Crawling Sensations?

I have been disconnected from the Morgellons scene for a quite a while and I wondered if there was a slow down in folks reporting skin “Crawling Sensations”. Well, I did a search on Google for any web pages that mention the exact phrase “Crawling Sensation” within the last week. Well, to my surprise there were just tons and tons of hits, and these are all within the last 7 days.



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  1. Hello all
    I have to say I have had itching sores for now, almost 5 years, and it was getting worse all the time. I finally found a holistic dr. I went to him last thur and fri, and I have to report, awesome report. My scabs are almost all gone, the deep and big ones are still there but have greatly shrunk. Its really to early to know for sure, but if anyone wants to email me personally, feel free to do so, and I can keep you up dated. The place is Natural Health, Dr Ron Passmore, Huron SD. So far, so far, its getting better. I have not been this good since it started, not even with steroid shots, and I have been all the way to the mayo clinic in rochester.

    • Hi, Kevin .. I would love to hear more about what you were perscribed and how you are doing, as well as how it progresses. My e-mail is (watch the ending)

      • Oh, and Mr. Common Sense,

        I have had the crawling/itching/biting sensations… well, the M bugs…. more than the lesions, and I have to say that they seem to change for me. I have started spraying boric acid in the house, and that took it way down, but then I noticed that they floated more in the air. I would come into the kitchen and they would be tiny, and get on me right away – I had to use a mister to spray the air to get them out of it, and onto the ground. Then I started using ozone as well, and it has definitely changed, but that seems to be the pattern – whatever you try they will try to adjust. But overall, it is better, and at times I almost don’t feel it at all. I also use a 50/50 organic castor oil/tee-tree oil mixture on my body, which seems to help kill the ones that are on, or nested in the top leyer of the skin, but this goes way deeper than that. One of the symptoms on the British Morgellons website is “cellulitis”, well, it’s not cellulitis its their little burrows and nests, tunnels etc etc inside out bodies. I can feel little lemon shaped spongy things a little smaller than a dime in some places where there should be nothing but muscle, and when I press down on it really hard, I end up with the beginings of a lesion on the surface of my skin within a half an hour.
        I am glad that you got well Mr. common sense, cause this illness is definitely nasty business.
        thanks for all you do.

  2. Yes MRC I get randoom Emails from people finding my email on web sites years ago when I first became symptomatic asking me for help so yes I believe its still going on …..

  3. Hello Mercy

    Well I can tell you what I am taking, but that does not mean it will help you. This is a holistic dr and he puts dif stuff next to you and then does his tests. However, I see you are from UK, well that would be a problem. You certainly wont rush to Huron SD USA to get checked out…

    So here is what I take, Endura, a vitamin and min suppliment, One scoop twice a day. It is made by metagenics. I also take half scoop of colon cleanse all I can see is Progressive laboratories, inc Irving TX, Then what he calls the one that is really good, I take 1200 mg morning, and 1200mg afternoon, Theracurmin made by integrative. I also take 2 of dermatrophin PMG made by standard process, INC, I take 2 of para cleanse, has on it cleanse purify, Pure body institute of ventura CA, I take one zinlori 75 made by metagenics. I take 200 mg of niacin by douglas laboratories, and 2 pills before each meal of charcoal, 280 mg, from natures way. It really seems to be working but remember I only started on this 4 days ago, but I can tell you, the prolly 100 scabs on my arms and legs are less then 20, I also use bees wax with some additives, that I got from him, that is made in iowa. Just cause it worked for me, does not mean it will work for you. Not all holistic drs are good, I have gone to another before with no results what so ever and it cost me much more then this. This holistic thing, well some may call it witch dr, but if it works for me, awesome.


