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This isn’t a great photo of me, my daughter just took it tonight. You can see how bad the drought is here if you look at the grass. I look a little “rough” but  please cut me some slack. I passed 3 kidney stones over the past two weeks, blood in the urine, full on panic, what fun.  I’ll post a better photo soon, I really don’t look good in this photo.

Before I got the results back from the urologist I thought I might have kidney cancer, I was bleeding and hadn’t passed any stones yet. The good news is it really didn’t hurt like they say it does. I was one of the lucky ones that just had a dull ache in the back/kidney area.

While I don’t have any Morgellon symptoms it seems that it’s always something. I’m finally off a long dose of Doxycycline for yet another case of Lyme Disease.  After I came down with the symptoms yet again I went out and caught a bunch of ticks by placing a white bed sheet below my shrubs and beating on them with a broom stick, out popped a ton of very, very little ticks. I sent them to the Purdue Entomology lab and they were identified as “Deer Ticks” alright, and probably the only reason why I was able to get treatment. This is the 5th time I’ve had Lyme in barely two years. I rarely step off the concrete anymore, that is, unless I’m spraying the shrubs with “Seven” which I don’t relish but need to in order to protect my children.

Below is the report I received. I redacted most of it to protect my identity.


My shrubs are swarming with ticks, yet, it’s almost unheard of here (ya right).  My doctor was shocked to see the report because I brought the jar of ticks into the office and they didn’t believe they were deer ticks.

Anyway, my thoughts go out to all that continue to suffer with Mogellons. I haven’t been blogging that much because I’ve been through the ringer. I figure God is trying to get my attention, I started reading my Bible again finally, the book of Hebrews, I hope I stick with it, it’s the only thing that truly comforts me.

God bless everyone …


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  1. So sorry to hear that your health is kicking you around. That’s pretty tough. I do believe even though the Morgellons isn’t giving us outright symptoms anymore, that those that have it are much more immune compromised. I see this in myself although lately no signs of trouble (maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud!).

    You might be interested in this interview between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Klinghardt. Dr. Klinghardt is definitely an out of the box thinker and mostly condones using natural remedies for Lyme. He is a pretty fascinating guy. I’m only halfway through the interview but feel it’s an important listen.

    Hope you start feeling better (and it’s nice to see your smiling face).

    • Great Interview, thanx Ayla …

    • Ayla, Thanks for posting this interview! I’m stopping midway but will listen to the rest soon.

      • Joe, Tina Engressia turned me onto the interview so thanks go to her. I had to stop listening halfway through too. Too much to absorb at once, but fascinating. Want to go back to it too.
        Glad to hear you and others are getting something from it.

        • Ayla, I finished listening to the interview this morning. I’ll need to listen again with pencil and paper (lots of info!). So much illness seems to have common threads.

    • Dr. Klinghart and Dr. Mercola are the kind of medical explorers we need in this world. I like the way they share. As I’m looking for a new home, the mold and electromagnetic considerations will be part of my search.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Hey joe dc here go east I was telling you about our vacation area ,can t even get cell phone conection there,no drilling etc and low taxes. NEW YORK CITY controls the water .don t build or buy on the water ,they had alot of flooding,4 hundred year floods in 10 years. Never asked you if you ever wrote a book that was about morgellons?

        • DC, I’ve not written a complete book on Morgellons. I did dedicate Beul Nam Beinn (merworld fantasy) to Morgellons Sufferers; my editor tells me the book will be in print within the next couple of weeks. I’m going west…way west!!

  2. Im sorry to hear about lymes disease and the rampant ticks. Im in NJ and we have alot of ticks here too the weather was mild this past winter so there are even more of them … I am on Doryx for Lymes disease x 6 months and have Morgellons and I read about the infrared lamp sauna and have considered purchasing this . I have done other detox etc and was interested in this did you find it helpful?

  3. MRC you look great got someone who’s gone thru all that, I always wondered if u had been dx
    With Lyme. Because many of the symptoms
    That u mentioned b4 sounded like Lyme. I m also on Doxy right now but not sure if it’s enough cause when I went off of it the last time
    My symptoms came back. So my LLMD
    Recommended a line and IV antibiotics. I remember when I first became sick ( 1st couple of weeks ) with feeling of malaise and flu like symptoms, I told the 2 ID Docs that I just got bit by something while playing golf. Asking them to
    Test me for Lyme, and their response was we don’t have Lyme here…. ( I live in southern California) hopefully something will change, as
    Lyme community is more organized and are taking legal action. Best Wishes and God bless.

