toxicity. But I can see that if we defeat the hyper toxicity some of the tag alongs may take longer to resolve then the issue that got us into this mess. Just my thoughts.

      In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

  14. This is awesome and so encouraging!!!!!! There IS hope, thank you Jesus! I will continue to pray and pass this on where I can!

  15. Such wonderful comments from all of you! I did want to say that unfortunately spirochetes are more difficult to test for than a gram stain. That is why it is so difficult to diagnose Lyme and there really is no definitive test for Lyme.

    Yep, we are all in this together and have a huge common goal in getting this recognized and better understood and a huge interest in getting ourselves well.

    Thanks to all of you. The bonding is great. And Sharon…I like the idea of sending it to those derms. Can’t wait until the day we can serve them a chilled platter of crow! : )


    • This study will be posted in a great news service I get called
      It is put out by a wonderful fellow named Fred Burks who was once an official interpreter for Bill Clinton, HW Bush and resigned under GW. Fred will probably write up a nice little intro. I told him that I would pass the publication onto our community. Good for us and possibly an increased circulation for them.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Cindy After things cool down a real look at lymes testing should be given another view. One of the first researchers Dr Emma Allen said that lymes could be studied very easy with a dark field microscope and she could never understand why these new tests were even used? Dr allen passed away last year . She was a great friend and sadly missed. It really does seem strange that a microscope is a threat to the big pharma corperations. It also seems strange that the Drs are even scared to treat lymes . Maybe I am not knowledgable enough to comment on the testing but there are may things here that don t add up. I know one step at a time . I live in a town that has probably 100% infection rate and 0% cure rate.

      • I have sent the study and award announcement to Dr Mercola and Mike Adams, Helath Ranger at Natural News as well as to the top ID doctor in Canada.

        • dividingcricker said:

          Now the study is out they have to figure out what lie they need to tell people now ! Its all in your mind has been played out, I m sure it will be another piece of disinformation. I have known some of the brightest people on this planet. Some of these people have a hard time making a check or breakfast or washing there own clothes. One of these very bright people decided that this morgellons was a good idea. It will probably be years before the ama changes the way the Drs deal with this . Im not feeling to well today I think I m getting a cold or a sinus infection. I need a break from the box . I did run into a few vet meds to fight this but right now I need to think ,its my best time when I don t feel good.

          • DC, sounds like you need to take a break. Taking vet meds is probably not a good idea.
            I do not believe this is a conspiracy on the part of the medical profession. They are human like us. Some good at what they do, some better; an others well many of us have been there…

            Take care of yourself; get a good night’s rest.

            • dividingcricker said:

              I m not resorting to vet meds but sometimes there way ahead of the regurar Drs on any disease. I was researching what the vets are doing to cure this BDD seems it might be linked to some other deadly diseases , Your starlink comment might have sometruth in it. seems tha GMOS are loaded with all types of life but without studies how will anybody know what the long term effects are. The fda is doing some university study right now. When they talk about something being bioengineered with nanotechnology what does that even meam? I guess there trying to make us autistic working idiots ,dossel morons,retarted jackasses that eat shit and don t squalk. I was looking to see how many news shows put a news web on the morgellons study ,I think there was over 100 I remember when Dr Don Huber did the Mercola YTUBE on GMOS and round-up there were 10,000 in one day but it was 4 days after the release so its early yet. would be nice if somebody went on a show!

  16. DC, I had to take a breather but will try to connect with Dr Mercola and also Mike Adams of Natural News tomorrow.

    Good night. Everybody go to bed!

  17. we’re blessed to have the support of dr stricker and this team of doctors…my sufferage alone re m is hard to put into words…not making light of our travesty, but w/reading what was presented by dr stricker to whomever, i guess i should have laid off the dairy products a long time ago.

    • dividingcricker said:

      drmimi A friend works for the largest dairy milk producer on the east coast , he went to a 3day school on the new improved dairy antibiotics and he went from a 1/2 a gallon a day to a 0 milk drinker. I have read to many bad thinks about cows milk I switched to goats milk years ago . If you give cows milk to any little animal it will die ,any vet will tell you that. If I drink milk in my coffee and my stomac rolls for hrs.I use goats milk coconut milk almond milk rice milk but never cows milk! On the earth more goats milk is consumed than any other milk .