    • Kevin thank you this is awesome, and you are right about the fact that it may not work for me. What the doctor was using was Applied Kinesiology, which is muscle testing. It is a way to actually ask the body itself what it needs, and works precisely because of it. You end up getting exactly what your body needs to heal. Some of what he gave you may work for other people simply because the ways that this illness affects the body, as in: creating an inner toxic load, the parasite thing, problems with the digestive tract (even if not noticible). I recently heard a naturopath say that all disease starts in your digestive system – I would argue with that, but in a way it is true, and especially now when we are exposed to so many GMOs. The spliced genes from GMO corn transfer to the bacteria in our guts, and have them start manufacturing the pesticide, right inside our body. If you still don’t know about it, and want to learn more go to responsible technology website, and look up how they “splice” the genes – it’s a nightmare.
      That’s another thing, if you can cut out as many GMO out of your diet as possible, it will help. I have had this for over 5 years now, and it took about 2-3 months to really notice the difference, but my heart palpitations are gone, I am feeling stronger and healthier… and the bugs seem to like me less. So, I am positive that the GMO do play a large part in this, so cut out as much as you can. Vitacost is a good online supplier of organic products – they will deliver right to your door, for free if you order over $50 (I am not associated – it’s just easy, so am reccomending). Sugar, corn, and soy, are the main culprits… and they are just about in everything.

      Thank you for your post, and am so glad this is working for you.

      do you have the contact number, or e-mail to your naturopath?
      I am not in UK – just have a Uk e-mail.

  4. I also have to say, I still have some itching, but I woke up this morning and looked at my fingernails, OMG NO BLOOD ON THEM! I have some spots on my elbows that still itch and are somewhat scabbed over. I did have one spot last nite that I had to dig in a bit more to scratch so had some blood, but that was only one. I am even looking forward to taking off my socks tonite without screaming…..

  5. barb miller said:

    my friend in california isn’t any better at all. she spent about $75,000 trying to get well. now she’s completely broke and going to some free clinic. she still has the crawlies and gets burned/shocked. she’s tried everything we’ve found on the net, but nothing has worked for long although a couple gave a few days of relief. it’s like they “think” and change so they become immune. i’m not in california, so i can’t stand over her and see that she does exactly what i tell her to do and for long enough to see if it works, but she says she does. she’s still in hell and only hanging on because her dogs have it too, and she’s afraid that, if she’s gone, her husband will have them put down. she gets little support from her family, so a few on-line friends like me are all she has. i sent her a wal-mart gift card in december because she’s so broke, she hardly eats. please, kevin, tell us what the holistic doctor is doing for you and keep us updated on the results. thank God i don’t have this crap.

  6. janice puckett said:

    A research team that has been studying this disease for years has found the link to humans. Finally. I have had this disease for 15 years and got so tired of being called delusional or watching a doctors eyes glaze over while explaining my symptoms; that I just quit going to doctors. I started handling each thing as it came about.

    This exciting and huge news for me. They say that CDC will have to recognize this now; because it can now be grown in a dish.

    I wish I could give you the research teams name. It somehow got deleted and I’m in the process of looking for it. I know it’s there, I just have to find it and bring it back up.

    Oh yeah, there’s a conference on the findings in April in Austin, Texas. Hope this info helps you.


  7. Barb,
    Is your friend addressing her diet? Lots of organic veggies, and fresh veg. juices. Detox cleanses, no sugar, no carbs, no GMO food. This helps reduce symptoms. The people that address diet do a whole lot better then those that don’t. Food is medicine.

    Mr. C. This problem is only going to get worse. I see an increase of new people in the forums and on my site. Our environment is bombarded with pollutants, insecticides, chemicals, heavy metals and denatured or poisoned foods (GMOs). We are only becoming more toxic. I don’t see this syndrome going away any time soon.

    • barb miller said:

      she doesn’t have any money left after giving it all to doctors. she was eating one meal a day, and sometimes that was a jam sandwich where you take 2 slices of bread and jam them together. she’s finally getting food stamps, but they don’t go very far. so, i guess my answer is probably not.

      • There are simple things to eat, that are not costly, and will actually help your body get better, and balance out…. like organic quinoa, you can have that with some unpasteurized coconut oil and freshly crashed garlic, and some salad with olive oil and lemon juice and you are good to go… or organic brown rice. with tahini…. there is a way to do this even on a very tight budget… I usually find that the simpler I eat – the better the results … and fasting is not a bad thing for you either… there are blogs online about doing a 30 day fast – this probably will not work for M, but for any other illness they go away in that period of time… the body is preprogrammed to be a great healer. With M it’s a man made/altered thing… at least that’s my opinion.