  4. dividingcricker said:

    Hey MrC I found a tick on the base of my spine Sunday ,my back went out friday and really was suffering in bed This will be the third time in two years I have a viroligist appt sometime this week. Push one button down and 5 pop-up. The one thing I was reading is there are several labs working on a lymes cure,some seem promicing. Really liked the political web we seem to be on the same page there ,its so hard not to be political today ,here in new jersey the no 1 state for taxes government laws, police, government workers, people leaving, and businesses leaving Our tax revenues are down buy 9 billion . We ll probably be fileing for bankrupcy soon ,

    • dividingcricker said:

      I really have been fighting these ticks too. Around the concrete and walks just around the garage and house Ive been using Diotomecious earth and borax 50/50 in a coffee can with 1/4 in holes in the lid shaking it in the garage and walk areas. In the grass and woods where the mice and voles run Ive used soda cans with cotton sprayed with the hunters tick spray ,the stongest stuff that you spray and let dry . I put that sprayed cotton in the can with some bird seed and open the poptop about a 1 inch hole. I read about this in readers digest the mice and voles make there nesting with it and it kills the ticks. We take about 20 cotton balls and put them in a plastic store bag and givem a few blasts and let them sit a few hrs then we use gloves for the operation. I hate using commercial sprays but if I had them that bad I d probably be spraying too. well good luck

  5. God bless you.
    Did you hear the last broadcast on How I Cured Morgellons…It was wonderful and it has really inspired me. I getting better each day. God is the healer and I believe God is calling us all to come to this realization….NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD!

  6. Glad to hear that you are still kickin in spite of it all. Dr Klinghardt is brilliant. His website also has a listing of docs that studied at his academy. He combines both mainstream and herbal but thinks outside the box as he suffered from lyme in the past.

    DC’s advice with the cotton balls in a can sounds like a clever idea.

    I found 2 ticks in my house this week, one on the third floor of the house!

  7. I’m with you on the bennies of reading that bible. Concentrating on that instead of our miserable perdicament is, I think, the only way any of us could possibly keep our sanity! God bless, my friend!

  8. Try Avon Skin So Soft, if you bathe in it and use it on your body the bugs won’t want anything to do with you. I put down synthetic grass in my lawn. It has made a huge difference this year, also throw around diatomaceous earth and keep my pets clean.
    I wouldn’t dump my pets, I think that is a cop out. My pets are my family.

    • I don’t know about ticks, but mosquitoes have always loved me. Years back I spent two weeks in the Peruvian rain forest. Shortly before I left, I happened to read an article to said that one of the B vitamins (I forget which one) acted as a repellent against mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to test that hypothesis out for more than a few days before my trip began (I think it needs to be in your system a while to be effective).

      While in Peru, we got lost in the rain forest. I used Skin so Soft, as well as Green Ban a natural product tested in the rain forest. Both failed miserably. I got bitten more than 70 times in that one day and ran a fever in the evening.

      Fast forward to onset of Morgellons and my treatment approach to healing which was taking the two tests that Nancy Guberti recommends (Organic Acids (OATS) from Great Plains and DNA stool test from Metametrix). Among the findings were, I’m deficient in both B-6 and Pantothenic acid due to malabsorption, low intake or dysbiosis.

      I was put on two B complex-75 supplements a day (DiVinci Labs). Since I’ve been on my protocol, I am no longer bothered by mosquitoes. I have to think that something I am taking has changed my “tastiness” to them. I’m leaning towards the B complex but also believe Garlix, a high potency garlic supplement might be part of the equation.

      Don’t know if it will make any difference with ticks, but the fact that the mosquitoes are leaving me alone and going after others around me, makes me believe there may be a chemical imbalance that makes certain of us more delectable to them.

  9. Glad to see you back! And the photo is fine. I can totally understand why you have not been blogging. Taking care of your current health condition is the most important thing. I finally have an apt. in August to see a Dr. who treats Lyme. I’m getting tested and hopefully will go forward from there.
    Does anyone else seem to have a lot more problems with Morgellon’s when the weather is really hot and humid?

  10. Sorry to hear about those kidney stones! Thankfully your pain was not too severe. I’ve heard kidney stone pain related to the severity of childbirth pain! Thank God I have never dealt with either one.
    Yes Marsha the summers are the worst for me. The heat and humidity make my Morgellons much worse! I can’t stand to sweat as it seems to get it all flared up. I try to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible when it’s this hot.

      • I saw those already on Facebook I think. I like a lot! Ayla is quite the artist! It really captures the Morgellons situation well.

