The End

What an incredible journey this has been. With the onset of Morgellons I faced fears the depth of which I scarcely knew existed. Suddenly, my seemingly perfectly life was smashed upon the jagged rocks of never ending despair. However, I refused to lay down in the muck and mire and admit defeat, that is not in my makeup. This blog contains my thoughts from the beginning to the end of my journey. In my first few posts I was a pretend scientist/researcher, then I gravitated towards focusing on healing and stumbled upon a world I really didn’t know existed, that is, healing through correcting ones bio-terrain. That for me was the key to recovery.  I’m talking really simple stuff here like PH, minerals, enzymes, gut flora, diet, and so on.

I want to leave you with some things that I’ve learned along the way. This is especially important to those who are just now learning that they have this condition.

  • Do no harm. If you want to try a new vitamin, herb, or mineral then research it. Start with a dose much lower than the recommended dose. If you are on prescription medications look for drug interactions. Many natural remedies interact with prescription drugs.
  • Never self treat with anti-parasiticals, doing so is an extremely dangerous action to take and it’s usually done out of desperation. I know, I’ve been there and beyond (and you don’t know what Morgellons is no matter how much you think you do).
  • Don’t waste time trying to convince others around you that Morgellons is “real”. Don’t even mention it. If you go to a doctor never use the word Morgellons. Simply and calmly explain your symptoms (above all be calm). Never bring in fibers or skin samples unless you want to be discounted out-of-hand or possibly labeled DOP.
  • Don’t discuss Morgellons with your children or your spouse. Certainly you can let your spouse know your going through something that is serious but if you want to end up separated or even divorced then by all means drone on and on about your condition and you’ll wind up alone.
  • Never self-treat children for Morgellons or assume that your children have it. They mostly likely don’t, and my experience has been most “grow out of it” as it were, that is to say, it just fades away as they grow up.
  • Don’t become your disease, don’t obsess over it, don’t be afraid to go outside. Most importantly, don’t waste precious hours of your life surfing what are often very frightening forums full of all kinds of horrifying theories about Morgellons. Even worse are the often suggested miracle cures based on what are often dangerous substances.
  • Live your life, If you are alone my heart breaks for you. If you have a bible try reading it, it just might become your best friend.
  • Finally, the “Fear” of this disease is worse than the disease itself. Break the cycle of fear and you’ll be well on your way to a better life.

I want to say for all to hear that I do not know what Morgellons is, but for me it appears that focusing on my bio-terrain was the solution, however, there is no magic bullet, and I know how badly we all hope/hoped one existed. What worked for me might not work for you.

I would like to thank those that helped me, and there were so many of you, including those that reply to posts on this blog. When I would reach a low point I would selfishly make a blog post and the support would come pouring in. It’s good not to be alone, but unfair that I should have such a support mechanism while others are so desperate and left to twist in the wind, alone.

I would also like to apologize to those that reached out to me and I failed to stretch out my hand to reach back to you. Sadly there were many that fall into that category, and it’s to my shame. I don’t know what happened to those people, I often think about them. Probably most are not that computer savvy and are lost and in misery making many, if not all, of the mistakes I warn about in the list above. I will certainly be held accountable. I’m so sorry to be moving on, but the time has come for me to do so.

You are all my family, we suffered together, cried, laughed, gave thanks, grieved, hoped, railed, and encouraged one another. I am going to miss you all, this is an extremely hard decision for me.

May God bless each and every one of you, I love you all.

Mr. Common Sense

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  1. Wow, wish u the best, we will certainly mis u and ur wisdom u brought to this community, really hate to see u leaving too. But understandable ….

    • MRC R U still treating ur Lyme….?! Would u leave this site open for people to have access to all the valuable info here ?!

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        My Lyme is gone now. 60 days of Doxycycline did the trick

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        JS, This site will remain up, I took at look at the statistics, there are on average 15,000 hits on this blog each month so there’s still a pretty big need for the information it seems.

