Lost Voices

Last night we were watching “The Voice” (I have a secret crush on Christina Aguilera). Anyway, the show opened up with the scene you are about to see shown below. I have been unable to watch any of the coverage of this tragedy. I just thought this was so beautiful. As a parent myself with 3 children in school my heart breaks for these parents. I cannot bare to look upon or hear about any coverage of this story, but this was all that needed to be said on the matter.

You can click on the square in the far right bottom corner and view this video in full screen mode.


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  1. Tear, tears tears. I’m glad they honored these children publicly like that.

    Like most, heartbroken over this incident and the lives taken. My heart goes out to the families and friends, to the children who survived and will be dealing with this trauma, and it to souls lost…wherever they are, that they are at peace.

  2. Kudos Mr. C.

    Our prayers go out to the families of the precious little children whose lives were so senselessly taken. As a parent, I can’t even begin to comprehend what they must be going through.

    Thanks again Mr. C for another year of blessing others. I wish you and all who love you (that includes all of us here!) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Thanks, Mr C for sharing this….it is so very beautiful. I can not imagine any heart not being touched by the senseless loss of these beautiful chilren. Families are in such pain, it is papable. Sending out prayers and my heartfelt love to all of you this Christmas

  4. My favorite song and this was off the charts amazingly beautiful.

    Unlike you, I watch much of the news reports and each time my heart breaks. Love and Merry Christmas.


  5. sherry taylor said:

    heartbreaking.. senseless… not mental illness…nor related to disability…psychopathic criminal act. not from video games either..valuing life..that is the core..and guns and life do not go together..no matter what the gun lobby people would have you believe..oh ya..arm teachers and principals..what good would that have done against those guns he had?
    Lock them..the kids in… armed guards…does anyone else see how crazy this is?

  6. I read an interesting article published by the mom of her mentally disturbed son. It’s all over Facebook.

    What if these mental problems are not a result of mental problems but are related to brain chemistry malfunctions brought on my toxic chemical exposures, vaccinations and diet?

    No one is seems to be taking into account that this burgeoning mental health crisis might have it’s roots in the disruptions caused by these influences in the body. Personality changes have been linked to heavy metal toxicity that frequently can cause aggression and hyperactivity in children, chemical exposure from pesticides and insecticides that are increasingly sprayed on food, pharmaceuticals (some of which are meant to calm can have the opposite effect), vaccinations—if you start really delving into them are a mine field of danger, and food—most particularly GMOs. This is just the tip of the iceberg because no one really has a handle on what toxins are in our environment.

    Animals fed genetically modified foods become very aggressive and agitated. When they are taken off this feed, they calm right down (see Jeffrey Smith’s documentary on GMOs called “Genetic Roulette.”) Most of the food in the U.S. if it is processed has GMOs in it, unlabeled and disguised. Children that eat sweets or pretty much any food from a supermarket are being exposed to them constantly and with their higher metabolic needs are more at risk. Who is to say that humans don’t react in the same way as animals fed GMO diets—with aggression?

    We have to ask ourselves, why the rise in this behavior and start examining the external factors, because when we do, I think there will be reasons for this rampant rise in mental health issues.

    • dividing cricker said:

      Ayla You are so right. Aggression in farm aniamals from GMOs ,Drs perscribing psych drugs to all the kids. The police arrested a teen and he tested positive for crack , His family had him tested again , The tests couldn’t tell the difference between crack and the riddilyn? We are raising a country of children that don’t look up. They all are so brainwashed all they know is looking in a phone screen. I was wondering how many kids have walked right in the path of on comming cars? And don’t get me started on these viedo games. This killing ,and all the rest of these killings seem to be the break down of mental stability. Most teachers know which children are in trouble, the parents know, even the students know which kids are troubled . Why can’t the school and parents get together on a course of intervention? I know this ,we don’t know all the facts, It will take months to learn what really is going on. All I know is every one of these shootings seem to have perscription drugs(psych drug) behind it. Too any one whose lost a love one , my heart is bleeding for you, I can’t watch the TV ,its just to painful. We live in terrible times , I long for my simple childhood , We had 1 telephone and no dial just picked it up and asked for who you wanted and thy would connect you. Dinner was at 530. My teachers came to the house. Our dr came to the house . Church was every sunday at 11, Things were simple ,better, we certenly didn’t have to worry about a MADD gun man in a school !!!! DC

      • I completely agree with both of you. What has happened, and IS happening to our world.

      • dividing cricker said:

        the anti psychotic med was FANAPT its been involved in several litagation suits, I think the state ,county, school , parents should go after the pharma industry, Guns have been around a long time , but it seems that the drugs that are causing people to go off the deep end , the really deep end are the cause of this nightmare. These drugs are the cause of everyone of these nightmares EVERYONE ,

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          In many school shootings carried out by minors, court documents are sealed and the extent of chemical use is unknown to the public.

