Evidence Mounting that Morgellons Disease is an Emerging Infectious Illness, Contrary to CDC Report

Latest Scientific Findings Announced by The Charles E. Holman Foundation Show that a Spirochete is Associated with Controversial Disease

This newest publication more fully explores the nature of the distinctive filaments/fibers unique to Morgellons Disease. Through the use of histological staining, immunofluorescent staining, electron microscopic imaging and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) genetic testing, further evidence was revealed of the involvement of a spirochete, Borrelia, in the etiology/pathogenesis of this emerging illness. Furthermore, motile spirochetes identified as Borrelia grew in culture medium inoculated with patient dermatological specimens. “These latest scientific findings supporting an infectious cause of Morgellons disease should put to rest any claims that the lesions of this bizarre skin disease are either self-induced or that people suffering from this illness are delusional,” said Dr. Stricker. Cindy Casey-Holman, RN, Exec. Dir. of the Charles E Holman Foundation (CEHF) further underscored the significance of these findings by stating, “Evidence is amassing that Morgellons Disease, is a very real emerging infectious illness of major public health concern, contrary to the published conclusions of the CDC/Kaiser paper of Jan 2012. These new findings provide solid evidence repudiating the CDC’s flawed attempt to investigate Morgellons disease. “

These latest scientific findings supporting an infectious cause of Morgellons should put to rest any claims that the lesions of this bizarre disease are either self-induced or that people suffering from this illness are delusional.

Dr Stricker

See Press Release:

The Full Scientific Paper


Please scroll down through the scientific paper and look at the images …


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  1. Thanx 4 the update MRC, I ve been getting treatment 4 LD for 6 months now, and I always had a feeling the MD is related to Lyme or its a coinfection, hope you doing well

  2. Thanks for posting this, though I hope the research continues as this is more than a spirochete infection.

    • I agree Sharon, I think its a coinfection, or LD
      Evolved into this new syndrome, but I really
      Believe they are heading the right direction

  3. Thank you so much! I asked if it was contagious in Google and found this research site…. http://www.morgellons-research.org/morgellons/morgellons-epidemiology.htm … ~ … Very informative and disheartening to me… I am following your blog and posted a segment from your blog on mine…

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I always resisted the claim that Morgellons could be associated with Lyme Disease for several reasons. One, when Ginger Saverly tested patients she got a real high rate of positives and to be truthful it’s damn hard to get a positive Lyme result, I know I have Lyme and probably several co-infections but cannot get a positive test. As shown in a previous blog post I posted the report from Purdue University that proved the ticks in my yard are in fact, deer ticks, and as many as 3 out 4 ticks tested carry Lyme. I have been sick at least 5 times from tick bites in the last 2.5 years (and this after Morgellons) but had Lyme in Connecticut very bad before Morgellons. So, I always doubted this claim, not saying anyone’s lying, maybe they did get all those positives, but not with the Western Blot, no way, no how, that test is worthless.

    Secondly, I never wanted it to be associated with Lyme because there has been almost zero progress in treating chronic Lyme with the medical establishment denying such a thing even exists, and after 30+ years of Lyme we have gotten nowhere. So if Morgs is Lyme a cure is a long way off, if ever.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about this new study, in fact, going to read the entire scientific piece over the weekend.

    If you go over to http://flash.lymenet.org site and search for “skin crawling” you get an amazing amount of folks over there talking about “skin crawling” and I’ve pointed this out for years. The search will take several minutes, but give it a try and read some of the posts, for instance …

    “Title” : Feels like A MILLION ants are crawling all over my body

    “I woke up today and it feels like a million bugs are crawling on my skin. ITs everywhere hands, feet, back, scalp, face. Its like littlw price everywhere.

    I am also very very itchy.”

    I got hundreds and hundreds of hits regaring “skin crawling” on lymenet.org. There are tons of folks on lymenet.org with chronic Lyme, struggling for their very lives.

    • One good thing the study shows is that the spirochetes live in the tissue, so a blood test would rarely if ever prove anything. Two of the subjects had been taking doxyciline; which indicates to me that that doesn’t work either. I like Marianne Middleveen’s approach that it needs more research. It helps that her husband is a parasitologist as well. She was interewied on blog talk radio about 2 weeks ago by CEHF; one could find it in the archives, just 20 minutes or so. I am about to embark on the Stephen Buhner herbal approach that also includes 2000 mg of NAC twice a day; much higher than what I have been taking to bust biofilms. Also glutathione, Mega doses of MSM, Magnesium, Multi B vitamins.

      Dr Klinghardt has stated that all of his autistic patients and about 80 per cent of lyme patients are B6, zinc and copper deficient. Look up pyrroluria or KPU as he calls it. Staninger stated that all of the Morgellons people she treated suffered from this condition. not just a lack of B6 but a genetic disposition to need large amounts of it.

    • I also didn’t think I had Lyme and my
      Western blood test result was negative,
      But I tested positive with the new blood culture
      I was told can’t have false positive with this test, also when discussed my symptoms of
      MD with my doctor she also thinks its a co infection of LD. From what I hear most people
      With MD does test positive for Lyme but I think that’s just one piece of the puzzle, I m just glad that at least some people trying to
      Figure this out. I ll be reading the paper this weekend too. I still feel pretty positive about all this even though we are far from a cure …

    • I have a positive Lyme test from Southwest Regional PCR Spiro Stat, but no MD will acknowledge it. I tested positive for Bartonella at Dr. Fry’s. I know I have Lymes because of the symptoms. I am thankful that the Bartonella showed up because the antibiotics do help! I have always thought there was a connection with morgellons.

