Lorraine Bayless, 87, needed medical attention after her breathing slowed down at the Bakersfield, Calif., retirement facility where she resided.

She later died after a nurse there refused to perform CPR on her citing company policy.

A dispatcher’s desperate pleas for a nurse to perform CPR and try to save the life of an 87-year-old woman at a California retirement home was met with stubborn resistance, a shocking 911 tape reveals.

“It’s a human being,” the dispatcher says in the dramatic call. “Is there anybody that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?”

“Not at this time,” the nurse calmly replies.

The victim was later declared dead at Mercy Southwest Hospital in Bakersfield — forcing the nursing home, Glenwood Gardens, to defend its nurse’s actions after the life-and-death situation last Tuesday.

The Bakersfield Fire Department identified the dispatcher as Tracey Halvorson, who took the call about a woman who had collapsed at the retirement facility’s dining room and was barely breathing.

“We need to get CPR started,” Halvorson says in the 7-minute call, which was made public Sunday.

“Yeah, we can’t do CPR,” says the nurse, identified as Colleen, referring to a company policy that requires employees to wait for emergency responders to arrive before attempting the procedure.

Halvorson tells the nurse that EMS would assume liability for the call.

“Anybody there can do CPR,” the dispatcher continues. “Give them the phone, please. I understand if your facility is not willing to do that. Give the phone to that passerby, that stranger … this woman is not breathing enough. She’s going to die if we don’t get this started. Do you understand?”

“ I understand. I am a nurse,” Colleen says. “But I cannot have our other senior citizens who don’t know CPR do it.”

“I will instruct them. Is there anyone there who will (do it),” Halvorson says, later adding, “I don’t understand why you’re not willing to help this patient.”

The nurse tells a colleague that she feels “stressed” over the situation and that the dispatcher is “yelling” at her to have one of the other nursing home residents perform CPR.

Halvorson grows desperate, and asks if there’s a gardener or a stranger on the street who might be willing to step in.

Eventually, the ambulance arrives to transport the victim, identified as Lorraine Bayless, to the hospital.



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  1. That is completely insane! Who would do that? She should be tried for murder.

  2. I can’t believe it. People are so unwilling to stick their necks out. All she had to do was hand the phone to someone else in the room. It’s that, “I can’t do anything, it’s not my job mentally.” Folks wanting to live their lives by a rulebook instead of their common sense and heart. I hope she loses her job.

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Agreed, our country has gone mad.

    There is a news story about a precious little boy today who was bullied by two kids for some time, well, they finally beat him to death, when you see his photo you will literally cry, how sweet he looks:


    The bullies were suspended for two days for KILLING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING FOR FUN.

    Now, another story today, a little boy supposedly ate his pop tart into the shape of a gun, he was suspended for a day.


    So, Apparently, Killing a beautiful little boy with his whole life a head of him is one more days suspension than eating a pop tart the wrong way.

    Have you ever heard it said:

    “If the Lord doesn’t destroy this nation He will have to apologize to Soddam and Gomorrah?”

    Well, I think there’s something to that, perhaps this is our destruction, the absence of Morality, and therefore the absence of the Presence of God, and that always leads to destruction.

    • All I can say is, “How sad and disgusting”. People just don’t matter anymore.

      How can you sit and watch a human being suffer in that way. Where has our compassion for each other gone to? I’m very sad!

  4. dividing cricker said:

    I saw that story on FOX news today and wondered if they had a NDR order on her or something. There probably is more to that story. I know people who become gods in there minds and seem to think they know best. I hope this doesn’t become the normal.

  5. sherry taylor said:

    wow..this is very telling re how ageism is rampant in our society..and how we treat our seniors..hum your life is in the hands of the caregivers..who have a set belief..re this group of people..sad..this is maybe on reason why our oldsters do not want to end up in a “home’

  6. barb miller said:

    again, i don’t understand why there are so many posts that have nothing to do with morgellons.

    • Barb. You need to get out and about a bit. Your country is collapsing and NO ONE is going to help you. The Union Nurse in this story did not wish to lose her job by performing CPR on a patient whose family signed off that no CPR would be performed in this facility by signing the Contract for her to live her days out in said facility.

