This is one intelligent guy. It gives me great hope to see this, more and more people are waking up to the truth. I judge a man by his character, by what he believes and does and not his color. And I can tell you this guy knows and speaks the truth. God bless this man !!


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  1. There is another truth that some are waking up to, we are all One, so treat your brother/sister/the earth as yourself. Many spiritual authors talk about this such as Neale Donald Walsch who has written several books beginning with his Conversations with God.

    He provides hope for the future of mankind in some of his newer books such as
    “The Only Thing that Matters”. Here is quote from him about this.

    “Yet most of the things that are “wrong” with life on Earth in the 21st Century would right themselves by themselves if the majority of human beings simply refocused their attention on The Only Thing That Matters.

    And what, exactly, is that?
    It is the Agenda of the Soul. It is the Sacred Journey. It is the Divine Purpose. All of these are facets of the same diamond, and in the book I explore this gem with a jeweler’s eyepiece, peering deeply into not only its breathtaking beauty, but its awesome power as well.

    The book makes it clear that we are on a journey here. And no, it is not the journey from birth to death. It is a journey from way before birth to long after death. Yet our here-and-now awareness of the purpose and destination of this journey can play an extraordinary effect on our day-to-day life—in some cases changing it forever, and in many ways maybe even changing the world by changing that part of the world we touch.”

  2. Awesome!

  3. dividing cricker said:

    Seems to be Alot of brain washing going on here and there, The facts are becoming foggy. I really don’t care whose in charge as long as there doing the right thing. As far as I can see all the politicians are running a tower of babble. We have another 4 years of a NO direction government (going off a cliff) It would be nice to take all of them and put them on a island and see who survives. I’ve run my own business for 30 years and I;m considering folding up. Many businesses are in a process of downsizing or closing. The only people who can afford to be in business are retired government workers who have free health care and retirement benifets and already have all the other government workers in there corner. . How can anybody compete with that???? another subject/// Mr C There was a mercola web the other day about OIL PULLING (monday) I read this book THE STEALTH KILLER by william norquist a dentist about oral lyme disease. I sorta linked this oral lyme and oil pulling together. This coconut oil 1tsp in the mouth for 20 min first thing in the mourning then brushing with bacon soda . The theory is we have a 8 hr period to grow/reproduce bacteria then eat swallow all this bacteria every day. The body can’t keep up , But with the oil pulling and brushing all the nights bacteria are killed giving the body a time to heal. I know that many books are telling how lyme bacteria are in the body but most studies really have a time finding anythig. I think all the lyme are swallowed everyday and the body can kill most of them but it gets to be a overload ,thats when we get sick. I’ve been doing the oil pulling about 3 weeks and really have been feeling much better. I have also been doing bacon soda with maple syrup 1tsp each in the mourning … Trisha emaied the other day , She told me shes cancer free. Shes going to start a radio show and really feels great… She did the bacon soda and the gerson diet(green juicing) Well I hope everybodys OK , many of us have gotten together in emails etc and other sites but its still not the same .. I really miss the daily banter DC

  4. Dorothy Cline said:

    Dear D.C. I appreciate your impatience with the Medical community regarding Morgellons. I was VERY shocked by a reply I recieved from Mayo Clinic. I had asked AARP to give me a reference to someone who might help me (and us) find services for our dilema of finding someone in the medical arena who would not only treat Morgellons, but would research the area of finding treatment for Ms and hopefully,a cure. When I contacted Myao Cliic, I was they did NOT treat Morgellons, and had no present plan to look into treatment at the clinic. My faith in Mayo faultered. Apparently they are willing to wait for others to take the lead in finding the whys, hows, and what-to-dos. We know (after another 4 years) that could take more than four years, and we worry whether we will be here to take advantage of what they finally.

    It appears to me that we have to take a stronger stand and exert more effort in educating Drs. This should be a daily challenge. Write to your senator, and congressmen – both national and state, and explain what is being done and what IS NOT BEING DONE. There are going to be more of us with Morgellons as the diagnosis becomes more common, and even if the medical community has not yet heard of it, that no excuse for not researching what is known and what to do for their patients.

    I have met at least 5 doctors who had never heard of the Morgellons name, let alone done anything to improve their knowledge of it. I think as an organization, we should take a group approach at the next state and national MD conference. and give out informance regarding Morgellons. Sure – we don’t know everything about Ms, If they have no ever heard of it, we at least can tell them of the symptons, and where to go for more information about th disease.

    I would hope any Drs. who treat us, would be willing to present, either in person, or in writing what they know about Morgellons, and where to find others who have experienced Ms. in their practice.

