Finding My Replacement

I now realize there is only one way to free myself from the Mundane Approach, I need to find a replacement. It’s not going to be easy to let go but the only way I can ever do this is to turn the reigns over to someone else, give them a valid login, and they do all the posting. I would remain as Admin just incase these rules are violated but I don’t expect that to ever happen.

So here are the requirements, many of them I have not followed myself so hopefully the person chosen will be a better steward than I have been.

Before you read these you do not have to be me, I know you will have your own style and focus. I’m merely trying to ensure that those who come here can continue to do so with a since of peace and hope.

  1. This person must have an open mind, be able to admit they do not know what Morgellons is and not to use this site to push a particular pet theory.
  2. Above all this place is to be a place of comfort and provide a safe haven for those with this condition to come to and not be frightened to death.
  3. Be willing to entertain ideas and theories that are sound even when they come from folks you are in disagreement with or may not personally like.
  4. Never allow posts to be made by those pushing dangerous home remedies that are toxic or that are pushing anti-parasiticals and other things while not under a doctors care.
  5. Never post anything immoral, profane, or shameful.
  6. Agree to leave all of the current content in place and never delete any of it.
  7. Agree not to use this site to push or sell products that would cause you to gain financially.
  8. Agree not to pronounce you have the cure, because nobody truly does.
  9. Keep politics out of the conversation (something I have often failed at).
  10. Never post anything contrary to the Word of God, I believe the Bible is inerrant  (without error). I know this will be a stickler for some people but posting new age or non-Christian sources of supposed truth or even anti-Christian information would break this agreement. At the same time you must not chide someone for their beliefs or use this site as a bully pulpit for sermons. People are free to believe what they want, God gave us all free will.
  11. Avoid posting information from crazy sites that are full of conspiracy theories that would only serve to discredit this site and our community.
  12. Keep the site focused on the condition of Morgellons.

It might come to a surprise to many of you but I block a lot of posts from folks who are clearly off-the-hook either because they are in part truly crazy or have been driving over the edge by this condition. I also block all kinds of posts by those swearing they have this cure or that cure that involve dangerous and toxic products.

There is a lot of traffic on this site. Mundane Approach has over a half million views with anywhere from 15,000 to 10,000 hits a month and half of those from unique IP’s. This means the readership could possibly as high as 5,000 or more readers per month. The dark blue inner line on that last three months represent unique IP’s.



If you are interested send an email to and let me know how you would manage this site and what your focus would be. You don’t have to tell me any personal information about your identity, but rather tell me about how you would use this site to help others and provide and sense of calm and hope for those who come here. You might only currently be a lurker or someone who rarely or who has never posted, that does not disqualify you in any way. There also have been some who have posted here who I thought were terrific writers. The only technical requirement is using LiveWriter to write the blog posts and it’s quite simple to use, it’s like using Microsoft Word and it’s free. I can help you get started with it.

I know the right person is out there, I just hope I can find you.

Mr. C


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