Mr. Giffords Hypocracy

The new caretaker will soon take over this blog. We will have the hand off ready to go very soon. But I can’t let this slip by …

Now, first, let me explain that what happened to U.S. Representative Gabrielle Gifford was absolutely horrible. I would never wish such a thing on anyone, not even an enemy. You may be recall she was shot in Arizona in the head and survived.

The liberal media immediately Googled the shooter’s name and found that he had a Facebook account and that he had mentioned that he attended a tea party rally. The press ran with it as the lead story for hours and thought they had killed the evil racist Tea Party. Turns out it was just a guy with the same name as the shooter and they knew it. He didn’t even look remotely like the shooter.

When the facts came out that it was actually a left wing democrat with mental issues who did the shooting, of course, it was mentioned on page 345 in the newspaper in the lower left hand corner in 2pt font.

Well, just this month Gabrielle’s husband tried to purchase an AR-15 but was denied by the store owner because Gabrielle’s husband was bragging that he was going to purchase the gun and give it to somebody else. The gun store owner got wind of this and denied him the purchase. Problem is he lied on the application for gun ownership and this is a felony. The man should be facing charges.

Now, just yesterday (I belive) Mr. Gifford was walking his mix-breed bull dog on a beach when it attacked and killed a baby seal. Dogs can be dangerous weapons, I know this first hand.

Seems to me Mr. Gifford is walking around with something as potentially dangerous as gun, if that had been a small child that child would be dead. Again, because they are lefties no charges are to be filed even though I read it was an endangered species.

It is estimated that two percent of the US population, 4.7 million people, are bitten each year by dogs. Fatalities from dog attacks are on the rise each and every year. Seem to me registration and waiting periods should apply, and certain breeds should be banned because they are so dangerous. And no, this is not a pun.

I am in no way making a comparison to this baby seal pup and those precious children recently killed in the gun attack, many if not most fatalities from dog attacks are also children. Chances are though if your dog kills a child you’ll serve no time whatsoever … Why is that?


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  1. I have no respect for the way Mr. Giffords handled this application for the gun and his motives behind the purchase. He lied on the application and this is a felony.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Agreed, and on top of that he cannot handle a dog let a alone a gun. Imagine if Sarah Palins dog killed a baby seal, the animal lovers would be out of thier minds, but these lefties do it and it’s nothing but cricket’s chirping. I would have respect for them if they were even handed, but they are not.

      Remember, 3 people died in the shooting that injured Giffords, nobody seems to remember them.

      To bad there wasn’t somebody on the beach with a proper conseal and carry permit that could have pwn’d the dog.

  2. dividing cricker said:

    There’s a law that is written about pitt bulls and pitt bll type dogs. The dogs will have to be on a muzzle and leash , If your a felon you cannot live in the same residence with a pitt bull dog. The dog ust have an enclosed pen at least 8ft tall and well constructed , All this and the licence will be 1400$ dollars a year with a monthly inspection from the animal control. //// I probably forgot some things /// I have been bitten three times in ten years and what gets me is the owners don’t get upset . DC

  3. My dog is part American bull dog aka a boxer. The biggest baby in the world. It is how a dog is trained, not the dog. From he photo I couldnt tell who that was. Is there a news story on this. Out of curiosity, i would like to read it.

    Yes, you are correct the world is full of hypocracy. I believe the judge was the intended target; but that is just my opinion. His being an astronaut, may also be part of the reason he gets a pass from prosecution. Not that justifies anything.

    Remeber the “One World” banner he held up while in space?

  4. sherry taylor said:

    wow there is so much in here. Get into dogs..and watch out…lol
    I feel for the baby seal too.
    And ya there are laws re pitt bulls although i have met a few wonderful ones in the dog park.
    IT’s the owners and how they treat them..mostly that affect the dog..but breeding for certain characteristics (fighting) does count for something
    What is notable to me is the dividing of people according to “left” and..something else..not sure what..what about just a person with a dog?
    Just noticed does one of the “sides” wear a symbol or something?
    I mean how do you know?
    An interested Canadian..oops don’t shoot the that civil war over?
    They have all kinds of forgiveness type things now with different names ..truth something is one…like the one in South Africa..could be worth looking into..
    I think it is great someone thought of healing on a grand scale like that.
    Choice …go on like this..or do something to improve it.

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Wow, again, nothing against this woman but now she is going to have the Navy’s new ship named after her?

