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This ain’t over …


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  1. No, it ain’t over, Mr C, far from it! You know…. there is a growing number of people with this illness who have taken a long hard look at your posts on acetylaldehyde and toluene and NAC and all the rest—— and who are doing those nutritional and supplemental protocols that you wrote about. And they are getting well. I am happy to tell you that I am among them.
    There are also some researchers who are sitting up and taking notice, and putting the pieces together. In time there will be many recovered enough to give weight to the fact that this is not a psychological illness, it is a physiological one -as you pointed out in your blog –, and one that we can recover from.
    There will be enough of us well and enough researchers who have recorded symptoms, tests and treatment results to challenge this farce, this basket of lies and incompetence put in print by the CDC. You’re right, it ain’t over, and it is only a matter of time before the CDC lie is put to rest and hundreds of thousands get the help and understanding so long denied to them.
    I owe you a debt of gratitude for your unwavering perseverance to truth, your courage and patience to put it in print (many times, in many forms). I don’t know how you put all these pieces together, but I am glad you did. I am getting well, slowly day by day my life is getting better. I am very grateful to you and your blog, Mr C. I hope that good health and happiness find you and your family every day.

  2. dividingcricker said:

    Still Here , This nanotechnology ,bioengineered ,buckyball ,polymer link seems to be linked to everthing were eating ,in vaccines, drugs, creams etc .. In the haste of the new and inproved the testing went out the window but things are starting to come to light. My link to the larvicide langinex has lead to Gadolinium in the contrasting dye for xrays and MRIs. We all know that the dental polymers caused simular morgellons disease symptoms(polymers) Now the vaccines have been linked to death in gardisil All these new products have polymers/ buckyballs as a main delervery system . They all have different types of polymers or buckyballs polyethelene-silicone , celulose , or gluclose all buckyballs all polymers. The more I uncover the more I think its become our nightmare. Now theres a few articles that this is the link to autism and alzhymers,not all about morgellons. We the morgellons sufferes are probably the tip of the tip of the damage . MrC I know more now and many more dots are connected and also more believers . My heart palps were cured by taking the PC from theres a video on the web that really great. I found another enzyme product called F6 theres a write up about this on Aylas site and the has the Kleen Green enzyme These enzymes are really the healthyiest way to treat this morgellons ,some how they help break down the morgellons fibers . Right now I’m using a Rife machine to help kill all the other things I have (LYME DISEASE) I’m most certain that this is just part of the problem but I’m very sure that the truth will come out… Hope This Helps DC

  3. Awesome, Awesome video Mr C!!! Thank You.

  4. Love it! Thank you Mr. C. Hope you’re feeling great!

  5. Hello all,

    I cant seem to find, and I am not computer smart, but I have been diagnosed twice with “prurigo nodularis” so I am posting to a response I got. Not Morgellans, which is not been a disease. And not celiac. What I can tell you is, my arms and my legs, I was actually able to take a shower tonite. really I took a shower, it has been almost a week since I took my last shower. The pain is so severe. I am a man, but I can admit, I typically have to cry to take a shower. Maybe even scream a bit. I am mr shower, 2 showers a day min. I used to shower all the time. I had to drink myself silly tonite to be able to take a shower. Tonite I took the first shower in a long time that when the water went down the drain it was not red from my blood, from me scratching. I got an appointment with my latest dermatologist, for a steroid shot on wed, I hate steroid shots, they so depress me. After getting these shots, ya not good, I refused to get another, and I was getting bad, so told doc, give me happy pills, for 3 days, and I will take another. I took the happy pills, and took another shot, and well I survived. The shot helped so much, that I went 3 weeks without itching. Every sore on my body healed in 3 weeks, and then they all came back, PLUS;;;;;;;;;I have 2 sons, my oldest vomits, atleast half the days of his life, my youngest, scratches more then I do, but not as intent as I do, he dont have the sores I do, but he itches more. My oldest son, I could never deal with what he does. I only itch. His stomach pains are so severe he just screams.

    Can anyone help us?

    I had a friend who has a son kill himself this summer. One nite him and I ended up talking, he told me, “kevin, ya know what hurt the worst, he used the gun, that I bought to do away with myself.” In the dakotas, you just own firearms,, I prolly have 10 of them myself, but when my oldest bought his, I kept thinking about what the commish told me.

    • Kevin, I am not a doctor or health care professional but can only offer somethings that may offer comfort, and perhapps you have tried them already. Put a filter on your shower head and have baths instead running the water through the filter. Many of us have found coconut oil on the skin helps a lot too. I know this is only a band aid solution, but sometimes just getting a bit of relief gives you a break. Regarding your eldest son perhaps a holistic nutritionist? Filtered drinking water also is a must. I had a Naturopathic Doctor tell me that any skin itching and pain is linked to the liver and kidneys. For what it is worth that is all of the help I can offer. I am so sorry.