  8. yes, talk to Mel he is getting 10,000 hits per month

    2013 is the year of balance, family, love and prospertiy!

  9. Melissa Ehrsam said:

    Hi all, I believe there is an electro-magnetic component. blogger, (Mike) recommendes wearing magnets on pulse pts such as wrists. I’ve done it for a week, it is helping with the itching. Also, I have read Judith Knilan, ND PhD,s book. I will be starting her protocal, again dealing with “energy”. Also apple cider vinigar to help PH twice daily. Hang in!


  10. Mr. Common Sense, after about five years of suffering from Morgellons, I still have intense itching, stings, biting and yes, the crawling sensations as well. Through all of this I was able to discover two things. One being that I had an over population or infestation of full body Demodex mites which I have been able to get some relief from by the use of a dry mustard and Tea Tree Oil mixture which I found on a message board of some seemingly pretty intelligent people. Here is the link to the site regarding the dry mustard. I have also found that Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider vinegar really help. Secondly, I want to ask if anyone has ever looked at their skin, especially during an “episode”, under a black light? If you haven’t done this, I would highly recommend that you do. You are not going to believe what you see if yours is like mine. Then take your black light and look around your environment. Take a look at your keyboard on your pc or laptop. Much to my surprise, I went outdoors and found the same thing. I am not saying what I found because I want to see if you guys see what I saw when I looked.

  11. Mr CS, I’m glad I checked your blog. I’ve been hanging low with my Morgellons contacts, theories and such. Anyhow, I’m glad to see you’re still making an entry now and then. More and more I’m picturing the body as a kind of aquarium….things get out of balance and all goes out of whack! I’m happy to see the CHF has come out with another piece of research.

    I’m still very much convinced the root problem relates to mercury as a neurotoxin and related mercurial speciation within the body. I recently had a long conversation with a Dr who specializes in toxicity (especially mercury). She recommended I get some readysorb and I am convinced it is the closest thing to a cure. A bottle cost around $60 and the comp. rep shared that is all most need. I have gone through one and plan to up my intake with a second bottle (2 teaspoons each morn on an empty stomach). I’m in no way connected to those producing this produce. I feel it is extremely effective.

    I’m hoping to get to Austin for the Morgellons Conference this year. I’ve been job and house hunting (the job hunt is my biggest priority at the moment…just had an interview and am hopeful of an offer). If I can get settled with full-time employment in the next month, I’ll see if I can get some away in mid-April for travels to and from Texas. It’d be great to connect with others! Hope you’re doing well! Joe

  12. yes, it’s more like a fleeting hair or cat hair gliding across my skin but it’s like something is moving. And three will always be a weird looking chunk of skinand a fibrous thing in the same area

    I also still get the intense, almost bite like that bleeds viscous blood and it’s hard to stop.

  13. I see my last message is awaiting moderation. I there somethings we can and cant say on here?

  14. the dr I went to Is Ron Passmore, Huron SD. His email address is,
    I went to him back in 1999, is what he told me, I did not remember when it was, that was when I never got hungry, which I still have that issue, no I dont have to eat, I only eat cause I know I have to.

    I also have to say, I have gone to another holistic dr, just up the road from here, 30 miles away, I can tell you, she did nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. And it cost me more then what I spent going to Dr Ron. I also went to a Dr when I lived in Colorado, and that guy was also good, he is a chiropractor, and also did holistic and acupunture, I can tell you how good he was, Dr Murray Mckinnon, I had back problems back then, been in the hospital a time or two for that, so went to him, $65. a treatment, ouch, could not afford to many of them at that time, so I went 3 times, told him he has my back pretty decent, so we will have to wait to see if insurance pays for it or not, he told me, “i want to see you 5 days a week, and if insurance pays for it, they pay for it, if they dont, I guess they are free.” Well how could I go wrong, He did tell me if I dont show up, he was going to bill me, a lil over a week later, he told me insurance never paid, and that “I guess these treatments are free” I believe he treated me for 3 months and never charged me a penny. I believe he sold his business in Johnstown Colorado and moved to Tennessee. So if anyone is in that area, he also is great.