    USS Gabrielle Giffords

    I don’t get it, what about that top US Sniper who was recently killed, or all those brave men and woman who served in Afgan or Iraq?

    Talk about timing …

    • To quote Rahm Emanuel (formerly of the Bush administration) never let a good crisis go to waste.

      • Sharon… for shame! Rahm Emmanuel was Oblamey’s top enforcer… Chief of Staff ’08 until he literally bought Mayor ship Of Chicago which has thanks to Rahm ( the other bathhouse ballerina) the HIGHEST murder rate in the country. Do your homework girl.

  6. Hannah Huehne said:

    When a dog is a killer it is in most cases the fault of the owner who does not know how to train a dog. Besides, we here in Europe do not quite understand why there are so much shooting incidences. Is it a feeling of insecurity? What makes people love guns so much?
    I can’t figure it out. It is very sad.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      That’s a good question about guns.

      The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

      The reason the founding fathers made sure that each American could own a firearm was to avoid tyranny, ie, a hostile government taking control. After all, that is what they had just freed themselves from. It has nothing to do with hunting, never did.

      The mass killings are a real problem, and relatively new. Part of the problem is the media goes crazy and loves to report them for ratings which creates new killings. This is because there are a lot of mentally ill people. I personally think alot of it has to do with the removal of God from the public marketplace of ideas. I would never think of doing such a thing because in part, I have the fear of God and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the fullness of wisdom is to know that God is Love and Loves us. So many parents are divorced, their kids are crushed by this. I know this first hand, my parents got divorced when I was 9, it shattered my world. But, I always felt loved by my parents and we went to church. We were forced to really by my mom. I didn’t want to go, I’ll be honest, but I picked up enough to know in my heart that God is real, and the day of judgement was real, and that being cast out forever from his presence was more horrible than I can imagine. It wasn’t util later in my 30’s that I truly became a believer. Up until then I was controlled by the fear of God, and I thank my parents for that. We went to Catholic church when I was young, but now I am an Evangelical.

      Most of the people that commit these shootings are on psych drugs for mental issues, but I think alot of these mental issues are not truly brain issues, but bitter children mad at the world because thier parents are all screwed up, selfish, divorced, and maybe get loaded in front of thier kids. Thank God my mom never brought men home, when my parents divorced that was it, she stayed single and raised us. It would have killed me to see her with another man other than my dad.

      Modern day media plays a big role, these people that are bitter are angry at the world, are not loved, have no relationship with the one who spoke and the universe lept into existance and therefore do not realize that there is One who will never foresake or abandon them. Thus, they go off to hurt the world and those they love in the most horrific and violent way possible. They know it will hurt the entire world because it will be news 24 x 7 for a week or two, maybe more.

      The truth is, the biggest lie the devil whispers yet todays is “I don’t exist” but I assure you he does. Men and women need to feel loved, have friends, a good family, a meaningful purpose, and a reason to live. Remove these things from him/her and they are an animal, a beast. And we see much of this today. But animals aren’t capabable of things man is capabable of, we have the knowledge of good and evil.

      Those are my thoughts.

  7. Sounds like Mr. Gifford is startin g to think he’s the well known and cared about Gifford, huh?

    What a sad thingto happen; but, I still think i t’s the way these dogs are trained and taken care of at home. You know are they played with; are theytreated like part of the family and loved. Mostly, have they been trained. totally in love all animals

    My aunt has had pit bulls as long as I can remember, they were trained, disciplined and man the love those dogs get, is not to be believed. One of them got out of the yard and came prancing across the street and my aunt took a flip flop and spanked that girl all the way back
    to the house. That baby never left that yard or any yard again! You couldn’t even entice with food or a toy.

    Some people just shouldn’t own pets.To me they’re just like kids. You always have to keep one eye on them. They take alot of time and care.

    I don’t think most people put enough thought into care and time that it really takes, and most people don’t really have the time to give. Plus they need this time from their owners everyday, not just at random.

    Guess you see how I love animals. I trust them more than people for sure!


    Janice Puckett

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I completely understand, you know the ol’ saying “I wish I was half the man my dog thinks I am …” I wouldn’t mind a nice lab or german shepard, but pit bulls scare me. Because of Morgs though I would never own a pet, but I understand, pet’s can make a person live longer because of the love they give back.

  8. There’s a lot of junk out in the media. You can label the propaganda liberal or conservative or Republican or Democratic. It doesn’t matter. I honestly think it comes down to two things- greed and control. One thing the media doesn’t represent is truth (if it did, our understanding of Morgellons would be leaps ahead of where it currently is).