    I cannot count being able to wave a flag or mind a table of information when that time comes. I go back and forth between able to speak in a clear manner, and jumbling up my words. No one seems to know how to treat that part of the disease, and it seems to give me a hard time just when I an not looking for it. Have any of you had therapy for this?
    I know that it seems strenge that I can type along at at least 35 words a minute on my computer, and not be able to get it to come out my mouth.

    Well, this is as much as I can say today. I would be willing to write up something telling of my experiences with Morgellons to be shared with the medical community in any way they might be willing to accept it. (Providing you wait until after Christmas – I am slow getting ready for that too!) Let me know if you would be willing to do the same – everybody’s experience and community are different.

    Do you know of a printer who would be able to help us prnt up about “What is the Morgellon’s Hang up?” or some such title?

    Thanks for Listening, DLC

    • Here is something you might want to consider: that it isn’t that they are not familiar with it, but they still to this point are under orders to deny it. My head (which I shave daily – because it helps) is covered with very visible pathways, tunnels, whatever you want to call it. They look a little bit like a cross section of a termite or ant hill. Main path with others going off of it. Also, there is a 2 inch diameter half-circle eaten out on one side of my hairline. Where their pathway meets a hair follicle – they eat it. These cannot be dinied; they are very visible.

      Well recently I went to an emergency room, where the doctor looked at my head and said he saw nothing, and when I referred to the half circle, he called it “a receeding hair line”…. five minutes later, his assistant confirmed that she saw what was on my head, but she said “I can see what you want me to see” and then they called it a unexplained rash – eventhough it was inflamed, and of course gave me the dellusional parasitosis diagnosis. My other doctor, was another example: I brought in a picture of one of the bugs that are featured on the British Morgellons site – this was a bug that I caught in my house – he immediately got extremely flustered and started prescribing daily aspirin even though I am in my early fourties, and because of my genetic make up the stuff can actually kill me.

      When my symptoms could not be seen, I also considered that they did not know – the truth is – THEY DO! but are told, maybe even trained to respond in a pattern of total denial. In the past I read (maybe even on this website) that those doctors that tried to help lost their jobs, and or lisence.

      The pathways that I am speaking of, have the same pattern as the ones shown in one of the Morgellons videos on U-tube, except they are smaller, and for me, as the bugs get smaller, the new pathways also become smaller. The scary thing is that when I am in public, I can see these on just about everybody. They are even visible on the pictures of celebrities on the covers of magazines.
      I do believe that at this point, probably everyone has them, and it would then make sense to conclude that we – the ones with symptoms, are only different in the way our bodies responded to being infected with whatever it is we were given.

      I have also done extensive research into GMO, and have been on a crusade to cut them all out of our diet – I have to say that my symptoms weakened within two weeks of cutting them out. The bugs don’t seem to like me as much and they don’t congregate on my face anymore which is what they did in the past. They also seem to be miniscule now, while before it was different.

      Another thing, if you look up the new Morgellons website, it is quite obvious to see that nothing really is being done, that it is just there to make it look like some action is being taken. Most of the links to any of the media coverage of Morgellons are brocken – I believe on purpose, and the main guy in charge was happy at the beginning of the summer that he had two students who were going to be helping out. Are you kidding me? Global epidemic, and we get one doctor and two student – I mean – this is a farce, really! You look at Aids or any other new illness – even MS, which is not an easy diagnosis, have been dealt with within the first few years of them appearing on the scene, but M has been with us for about a decade, and doctors are still not aware of it – I don’t buy it!

    • dividing cricker said:

      DLC is one web is another and here on the mundane apr with Mr C Oh the holman foundation / cindy casey and Trisha Springstead RN , Its a several days of reading and nobody knows what really causes Morgellons, My theory is its a nanotechnology (buckyball) Bio engineered crap thats in food (GMO) ,medicine, sunscreen, antibiotics. heart stints, dental polymers etc the list goes on and on , My big moment was Langinex a larvicide ,sprayed all over the world and MRI contrasting dye Gadolinium . Many others think I’m right but it still a theory, I’ve ruffled many feathers with this theory and I have pushed peoples buttons trying to get them to look at this, These webs are very slim on Ideas ,my problem is I have lived the symptoms of NFS the gadolinium dye issues and told the my DR what was doing this before it had a name. DLC you have the fire , print your story on the webs I mentioned and see what happins. THE TOWER OF BABBLE is alive and well , its very hard to convince anybody of anything , I’ll be talking to you soon . DC

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