        • dividingcricker said:

          Cindy ,Ayla did a complete photo shoot of her morgellons disease . The art is great but the phots are better than anything I ve ever seen . You should really read how she has cure herself of morgellons . I purchased the F6 enzyme (I know what you said about buying unproven products) but her story was so compelling I thought It was worth the risk. I have not been bothered by itching in a week Friday today I started the pills(enzyme also) I really hope it clears the bowl problems. I explained to gordon the enzyme manufacture about my problem and his family had the same bowl problem . I am very hopeful . We all need alittle hope. And Ayla has really captured this disease /toxin with all her heart and soul .,don t just skim through the site Be one with the site . Cindy I really hope you get feeling better Look again please

          • dividingcricker said:

            Forgot the disease we should leave no stone unturned in treatment The Drs really don t seem to be answering any questions and I haven t seen any news program knocking down any doors about the FACULITY of 1000, I know everybodys doing all they can but have you been thinking outside the BOX to get this information in the hands of the news people? Sometimes news is made and sometimes news is just more of the same . You need to make something that news and is big news .Link this with another news item to amplify the morgellons news. I m sure a person affilitated with yoiur group will have a great idea. I have some but youll get one. You need to get this in the news for us. We really need this for insurance SSI etc This disease is like being in a war we all need help.STAY WELL DC

          • Thanks for directing me back there. There was a new poster that I had not yet seen. I like the 3 D effect on th canvas. Very artistic!

            We have and continue to do our best to get this to the media. Sent it all to all of our media contact list but feel free to send it to others you may know of. I wish everyone would be sure their local press gets it. Press releases can be quite costly but they do help in getting the word out. But right now we are putting all available funds toward the ongoing research so that another publication can be submitted to a peer reviewed medical journal. The research is the most important thing to me. There are only a few of us so we
            are spread pretty thin with so much that needs to be done. I would love it if we had some Canadians that would be sure the press got distributed in all the Canadian provinces. We need global volunteers to distribute to press in every part of the world.

            • Cindy what happend with the Japanese
              Documentary that was released in January, is it going to get any public showing beside the
              Conference was it released on a DVD yet…

            • Cindy, thanks for the thumbs up on the posters. I hope people will use them.
              I just fixed a flaw to the top two images on my Awareness Poster link to “The Blue Period” and “The Scream”). Now when the image is clicked on a pdf will download to your computer that is properly sized to print correctly to 8.5″ x11″ sheet of paper.

              I don’t understand why, but when I go to print the images, they print “landscape” rather than “vertical” even though they were created as verticals. Maybe it’s because I’m on a Mac or it’s my browser. Either way, if people want to download and print the images on their home computer they should probably check “page setup” before they hit “print” and make sure the correct view is checked.

              I think I need to fix the bottom two images which probably weren’t correctly sized for printing. Will get to that later. My bad.

              Dividingcricker, you cracked me up “Get one with the site.” Love it.

  11. I am really glad that you did not have a terrifically hard time with the kidney stones. My husband had 3 (one at a time) some years and I tried to joke with him about being on a high after a morphine shot, and he growled at me through bared teeth, “It isn’t funny.” The other two were almost as bad. Hope that they are gone for good for you.

    I am still plugging along with the Morgellons. Things looked pretty good when we left for 8 weeks in Arizona. BUT – almost there I picked up a bug which turned into a sinus/ear infection with bronchitis. Talk about low immune system! I saw a Dr. at a clinic in Tuscon and he prescribed mega-antibiotics for 2 weeks. That got rid of the infections, but left me drained. Guess what took advantage of the low immunity – Morgellons popped all over my arms again, and decorated the tops of my legs as well.

    So beware you all with fading Morgellons. Dr. here in WA is not sure if it was the infections or the antibiotic ( or both) which set things off. Be sure to see some early when your nose just drips a little. There are drop clinics in most all cities, and they can at least start the process of getting you out of trouble! Eight weeks later I am almost back where I started. My energy level dropped drastically also, so it has not been fun!

    I am still looking for the “cure” . I have been up and down this ladder to wellness too many times. If anyone out there has a “for sure” answer, please pass it on. I have been taking all sorts of supplements, vitamins, minerals and even sedatives to keep me in a livable shape. I do believe that the silver liquid I started did a pretty good of clearing up the lesions on my arms, and also helped those in my gut. I have had to slow down the dosage now, so hope that will not slow down the effects.

    Good luck to all of you Morgies out. I have not done much writing on this site due to all of the above!

  12. mr cs, the picture of you is very nice, you’re daughter is quite the photogragher…re: the stones, do you think possibly the magnesium supplementation could have caused them?…which could also possibly be what ridded your body of morgellons…i know a lady that suffered terribly w/lyme, she’s now symptom free and she says,”looking back, the magnesium seemed to have the most healing effect of anything else on her protocol”.