  18. But drmimi….it’s not dairy products causing this. Dr. Stricker and microbiologist Marianne Middelveen consume plenty of dairy products. Un pasteurized milk is dangerous though because of all of the pathogens in unpasteurized milk. Marianne specializes in bovine mastitis. All of the milk goes into the same big tank and I have seen pics of some of the milk looks more like pus than milk. But it goes in the tank and is then pasteurized. So when you think about it ….it is a pretty gross thought, huh?

    As a kid growing up in rural Missouri I remember my grandparents used unpasteurized milk from the cows. I’m sure I drank some then.

    But consuming dairy products has nothing to do with Morgellons. Dairy can interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics though by preventin optimal absorption of the meds in the digestive tract.


    • Cindy, the reason there is high pus content in the milk is because of the growth hormones given to the cows to maximize milk yield. It is unlikely that the milk from your grandparents day had pus in it.
      Dr Mercola’s website has a whole section regarding this.

  19. morg joe, would you be willing to elaborate (sp?) on what your detox included? if you’ve told us before, my m brain didn’t seem to compute the protocol. thanx in advance,gayla

  20. So growth hormones actually cause bovine mastitis? According to the vets, the bovine mastitis is caused by bacteria and usually successfully treated with antibiotics. BTW…I know little about veterinary medicine but I have learned about this from vets.

    • dividingcricker said:

      I do know that the cows get sick eating gmo corn (starlink) and are milked 3 times a day and the life span is usually 4 years because disease sets in and the cows die. Cows without that hormone were milked 2 times a day and lived 15 years or more and had calves every year of there lives! Do you think theres a connection with BDD and GMOs Round-Up Laginex and the hormone BST all monsantos death crap! Funny how all this stuff doesn t cause any disease but many countries don t allow it in there country. Only made in america,We must be the most stupid people on the face of the earth, (to let this happin) There was a web that linked morgellons to dairy but I think its been taken down, I really think that every thing we eat has monsatins hands on it. Just a suggestion to contact Dr Mercola with this breaking news and do a viedo interview. When Dr Don Huber was interviewed it went from a few 100 web to 500,000 in on day . He did a world tour to all the scientific in uk eu japan etc. just a idea.

    • Cindy, If you could contact me through my website , I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Joe

    • I only know that the high pus count is from growth hormones. They are not aloud to use them in Canada (yet) I learned it from Dr Mercola.

      I wouldn’t be suprised if the growth hormones is also a contributing factor for the rise in obesity.

      p.s. i saw your legs in another morgellons article in

      • dividingcricker said:

        Sharon how ya doin . Was just watching a mercury ytube They use a iron nail and a drop of mercury in a dish of water and the atoms from the nail make the mercury pulse (like a heart beat) If we only knew a little bit on how these metals react in our bodys , its a strange study. I bought that mineral test kit and the minerials from that last friday . It really seems to be a really long process but I only wish there was a easy mercury test but theres not . Hope all is well still looking at the laginex and trying to piece it together. Some government webs here and there say it was removed but maybe renamed or changed.(safer) be well

        • Torpedolynn said:


          I left you a link of what you were talking about. I feel a fluttering in the body at times that looks just like how this video displays the Mercury fluttering. Mostly in the intestines, but can and has happen in the tissue walls of an arm or leg. Not the nerve twitching one gets when a nerve twitched, but a deeper fluttering. Wonder if this has something to do with what I am experiencing.

        • dividingcricker said:

          Well MRC were you at ? I ve been talking to Drs Lawyers and a few indian chiefs no body knows nothin Doesn t it seem so strange that this morgellons is such a secret! So hiddin so misterious, its almost like seeing a ufo. Do you get the Dr Mercola daily email ? I know from reading all the previous work you have done you didn t leave too many stones untouched. I just talked to a Dr of biology today ,he has many connections with the big circle in univercity big wigs so I presented some of my theory well see what stones he turns over. Hows the glutinfree diet going? Hows the heart? Whats the next big move? Just trying to stir up the mud . I ve been doing the mercury removal ! WELL STAY WELL DC

    • Hi Cindy, would it be good to drink raw/pure goat milk for Morgellons? I am in Canada with M…and considering this

      • dividingcricker said:

        Esher I really haven t seen cindy on here for some time but I switched to goats milk because of celiac disease years before morgellons , A glutinfree sugarfree organic diet seems to stop the itch .Morgellons seem to feed on sugar so keeping the sugar away helps. Hope that helps DC

        • Esher, Cindy can be found at the Charles E Holman Foundation website. I beleive it s listed on the right column of the main page here, if not you can google it.