      Think about that for a moment.

      Trial Attorneys are making it impossible for anyone’s life to be saved by threatening us all with lawsuits.

      But it’s all about you?

      Come on!

      • dividing cricker said:

        Well lamb I figured out a bunch more last night but am a little weary of my own theory. I’m trying to find a writer that can put pen to paper and make it sound more sensible . Believe it or not it was all on a government web? I can tell you this , we can go back to the study of the human genome and mister Craig Venter / GMO . Its all becoming very clear , like mud… DC

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        You are so very right lamb, we have much larger issues facing us now than just Morgellons, now, if you’re really sick with it right now trust me, I know it is the number one issue but the reality is something is coming that is far more sinister than Morgellons.

        I’m not big on conspiracy theories but let’s do a quick review:

        The Department of Homeland security recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Remember, DHS has charge over “domestic” safety not fighting foreign wars, what the heck do they need 1.6 “Billion” rounds for? Yesterday, it was announced they purchased 2,700 armored vehicles, basically “tank like” vehicles, see


        Numbers are just now coming out that the real debt this countries is “in for” is 221+ TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities with entitlement programs, we couldn’t pay that back in 300+ years, no way, no how. The system literally has to collapse, and it will, and it’s going to get ugly. People are not like they were even 60 years ago, life is cheap, the knowledge of God is lost, man is a ruthless beast, sad but true, all one needs do is watch the news. Now they are flying drones over the US and asking for the ability to kill without warrant, cause or evidence going before a judge. Think about it, indeed, America is Fundamentally being Transformed.

        Now, let’s consider that the US has abandoned Israel and is now (even within the last two days) arming the Muslim Brotherhood with 200+ Abrams tanks and even F-16 fighters. This is important because the Muslim Brotherhood has as its goal the elimination of the west, after Israel of course. Do you know what an Abrams is capable of? During the gulf war we destroyed all of Saddam’s soviet made” crap” from miles away far beyond their reach to even fire back, we didn’t lose a single Abrams tank in that war but wiped out the opposing forces. Now, we are giving these sames weapons to our sworn enemies and who are hell bent on destroying Israel and then us. You know how I know Iran doesn’t have a nuke yet? Because Israel still exists, the second they get one they will use it, and that will set off a chain of events you won’t believe, assuming we have a president that is pro-Israel at the time we will turn that region into glass. But that will be the beginning of woes, not the end.

        Let’s move onto health care. This lady that let this poor woman die citing “Policy” is but a glimpse of things to come. That is, faceless, nameless bureaucrat’s making decisions and policies that decide who gets what treatment and who dies, not to mention the ones that will simply die standing in line waiting for treatment. And trust me, they have a vested interest in letting you die, remember those unfunded liabilities I spoke of earlier, they owe that to YOU. Problem is they spent it, they didn’t keep the money in the programs. Instead, the blew it all on social re-engineering stuff that has gotten us to where we are today. If you die, they no longer owe you, problem solved. You paid in all your life but in your moment of need you will be denied the health care we take for granted today. That’s dangerously close to being nothing but livestock.

        The progressive agenda has won, the rich are evil, they got their money buy stealing from the poor, and are holding everybody down. These are the lies they’d have people believe and most do. People have a right to a cell phone, big screen TV, free food, guaranteed union jobs that pay a person 3 times what their worth even even they show up drunk or stoned for work 3 days a week.

        Did you know there are 50,000 gun permit requests each and every day now in the United States? Think about it, that’s astronomically higher than at any other time. You cannot even buy ammo, guns are 9 months on back order. Why is that?

        I’ll be honest, it’s very hard for me to stay focused on Morgellons.

        I’m astonished folks can’t see the disaster coming. It was less than 80 years ago a meglomaniac was systematically wiping out a race or group of people they didn’t like, and it wasn’t only jews, it was members of certain political parties, which they outlawed and made it illegal to run for office. It turns out it was far worse than we ever knew, as we are finding out just now.


        You think that can happen today? I assure you it can and probably most likely will. We learn nothing.