  13. so i suppose it’s more damned if you don’t than damned if you do…also i would like to share what i’m beginning to understand as most beneficial to me re:morgellons,that being glutamine, very healing for me.

  14. Mr C I listen to a pastor from Southern Oregon He has all his sermons online His name is Jon Courson He is at joncoursoncom My computer isnt allowing some commas and periods sorry about that Anyway I have been getting back into the bible and listening to the Psams It has helped me so much I would love your feedback on how or if it blesses you I am looking forward to heaven God Bless Rhonda

  15. mr cs, drought…dehydration…kidney stones…i’ve heard to truly hydrate the body it takes EFAs as well as water. gayla

  16. Torpedolynn said:

    Hi Mr. C

    Very sorry to hear about the deer ticks. That is just awful and not fair for those here who have had an abundance of them. Mr. C you do look a little worn out but very handsome. I sure wish you could find a organic means to win your Lymes. Someone here a few months ago I think (not sure) left a link to the Ultimate Zapper and that web site touted and interview or link to actress Karen Allen who cured her Lymes with diet and zapping in just 2 weeks if I recall right. Wish we could cure Morgellons that easily. She was real sick for two years and did the antibiotics the works before she went for alternative medicine. Cedarcide which is overpriced works real well in fighting the bugs of all kinds including Scorpions.

    Before the whole bug outbreak I was fighting a flea problem which I had tried all sorts of poisons, and carpet treatments and bug bombs till I got real sick from all the stuff we were trying to kill them critters. Finally 5 treatments of Cedarcide inside, outside, and under the house and in the attic did the trick and did not see another flea for 3 years. I am sure if I kept up a maintenance dose twice a year I would never see them again.

    Unfortunately I am one of those people who now have to use organic because of how easily I become ill from medicinal poisons. I may have Lymes soo the only cure for me will be to control the diet.

    In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

  17. dividingcricker said:

    Karen Allen used THE ULTIMATE ZAPPER it plugs in the wall goes into a wall adapter or powers with a 9volt battery I bought one 3 years ago and it didn t do anything for morgellons symptoms but i really think morgellons is more a toxin/pesticide and lymes is caused by a bacteria. or alot of different bacteria. Royal Raymond Rife was the inventor of this type of germ killer . In the 20s and 30s He was noted as the man of the decade who concured all disease. Was his downfall when he wouldn t give all his information to the AMA for free. He invented a microscope that could see live viruses and a voltage that killed this BX virus. There were three clinics ,one in britian one in new jersey and one in california. All these clinics were curing cancer patients and when Rife wouldn t go along with the AMA all the clinics burned to the ground. All the books and news paper articles disapeared from all the libraries /universities colleges/ many have come to light with a micoscope and his voltage machines. Barry Lyions wrote the book THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED. This Raymond Rife has been so villionized that even today that people will not talk about him but I feel he was the greatest medical exployer the world has known. He was so ahead of his time that people (DOCTORS) were in fear of loosing there grip on medical power. Well The Theory with zappers are the voltage kills the virus or bacteria without harming the person. Every living thing gives off a voltage at its own frequency ,knowning this frequency and giving the body a opposite frequency will kill the bacteria. Rife was funded by Timkin Bering CO and Zies optical .He had many working machines that were not patented A world water speed record that held from 1919 until the 1970s He invented the boat the motor and ran the boat 80 miles an hour for 100 miles. His writtings were focused on the medical but his ideas on machines electric fuel were unending . Thank the AMA and Dr Fishbine for stamping out all hope for a cure in the 30s. DC

  18. Hi JS, about the Japanese documentary: it is owned by Fuji Films and they are extremely protective of it. It was created for the program called Science Mystery. It is not like a movie so it will not be released on DVD. So if any other network wanted to air it they would have to negotiate that with Fuji. I have permission to show it at private gatherings but putting it on the web or anything like that is strictly prohibited. We are hoping to get people to form support groups. It could be shown in a private setting like that. I wish someone had some connections who could negotiate with Fuji to get it shown here on a major networks. Maybe ABC or CBS could afford it. Fuji put a heck of a lot of of $ into the creation of it. It was mind boggling to see to what measures they were willing to go to thoroughly cover the subject in a 30 minute segment for Science Mystery. It was unlike any other TV production I have ever been involved in. They totally went the extra mile and then some.

