Blood Work Came Back

Just for the record after my numbers you’ll see the ranges like this (low – high) in parenthesis.  My doctors say all is pretty much normal.


Total cholesterol was 201 she said.

Triglycerides 100  (anything under 150 is good)
LDL 142 (below 130 is better)
HDL  39 (40 – 60 is normal range)


TSH  1.319 (.340 – 5.600)
T3   1.30  (.87  – 1.78)
T4  10.10  (5.30 – 11.50)

My doctor said I could work on my cholesterol a bit and will. She said they were just a little high, but I don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, and my CRP tests are very good (i.e., little to no inflammation). Besides that, there is much debate as to whether or not cholesterol is really a meaningful indicator at all. Just Google the Cholesterol Myth and more to see differing opinions. There are lots of little things I can do to bring my cholesterol in better line, but it’s not that bad really.

Basically, between Milk Thistle (which I stopped taken but am going to restart) and drinking my lemon water everyday these numbers should come down even more.


Comments on: "Blood Work Came Back" (7)

  1. dividing cricker said:

    Blood test really don’t tell much. They should have a toxin test. testing plastic metals, petroleum ,chemicals ,all the things that are floating in our blood streams. I guess I lost my trust in the medical BUSINESS. They really feel like you really get the raw end of there business every time you deal with the thieves. You know the Doctors went on strike in Israel ,after 1 month the news paper head line read ” DOCTORS ON STRIKE FOR A MONTH AND NO REPORTED DEATHS” the next day the strike was over !!!

  2. Mr. C…So how are you going to deal with your thyroid issue since you know there is a problem? Maybe a naturopath could help. Just curious because I believe I am in the same situation and yet my blood work also shows everything is normal.

  3. dividing cricker said:

    Well MrC I guess if you asked for a blood test for GM toxins or chemical toxins they would think you were over thinking your condition . I am probably already on the “list” . I had tests that covered toxins , parasites and all the normal diseases that could kill you, all negative ! I have found more things to test for but I don’t want to draw attention . My next testing will be coming up in a checkup , all the normal stuff. To get back to something normal. I am getting ancy to go fishing . Spring Stripper fishing is coming up and I had a talk with a fisherman who saw a few hundred sturgeon feeding in the tidewater near my home. I would love to see that. We have 9 nesting pairs of eagles within a few miles of or house, When the shad and herring are running we can go out back and see several pairs feeding with the local ospreys . I counted 9 ospreys and 6 eagles feeding last year in one pond. Pretty neat. Well I’m ready to restring some tide-runners and start the OB ,, over and out DC

  4. Are the tests back, re; Thyroid, normal?[it seems ‘off’, if in brackets illestrates normal #s] Mine are too, yet the doc said nothing.

  5. I’m also very suspicious of blood tests. Mine always come back “normal”, so my doctors tell me how super-healthy I am. Doesn’t feel like it, but I don’t want to keep pushing it. I’m due to see a biofeedback therapist in a few weeks. She can test for toxins, pesticides, fungi etc.. I’m not sure how it works exactly or if she can help me, but I have more faith in this sort of person, (along with my digestive enzymes and supplements), than I do in normal doctors right now!

    Good luck everyone.

    • I have come across a brilliant book Over The Counter Natural Cures and would recommend to everyone and especially their grannys to read it. Informative, factual and life changing. Shane Ellison is a whistleblower on Big Pharma where he worked as a scientist for years he has studied presciption medication and natural remedies. Basically he gives scientific evidence concerning pharmaceutical drugs and the damage they can do and advice on natural supplements and diet. Do not know if it will help solve morgellons but being a sugar addict which makes my skin a thousand times worse I am hoping it will give me the tools to beat this and have optimum health!

  6. dividing cricker said:

    Big Island Skin Care just came out with a new product for morgellons symptoms. Its a enzyme mineral Pill , A months supply costs 50$ plus 10$ shipping the phone no is 612 644 7717 the ower is Gorgon Stamp . Theres a link to his web on I have been buying product from them for some months now . He sells three products all enzyme based . Two pill type and a powder that mixes in a spray or mixed in the bath. DC

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