    • Hi kevin, Your message has really stuck with me. I read it earlier and typed a comment but did not leave it. It’s not that I completely don’t know what to say….
      I wanted to say something better but I think Mr C said it best…this is not over.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Kevin Were with you , This is tough, I know what I went through and I was really on all the vitamans ,minerals herbs and really knew some of the greatest health things out there. Stop eating sugar its feeding the itch , Stop eating starches Potatoes, wheat bread , spagetti , it seems that the starches convert to sugar and can excite the itch. A glutinfree or a dibetic diet will help. Kleen green enzyme , Go to call 1800 807 9350 , this enzyme calms the skin , They will tell you how to do baths to calm your skin. You could have a issue with something in your house or food causing a issue. Do the kleengreen stuff and stop the sugar first believe me you’ll see a difference. Your shots are stopping the allergy reaction . Every body here has been through this and were on the better side of this thing but we made it and you will too. Stay tough and fight.. D C

    • Dear Kevin,
      I hope you will come back to this site and read this. It’s been a while since you posted your comment.
      I feel so bad for you and your sons. I have sons too.
      You’ve probably tried so much if you’ve had this a while, but if you/your son haven’t tried Zyrtec (cetirizine) you should give it a shot. Ten mg a day, purchased over the counter. I usually only itch now if I’m touching or wearing infected stuff.
      I had a topical steroid prescribed for me and started using it but then stopped fairly soon after I read that it’s bad, just drives the stuff further inside you. Besides, steroids are immunosuppressive and that seems to be the last thing we need in our situation.
      I hope your sons are online to get some support.
      I will pray for you guys.

  6. My wife has been fighting this battle with here skin for over eight years. In 2007 we went down to Arazona to see Dr Omar Amin who Dignosed my wife with nurocantaniou with morgaliens he says! i don’t think the test were very concluseff! but I,m no doctor! I just feel helpless! the skin sore’s the itching the cronic pain in the leggs, back, and now shes getting little tumors in her arms, and a big lump on the back of her neck. shes been in and out of the Hospital three times this last year! I’m affraid that I’m going to lose her! the Doctors her don’t know anything they say her test all come back negative! but she has fibers that come out of her skin and has black shadows that run through her body. she’s losing her eye sight! her eye lids swell-up we been to a naturalpath and done some cleansings that seems to help. Not only has it been a phyical emotion it has been a cycalogical one as well! it has put a strain on our marrage and our kid’s their growen but yet we can’t do a lot of stuff with them as a family like we used to. I know that their is a lot of stuff going on with her and I’m trying to be supportive with her. i just feel helpless! and a lot of the stuff that I think that can help her cost a lot of money! that we don’t have. any ideas would be nice.

    • tina engressia said:

      Rick, I feel compelled to say some things. First of are a hero straight up..that you have come this far.
      She does have a lot of stuff going on and it is ultra cool of you to know this. Of course it is a strain on you..a lesser man would have left already…Morgellons has broken up many a marriage.
      Dont let this happen. When you get stressed or feel over whelmed, do exactly what you are doing here. Reach out and vent the stress.
      Morgellons destroyed most of my relationships and I think many of the people here will say the same thing.
      My sister lost her 25 year marriage because of this nightmare.
      Hang on and hang in there.
      You said the cleanses helped…then keep doing them..there are things that don’t cost a fortune that can help.
      She just needs to keep up with it.
      Help her in ways that you can. make sure she takes plenty of vitamin C and help to remind her to take her supplements..everyday.
      Tell her she is going to be OK and that you are there for her.
      I can imagine the stress and like you said the helplessness you feel. Be strong and keep asking for help. The Morgellons community will be there for you and for her. We all know how hard and strange it is.

    • Rick, refer to the Poor Man’s Protocl for some realitvely inexpensive solutions. I know that Dr Amin’s protocol is very expensive. People who have recovered and are in the process of recovering can be found at and also on facebook find us at U.K. Morgellons. We are from all over the world not just U.K. Your wife is fortunate to have a caring spouse who is trying to help her get better. We can totaly relate to the strain it puts on family life. God Bless.

    • Rick, I’d take a look at
      There are a list of detoxes your wife can do. It would be good to have more information about what she is doing right now. If you would like to talk, I can be reached through my website using the “Contact Ayla” button. Send me an email with your phone number and I’ll give you a call.
      My site:

    • Have she tested for Lyme ?!

  7. The “toxins out, nutrients in” approach seems to be the most successful means to taking on these symptoms. The reality is this is a serious medical condition. My prayers go out to those who are still suffering. Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and such were once label delusional (these conditions seem to often overlap with Morgellons). Recovery is a slow process…do not get discouraged. Happy Thanksgiving all- Joe

  8. Not sure if this forum is still active. If not, admin might want to archive this site. Ir has a lot of good, non-commercial information. I just discovered this site 01/2013. and do not use social media. partly due to medical condition. Thanks

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