  19. Mr. C. just checking up on you. Glad to hear you are being treated for the lyme. You looked stressed but still look good. Ruth

  20. In the last couple of days I wrote out two long comments with simple hints to help you with this disease and both simply disappeared as I was filling out the details below…wonder where they went? I urge anyone who has access to health fairs which offer blood tests to take advantage of them at least once a year and compare yearly results. With the kidney stone story, I wonder if increased blood calcium and high uric acid levels are not part of theMorgellons picture…they are with me

    • Now that I have successfully left a comment I have a few more beliefs to share…these are simply beliefs and not scientific facts. I believe that the cause of “Morgellon’s” will prove to be some kind of fly related to the Sand Fly. The insect I dug out of my original bite (4 months after the fact) was a tiny fly and although I had no idea at the time what lay before me I told no one about this and it is the only insect I have ever seen in my skin. We have a yard full of deer and live in an area with lots of ticks but we have no Lyme disease the doctors will tell you. I was tested at my insistance and was negative for Lyme.I have come to believe that Morgellon’s is a systemic disease with the skin lesions being the most distressing and obvious symptom. I think it affects the gut, nose and throat and robs the bones of calcium leading to teeth problems and arthritic symptoms. I also believe that the Mayo Clinic study was flawed and only proved what they wanted it to prove namely that Morgellon’s is DOP. Anyway this is long enough…if it gets past the moderation I will do another comment with suggestions for the care of the lesions and some of the symptoms of this illness that I hope will help someone else.

      • Disclaimer: The following are just suggestions that may (or may not) offer you some aid in your fight against the symptoms of Morgellons…I know of no cure and would not jeapardize my future health by trying some of the things others have suggested although I don’t doubt their sincerity and who knows maybe they are on to something. I think that the cure for Morgellons will lie in the field of antibiotics(the proper one administered for the proper amount of time) when the etiology of the disease is unraveled (and soon we hope):
        I believe that the skin lesions hold some of the infecting organisms and that the best preventative for more skin lesions is to keep this exudate off of the skin as much as possible…in other words to keep the skin covering the lesions as intact as possible…no rubbing, picking etc. (and we know that is probably impossible but we can do the best we can). Long soaks in the tub with some chemical added are not going to help the skin…they only soften the top of the lesion and allow for escape of the contents (which I think survive in the water and go to areas of the body where we don’t want them). Showers are best,IMO, using the hands as a gentle washcloth, using whatever soap you think helps you and patting dry afterwards. Then rubbing something like Sea Breeze over the area of the lesion (this will sting if lesion is open) and around it with the fingers feeling for and removing any grit around the area. Then gently applying an antifungal (generic over the counter which contains tolfanate) and then over that applying a skin antibiotic(generic over the counter full strength without skin anesthetic).
        Pain: You have probably already found that these lesions are unusually painful but they also seem to shift pain to other parts of the body (when they are active) For instance lesions on the face and neck will probably cause sore and swollen lymph nodes in the neck and lesions on arms might cause a chondritis as far away as the lower ribs…the organisms act kind of like a reverse acupuncture sending pain along nerve pathways to other areas of the body. Have you noticed when you are picking at a lesion how the intestines suddenly start to make loud growling sounds? (But don’t tell that to anyone or they will think you’re a screwball) If you are not allergic to aspirin or not prone to stomach ulcers and are a full grown adult you might buy a small bottle of children’s chewable aspirin and suck on one under the tongue when a pain is bothering you and see if you get some instant relief…don’t overdo this or use more than is recommended on the bottle.Well, this is long enough and I have a lot more suggestions for another day in case you are interested.

  21. dividingcricker said:

    Here you go MR C David a new connection through Ruth posted this for me on my email I have this printed out with hard copies I think there from 08 I did the vit c and salt for about 2 weeks I have to say it is pretty hard but the pictures are really great.

  22. dividingcricker said:

    Its a short reach to the corners of a narrow mind — Cindy Caseys Site

  23. It is not my intent to try to take over this thread as I have no more expertise than the next person…One of the duties of a physician is to do his patient no harm. When you take over your own care, acting as your own physician this duty applies to you…do yourself no harm. Use all suggestions with due diligence and study and watch carefully for any signs of allergy, intolerance and toxicity. It does seem like people are learning a little bit about human physiology as they use their microscopes and cameras to learn what they can about this disease and also learning about entomology as they go along. Maybe the fact that insects give off gases could aid in the diagnosis of this illness…here is a home experiment you could try: find a pan long enough to fit your forearm and fill with water and add a little baking soda to it…then immerse an arm with an active lesion on it and observe for signs of bubbles or gas being given off by the lesion. Or try taking two activated charcoal capsules two nights in a row (do not do this if you are taking a medication vital to your health as the charcoal might remove the medication from your gut) which should result in a blackened stool which might aid just a visual inspection (sorry if this grosses you out) of your stool for outward signs of parasites. Maybe not but I do believe that a professional stool culture should be one of the tests done if you suspect you have Morgellons and again a blood chemistry panel should be done looking specifically at calcium and uric acid levels. My opinion only.