        • Thanx 4 all u ve done and 4 leaving it up, it’s defenantly a need for a site like this and the vast amount of info gathered in it …

  2. Still-fighting said:

    Mr. Common Sense
    I do understand that what may work for one person may not work for another, however, it would be good to see a list of all the things that you addressed and used for comparison. I have been dealing with this for a long time, and I am still finding that sometimes someone may mention something that I either skipped over in my research, or never tried. That one thing could be the final nail in the coffin on Morgellons for someone. I hear that you are wanting to move on to a trouble-less life, but if you still had it in you, to post a list of all the things that you tried and worked, and the dosage and length, it would be greatly appreciated. You will not be held responsible for anything. We are all adults here, and make our own decisions.
    Thank you in advance,
    Still fighting

    • Still Fighting,
      There are great links and articles (check the headings at the top of the page) Also there are very good sites listed as well at the bottom. See the left hand column) There is a wealth of information here. If you build your immunity you can regain your health.
      It takes time, but things do get better.

    • Thank you for all that you have given. God bless you. I would it if you would share how to make our bioterrain a healthy one. I really don’t know.

      • LB, read the articles. See the Poor mans Protocol. It worked for Mrc. Also see Mel’s howicuredmorgellons site. They are listed on the left hand side near the bottom of the main page. Even if it does not “cure” you, you will feel stronger and healthier.

  3. When I was lost, I came upon your site and it was a great source of comfort. Thank you for all you did in the past and I want to say, in the future, should you change your mind about posting.

    Can’t say I agree about keeping the condition quiet from one’s partner—but to each his own.

    Best of luck and happy journeying. Much love!

    • I believe my partner has this although he is in total denial. I do believe this is contagious.

      • dividingcricker said:

        LB I always thought that but after being around 100s of family and friends I don t know 1 other person in 5 years that has had what I ve been through. Many people here are the only family member whos afflicted . There must be a underlying cause or paracite or toxin that has a way to interact in the body to cause this. WE JUST DON T KNOW. So many theories and not many answers. I was tested for 100s of things and all came up negitive It has confused my Dr too. I just read there getting a new lymes test on the fast tract that is a 1000s xs better. We could only hope. Mr Cs lymes like mine has been treated with doxyc,mine with pills my brotherinlaw had the bag to cart around my nephew had several types of antibiotics. I ve read about lymes i m on lymes bloggs I must have 10 books on lymes and the cures. On the street in my town every house has at least one person with lymes. Its a epidemic across the country. Why some people get this morgellons and lymes is another guess . I know I m a 100% better than I was 2 years ago and life goes on . I know that theve mentioned a cure for AIDS ,If they see the light at the end of that tunnel this morgellons shouldn t be that hard to figue it out. Lets keep hopeing DC

  4. Oh my God I am sitting here crying. I will miss you so much. When I first got morgellons I was terrified reading all the other sites. You gave me hope and made it less terrifying.
    I totally understand why you have to move on, but god you will be missed. I am glad I got to spend some time with such a wonderful human being. I will miss you Mr. C. I wish you well in your journey. You have touch my life and many others. I thank you for this. Ruth

  5. dear mr common sense,
    you gathered all the information, did all the work and put it into a nice little pile. thank you for all of this. you gave me hope that i could return to health. you also made me laugh. i really and truly admire you. i think you helped a lot more people than you will ever know. best to you always, tina

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Tina, glad you benefited from the site, it’s nice that you setup an avatar, I wish more people would have done so, it’s nice to see faces.

      I’m doing really well now, I’m living life like every day is my last. Last week my teenage daughter and I saw Coldplay in Chicago, my whole family was in Chicago, we spent a few days running all over the city, the Navy Pier, water taxies, swimming in Lake Michigan, top of the John Hancock building, from thier we went to New York City, rode the Statin Island Ferry, saw the statue of Liberty, walked down to Saint Marks place to show the kids the crazies and so on. Then, last night we saw Jackson Browne at the Murat in Indianapolis.

      So many positive comments on this post, I’m truly humbled.

  6. MrC, thank you for bringing sanity to a disease that can drive a person insane.
    You brough comfort to many and will be missed.
    Wishing you health and happiness!
    Vios Con Dios

  7. barbara miller said:

    if you’ve been “cured,” i’d think you’d share what fixed you up. no, there’s no guarantee it would work for everybody, but it might. i thought that was what you were going to do in this post, but you didn’t.