        Today’s NEW YORK TIMES (http://bit.ly/YHyXFj) reports that researchers have so far cataloged over 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning Nazi-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany during Hitler’s reign from 1933 to 1945.

        The documentation, previewed at an academic forum in January at the German Historical Institute in Washington, stunned leading Holocaust researchers in attendance.

        “The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought,” said Hartmut Bergoff, director of the institute. “We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was, but the numbers are unbelievable.”

        The documented camps include not only “killing centers” but also thousands of forced labor camps, prisoner-of-war camps, sites euphemistically named ‘care’ centers, where pregnant women were forced to have abortions or their babies were killed after birth; and brothels, where women were forced into having sex with German military personnel.

        While death camps like Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto have come to symbolize the Nazi killing machine in the stream of public consciousness, they represent only a ‘miniscule’ fraction of the entire Nazi network, the new research reveals.

        New maps, created by the researchers, turn wide sections of wartime Europe into black clusters of death, torture, and slavery.

        Lead editors on the project, Geoffrey Megargee and Martin Dean, included data from some 400 contributors, and now estimate that between 15 and 20 million people died or were imprisoned over the course of Nazi occupation.

        You think the Germans treated women bad, they have nothing on our soon to be new masters, you better hope brave and patriotic men stand up and are willing to give their lives for you, because yours now depends on it.

        • History is not being taught anymore and we have a plethora of “sheeple” in this country mesmerized by television.

          History is repeating itself in a short period of time… 1937 and the Weimar Republic ring a bell?

          WAKE UP FOLKS! M is just the start of population control, keep staying informed and as healthy as is possible.

          My mode is to keep my family safe, I don’t think being armed is a bad thing.

  7. dividing cricker said:

    I can’t believe you were giving me hell for scaring people . You must be listing to Rense. So whats the next move ,now that you have that off your shoulders Well MrC lets hope the sheeple won’t take it lying down. Life could not be what it seems. Time will tell. I feel a little relieved that were more alike than you dare mention YOU ARE A MAN OF MYSTERY. I hope barb doesn’t read that.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sorry, but I posted and asked for somebody to take over this blog and now you know why. I have other things I my mind. To be honest people aren’t paying attention. I don’t sit around and worry about this stuff, I simply see it coming about and am not surprised at all. It’s the way of the world, it happens, it becomes history, it starts up again, people call those who tell them it’s coming again kooks, then it happens, same crap, different dictator, meanwhile, millions perish at the hands of so very, very few.

      “It is almost a law of history that the same wealth that generates a civilization announces its decay. For wealth produce ease as well as art; it softens a people to the ways of luxury and peace and invites invasion from stronger arms and hungrier mouths.”

      – WILL DURANT, The Story of Our Civilization, before history books were cleansed of facts

      If I frightened anyone forgive me. Just turn on MSNBC and watch the stock market climb and soon you’ll know there is no danger ahead, all is well ….

      Barb, it wasn’t directed at you, I’m just angry to see the country I love so much playing the part of a fool, arming it’s enemies and attacking those carrying the country on their backs. There is such a terrible price on the horizon and my kids are going to have to pay it and I’ll probably dead and gone and they’ll be on their own.

      Mr. C
      Trying really, really hard to hold my tongue …

      Meanwhile, Washington DC just “Banned” the word Freedom from license plates, you tell me …


      If you want to know what a man thinks listen to what he says, but if you want to know what a man believes watch and see what he does ….

      • If I had your platform…well… it’s s good thing that I don’t! I am adamant about being honest with LIV’s… for those of you who don’t get this..
        Low Information Voters.

    • The point of the story is that we are completely lacking in humanity. This Nurse is so removed from reality that she would rather watch a woman die than give her CPR?
      Really? She so does not want to lose her job that she forgets two Major oaths:
      She is an American
      She gave a Hippocratic Oath to do no HARM?

      Makes me ill.

  8. dividing cricker said:

    The people who write history are the ones who don’t want the facts known. Glad to see your not holding your tongue today. Very refreshing /// On the morgellons front “I’m still shakin that bush” boss ! Trying to make your day. If your still up and running I’ll see if I can lay down a rough draft. tonight. PS its good to see some life on your side.