  24. Regarding health and immunity. I stumbled upon some amazing facts about iodine and how anyone born and living in the mid west of great lakes area has a 95 percent chance of being deficient in iodine. It was before antibiotics and big pharma the number 1 prescribed supplement. The deficiency is linked to everything from breast iscancer, arthritis, FM, CFS, dementia, hormone imbalance, the list goes on. It has been tested in modern trials to be one of the best anti fungal, ant virals and great for excreting heavy metals. I bought 100ml bottle for 22 dollars, one can probably get it for less through these links which I discovered later.

    the best sources ofr iodine are either Lugol’s liquid or Idoral they are of a higher strength containing both iodine and iodide in a 5% solution.

    • dividingcricker said:

      You know sharon its a world wide problem ,the iodine was removed from any large use in the mid 60s to mid 70s The mid wests problem was in the lack of ocean fish and the iodine was added to salt which stops goiters but at the ammount added its bairly enough to help any real health problem . The 150mcg in most vitamans USDA recomended should be 12.5 mgs ,now thats 12500mcgs and thats a average in the asian countries. They eat kelp in many dishes the most abundent source of iodine. As for allergies to iodine there are really very few true iodine allergies . I read to mix a drop in a 1/4 cup of water and dip your finger in it and wait to see if you have a reaction . Your finger might itch or get a little red if this happins don t use it . If your cautious take a drop of lugols and make a 50cent circle of iodine on your tummy . This will absorbe in the body usually very quickly ,an hour or two. Now I take 3mgs once or twice a day in a drink that has several minerials is the lugols web ,it has a on line book SECRETS FROM THE SEA the book has many other links to webs with many answers , As fore curing morgellons I don t think so. I ve been using iodine 20 years and use SSKI, IOSOL, LUGOLS, ATOMIDINE, IODINE plus2, and a few iodine rubs IODEX. You really have to look at the iodine as a need ,The throid needs 50mg to dose all the bodys blood in 17minutes and the cells of blood use this iodine to kill viruses funguses and bacteria thats in the blood. This iodine removes metals and radiation , And if your still scared ,start taking kelp ,not one pill 150mcgs you could take at least 10 two times a day 20 pills thats 3mgs a day , you could take 1 drop of lugols thats 6 mgs or the sski 1 drop is 12mgs Well I could go on and on DC

      • Just a note on seaweeds…I’m a big fan of eating them, but have stopped. One needs to consider that most of the seaweed available comes from Japan. Don’t know about anyone else, but since Fukushima, I am not eating anything from the waters of Japan. Between the BP debacle and the nuclear disaster, I rarely eat anything that came from the water. I just don’t trust it.

      • dividingcricker said:

        I forgot to mention the vermont cure ,its a mixyure of vinagar one tsp honey one tsp and one drop of iodine ,Lugols thats 6mgs per drop in warm water. I heat the water to melt the honey then add ice to make it a cool drink , If any of you remember the water pick nose /sinus tip I put a drop in that salt baconsoda solution , I use sski on any cuts or insect bites on pimples or bumps ,scars /keloids if you rub iodine in that daily will decrease the scar, I have a friend whos son is a researsher DR of BRAIN CHEMISTRY in alzyhermers? Iodine controls cell death , some research believes this is why cancers grow,uncontrolled cell groth ,so using iodine helps control uncontrolled cell growth. Many of the cancer cures that worked used as mush as 75mgs of iodine daily. Over the years many of the formulas were different but the one thing in common was the iodine. Thank Sharon for Getting me going I researched iodine many years ,a pet project of mine, I feel that when the Drs put there heads back on straight they will go back to iodine, I ve told my Dr about how I use it and no verbal comment but a raised eyebrow. ( THAT MEANS ITS OK) Maybe this is why I had such a light case of morgellons but its been bad enough REALLY

      • Yes, I have had morg since april 09 and when I started to add two drops of lugols
        iodine to my coffee in the morning, I have felt somewhat of an improvement. I think
        we morgies need the iodine.

  25. One more thing, a girl has cured herself of this naturally. I have had improvement since I have followed her. She has researched for a long time. I feel I have to tell as I am scared Mr. CS is going to shut down this website. She has been taking digestive enzymes as, papain, etc. and this digests parasites in the gut. Also, ginger: that kills parasites and their eggs. It is a long process to digest and sweat whatever this is out, and no one has ever said what this is. So, sweating it out, digestively passing it it the way
    to go if the bioterraine alone has not done it. Paw Paw leaves are like papaya leaves. They contain a hugh amount of papain – a digestive enzyme. She now has acquired a 1000 acre farm of paw paw trees. She says she has NO symptoms and had it bad = sores galore.