  21. Thanks Sharon for the info and will do Joe …but things are kinda hectic right night but I’ll visit your website. If I haven’t in a couple of days please remind me or give me a kick in butt as reminder. I will do it tonight or tomorrow if I can get to it.

  22. Ahopeful said:

    Quite interesting. Seems a very plausible explanation. I imagine it is also immune modulated hence the relapse/remit type pattern of morgs – and potentially why diet might affect it’s course..?

  23. if you or anyone you know is sick with morgellons and live in the san diego area. please contact me asap. also any of you out there that go on the forums etc please repost this message. this is an important message and can potentially be of great benefit to you the individual morgellons sufferer but also the morgellons community en masse. this is not an effort to sell anything to anyone or a “medical study”. this is along the lines of possible (very possible) legal representation. let’s get this moving. thank you.

  24. dividingcricker said:

    I was reading last nite that the original use for Laginex was a oil dispersant in the second world war . I know researching has been overwhelming ,laginex leads to many diseases in plants and animals. Ive talked to 2 PHDs Drs of biology and really I m still waiting for the come back answer but after readind and reachering a few days ,this Laginex is not supposed to cause disease if properly used. If you want to reaserch a few things Google David Bell ,a Agraquest worker who was exposed to Laginex. The daily Journal of the United States Government LAGINEX AS and go to Morgellons UK and scroll down 21 stories to Oomycetes. Many symptoms have been seen through out the world . The First use was a mosquito larvicide and was used throughout the united states and canada. Just looking at how much was sold it must have been sprayed throughout the world! Later Laginex was used as a crop spray used on soy corn grain,but later I read it was used on fruits and vegtables. The two PHDs are within a few miles of me and sometimes this could take weeks. One thing seems clear. its not a easy fix. People with a Rh factor seem to develop morgellons and people without the Rh factor don t. It is a puzzle but it is worth taking the time to see for yourself to read about David Bell and AgraQuest and Oomycetes. Sharon uncovered so much ,maybe somebody else will figure out another piece. Good Luck

  25. dividingcricker said:

    Tina I read this over and over ,one web described this Rh factor as the innoculation when they used the green monkey diseased livers in vaccines . Maybe we all need to become Drs of biology to get a grip on this. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever need to spend a million hours on some damn compuper trying to figure out whats making me sick!!!!! Its too bad that a Dr and nurse and biologist get on this with morgellons to help us out.

  26. Hi Tina, I am A+, and have M and know of lots of others who are not rh-.Ruth

  27. dividingcricker said:

    Well maybe some part of the disease is not active but I think your right that it really doesn t hold water. I always wondered about a common diet item that we all crave that is unusual .I ve thought about this and when I switched to this glutinfree diet corn was on the eat list and I ate almost every type of corn product. After reading all this GMO stuff I don t eat any corn at all ,even organic corn. DC

    • huh funny DC…me too, when I finally went gluten free, I was eating a lot of corn products before i realized its all GMO so I only stopped it about 2 months ago and have tried to eat an organic corn product and had a whole bunch of digestive probs for days…this is crazy, I have been in screaming pain for 2 days and just read mercola and was reminded of SUGAR (like i needed one)…I think it causes nerve swelling hmmm anyway, take care, T

  28. Chemtrails nor Blood type and Rh factor are associated with Morgellons. This souds super hog washy to me. Just sayin’ Seriously…are there any diseases that are more prevalent in particular blood types? I have never heard of such.

    • it is another part of the trauma in morgellons. when sick people have no where else to go we turn the internet. we invariably see all the crazy notions. it is really easy to start entertaining this stuff when we are sick out of heads. most of the time i put myself in check and say to myself “oh please”.
      it just pisses me off that vulnerable people are forced to have to go there in the first place. we never should have had to become our own researchers and doctors.
      i have been trying really hard to be a responsible person in the morgellons community and try and not be a part of the rumor spreading or fear mongering while at the same time respecting others right to speak there their mind.

      • Exactly Tina, I think we are amazing on how we try to figure things out when we are not Doctors or Researchers. We may not get it right but at least we are trying to figure out what is going on with us. Ruth

  29. Sometimes I wonder how people ever find their way around the web with all the hog wash surrounding Morgellons. It’s a difficult journey with charlatans on every corner who prey on ill and desperate people. A big red flag goes up when claims are made to target the etiologic agents of Morgellons when nobody has ever determined the etiologic agent(s). But suddenly companies who sell products will come up with some protocol to treat Morgellons and many will claim to even know the cause!