  8. Still Fighting and Barbara, if you look up PMPII on this site which is the poor mans protocal, you will find what Mr. C. did to help himself. Ruth

  9. dividingcricker said:

    Well I don t know what is happining here, Are you all better? Were we just a comment board to get ideas for your health ? I guess I m a little pissed off because the jobs not done ,we don t ev en know what causes morgellons. Seems to me its a beginning not the end. My real problem , I feel like I pushed you into a corner a few times trying to get you to think outside the box and you just wouldn t do it. Maybe you see the future and want to head for the hills to try to stay as normal as you can. I really hope you have a change of heart but if this is it I wish you all the best ,we really had a few good rallys here. Youve spent so much time making this site its a damn shame you can t keep it going for the thousands being affected now, Whats really scary , I felt this comming a month ago. Remember when your in church praying , how can I help ? I hope the voice from above tells you “youve been helping thousands for years ,you have no IDEA !!! BE WELL MR C hope it all works out for us all

  10. My guess is there are many, such as myself, who don’t contribute much but read your email newsletters with regularity. Anyway thanks for steering an objective and occasionally humorous discussion on the subject. Your newsletter “about the terrain” made the biggest impact on me personally as it opened my eyes on why level of susceptibility is not the same for all. Knock on wood your advice helped me reach a point I am beginning to feel the nightmare is ending. Just want to say thanks..

    Lost in East Texas.

  11. Mr C…How can I even begin to tell you how much you mean to me? I have not posted much but this was just my way, but I turned to your blog, when I felt alone, YOU helped me to know that I was not. I will miss you…the friend I never even met , I will miss your thoughts, your music and as with the loss of a loved one …I feel the tears of grief. The only other person that I knew here in Atlanta with “M”… died several months ago of cancer.
    I can only imagine how hard it has been for you to have this emotional / physical / financial struggle and try to be a good husband and dad and blogger. I do read my Bible, it is the source of any peace that I have. I am not well, but I am better. I want you to remember that you have help me and countless others, you gave more than you received. What a wonderful legacy! May God bless you…. .and maybe you could check in from time to time. you will always have a place in my heart and i will think of you and keep you and your family in my prayers.
    I sure wish this were a money making website for you. I don’t want to say goodbye, so
    later my friend.

  12. Love and light to you Mr C,
    Thank you so much for all of the work you have done here for us.
    You have been a light in a dark tunnel for me.
    I am happy to here your Lymes has cleared. I hope to continue to use your
    information to get healthy.
    Hugs to you, Jade

  13. Mr. CS,
    I am so sorry that you will no longer be posting but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. I have had most of my symptoms to some degree for many years but they increased about 3 weeks ago with the addition of a few new and scary ones. I am so grateful that I found your site. I started the poor man’s protocol as soon as I was able to and it has made a HUGE difference. ( I have also cut out sugar and have limited carbs to oatmeal in the morning, plus I jog and exercise.) I still have symptoms and have a ways to go, but I am definitely better and it has been just a short time.
    Just want to thank you for being an intelligent, thoughtful, and calming influence. You have put a lot of work into understanding this, coming up with your best solutions, and sharing info – yours and other people’s as well.
    I just started to read your Grand Unification Theory today and I really like having an alternative to thinking I have strange parasites in me.
    Anyway, I am pretty lucky that I was able to come across your blog and thank you in time before you completely sign off. Again, thanks for leaving up the site – lots and lots of great info and links.
    All the best to you.

  14. God bless you and keep you. Thank you so much for the comfort and advice that you provided when I was so lost. I, too, have moved on.


  16. As most have implied, I will miss you too and your blog. Helping others is a way of serving God. You, I’m sure will be blessed for your service and surely there is a star in Heaven for you.

    Thank you for being who you are and all your hard work and time you so generously gave for others. It is always sad to have a good friend leave and on the net, well, we don’t even know if we may cross paths elsewhere, ever.

    May God keep you and watch over you and yours’.

  17. liesbeth43 said:

    Love and light to you mr.C.