  26. Hi it’s ARP again with not much new to offer. However, I am convinced that myiasis will found to be the cause of this strange syndrome…do some research and look up the (cattle and horse) disease called warbles which was prevalent in the early 1900’s. Look up heel flies, bot flies, gadflies and horn flies and see what these flies can do…is it too much of a stretch to think that through some process of mutation there is a fly that has picked humans as a primary target? And if flies are not enough to scare you there are ticks, mites, lice, mosquitoes and fleas to carry any number of parasitic diseases. The problem is to find a medical doctor who will LISTEN with open mind and instead of writing this off as a “delusion” will put his considerable skills and scientific inquiry into solving it. Too bad we are not “dumb” (as in non talking) animals such as cows, horses, deer and so forth because the men (and women) trained to treat them know that they must depend on scientific study to determine what is wrong with the sick animal (vets and wild life bioligists). They often suspect a parasitic disease and look for this among the first things they do because animals have been suffering from a variety of these every since they were introduced…in other words if we were cows the cause of this would have probably already been discovered (IMO)

  27. From ARP: I have been reluctant to leave any suggestions for treatment for 3 main reasons:
    1) they might be abused and cause more harm than good
    2) they might not work for someone else and will cost money to the user
    3)someone will think I have a financial interest in the recommendation but here goes with several new ones from me: Have you tried tincture of green soap for your shower soap? It used to be used in hospitals and can be used full strength on the skin (but beware, it can irritate the skin so if you decide to try it stop using it immediately if it irritates your skin) In your shower pour little more than a teaspoon on a soft wet sponge and lather gently all over the body (avoiding around the eyes of course) and then rinse well. At our house we use the Germ-X product for disinfecting hands during the flu season but I accidently bought a big bottle of “Instant Hand Sanitizer” by clean and natural and it seems to have a little different base formulation which makes it slower to dry but stays in contact with the skin longer and leaves it moisturized…I have had some luck with it used on the back of my neck during a recent breakout.Now, the one I am most reluctant to recommend because it is so expensive and should be used only on single lesions that are causing the most pain (both distant and in the lesion itself) and that is essential clove oil (some of you may have used it before for toothache). Make sure it is the pure oil and it will cost something like $5.00 for a dram. For applications use your finger,tip the bottle to leave just a smudge on the tip of your finger and run your finger over the tip of the bottle to take off any excess (You want to use this sparingly because of the cost) and apply the finger to the lesion so the lesion is well covered. If this works for you, your lesion should quit hurting almost immeditely and also (maybe) that pain under your ribs or wherever will go away and if it doesn’t work put the bottle away and use it for cooking. Now my last suggestion for today is for dry mouth and throat and a stuffy nose and that is chewing gum with Eclipse gum (peppermint) being my specific recommendation because it seems stronger. I don’t chew the gum, I just put it in my mouth and suck on it…it gives off strong peppermint fumes which I breath up the back of my nose and out the front and also deep into my lungs. It moisturizes the mouth and gives you fresh breath in addition. Use your own best judgment before trying any of these suggestions.

    • I’m sure you are unaware of this, but there are a number of really unhealthy ingredients in Eclipse gum from GMOs to cancer causing substances.
      If you like the idea of the taste and the way it clears the sinuses, try a drop of essential peppermint oil which will be much better for you.

      INGREDIENTS: Maltitol, Gum Base, Sorbitol, Natural Flavor and Artificial Flavors, Mannitol, Acacia, Glycerol, Less than 2% of Aspartame, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide, Acesulfame K, Carnauba Wax, BHT (to Maintain Freshness).

  28. I should have said in my above suggestions to not use any of my suggestions on an infant or child under 12 or a pet without first getting permission from a doctor or vet.
    I will tell you about an experiment that I conducted and its results and will leave it up to you whether I am crazy or not (sometimes I am not even sure):
    I took hair from my hairbrush and put it in a bottle that a prescription drug had come in (a big one that they put a 90 day supply of large sized pills in). I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it for about 6 months when I ran across it. I was stunned at what I saw…the hair was spun into what looked like a delicate gossamer cluster of grapes (or a hive). It was awesome as well as surprising. I didn’t know what to do with it since I had read on the internet that doctors were not interested in samples so I put it back in the drawer thinking that I could later find someone who would be interested in it and that it would last forever. When I looked at it again several months later not only was the cluster gone but all the hair (except for two hardy strands) and the bottom of the bottle was covered with a layer of black droppings. Again, months later I got it out and the bottle was empty (totally) so whatever it was was so small it had excaped the bottle (I am sure no one ever took the lid off…there is only me and a grown daughter here and she has her own bathroom.(I don’t drink in case you are wondering or do drugs or hallucinate) I am kicking myself for not showing it at any time to anyone because I’m sure of what you are thinking and with good reason. I would be thinking it myself. I tried several times to duplicate the experiment without any luck but then I noticed that the lids to the new bottles had been changed and had rather large holes in them around the outer rims…you can believe this or not, whatever, but I am convinced that human hair and something microscopic on it is involved in this illness in some way.

