Some Good News

I am hoping I have finally found someone to take over the Mundane Approach. This is good news for you and those that are yet to come because the focus will once again be on the Morgellons condition where it should be. This will be my last post until that announcement.

Don’t ask me who it is for now just be greatful that this site is going to get a new burst of energy and rededicated focus on Morgellons.


Comments on: "Some Good News" (12)

  1. Could it be our good friend Joe?

  2. That is good news Mr. CS. I know this process must be a difficult one for you as you no doubt feel a tremendous responsibility to your readers. Your stewardship of this site has been an inspiration to all, and our prayers will remain with you throughout this transition and thereafter.

    Peace and Blessings,


  3. Thank you Mr. C. I pray for that “someone” to be as level headed and diligent as you.

  4. Sherry Taylor said:

    hummm well good we shall always miss you though..really

  5. I guess Joe.

  6. I will miss you! Thank you for your dedication to help others! Best to you and your family! Love, Michele
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  7. Keeping this website going is a wonderful gift for all of your readers. I hope you don’t disappear completely……we still need you’re wisdom! Thank you Mr. C.

  8. You’ve done a great job of providing information and hope to many who feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot think of a more worthy cause. As for myself, I will continue with my occasional blog efforts and other writing projects. I am planning to go to Austin for the Morgellons conference next month and hope to see a few folks there. Happy trails, Joe

  9. Wonderful news- I just received an email with an article attached from a Chiropractor I had visited sometime last year before I got Morgellons and the article comes from a healthwatch blog but highlights a front cover of a magazine ( I was not able to tell which one) titled Genetic Roulette which is a film by Jeffrey Smith regarding GMO’s – this may be old news or film I am not sure but here is a cut an pasted portion of the artilce “Dr. Huber, whose career has included working for agencies that evaluate and prepare for natural and man-made biological threats including germ warfare and disease outbreaks, became aware of a mysterious new organism in high concentrations on corn and soy that had been sprayed with Round-Up. The organism is the size of a virus, with properties of a fungus. But it’s not a virus, viroid, bacteria, fungus or mycoplasma. Farmers are losing animal offspring to this entity. Dr. Huber contact-ed the US government describing this as an emergency situation, providing contact information for scientists who were researching the organism. He urged the US government to hold back approval of additional Round-Up Ready crops. Huber’s calls were ig-nored” So as stated may be old news but interesting… I sure hope that people will be helped with the continued support of this website- I am still very sick with Morgellons and losing hope but hopeful for the continued support and help and/or not backing down for answers and help that this will provide …. many thanks Mr. C and the to be announced new host.

  10. thank you and we will miss you!

  11. Melissa Ehrsam said:

    Thank you for all you have done for all of us during this scary and unhealthy time in our lives. Take care of yourself and know you are appreciated!

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