    • dividingcricker said:

      CINDY ITS really a complete failure of the medical system . You seem to be a very logical person,you must have run into a few brick walls reasearching morgellons. I m sure this is a very basic medical cure and cause to a branch of government ,I mean they have microscopes that are used to rearange atoms. have your researchers checked into David Bell and litagation /lawsuit against Agraquest? You could Google Biotechnology Kaiserpaper and read a few of those webs. Another search FEDERAL REGISTER the Daily Journal of the United States Government under LAGINEX AS …I really don t think I m wrong in believing this is the reason for morgellons. From what I can understand laginex was abruply taken off the market. Its was used as a larvacide all across the usa. It was later used as a crop spray. My claim is this nanopesticide bioengineered using BuckyBall to case the pesticide.A company in Baltimore Md produced this buckyball with polyethelene/silicone in atom size bucky-balls . My theory is the body makes hair/like strings that are so simular in size to the karatin/silica the body doesn t see the differance. The reason its been swept under the rug is the promise of nanotechnology. Cancer drugs Aids drugs Pesticides Fuel Materials This is already in the trillions of dollars. WE THE INFECTED ARE JUST THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS. The body(my body) has less and less symptoms. I know this is just a theory and I also think GMOs are also seed coated with a bioengineered nanoproduct that grows throught the plants to the flower. What you really need is a disgruntled worker from monsanto or agraquest Oh did I tell you Agraquest is a off shoot of Monsanto. There is no end to the connections to the government revolving door with monsanto fda usda agraquest etc etc . Deception At Its Best.

  30. dividingcricker said:

    . The last comment is what I believe and have believed for a few years but I really haven t read it anywhere. Many of the ideas I have or see are sometimes a little hard to understand and maybe wrong. I don t mind being wrong,its on the path to finding answers. I would really love to be wrong. One another note Has anybody heard from Trisha , Its been more than a week and there was many areas flooded with 3ft of water(rain) in her area . I don t have her email.

  31. dividingcricker said:

    Don t damn me when I speak my mind Remember That!

  32. dividingcricker said:

    April 29 2009 Mr C did a new web and that was the title. Last night I skimmed through all the old webs from beginning to end . So much info So many theories, Sharon you shuld go on tinas site and check out this gal Alya very interesting . She photoed her morgellons very good work I think Cindy would be interested with the information. Alya used these enzymes for her cleanse. I just bought some from Gordon . Looks like your just stalking seeing whats going on. Hope your well DC

  33. dividingcricker said:

    Sharon ,Tina found this great web Ayla ,the real deal its a very complete case here goes Sharon its the best site Ive ever seen Hope everybody sees this

  34. Thanks JS. That sure sounds like a case of Morgellons to me. What do you think?

    • Very similar, with hair follicles being involved maybe mutation or a new form of Morgellons and with use of steroids which suppress her immune system brought this all out. I say yes very possible it’s related to MD. Appears to be getting some attention in the media, maybe shed some light on its origin.

  35. I think it sounds like what I have. …what we would call Morgellons. Our hair follicles are involved. And our keratin has gone wild.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Cindy I commented about the holmans web on the news comment section,maybe she will call or email you The poster for morgellons ,she must really be suffering . Wonder how many undiognosed unreported sweepted under the rug cases are there ?

  36. any news re Dr. Stricker spirochetes? BDD i.ds hairy wart hair infects skin. warm mil,and honey or alternatives of choice per 1682 and all that, e.g. hair dryer and aloe vera, get hot:BURN NOT. Hair gel vs honey makes instant arthropod cocoons/m’s white granules. water high motility makes bathing, shampooing cascading infection consequences. See, also merck veterinary catalogue 2011. Lots more. not a lot of authors tons of archival data including dental/bdd look alike. incl. treponemes/pathology/3 v 13 id’d spirochetes .


    The Oomycetes California strain of Lagenidium giganteum, as is stated in Agraquest’s United States Patent # 5,691,191, “Medium for the cultivation of lagenidium giganteum” is  the “active ingredient” in Agraquest’s product’s of Laginex (Laginex as & Technical Laginex) did not belong to Agraquest solely; in fact, the California Department of Health Services was the co-registrant with Agraquest. Read EPA document→ HERE;[See – VII. Registrant Information: “California Department of Health Services Agraquest, Inc. DCDC/Vector-borne Disease Section c/o Technology Sciences Group, Inc.]”

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