  15. At this point, I am not 100% certain that Dr Ron Passmore helped me, but what I can tell you this is the best I have been since I gotten this crap. We had snow storm up here, and boss man a lil excited this morning, I finally pulled back my coveralls, and shirt sleeves and tell the boss man, “no matter how upset you are, I am really happy look at my arms” Ya I had questions if Ron could help me or not…many doubts, even had doubts when I was there as this is what he emailed me.

  16. Kevin,

    Your situation is severe, with complications. Yet we hope to see progress on the skin within a few weeks, hopefully less. Healing should also reduce itching. Using charcoal with every meal may also help.


    From: Kevin Ackerman
    Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 3:59 PM
    To: Ron Passmore
    Subject: Re: Gluten-Free for the Gluten Sensitive –

    Hello Ron

    I got it. Also, what is your best guess on how long it will take before I start seeing benifits?

    Also, when sores heal they typically itch anyhow. Is that more then likely also going to happen?

    —– Original Message —–

  17. Yep I still itch a lil since I seen him, much less then before, and last night, I did have blood running down my leg that I needed to clean off, but it was only ONE SORE. A friend of mine, who got killed in a 4 wheeler accident told me about him. So that is where I went, and I have looked for him, to a small extent, for prolly a year and a half, he moved, he was in Mobridge SD before, but he has now opened his clinic in Huron, and Jim, the gentlemen who got killed I talked to his wife, and she said to try and go to Huron cause he has a computer down there where he can hook you up to. Which he did. He did also tell me to go gluten free and corn free, I say corn….yep, and corn, well now, I have to tell you, I like to make my own beer, and I love my own beer, and well I may not have followed the gluten thing completely, however I put clarity ferm in my bear which is supposed to make gluten “INERT” I am not completly certain it does, so I had a few beers last night, and even with that, my sores are still healing…

    I love my job, and my job involves planting and harvesting and moving GMO foods. We had 3400 acres of gmo corn last year, and I am one of two that ran the combine to harvest it, and one of two that ran the planter to plant it, I never planted any of the soybeans, but a good chunk of corn, and harvested both, running the combine for corn, that is my passion… it. I have a great job and get paid very well, but boss man, well he is a lil high strung at times, and I catch the most of it, and I would really like to take a month or two off, but I have bills, when Ron said go gluten free, plus corn free, that was something hard to swallow for me. I also sent to some friends on facebook, “this is my last ditch effort” I seriously was ready to file for disability. the pain was getting to be to much. I also have to say, that a few of the scabs did come back today, but I had to work and was not able to put bees wax on them all day long. And I still itch. Just nothing like before. I will keep you updated, and if I forget if anyone wants to email me, my email addy is


  18. I also have to say, I just took a shower and it has been a while, that I could take a shower where the water going down the drain was not red. I did have 2 sores that itched while in the shower, scratched both. One bled just barely, the other not at all, typically blood water and wow, gf gets upset with me from time to time if I take a shower that I leave a trail of blood on the carpet. I did have earlier, some more severe itching on my right leg, that ended with 2 spots having blood come out. But it never lasted long. I am also using the bees wax from Denny’s Apiaries, Red Oak Iowa. and that does seem to really last unlike lotion. I do have 3 spots on my right arm that scabbed over today, they itched a bit, and one on my left, but, that is nothing compared to before.

    • Kevin,
      I did get your pix, and did you ever try antibacterial ointment on your wounds.
      I don’t get the full lesions, but I sometimes get a spot that itches like crazy, and has these weird red dots, that feel like they are the tips of stick like things going deeper into my body. When I use the antibacterial stuff on them they tend to get better a bit.

  19. Mercy did you get my emails? I sent pictures.

    • Kevin did I hear you right, you actually work harvesting GMOs, I think if that’s the case, you
      Already know the cause of your health problems….