  9. Very well said Mr. C. This country is on the road to disaster and it makes me very sad. I really don’t understand why everyone can’t see what is going on when it is so obvious. Maybe it’s easier not to face the truth. I tried using a similar “denial technique” when I first realized that I had morgellons, but unfortunately that didn’t make it go away.

  10. dividing cricker said:

    I guess your ready to hear at least a beginning to a Once Upon A Time story. Our area is located on the very rural area in Southern New Jersey . We pride ourselves on the large Mosquitos that keep the riff raff out , My neighbor has a county collection trap that the county maintains and checks throughout the season to see which mosquitos are hatching and what diseases are being transmitted by what mosquito. I happened to ask the county collector “what happened to all the mosquitos “, because there were none at all / all season . He was telling me about this new Larvicide they were trying all across the country(USA) and it was going to solve our mosquito problem forever. He told me this spray cost 70 thousand dollars to apply one application with a airplane and this one ounce would cover 4 townships . I was amazed with the cost but he also mentioned that it would last 7 years , Not to bad for the cost. My reply was something like “Well if this kills mosquitos like that I wonder how many of us will it kill???” His reply was it was totally safe . The safest thing they had ever used. That Man , The one who told me how safe it was is dead , Grave yard dead!!! Now I remembered this after I started getting sores and started itching all over . That wasn’t my first quest , my first idea was I had contracted a mite from the soy fields or scabies from a dirty house ,where I had worked. After I tried every product on the market , with no help and went to my Doctor . he had no Idea . that’s when my real quest began . This started when I recalled the story about the mosquito larvicide (LANGINX) that this OFF SHOOT company Agraquest run by PAM MARRONE who use to be a MONSANTO flunky and some where we can start adding all the whos whos in American politics and power , even Bill Gates could be right there in the mix of people who will save the whole world . They are the SOBs that I’m talking about . But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. The newest name in the records Stands out big as SHIT Craig Venter , he discovered the human genome but his name is everwhere in this story/ our story. I think Craig figured it all out , Well to get back to the story. Agraquest used a Oomycete to develop this larvicide and it was OKed by our government. It was first used as a larvicide , then as a grain spray then a vegetable and a fruit spray. Now this Oomycete was changed to a atom size particle and was incased in a buckyball . It sounds so too futuristic and I really don’t know how they did this or what other atom size things that are added but this Oomycete is mentioned LAGENIDIUM. AND ITS ZOOSPORES. Now one of the most dangerious things we face in this world are Oomycetes. The reason is we can’t kill them , Its very hard , very,very hard to combat them. So now you know that its probably why nobody can do anything except roll with it and hope these things slowly get weaker and we get better???? Now the connections I found. MONSANTO, used the same Oomycete in all the GMO mixes!!!!!! EVERY ONE, It was sprayed on every crop made , so everybody is infected in some way. I don’t know why just some people are infected with morgellons. This same type of infection is killing trees , bats , insects , and it all being spread by the bugs , the wind and the rain. What were seeing now / right now are the dogs , horses and cattle are getting it in the southern states and people are getting it in Asia. It is very hard to diagnose .I think this government site I read last night was a real eye opener. The eastern bats are all going to die by 2016. with this fungus, The government scientist working on this ,started explaining how the insects were spreading this fungus and the insects were spreading it to trees and plants and animals . In the article they say WE DON”T KNOW WHAT FUNGUS IT IS!!! That’s the same thing every Doctor say, we have never seen this before!!! So what ever they did to change this Oomycete We can call it by its new name VENTERS DISEASE. THIS IS ONLY A THEORY like a ###/ hole everybodys got one. The disease s most refered to as PYTHIOSIS. The Asian drs are using SSKI a strong iodine 1ml 3xs a day. seems quite strong. We do have all these other co-infections too but I strongly believe that the co-infections thrive because of this Oomycete The books that really is a timeline political tail is SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION. its all about how the government uses food to control the world . Henry Kissenger in the Nixon WhiteHouse. 1972.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I can tell you one thing DV, our kids love bugs, we often walk around our entire house and look and see how many soldier beetles, grasshoppers, moths, praying mantis’s, lady bugs, bees and such we can spot. We barely saw a single bug last year, I’m not kidding, almost totally devoid of insects. I did of course manage to catch a ton of deer ticks in my shrubs and now our house is devoid of plants. Rabbits were living in our all gardens and were the life force of the tick population, our landscape is barren, ugly, but now safe. It really stinks. As you may or may not know I live in Indiana, corn and soy bean country, arial spraying happens big-time here.