  18. Mr Common Sence, know that you have helped so very many; and you will be missed!

  19. God bless you too, my friend! It seems we’ve both come to the end of this journey together. I give ALL the glory to God whose words are strength and health to all who will believe.
    Thank you for being that light in the storm for us all! Best of health to you always! ❤ Pattie

  20. Mr. C,


  21. Mr. CS, Thank you for your time, sharing and friendship. Health and happiness to you, Joe

  22. Mr. C….O.K., I have to ask….would you consider doing a quarterly or semi-annual post just to update us on your status and allow people to comment about what is going on with them? It may be a selfish request, but I am still suffering with this affliction and this website has been a safety net to me for such a long time, as I would guess it has been to many others. If that is not possible, I totally understand and wish you only the best!
    Thank you for being a positive influence.
    Take care….DB

  23. Torpedolynn said:

    Hi Mr. C.
    This is probably the next best thing for your health is to let go of the last thread. I know when my mentor started helping me to get well it took a heavy toll on her emotionally having to relive the whole experience trying to help me get a grasp and to calm down. We each are built differently and few who have the ability to continue the fight even after well for the rest of their lives so it is amazing you have put out so much for so long even after getting well. It would be a crime against you if you were to inflict the burden further then able. Thank you for your time and for putting together such a well thought out board/forum and hope you peek in on us once in a while.

    Who knows some day you may just sit there one day and say. You know I want to do this or that and you may have fresh eyes and new strength to pass down to others. Your family really have lost a lot of your time during this illness so time to look at the family and jump in whole hog before those hours and minutes have passed you buy.

    Best wishes and always best of health to those who defeated this mess.

    In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

  24. Dear Mr Common Sense,
    You have given so very much and so much of your life, for this cause as have many.
    I too have come to a fork in my road and have had to back off for my own health and my own sanity.
    The constant emails and phone calls and the utter chaos that many of us have endured in regard to this disease can be debilitating in itself.
    I am on the Gerson Therapy and feeling much better, thanks to all who have fought the fight and mostly thanks for this blog and the work you have done.
    We are spiritual beings….having a human experience.
    May you find peace, joy and happiness and calm.
    I continue to formulate for that is what I do.
    I was thinking the other day….now how in the heck did I get myself into this mess and the answer became clear….”It all started with a bar of soap.” LOL NOW that was funny. Live Well….Laugh Often and Love Much.
    I Love You, Brother,

    • Trisha, so good to hear from you. I totally understand that you had to back away from the madness for your health. Also glad to hear that you are still formulating.

      Wishing you wellness.

  25. MCS I can’t even begin to explain the impact you have had on my life. There were many times when I didn’t think I could make it another day. I came to this site and found hope, acceptance, and the realization that I too could survive this. I found this site shortly after you started it and it was a lifeline for me, and so many others as well. I am so happy for you that you have made your way out of this and grateful that you are leaving the site up. With all my heart I wish you continued health and much happiness. We will all miss you.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sandy, I am so grateful to have been of help to you, your comments mean the world to me.

  26. What is going to become of this website? Are we still going to be
    able to access it as, there is a lot of great information for those of us
    that are still out here crawling. Will you keep the site up?

  27. Mr. CS,
    I’ve been away for a while, just did a quick check-in and was surprised to see that you have written the last post to your blog..but happy for you also.
    I’m not sure you’ll see this, but I wanted to thank you for all your efforts here. The clear thought, communication and support you’ve given others while attending to your own health concerns has been amazing!
    All the best to you in your ‘new chapter’!

  28. God Bless you, Brother.

  29. fuzzybuggs said:

    so…mr cs, just what do you think this “morgellons” might be? just playin’…not funny i know, but i grow weary…w/god’s grace and whatever determination, i’m staying steadfast.