  20. dividing cricker said:

    Kevin maybe you should seek counsel , a good lawyer may be in your future. I’ve been a Kleen Green user there web site was my best product. Washing clothes, spraying the house and using it to spray myself down to calm my skin. Your suffering brings back my memories , Stay calm and know you will get better , Its a very slow go and diet plays a big part in healing . Just stay with us and maybe we’ll all learn something DC

  21. Thanks Mr C for your latest post. Yes, there are many more people with this crawling sensation symptom (and other symptoms) recently joining the forums. I agree with Ayla that this is not going to end anytime soon.
    I am about 95% well. I have had this three times now, not sure how it is recurring, but having received mail from others with this illness, wonder if there is a bacteria or tiny skin parasite involved. We won’t know until more research is done.
    My regimen is a cobbled together version of your poor man’s protocol combined with Dr Bradstreet’s recommended diet and nutritional supplementation list for those with autism. This suits my particular metabolic problems. I think that many have the same basic problems but with additional variations. FYI, each time I have got ill again, I have upped my daily amount of NAC and Vit C to 1800mg and 6 grams respectively, and got back to near complete health within a few days. It is likely that I will have to continue to take these supplements and be on a strict diet for quite a while, maybe a year or more. It is in the terrain, just as you wrote.
    I hope you continue to have good health and I keep you and your family in prayer.

  22. dividing cricker, why would I seek a lawyer? well there are many people that work harvesting gmo grains. I work with 10 of them and they dont have my problem.

  23. dividing cricker said:

    Kevin , I’m sorry about that , jumpin the gun on that comment. When and if they every come clean with what causes this I would like to be compensated for pain and suffering.

    • That’s probably what is causing the cover up in the medical community… I lost over $80,000 and that is not including the money I would have made if I was able to continue running my business for the last 5+ years, or the suffering that both me and my daughter have had to endure, and I am pretty sure there are people out there that have lost more.

  24. dividing cricker said:

    I found a link to Oomycetes and a disease called PYTHIOSIS ,this disease is also called swamp cancer , cattle and pets are coming down with this and vets are not up on symptoms or causes. Itching and open sores seem to be symptoms. Now there are 100s or 1000s of Oomycetes in damp areas and found even in salt water , You may have heard of ICK a fish disease , This is found in all types of aquarium fish. The cure is Iodine in large mega doses. I have kept my ears and eyes open because this Oomycete was used in several types of larvicides grain,fruit, and vegetable sprays. The Iodine dose I read about is 1mL 3 times a day but am not certain yet. Large doses can effect the thyroid and parathyroid. I contacted a iodine doctor in Washington state . Its early but sounds promising . Oomycetes can’t be cured using antibiotics or antivirus or antifungal drugs . Oomycetes only respond to iodine. They are coming up with a few drugs to do this ,all are heart drugs. Iodine can cure heart issues. . this web is about heart health and other cures using iodine I’ll keep you posted . DC

  25. Kevin, I don’t know where you’re getting your information that Roundup is safe, but a quick Google on “is Roundup toxic” turns up quite a bit of dirt.

    Once upon a time I was an active gardener and used it, until my gut instinct kicked in, making me stop. I watched the virulent way it attacked living organisms and knew ultimately it would contaminate the environment as well as my own personal health.

    I hope you never try to prove your theory of how harmless it is by drinking it.

  26. dividing cricker said:

    Kevin were all here for you , the thing is we all think gmos could be one of the bad health choices, round-up could be unhealthy. Most of us eat organic sugarfree and glutinfree to help curb the effects or the symptoms. We could go round and round about the farming , I worked on a dairy farm when I was a kid and a potato farm and worked on the water Oysters . I know what hard work is. This is something we need to think about , Your here for help ,and we can help . Its a slow go but things don’t happen over night, Just don’t get mad , that won’t solve anything. Go look at and look at the site. See what you think. DC

  27. fuzzybuggs said:

    ya’ll, i have a gut feeling (no pun intended) about the glutathione product that “m” joe mentioned. when i take glutathione, it seems to have a positive affect re my “m” symptoms. or is it effect? i never know when or how to use those two words properly. gayla

  28. Hi, I am just beginning to learn about this condition, but not afflicted by it. I have had bouts of candida albicans overgrowth in my intestinal tract about 20 yrs ago. I looked 7 months pregnant and like death warmed over. Was dizzy, spacy, could not focus.