  29. Ayla…Thank you for your response to my post. I would hate to lead anyone to use anything that could cause more harm than good. I will say that enteric coated oil of peppermint capsules are in my medicine chest. Some nights when my legs are feeling especially jumpy I take a single capsule and it seems to quiet them so I can fall asleep. However, like all things the capsules can cause side effects such as heartburn (I have never had this problem with one) so like all suggestions use your own best research and judgement.

    • Those gel caps containing magnesium stearate can be a problem. I hear you on that. I often wonder what the use of supplements that contain it will do the body long-term. For those of us taking a lot of pills, it’s not a comforting thought.

  30. One of my “theories” about this illness is that there exists on the skin of its human sufferers a tiny micro-organism that builds tiny little nests (the lesions) in the skin of its hosts…it is a fuzz and hair gatherer with which it figuratively feathers its nest where it lives finding nourishment, propagating, defecating (see body lice what they do with their defecations) and eventually dying. (all the different granules that seem to be in the lessions?) It has the ability to move and dissolve hair in order to extract the keratin from it and also the ability to dissolve bone to extract calcium from it. It is perhaps a symbiotic organism. It has many similarities to body lice (i.e. the q-tips and fuzz balls it seems to create in clothing etc) but I don’t believe it to be body lice (why can’t we get rid of it if it is?) I know that this whole theory is scientifically unreasonable and I believe strongly in science and the natural order of things but. ?If athlete’s foot were to suddenly show up today as a new never before seen illness and you sought help from your doctor what would he say it was?Thanks to scientific inquiry we know it is not a delusional illness as he might think and we have proven treatments for it.

  31. Me again…Ardy or ARP with a new thing to try for the skin lesions. I can hear the groans from here if anyone still reads my posts. This is my discovery of a new use for an old product…One that doesn’t cost much and is easy to find and use. However, the product does contain phenol and so I ask you to look up phenol before you use it and to not use it on children, infants and invalids without permission from their doctor. The product has no warnings on it but this is a new way of using it. The product is Noxema skin cleansing cream…less than $5.00 for a 12 oz jar (one jar lasted me three months). I used it like an ointment only washing it off when I showered each day. I paired it with another product called tincture of green soap. This is a little more expensive and harder to find….in fact, my pharmacist ordered it for me (Humco product) and it cost just a little over $8.00 for 16 oz. if I remember it right. Here is the routine I followed to rid myself of the skin lesions which I had had a long time. I used a bath sponge to gently spread the soap all over my body and then I turned on the shower to wet my hair and rinse the soap off of my body. I used the green soap for my first shampoo and then used my regular shampoo and rinsed it well. I gently towelled off and then applied theNoxema to my lesions making a wide swath. I put on an old t-shirt to protect my clothes. I then later applied the Noxema two or three more times during the day (without the shower first and left it on all night). Within two weeks I saw a lot of improvement and 2 to 3months later I am elated. Of course, since I don’t know what I had I don’t call myself cured but wow!

    • In case anyone has not heard this already from me: this is how I get rid of my Mom’s lesions:
      Put barley (found by the dry bags of black beans in the supermarket) in a coffee grinder.
      Grind it and place in a container with just enough water to cover it. Let it stand 4 hours.
      Squeeze out the excess liquid thru a cheese cloth or any thin material, mix it with diatomaceous earth to make a paste – apply to lesions and cover. 2 days later they will be gone. I’ve been dealing with the morg lesions since 2009. This works

  32. One more comment:The product is Noxzema and it is the original Noxzema that you want to use if you buy this product…there is another one that does not have the Phenol in it but I have no idea if it works…I know the original Noxzema has worked for me. Sorry for my careless error.

  33. My last comment ever on this site…I just wanted to inform that Alberto Culver has apparently changed the formula on its “Original” Noxzema. The new cream looks the same but the texture is lighter and fluffier. The “Original” that I used successfully was more solid and dense and left a waxy coating on the skin which I felt helped. (they both contain phenol) However, Studio 35 Beauty (sold by Walgreens) makes a knock off or generic version of the “original” Original which contains the same ingredients and in the same order as the “Original cleansing cream unless they have changed that also. The secret to finding the thicker cream is that in the ingredient listing the fragrance should be listed in front of the gelatin and not at the end

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