    • dividingcricker said: this site might help .there are many theories with little FACTS to back it up. Most of us are Lymes Disease carriers , knowing this , many illnesses can be linked to lymes. As you know MrC was just treated for lymes 6 weeks of antibiotics and most treatments really can t get it all but keeping up with all the diet changes and vitamans and herbs could nip it in the bud. Theres a new test in the pipeline thats 1000xs more accurate. The AMA and Drs are near some new approaches to treatment so its more hopefull than it has ever been. My theory is more indepth ,that GMOs and the products that are used with GMOs are responsable for the farmers /aniamals and our health problems. Read Jeffery Smith Seeds of Deception another book Seeds Of Destruction ,go to Dr Mercolas free daily web and follow it ,read and comment ,Listen to Mike Adams ,Jeff Rense, Alex Jones all are noted nut cases that seem to know the real truth. Mr C does t believe people should listen /learn ,its very scarry ,its a real mind bender, but many facts have come to light, Chem-trails are a government fact called Geo – Engineering with many notable webs and facts , GMOs are widly talked about using gene spicing with Agobacterium (gall crown disease) with genes from spiders starfish fungus Oomycites, annualgenes and the list goes on and on . Doctors are switching there sick patients to a organic diets in the EU but not america. Many countries are on the move to stop this GMO madness . We probably only know a piece of the puzzle but its enough to be scared to death . My point here is to get people fired up so they join the fight to stop this maddness in america. Dr Mercola is only one web ,there are hundreds of sites to donate 5 ,10 , 50, 100,or a 1000$ to the cause , Monsanto just spent 5 million last week.But my feeling is RIGHT IS MIGHT, this fight is a labeling law in california. Just to label the food , China Russia Japan, Europe,All label the food ,Don t we have the right to know WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE EATING. PS If you read all MrC s 4 years of rants /webs from the beginning you will learn sooo much about our toxic world , most of the things I just wrote about ,Mr C has written about,knows inside out .I can only hope we all get through this in one piece and still can be friends DC

  30. Mr. Common Sense, I am hew to all the research, and possibility of this being something I may be in the beginning stages of. After a weekend of research and feeling so much anxiety ( understatement) I came to your site and immediately began to feel relaxed again. The Logos protocol makes perfect sense to me as I had already began to try to enhance my immune system and this pulls a lot together. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be referring back to this site very much as I continue my recovery journey. I prayed a heavy prayer to God before finding this and said the only way I can heal is with His help and /or I was ready to give up any research or trying to find answers as it was just all too much to deal/cope with following other life changing experiences ( stress must be a factor too). I wept and slept and listened for an knowledge of His will to let go or keep looking one more time. I felt the answer was to look today, last time and found your site. AMEN and thanks…

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Nancy, I am so glad you found comfort, you might find this post helpful See the “All Articles” menu choice at the top of this blog for more …

    • Building one’s immune system is important, but we also need something to give immediate refielf from the itching that is especially bad at night. I wish I had known these in the early stages. To help you to sleep take night time benadryl if you are itchy.
      Also to help you sleep sub lingual melatonin. The trafitonal medicine brand of nighty night teas is good also. It helps with the stree level.

      Next, the best topical solution yet is Toni’s mustard protocol. I found it on this site that has reams of information of why this disease exists. If you cannot handle the scary parts got directly to the Answers tab and then Topical Solutions and Energy Healing.
      I wish I had known more about rife in the beginning I would have spent the money on a really good unit as opposed to a lot of other stuff that did not work.

      David Bourke is a sufferer of perhaps not Morgellons but very similar which is a demodex mite infection. Mr Bourke is an investigative journalist who has devoted many hours of research and shares it with an open heart.

      I realize i have these mites and suspected it way back but got distracted along the way. Doing the mustard protocol has helped me more than anything after seven years!
      See David’ site at :

      • Hi Sharon, yes the mustard routine came from Toni from Lymebusters website. It was the start of my healing journey. I was finally able to sleepm it’s been about 6 months since I did the routine and am still good. It works but you have to do it daily. I did for about 2 months day and night. Ruth

        • Still Fighting said:

          Ruth, I am also using mustard, and having some results, but not enough to finish this. Would you tell us exactly how you used it, and how often etc. I am expecially having problems with the lotion, as I can’t find one that would work well. The ones I used seam to be affected by the mustard.

          Are you completely well?

          Lately I have been using sulphur, and It is working amazingly well, all with the exception of frying your skin. I use a 50/50 mixture of NOW, MSM Liposome Lotion with HUMCO, Sulphur USP (sublimed powder).

          Thanks in advance, Still Fighting

          • Still Fighting, you are probably overdoing the sulfur. MSM contains sulfur as well as mustard. I discovered for the nighttime application I mix 3 oz of glycerine to 1 oz mustard, the oil and moisture draws them out and the mustard kills. The glycerine seems to be the right balance of moisture needed, though you would not want to use it during the day. I left a link a few posts up on this page, or you can go to lymbeusters and search for Toni’s mustard treatment.

