I will try to fix you


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  1. dividingcricker said:

    I ve been taking F6 a enzyme read and learn about this pill form and spray . I know most of us have lymes so maybe it could clear lymes but really nothing has worked better fo me http://morgellonsdiseaseawareness.com/awareness_poster this whole site is filled with great information. Tina just posted a web that has a reciepe for making enzymes. I m holding alot of hope that the enzymes are the way to go . I ve been taking enzymedica vira stop . These basic enzymes are the real germ killer of nature. time will tell but all my health improvements were from minreials and enzymes. The first was Kleen Green , Then vira stop , bromilane , now F6. I do know that many people here are sick and I do take other things at other times . Immutol is a beta glucan 1.3 1.6 broken cell yeast ,it has many health benifits. Red marine algea plus by Pure {Planet ,This kills many bacteria and viruses , I ve had a few thing happin that this algea is a miricle. Logols Isiol sski are all liquid iodines I use , Ive been using the isiol in my minerials from http://www.bodybio.com look at the viedos to learn how this minerial kit helps remove toxins and balances the system. I also take glutithone, B6 ,B12, aloepills, coq10,magnesium/calm,tao free samento, This seems to be the heart of the better things I use. I eat a glutinfree organic sugarfree diet with Stevia sweetner /organic now, I try to keep my carbs,potatoes rice carrots down . Morgellons seems to live on sugar so cutting down or out is the key. Hope it helps DC

  2. mr cs, i don’t have audio on my computer, so i can’t listen to this person’s version of this song, but back in 2006, when i first became ill w/morgellons,i was listening to coldplay’s version quite often, sadly, a precious man that i worked with, that had morgellons as well as myself,(looking back, i realize was going thru the symptoms some time before i did) enjoyed listening to coldplay as well…he has since passed w/what i believe to be morgellons…untimely death, precious man, left behind a wife and nine children as well as many friends.

  3. This song is my life at the moment, stuck in reverse. Ruth

  4. Beautiful song Mr. C, that somehow provides some hope.
    It is important for each person to keep up their hope as it helps their healing.
    Prayer circles in person or online are another way, even if one is not religious but has a belief in God/creator or whatever name one uses.

    Also, some good news for people whose symptoms may be caused by GMO food:

    “Doctors Prescribe Non-GMO Diets; Remarkable Recoveries Result

    Although there have been no human clinical trials, experts conclude that there is sufficient evidence from animal feeding studies to remove GMOs altogether. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called for a moratorium in 2009 based on their review of the research. According to their former president, Dr. Robin Bernhoft, the Academy “recommends that all physicians should prescribe non-genetically modified food for all patients, and that we should educate all of our patients on the potential health dangers, and known health dangers of GMO food.”

    Today, thousands of physicians and nutritionists do just that, and they report that a wide variety of health conditions improve after people make the change. “

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