  5. Also if folks go to the Charles E Holman web site, they will get the prveious peer reviewed study that also found spirochetes. Also this was a recent study.

    • R. deChamplain said:

      Did I understand well? When reading Middleween & all’s report of Jan. the 8th, 2013, I thought she told the studies will continue in view to be sure, or not, the red cell is ..scinded…meaning..separated..or..broken.. In that case, the iron is directly taken to nourish and made Morg. surviving easily. At the same time, we are poorer in quantity of erythrocytes and not only in quality. If so, they would meet C.Carnicom into one of his last lab-report telling the same thing and showing us pictures of this. Did you understand it is the same process or action.? Billie

      • Yes Biily I agree the two studies have found similarities, furthermore Stpwhen Fry of Fry Labs has found a protozoa that was previously unknown in many M patients as well as those with MS, CF/FM and Lyme to name a few. He has registered it as Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. It is a blood parasite that feeds off of iron and clings to the outer red blood cell. It shares many of the same genes as humans, and helmiths and travels in biofilms.

        Go to http://www.protmyxzoa.org. This was set up by a patient of his that was diagnosed with this protozoa; there is also avery good interview with Dr Fry who recommends a low fat plant based diet and not to take magnesium as this feeds the biofilm. This is pretty much a new discovery for me, going vegetarian short term I think will be worth it. Just have to get my head around it.

  6. This disease will fast be a pandemic. Mainly because the fibers of an infected person go into the air and can easily be breathed in by another person. The longer people wait to reach the logical conclusion, the more people who are going to be infected, but maybe that’s what the CDC wants? I seem to be hearing a lot about depopulation lately and a one world government. Maybe this is how they want to accomplish that?

    • I agree that we also probably reinfecting ourselves by breathing in the spores or fibers
      Coming out, that’s maybe why we don’t see that many people getting cured. But as far as
      Depopulation I don’t know cause MD doesn’t
      Kill as much as its makes people suffer… There is faster way they could kill us than MD..

  7. dividing cricker said:

    Hope everyone’s well . I’m still oil pulling with coconut oil , Many things have Improved. The link with lyme disease could be in the mouth . There are several YTUBEs about SPIROCHETE in the mouth . Brushing your teeth with bacon soda can kill all the mouth bacteria . The oil pulling drawls these bacteria from the saliva glands , Well the combination chips away at the bacteria. We have a 10 to one ratio of bacteria to human cells , Are we living for the bacteria are they killing US ? Spirochete were found in the ICE MAN (UK MORGELLONS) article. In the book THE STEALTH KILLER by William Nordquest His theory is we all have lyme bacteria. MrC said the research for lyme was 40 years . Now think about cancer research is over 100 years , I’e been researching cancer and found over 400 alternative treatments. Some of these treatments were world known , so much better than the cut slash and burn method. The reason I’m researching is someone very close to me has cancer. I think some of the cancer cures could be the answer to lyme disease and morgellons. I’ll keep you posted. DC

    • DC you are right about there being a relationship between the cure to cancer
      MD and LD, I think it’s our immune system,
      Also could be our genetic predisposition…

      • JS,DC, I agree with you are both. Dr Klingardt has stated that in his practice 80 per cent of lyme patienst have a genetic disposition to having pyrrolurea. He in fact was born with it. I tcan be passed to child from parent; but is not necessarily genetic. I have discovered that I have this need for larger amount of B6,B3 and zinc. In some cases it can be do to heavy metal over load; whihc I tested positive for lead off the charts, aluminum, cadmium and mercury. So I have chlorella and some super B vitamins on order.

        Klinghardt also stated that all of his autistic patients have pyrrolurea or KPU as he calls it. Dr Staninger stated that all the Morgellons patients that she treated also had the classic signs of it as well as testing positive for KPU. I scored 20 out of 36, Below are just a few:
        white spots on nails
        ridged nails
        thinning hair
        coarse eyebrows
        poor dream recall
        poor breakfast appetie
        stretch marks or striae
        pale skin, poor tanning
        acne, allergy
        light, sound, odor intolerance
        anxiey, nervousness
        perceptual disorganization
        knee and joint pain
        cold hands or feet
        abdominal tenderness
        mood swings
        irregular periods
        B6 responsive anemia
        stress intolerance
        emotional liability
        explosive or episodic anger
        poor short term memory
        crime and deliquency
        substane abuse
        abnormmal fat distribution

  8. dividing cricker said:

    MrC that western blot test has marker lines that are not allowed to be used as a lyme disease marker. The labs cannot or do not release this information. There are a few states that are making this information legal now. We could see a new test also . I knew a researcher that was a researcher in the 70S She always said lyme disease is very easy to see. She had no political motives and had lyme disease. Sad to say she passed away a few years ago at 90 . I still think we have morgellons , its something else in the mix. I’m still on the Oomycete path. Oh Tooth Paste with fluoride should be thrown out, use a bacopnsoda or a xylitol SPRY tooth paste DC

    • I attended a dental summit recently that included David Kennedy, Hal Huggins, Bruce Fyfe and more. Several of them said you do not need tooth paste at all. Oil pulling in the morning, Xylitol melted in the mouth and swished for 5 minutes in afternoon, followed by dry brushing . Baking Soda is good to brush with at night to alkalize the mouth.

      Some other new information, some dentists have even stopped drilling. They clean the cavity with ozone and fill with a glassine type mixture, that apparently can last for ever.

      Co incidentally I broke a filling over the weekend and going to try a new dentist that was trained in David Kennedy’s association. If you want to find a holistic non toxic dental practice look them up at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology known as IAOMT.

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