            To relieve the burning from too much sulfur add a few drops of lavender oil to each bit of body lotion (lotion with the least amount of stuff in it) and apply everywhere.

          • Hi Still fighting, I still have morgellons just not the itching part.
            I ran the mustard through a coffee filter and would use this in shampoo, bath liquid soap and mix it with glycerine and coconut oil. I walked around like this for 6 weeks everyday and then I was able to sleep.

            • Still Fighting said:

              Re: glycerin and coconut oil. Do you mean you mixed the mustard into a mix of glycerin and the oil, in stead of moisturizer? Was it glycerin and oil together or seperate. Toni mentiones using glycerin at night to keep it moist. Can you give some more details. Did you mix them or use oil for day and glycerin for night? I use coconut oil with colloidal silver at night, but I think that mustard would be more effective. Thanks again.

            • Okay, I put 2 tablespoons of dry mustard in a coffee Filter and put cold water through it so I have about 3 oz of liquid. For the body part I just go by feel to make up enough to cover my body. I sometimes used olive oil, coconut oil and the glycerin all together. I put this in my hair and on my body. Yes I walked around all day with this on. Sometimes I also added a bit of tea tree oil or lavender. So I would use about an 1oz of mustard liquid and mix in the coconut, glycerin and sometimes olive oil. The other 2 oz I would mix with shampoo, water wash etc. Ruth

            • dividingcricker said:

              Hey ruth I mix up %5o/50 Dr Bronners /water peppermint and add 20 drops of lugols 20of tea tree 20 of neem I m going to try the dry mustard in that mix 1/4tsp. I use D/M in alot of stirr fry ,seafood reciepies. I just bought a bottle. Nanna uses it Shes 101 and makes her mustard mash 1tsp mixed with a few drops of water and smears it on roastbeef and ham Maybe its whats keeping her going?

        • Hello Ruth, my name is Sophie and I have been a M Victim since 2007. My symptoms seem to be getting much worse and after reading your blog on the daily treatment you followed using the mustard is of interest to me. If you could, would you please share with me how to do this, when to do it, how long to do it, and DID IT HELP YOU. I feel that the M is getting the best of me and energy just to get out of the bed is getting harder and harder for me everyday. Your help and knowledge would be very much appreciated.

          • Hey Sophie, I have been working all day and am tired. Will reply tomorrow. The mustard routine did get rid of the itching for good and helped me sleep. It does not get rid of morgellons. To be able to sleep was a miracle to me.

          • Hi Sophie, below is a link describing the mustard treatment.


            Hope it helps. I did this routine for about 2 months. I mixed it in my shampoo and bath wash. I also mixed in in with coconut oil and olive oil and vegatable Glycerin and had this on from head to toe 24-7. I also started running about a tlsp of mustard and 2-3 oz of water through a coffee filter to just get the mustard liquid and used this liquid with no grains in my mix. You will have to fiddle around for the correct mixture for you.

            Make sure you test on your skin in a small spot, it should not be burning you.

            • I have since discovered that castor oil for the night time hair application works amazing as it is richer than olive or coconut and stays moist overnight.

  31. Rollande de Champlain said:

    allo,here Billie…thanks for advice even it makes me sad and I already regret your presence… I do not know if you are aware that I am a grand-grand mother of numerous people and am the only one with M.

    At eighty-two, I have no fear and you helped me to act as if I’m just a curious person regarding somebody with a bizarre condition over the street. You helped me anyway to act doing experiences on myself, no dr (13)helped me in any way, as others, but I already collected many knowledge on comportement, emotions, capability of choices, judgement from those living nano. As you did certain time, I continue. Be blessed and remember the love you generated. Billie

  32. Billie, I am so sorry you have this, but admire that you were able to figure it out. My Dad would not go near a computer. Ruth

  33. dividingcricker said:

    Well, get everbody all fired up / a new web / great ,so whats the deal? I guess we ll be guessing on this too. Or did you have a change of heart? I really like it , and hope lives another day .