      DV, I think you’ll like this: (click on the link)

      Life cycle of the human and animal oomycete pathogen Pythium insidiosum.

      Pythium insidiosum, the etiologic agent of pythiosis insidiosii, causes life-threatening infections in humans and animals. Previous studies of the epidemiology of this disease hypothesized about the possible life cycle of this oomycete. Details, however, were not provided on the steps required to cause infection. We investigated the life cycle of P. insidiosum by inoculating pieces of equine skin and plant leaves and then studying the ensuing events with a scanning electron microscope. Our observations revealed that zoospores had a strong tropism for skin tissue, horse and human hair, and water lily and grass leaves and a weak attraction to a variety of other leaves. Encysted zoospores were observed on the favored leaves and skin. There they produced germ tubes and later abundant hyphal filaments that penetrated leaf tissues. Young sporangia had compact, thick walls. The sporangial wall was reduced to a fragile membrane when the sporangia had produced well-differentiated biflagellate zoospores. The encysted zoospores secreted an amorphous material that permitted the zoospores to adhere to skin and plant tissues. On the basis of these findings, a model to explain the life cycle of P. insidiosum is proposed.

      ==> Loves the skin, Human Hair, and produces hyphal filaments (fibers) …

      Did you ever wonder what the “pgpr” stands for on the end of my blog name? morgellonspgpr ?

      Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

  11. dividing cricker said:

    Now, Once Upon A Time We have all studied many web sites and much of this information is out there in the cloud. Much of it is disinformation but so much is true in Government and University sites. I did keep it to a very bare story , I still am trying to figure out if the agrobacterium (the magic juice) that makes all the GMO genes work together, is the reason our body allows the invaders to invade us so completely. Or, do all the governments of the world know what’s going on and have signed a pact never to tell ! My guess is the people behind most of this had no idea what would happen and never had a clue !!!! But then again its all a guess. Me ,I’m 90% better . Probably better than I’ve bee in 6 years. but its still a lot of work staying healthy Probably more than you wanted to know? I’m done for now but I would like to tell my story on what I did to get this healthy. DC

    • Dividing C…What did you do to get healthy? I’m currently at a standstill with this nightmare and am always interested in hearing what helped others.

  12. Mr. Common Sense said:

    What do you know, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington … Maybe there’s hope for this country yet …


    • Rand Paul is Da Man and you DC are a freaking genius! This makes so much more sense to me now, don’t leave yet MCS!! We still got some work to do!. I am actually excited for the first time in 4 years by your revelation! That in it’s self is a miracle. The first summer I got this 09 there were chemtrails everywhere and we all remarked on the odd and unchanging cloudscapes, I live in the Northeast with all of the idiots.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        What do you know, look at these headlines

        McCain tells Sen. Paul to ‘calm down’…
        Graham calls freshman ‘ridiculous’…

        The old boy network Republicans coming out and calling Rand ridiculous. I mean what the hell Rand, don’t rock the boat man, our jobs are a stake !!! I need to get re-elected next term. So they kill a few constitutional fanatics who cares. We all know the constitution is a living document, the founding fathers had no clue about our modern times, we won’t be bound by that ancient paper much longer anyway and we’re going to need these drones to take out certain enclaves that insist we uphold the constitution. It will only be a few drone strikes, after all, we’ve eliminated most of their guns.

