Just Label It …

Just an FYI, I like the Whole Food Stores, but thought this video worth sharing …


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  1. Very cute..YES labet it! we want and need to know. Thanks..hope you have all you need and some of what you want.Wishing you only the best. May God bless you and yours.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t sign off for good! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I know you’ve stored up much treasure in heaven for all the kindness & hard work put forth to lessen the suffering of others. God bless as your health continues to improve. ❤ Pattie

  3. dividingcricker said:

    Sometimes you don’t no what you have till its gone! Good to see that morgellons email . This prop. 37# is a have to cause , We just have to get control back . DC

  4. dividingcricker said:

    Hey MrC did you ever read Lab 257? Maybe its not for you!

  5. I too, am a WF shopper but honestly, the one that I shop at has never claimed it’s non-GMO. They do however mark the non GMO/ Organic food.

    This GMO crap is so insidious, Michael Taylor works for Obama at the FDA, Monsanto is insidious within the Federal Government, they have bought their way to the top.

    If I can’t buy food at WF on principle, I can’t eat. Live in a cold climate, grow as much as I can.

    Hope everyone’s health is improving daily!!!

  6. Thanks for the positive video showing positive action.

    Have you heard of the Non-GMO project? This seems like a great idea.
    Please pass this around.

    The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.


  7. Very good point

  8. Microsporum G said:

    I have had Morgellon’s symptoms for more than 2 years. My cat was just diagnosed with ringworm. Microsporum Gypseum. My vet spoke with a dermatologist at the local university who said cats dont get this type. This is rare to infect humans from what I have researched. Some of the symptoms include appearance of demodex mites, this is apparently the spores. Also, burrows that resemble scabies. I urge those of you dedicated here to research this! Have give this to many others. We all have had classic Morgellon symptoms!!

  9. This is so bizarre..this little video brought tears to my eyes..maybe seeing the kids run thru the fields, I don’t know. What’s weird is that I hardly ever cry, all my life (in some ways I’m more like a man, not “into”shoes and my favorite movie was Terminator 2)…I cried alot when my mother first started dying (in the car running errands, not in front of her) and by the time she was gone there weren’t many tears left. I was filled with rage when I read what happened to Shawn Hornbeck…he would be pleading please don’t at night so the neighbor could hear and didn’t do anything about it…then I cried every day for two weeks. Too close for comfort since I have sons. But I used to work with kids so maybe that’s why this made me cry.. or just the sadness at how we have this beautiful planet and how so many have tried to play God and have mucked it up. Seeing the chemtrails every bleeping day…enrages me…how can people deny they exist…whether or not they cause Morgellons…how dare they cover our beautiful blue sky (not to mention since the uv light is supposed to kill stuff I guess they’re reducing that effect too).
    I belong to a food coop which presumably doesn’t have gmo but I admit we get most of our food from the grocery stores where we get “good deals”. We buy things like quinoa, seeds, wheat berries, occasionally juice or kombucha, certain bread, and now the coconut oil at the coop.
    We’ve always eaten alot of good food (vegs and fruits) AND alot of junk b/c my husband and I both like sweets. Muffins, ice cream sundaes, brownies, cake, peach cobbler…not as much into chocolate bars but I eat that too sometimes. I have been even worse about the sweets lately since I should be eliminating them but I’m home more, doing laundry, feeling depressed,etc. Reading stuff on computer more about how to get well. I found the little Friendly’s sundaes are easy to eat while on the computer because you don’t have to pick anything up in your hands. Bad me.

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