I was never gone

Angela Miller last night again sang a song about the Lord on American Idol. It was simply astounding. I cannot believe an 18 year old can be so talented and unlike the rest of the contestants she is also playing the piano. But the most amazing part of the video happens at 1:43 seconds into it where right in the middle of her song she laughs (it was very noticeable on our big screen TV). She was either overcome when she was stunned by her own sheer God given talent or more likely she was overwhelmed by her love for the Lord and His for Her.

I remember at that very moment I gasp for air, very strange. I almost never do that, the only other times I have ever done that was when reading the word when some incredible truth set in. I must have been holding my breath during the performance but when she laughed, I gasped for air at the same time as if we were both literally thinking the same thing at the same moment, absolutely thrilling. To me, these kinds of moments make life worth living, there are amazing moments of beauty that confirm in ones heart the majesty of the creation.

I let go of your hand, to help you understand, I was with you all along  …


Comments on: "I was never gone" (1)

  1. So comforting. Thx for posting this. Great reminder that “even though I walk thru the dark valley of the shadow of death yr staff supports me.” There is a purpose to what we are going thru. Romans 8:28

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