        So Rand, shut up, just let us just get re-elected, once you’ve dined on caviar it’s hard to eat macaroni and cheese like the great unwashed. Sure, we had ideals like you when we first came into office, but after 20 or 30 years in office you learn you’re so much wiser, smarter, and better than Joe Sixpack …

  13. Dividing Crcker, Dc. I cannot believe you and Mr. C. are having this conversation, very cool.

  14. Am I crazy? yes, but I am having a distant memory of the guy in the bay Area, his name was David. He worked in a biolab and became extremely ill, there was a tube about him and I could swear that this Pam person was involved with said company. Do you remember MCS? we were all on the same forums at that time. There were ties to UCD as well. My brain is shot, I only have vague memories of all that I have read in the last 4 years but this is all ringing a distant bell for me. I used to be very intelligent, now a mere shell of my former self but I am fighting back! Does anyone remember this guy? It was a big coverup as I recall.

    • dividing cricker said:

      David Bell a Agraquest worker was working in the lab and became ill /almost died . The product was Langinex . This same Company was sold to Bayer in Germany this year. The CEO of agraquest was Pam Marrone a former worker of Monsanto. I don’t know the result of the litigation with David Bell (usually its not public record) but just seeing this sale makes me believe there is more pending litigation. The FDA put a DO NOT USE on the langinex product in the USA but didn’t ban it . David Bell has become the most outspoken critic of this product. He has given many interviews .

      • Thank you! I knew that I knew this story and you are right on the money. The trick is to “follow” the money and find out who made the biggest profit, our answer will be there.

  15. dividing cricker said:

    Another thing were fighting is being alone. We can be in a room full of people but are still so alone. We have all lived with this for years and sometimes I went over the top in anger and the next moment afraid of my shadow. I seem much .much better now but still have my moments , This site , with MrC keeping us all in line and steering the ship , its really his calling . I know he wants to get this monkey off his back but I really hope he sees his calling as his little way of helping US. The Christian’s are always beating themselves up. Family and all the other things to be done and here we go again.I am no better. I just know most of the visitors and commenters really believe that this site was and is like a light. Hey I asked several people and nobody can do this like you can . We all have a gift , mine seems to be able to see a problem and fix it. Sometimes I fail but I just can’t quit until I’m satisfied I did my best . I still haven’t wowed myself yet but I’m still shakin that bush. DC just sayin thanks !!!

    • DC the “aloneness” is for me the biggest part of this battle, and like you my friend, I never quit. All experience is “learning” experience, this has been my mantra from childhood and I will die trying.
      Never stop shakin’ that bush!! You have instinctively provided tremendous insight and you wowed the heck out of me!
      Now we are no longer alone.
      God Bless.
      Together we few warriors form an army.

  16. Well said everyone. DC, you have been a busy bee. I think the proper spelling is Laginex.

    Something I read yeserday on nih I believe was that the agrobacterium they use in making GMO’s is a type of spirochete. Google the two words together and it comes up.

    Everyday in he news I see stories like this one. People have gone mad. It has become a culture of cruelty. I put it down to flouride, vaccinations, heavy metals, absent parents, crap de natured frankenfood; chemtrails; there is more but my brain has been fried. oh yea another one is wifi, cell phone radiation, cordless phones. Eveyone please turn these off when not using them.

    I had to stop thinking about a lot of this stuff going on in order to get better. Eight years in June this year. I have improved, but I know I am very near the cliff edge and must watch.

    One thing I will say for this illness is that it has made me a more observant and compassionate human being.

    • We don’t believe in God anymore and we have lost our moral way, as a nation. We now have 6 members of the MB working in the Administration.

      • Lamb, what is MB? When you say we do not believe in God anymore, do you mean Jesus?
        Many of the founding fathers where Deists (believing in God) but not Christian. There are many Jews in government also, who believe in God but not Jesus as being a saviour. Several Mormons also who are not Christians. Same for Muslims.

      • dividing cricker said:

        Sharon it could mean MY other BROTHERS!!! But I always thought it was was his Brothers from other Mothers , I could be wrong but mabe it is his Mothers Baster#s???? Just a guess, I want to apologize to all the die hard followers , we all have bad habits , were all at fault for something , hell I could fill a few trucks with my bad!