    Healthy colon equals healthy body and skin. You can learn a lot about all the poisons in our food supply from this website and blog

    All our diseases are food related. You are what you eat. I am a 58 years old female – never see a doctor anymore. My diet consists of vegetables, fresh fruit and dried fruit (read label no additives), beef lamb chicken turkey – all free range, wild caught fish, eggs – free range, nuts(no peanuts) organic butter, yogurt and cheese, organic pasta made from rice and quinoa(sparingly) organic spelt (sparingly) quinoa, amaranth, sea salt, herbs and spices, extra virgin olive oil, the “real” balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and honey. 70% percent chocolate (read label) sparingly. I add turmeric and cilantro to any food that will taste good with it. I drink water (with lemon and or cucumber) green tea, black tea and black coffee. And red wine. It’s amazing how sweet the tea and coffee taste when you stop consuming sugar. All of the above ingredients cook up fantastic meals.

    The BIG BAD BOYS in our diet are: any products containing: soy, sugar, corn, wheat and all other grains, (potatoes and rice in moderation and only organic) all colorants, additives, preservatives. High fructose corn syrup(HFCS) Caramel color MSG. Did you know that orange juice can be stored for years and because the preservatives are derived from the skin (which btw is used to manufacture a cleaner that will take rust stains out of carpet:)
    You want OJ? Squeeze an orange – mineolas are the best.

    You will feel much better if you follow the above diet; it takes only 2 weeks to loose the ADDICTION TO/CRAVINGS FOR for bread, cake, doughnut, burger, sub, sandwich, cereal, toast, chips, pretzel, popcorn, wrap, pizza, pita, quesadilla, taco, cracker, crouton, pasta, cookie, icecream, soda pop, french fries, krisps, puffs, granola bars.

    Carry with you a bag of almonds. A hand full will fix you when you get the cravings.

    Pig out for a day or so, take a picture of yourself, in clothes that will show how much weight you lost in a few months. Because guess what, this is the only side effect I had – I lost 30 lbs and 2 dress sizes. And my middle age belly is gone 🙂

    I started to eat this way by recommendation of Dr. Mercola and noticed that my clothes were fitting looser – especially around my waist. This is what kept me on it. Now it’s just a way of life. I cannot stand the smell of baked goods anymore and like I said earlier the tea and coffee are sweet on their own.

    While on the road and out of almonds or almond cookies or raisins(without palm oil coating) my fast food of choice is Wendy’s salads or chili – hold the crackers. Or 2 McMuffins and toss the bread. Or tuna salad in container without the bread. Eating in good restaurants is less cumbersome. Just ask for extra veggies instead of rice potato or pasta. Tell them you are gluten intolerant (everyone is to a degree – some don’t feel it, they just get fat)

    My breakfast consists of:
    *one fruit and 3 eggs any style, green tea or black coffee
    *organic full fat (fat does not make one fat) yogurt with banana, blue berries, raisins and fresh squeezed orange juice all mixed together in a bowl
    *greek salad with omelette(onion, mushroom, feta spinach)
    *left over dinner from the day before
    *fruit and nuts

    If you have any questions you can mail me at
    Have to go now out of time.

  29. chrissy said:

    the crawlie disease comes from contaminated milk gdx,net does that lab test. mine showed 3 infections strepcocci was one of them. the albicans feed off the dairy that u eat. i struggle everyday with it. been 5 yrs no relief. i dont know the answers into getting better i keep trying foods that have no dairy. its rough docs dont get it test first yrs earlier it may not have gotten this bad chrissy

  30. Here it is, “the smoking gun” (GMO), i.e., MORGELLONS:

    Polynucleotide encoding insect ecdysone receptor
    PATENT US 6245531 B1 DATE OF PATENT: June 12, 2001

    Polynucleotide sequences which encode ecdysone receptors have been isolated and expressed in host cells.

    View all 44 pages at:

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