          But in a number of high-profile cases, the link has been reported:

          Kip Kinkel was withdrawing from Prozac and had been prescribed Ritalin when he murdered his mother and stepfather then shot 22 classmates, killing two, in 1998.

          Christopher Pittman was withdrawing from Luvox and from Paxil when he killed his paternal grandparents in 2001.

          Elizabeth Bush, who fired at fellow students in Williamsport, Pa., in 2001, wounding one, was on Prozac.

          Jason Hoffman, was on Effexor and Celexa when he opened fire at his El Cajon, Calif., high school, wounding five.

          Shawn Cooper of Notus, Idaho, was on antidepressants when he fired a shotgun on students and staff.

          T.J. Solomon, on antidepressants, wounded six at his Conyers, Ga., high school.

          Eric Harris was taking Luvox when he and fellow student Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 24 others before turning their guns on themselves at Columbine High School in Colorado.

          At Virginia Tech in 2007, where 32 were murdered, authorities found “prescription medications related to the treatment of psychological problems had been found among Mr. Cho’s effects,” according to the New York Times.

          Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/psych-meds-linked-to-90-of-school-shootings/#3Up1W3HChXl6HDIi.99

          • dividing cricker said:

            Thanks MrC ,people really don’t know or see a pharma connection . If all the crimes were loaded in a article and the suicides related to psych durgs it would be a real wake up call. You never hear a nightly neews going after the drug companys. I was reading Dr Mercola the other day where theres a law suit against the FDA on antibiotic use in farm anaimals . In my previous comment ,people should sue these companys , Altering the brains through drugs (happy pills) seems to make people zombies. Are we ever going to stand up to drug companys and Drs , The politicians will never mention the psych drugs NEVER ,

  7. Well there you go Mr. C. and that is only looking at pharmaceuticals! We don’t even have a clue about the other factors involved. How much does it take to tip the balance of our children’s mental health and what is the external influence in that mixture?

    Like most things, it’s probably going to get much worse before the lightbulb goes on.



  9. Dannahnyc@aol.com said:

    very beautiful, touching and of course i am crying. i will never run out of tears for those childrenm, their families and that devastated town. thanks for sharing. peace and blessings dannah

  10. TorpedoLynn said:

    Mr C I am living proof of your article. I have been traumatized sense birth and at age five they put me on valum (sp). By age 12 I was valum (sp) depressed. I spent a lot of years just trying to fight off the panic attacks and nervousness. By menopause I was on one prescription then the next. I ended up with Paxil with less side effects which were bad stomach aches, headaches, and cotton mouth. That was on 25mg.

    Here comes the important stuff. After two years on Paxil I started hearing voices and I never in my life had that sort of problem and knew right away it was a medicine. I would joke with my husband I could go to bed at night and listen to radio shows and commercials. I called the Dr. and asked him to change my meds. He would not take me off them and added Welbutrim XL This can be found in some diuretics. This was also give to me in a somewhat low dosage. My first Welbutrim I cut in half and took with a full meal. Can not remember now if the Dr. had me take the Paxil a couple hours a head of that. I became so angry I tried to beat up my washer and dryer. I tried to pull them out of the laundry room so I could throw them across the lawn. Screaming and cussing. Scared the bejibers out of the kids. I was too crippled to pull off the stunt and when the pills wore off I felt like I was having a heart attack. I felt dreadful and still felt like I wanted to kill someone. I was not angry at anyone but I wanted to kill. I called up the Dr. and told him the mix he had me on was making me violent. Again I asked him to change my medication. I had never in my life had trouble like this. He wanted me to double up on the Welbutrim and I started telling him how I KNEW that would turn me into a monster and he would see me on the five o-clock news as a mad gunmen shooting people at random. He still wanted me to take the extra medicine.

    I DID NOT LISTEN to my Dr. I never took another dose and I decided to wean myself from the Paxil. It is so additive I had to wean myself off of it twice just to keep from suffering from the side effects. Two weeks later I heard no more voices. It took me two months to wean myself from such a tiny dose of Paxil. That day I called the Dr. to report how the Welbutrim made me turn angry I cried. Felt scared at what I was going to do to stop from having panic attacks. The next day I sat crying and watching t.v. On PBS was a women standing before congress listing the killings Including the ones were women drown their children and all the meds for depression they were taking. I buckled down and researched on how to get my life long panic attacks under control. I watched my sugar and caffeine intake. Took some cold pressed coconut and herbs. Then later when Morgellons hit the detox and rebuilding the terrain was the best thing that ever happened to me. Out of this nightmare I am able to keep a tight lid on panic attacks and rarely even get a hint of depression.