    • dividing cricker said:

      Sharon I am pretty confident that agrobacterium is gall crown disease. This is usually the large looking lumps on trees . I have read about this many times , now I don’t know much more about it other than they have to use it to make the gmo genes to meld together. Without it gmos would not work. In my mind I always think that may be this is why we are sick , Our body’s become so receptive to any foreign body that we absorb invaders like its our own cells

      • I think that you are spot on DC. Elevating one’s immune system is difficult. My theory is to do everything opposite of Kardashian thought and elevate your alkalinity, minerals,enzymes and non GMO foods. Skip sugar and anything soy, wheat, canola,sunflower.etc. Eat whole non GMO veg and drink lots of lemon and lemongrass.Take your supplements and pray, use a water filter (Berkey is my bud) and always remain open to what surrounds you. Stress and fear are not our pals.

      • DC, my point is SPIROCHETES in Agrobacterium, they found spirochetes in the last 3 studies by Middleveen, Stricker, et al.

        Stephen Buhner in his Healing Lyme book mentions that spirochetes can be passed in mothers milk. So why not cow’s milk, I ask myself.

        I wonder if the seemingly permanent lumps on my forehead and back of my skull are the human form of crown gall?

        • I hear yah Sharon, even though I drink organic milk I am thinking of cutting milk out all together. I have already got rid of the wheat. Frankin wheat nothing like it was in the old days. God I miss a sandwich.

          • Our wheat is not GMO as yet, but it has been bred to grow taller or is it shorter, I forget. I still it some bread, not more than 2 slices a day. Can’t give it up or should I say don’t want to.

            • dividing cricker said:

              what you don’t know might kill you. wheat let me list the diseases, hell just google it – wheat human disease.

            • Wheat Belly’ is available at NaturalNews.com.

              They have been messing with wheat since we were kids!!

              I am a failure at typing, sorry. It is a book regarding wheat and it’s bastardization since the 70’s.

              LIve a wheat free/carb free/processed sugar free diet and pray . pray. pray!

              People actually start to believe you when your health improves and in the heart, that helps. We all need some love,

              BTW…salt is GOOD as long as it is natural, not iodized!

        • dividing cricker said:

          JMM JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY Primary bacteremia caused by Rhizobium Radiobacter Agrobacterium At least its a start to looking at this agrobacterium.

  17. I went to my Dermatologist today, very nice man. Only one with an open mind that I have met. Showed him today’s fiber, are they always blue? No. He gave me hopefully a gift from the Lord himself due to the diligence of DC and MCS. Based on your research kids, time will tell. I will be in touch and let you know. Bless you all.

  18. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Indiana’s health care costs to go up 67%, so much for saving each family $2,500 a year like Obama promised.


  19. dividing cricker said:

    mr c I was trying to listen to a radio show a few weeks ago but I may have gotten this wrong . The ssi total disability claims in the usa are 12 million now ,that’s a doubling from LAST YEAR , This number has been doubling for 7 years ( people not listed as unemployed) Wonder how many people are really unemployed??? The same show wandered into the amount of Walmarts due to close this year! It went on to all the large department stores and Malls in the united states. Very depressing Obama’s pledge to change the United States into a unrecognizable 3 world county is happening before our eyes.

  20. dividing cricker said:

    Bugs are coming !! set you tick traps!! Using a dozen soda cans or jars loaded with some bird seed and a cotton ball with deet spray (hunters tick repellant) set containers in hedge rows , around barns or wood piles where mice live . The mice will take the cotton for bedding there nests and the deet coated cotton will kill the ticks. A borax and diotomacious earth mix 50/50 sprinkled around the foundation will kill most all bugs . We do the walks garage and basement . In the fall we do the carpets in the house. I still use Kleen Green ,spraying the carpets and floors, before vacuuming to cut any dust in the house. This K G also kills any insect buy emulsifying the skeleton of the insect . I found that even the spiders can’t live in KG , Ants are also under its spell. The only bug that still thrives are the crickets . We still have the crickets.

  21. Think I will have some good news for all, still experimenting…safety is an issue as always.
    Have to wait another 2 weeks . Feeling better, hoping and praying.

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