  34. Irony of all Ironies! FOX News just happened to mention a “new AIDS like auto immune disease” tonight, Dr. Phillipa Cheatham, a urologist of all things! Seems to strike Americans over 50 and Asians… she doesn’t say which country in Asia. Odd isn’t it?

    I don’t know about you all, but my right kidney is basically shot, aches all of the time.
    Be that as it may, they can’t continue this cover for much longer.. it’s becoming an epi apparently.

    Claims that it is not transmissable,….now how would they possibly know that?

    • I know, I saw it this morning, there are so many
      Illnesses these days with out an answer, would nt surprised if its related to MD or LD, one of the reports that I read today talked about Thailand. I don’t know about everyone else but I know my immune system is compromised and most likely
      Is the underlying cause of my illness.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      “not transmissible” from human to human that is, but transmissible from “x” to human. Simply solve for “x”, my guess, “GMO Pharming” where Pharming = “Pharmaceutical Farming”

      • dividingcricker said:

        I saw that report too , On that GMO ,shouldn t that go through the drug protocol thal all drugs go through? Pharming says it all. I read some months ago they put a patient on a gmo that is going to be used as a drug! You know I wouldn t be so opposed to that but this untested gmo crap that has the potential to cross breed with other things and us has really gone far above what we can understand!

      • Using “transmissable” in the GENERIC sense!
        I believe that you are right on in your belief.

        I just don’t know… scares the cr@p outta me!

  35. Julia Drew Briggs said:

    Thank you! So glad you are well! I believe you did wonders for people. When I read you blog, you kept me calm and more focused than anyone else. God Bless!

  36. Thanks for all that you do and did for us. I found this site and started to figure out I was not the only person in the world fighting this. And strangely that is a comfort and thanks for the PMP, I thought I lived a pretty healthy life, but obviously I had much to learn. Thanks for being there for so many.

  37. herehoping said:

    Mr C, Thanks for all you have done on this blog. I know for 100% sure yjat you put me on the road to healing in 2009 I don’t know what I would have done at that time without your dedicated work on this blog.
    You are a soldier fighting the good fight. May you always dwell in peace, joy and love.
    ❤ nancy

    ps: I have to ask ……do you still not have a dog?

  38. dividing cricker said:

    MrC The cause for morgellons is Gadolinium a contrasting dye in MRIs . this is also linked to dental work . Its a disease NFS with no cure. It seems that we also have many other problems but the underlying cause is this gadolinium At least were not leapors or worse. I want to thank everybody for all the help, Theres a support Yahoo group That Sharon is signing up on. In the USA the litagation time line ended in July this year but on going lawsuits continue, My mistake was looking at the most remote cause and not looking at the cause right at my feet. Its really my Drs fault, he has been watching me go down hill for the last 3 years with little mention of my symptoms. Itching sores that don’t heal darkpatches of skin leatheryskin tendon problems bowel problems organ problems etc I really want to thank Sharon Tina Liesbeth Ayla and David.. Mr C I’m sorry for the way I pushed on your site. Very sorry. It plays on me thinking I should have been backing you up instead of driving you away. I hope you accept my appology. DC

    • Still Fighting said:

      Where are you getting you information from, and what is NFS? How does this relate to Morgellons?

      • I am going to pipe in here as my name was mentioned in DC’s post. NSF is a farely recent syndrome discovered after people were becoming ill after haveing MRI’s. many of the symptoms are similar to Morgellons. Joint pain, decreased range of motion in legs, extreme itching, swelling, pustules, rash, thickening of skin. It is apparently a resuot of having a reaction to Gadolinium which they use in image enhancing doing MRI’s. Most pwople though have been dialysis patients or transplant patients. There is aYahoo NSF support gropu on line if to google if interested.

        The full name for NSF is Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. Many of us got to talking and foun d that was somewthing we had in common was having had an MRI.

        I am not convinced that I have it, just started looking into it. I have never had dialysis or a transplant but I get kidney pain at times and became ill shortly after the MRI.

        Nothing I can prove at this point.