    • Wow. Thank you for sharing that experience. Can’t believe the doctor would even suggest you stay on that stuff.

  11. TorpedoLynn said:

    Hi Ayla

    Yes it was so jaw dropping. Too even still tell me he wanted me to take my paxil and 2 full pills of the Welbutrim XL after explaining how I had attacked my washer and dryer and what I really felt like doing. I am so so lucky I did not behave and do as I am told. It would have been a nightmare for sure. How awful for those people who had taken that next prescription med and had it finally be the dose that made them break.

    That same Dr. also tried to put me on cholesterol medicine and I did this three times and had him documenting it the second time around. I would ask him to give me three months to get my cholesterol down and if I could not do it I would take his pills. Each time I got the points down to the normal of the high range. I did it by eating a small apple almost every day. Sometimes just half of a small apple. Core, seeds and all. Even after he started documenting it he would not believe it was the apples though I was still a very over weight lady and too crippled to exercise.

    • I’d suggest getting a new doctor. After the mood stabilizer incident I would not want to work with him.
      By the way, the supplement red yeast rice also takes the cholesterol down.

      • TorpedoLynn said:

        Hi Ayla

        I think I will try the red yeast rice to see if it does the job quicker. That Dr. is retired now and I switched Dr.s sense then back in 2004 I believe that was when I was having trouble with meds. No Dr. these days and I am a lot picker on who I see. Like when we got Kaiser In. I picked a Dr. who knew a little of herbs from her foreign culture. One of the covered over crater like bumps on the back of my upper thigh I fought for two years and showed them to her and right off she said it was a fungal infection. The medicine did not help, but a mustard treatment sure did. I use mustard in my pedifix fungi soap now and have very few problems. So sad that I have always gone to a Dr. an tried their method first and always end up with problems and then end up solving it through foods and herbs.

        I think when and if the Drs. ever start treating for Hyper toxicity and Morgellons it will be worse in some ways. It will be great to finally get the validation with family that there is a physical disease causing problems and one that can kill us. But then the failure of medicine comes in hand right along with it.

        In Light Lynn

        • dividing cricker said:

          HEY T LYNN you could try a diet change to a glutin-free diet The worst cases of mental issues are diet related. I have celiac , this glutin could present itself as a mental problem. I read about a nurse in the Dakotas who ran a psyc ward. She put all the clients on a glutin free diet and they all became well, I always thought it was a fungus in the wheat that caused this LSD effect but many things could cause mental issues. Our morgellon diet is sugarfree and glutin free Organic at least I’ve stressed this diet. This glutin free effect could have an effect in 3 days, At least you may see a slight change In three weeks you will notice great changes in health and brain fog. Most of these changes happin pretty fast and it makes you stick with it. I’ve been on the G/F diet 5 years now and still have positive results. This health change (glutin free) diet swept through my whole family , were all glutin free and we share our reciepes and knowledge, One site I keep going back to Dr Jonn Symes http://www.dogtorj.com This site goes into great depth of all the diseases related to glutin ,its effects on humans and pets . Its a start . Stay with it DC

          • TorpedoLynn said:

            Hello Dividing Cricker

            Thank you for the link. My diet is already in that direction but would love the site as my sister seems to fit the celiac disease also.

  12. Hey Mr C, seems I have been left off your mailing list. Also, I sent you an email with a link to the latest research done by Drs Sticker, Middleveen and Mayne.

  13. dividing cricker said:

    I’m having some success with oil pulling , Many research areas lead to most chronic diseases. Tina has added xylitol as a follow up pull. ‘ve been using coconut oil but I see many types of oil can be used to get toxins out of the body and kill the nights bacteria. The way you do oil pulling / First thing in the mourning you take 1 tbs of oil and put it in your mouth and pull it between your teeth , not hard but very easy . The pulling action makes the saliva glands release the toxins and bacteria . In 20 minutes you spit out the oil . I carry a spit cup in case you have to spit it out . I do my mourning chores pulling this oil , Many nagging bowel issues have cleared up. My skin seems much better and my digestion seems better than it has been in years. I read this book THE STEALTH KILLER written by William Nordquist a dentist. his take on oral lyme is that this bacteria reproduces every night , I took it a step further and thought that the lyme bacteria thrives in the mouth along with many other bad bacteria. This oil pulling could kill or chip away this bacteria one day at a time. I have read that very cronic diseases can be cured with oil pulling , It could take weeks or months.Well its just one more tool to use . Its the cheapest cure I think I’ve ever used . I’ve only missed one mourning but I did the oil pulling that afternoon. I must be hooked. I did have a few hexes doing it but nothing big. That’s a good thing , sometimes slow is good. Take care DC

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