        • dividingcricker said:

          I have continued my research on the gadolinium and have found many connecting dots ,Gadolinium in the MRI contrasting dye is wraped in a buckyball. During the disease NFS this buckyball breaks down ,releasing the poisionious gadolinium , This gadolinium is more toxic than mercury ,causing cell damage throughout the body until death occurs. What I found out is this buckyball/polythelene silicone buckyball are found throughout the most toxic things we have talked about . In dental work, it was polymers. I researched these dental polymers and BAMB it turns out its a buckyball . In cancer drugs and aids drugs they use polymers and BAMB , buckyballs In the larvacide Lanignex it also truns out its buckyballs . Everything that we have researched has a web in POLYMERS and GMOs ,cancer drugs,aids drugs ,antibiotics, asprin,sunscreen. backpain cream., The list is never ending AND all these new things we have all used/done/ without our knowledge. I’m still reading and searching but these buckyballs are like loaded guns,each have been loaded with a bioengineered product. These things are so small that they are cell permeable.I know the buckyballs break down in time and these atom size bits collect in the body and have been studied ,and its polyethelene/silicone (pieces of buckyballs) The diseases seem varied because each buckyball type contains different genes. I really was floored with this connection . I still think these insects we have are related to the buckyball,either by there use in drawing insects to us or the buckyball has a way to make the insects live longer,and stronger. I have to say its a very new 1985 science. And we may someday be cured by buckyballs. Then again we could all be killed by them , WIKI The Grey Goo… DC

      • correction re: NSF symptoms
        not pustules should have read paules, hyepr pigmentation subcutaneous fibrous nodules under papules mainly on the extremities and trunk.
        AGAIN I repeat this is not necessarily the cause of Morgellons just an oddity in that 6 of us that i know of have had MRI’s with image enhancing materials.

        • Interesting theory, I had several MRI s with contrast due to sports injuries, like u said
          There might be a corolation between these
          Don’t know if it’s the primary cause of this disease, I still think the main underlying issue
          Has something to do with our immune system

          • yes immune system deficincy but what compromised it? I have always ate well and took care of myself. Morgellons hit and I have not been the same since. Perhaps pumping us full of heavy metals is not good for the immune system.

            • I agree with u there Sharon, I also considered
              Myself pretty healthy b4 all this, and yes something compromised our immune system or a combination of things, I truly believe in hyper toxicity and then the opurtunistic infections followed …

  39. I would like to thank you mr common sense, i have been living through this hell for 2 years, getting no support from doctrs or my husband. Stumbling upon your website was a Godsend. I was so frightened and alone, i have learned to accept this and realize i am not delusional or a mental case. I am trying to function at a stressful full time job, being a wife , a mother, and having a hard time “doing it all”. At least now i know there are others with the same symptoms as me, and i do not think i will die from this. Your insights are most appreciated and you are a very special person to build this website and give people hope and information that you have learned and researched. God bless you, i have been meaning to post this for a while, you have helped me keep my sanity. The one thing i cannot get over though is my intense distrust of doctors. Rude doesnt begin to describe how i have been treated. I am not stupid, ( i have a law degree), but to be dismissed as seeing things that are not there, i refuse to put myself thru that again, and will only go to the dr if i absolutely have to. What baffles me is that a dr’s intellectual curiosity doesnt want to get to the bottom of this. If it doesnt fit into their knowledge base, it doesnt exist.

    Thank u for all your advice, i especially like youe last post, the end. I am happy for you, and you deserve to move on with your life. You have helped many along the way and i am one of them. God bless you.

  40. Elizabeth E Emmert said:

    Dear Mr, CS – Your website is amazing – and I just now happened upon it …as it is winding down. So glad for you that your health is back on track! Could someone point me to the place(s) where Mr, CS changed his mind that Lymes Disease was not connected to Morgellons to believing that Lymes Disease and Morgellons are connected? Thank you in advance for your trouble. E3

    • I didn’t know he came to that conclusion, but I know most of the people who have MD also tested positive for Lyme, as you know the current LD tests arent that accurate, I tested positive for LD by culturing my blood but was negative on western blot, so many people may have Lyme and don’t know ….

  41. Lyndain Canada said:

    Pls See Jan2013 release of results of study about MDbeing spirochtal infection. Related to bovine disorder. See on Charles Holman foundation site. When u said it was the end — I wonder if u considered that the end is very near re: answers. I am well here in Canada… I truly believe celebrations are in order w the release of the above results. I think our journey fir answers is over. Or very soon.

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