    • Does anyone know of the results that came out of the Austin,Texas; Morgellons Convention?

      • Janice, go to the Charles E Holman Foundation website for some of the info. Dr Eva Sapi will be coming out with a paper in the next month or two. Dr Sapi has state of the art genome sequencing equipment and a husband who specializes in this. Dr Middleveen out of the 15 samples tested found teaming piles of spirochetes in every lesion and callous.

        Dr Sapi showed a photo of microscopic shots of both a bulls eye rash and a morgellons lesion and found both literally crawling with spirochetes. Obviously thy need funds to include hundreds more in such a study.

        Check out another WordPress site called The Other Side of Morgellons for a more detailed report from someone who was there. I am only reporting second hand.

        • Sharon:

          Thankyou so much for the info. I wanted go to the convention so bad; but, funds were an issue.


          • Janice, you are welcome. I could not go either due to lack of funds.

            Also there were 2 film crews there. One from California and the other a well known documentary company from the UK, whose name escapes me at the moment.

  9. dividing cricker said:

    I know you still get several hits on the site , Just wonder if you could do a once a month post so the longer followers could stay in touch and new people may get some knowledge that their not alone in there suffering . I hope your well, and getting on with life. I feel almost healed but have many bouts of depression . I’m taking D3 . and getting some walking and sunshine time in. All your knowledge and research has always been quite overwhelming . When I think I’ve found anything new ,I do a little research on the Mundane and you have already covered it. Well , just a thought DC

  10. Hey DC! Been trying to find you! perhaps MRC would be kind enough to introduce us. Hope to meet you soon!

  11. I posted a “Top Ten Reasons Sufferers are Tired of Morgellons”. Here’s hoping my sense of humor isn’t too off!

    • Hey Joe

      Your web site was lovely. I really enjoyed reading of your adventures and agree that Mercury plays a part in this. it might be as simple as breaking down the emmune system enough to allow all the other things to come on board. Lymes, Hpertoxicity, and Morgellons.

  12. Lynn, The bacteria associated with “Lyme Disease” and mercury occupy the same pockets in the body (actually the bacteria thrives off mercury). To successfully combat “Lyme Disease” you also need to clean out the mercury.

  13. Hi Joe

    This whole disease started on my head and in my mouth and I have 4 teeth. Two on top and two on bottom that have extremely deep feelings. Before the bug outbreak to this disease when I started having weird symptoms that back then I thought were old age, bad circulation and menopause. lol. My teeth started to recede. It looked like a little gingivitis crept in and they were getting sensitive. Still are to some degree. Tooth soap (organic) combated most of it, but one tooth would flare up and cause infection and my mouth is small. Had to have 4 adult teeth removed as a kid to make room for my teeth. The deepest filled cavity on the bottom left my glands in my neck would be swollen and hard little lumps under the skin. Look like black heads behind the ears that would turn into little non healing sores no matter how clean I was and I was a super clean gal. Then later little non healing sores all over my scalp. Oh yeah back then my teeth started separating.

    Then years down the road I went to a dentist through insurance. I wanted so badly a dentist who was into doing things naturally. They wanted a root canal. I would not let them. I told them I wanted to refill the tooth. It was so deep the feeling that they said it was the only thing holding the tooth together. He had to leave little bits of old feeling to hold the took together before he put in the rubberized filling in its place and had to leave the little bits of old filling or the tooth would have came apart. They said that would buy me only a couple years before it would have trouble again. I think you heard me say before how he did the grinding off the Mercury his way though I had talked to him about a safer method I read about from dentist who are so much more careful about how to remove the Mercury. His assistant was not quick enough to keep dust from going down my throat and even some chunks. I remember feeling upset at the chucks that went down. Of course you can not tell them during that you need more suction with all the tools and hands in your mouth.

    The bottom left feeling that they replaced again was so deep that within a year I suffered a Bell Palsy to the left side of my face. It took me a year to get movement back in that side of my face. I woke up drooling one morning and my left side of my face was dead. My dad would not let my mom take me to a Dr.

    A Dr. once told me I was the first person in my adult life he had seen who has so little damage left. It was during a regular physical a the Dr. had asked when I had the Bells Palsy. I asked him what the heck is that and was shocked. With no treatment he was then shocked how I got back the use of my face. Much fear and trembling that my father would beat me if he caught me not able to use my left side of my face.

    Years later During child birth I would press with my face with pushing and broke blood vessels in my eye and damage left vocal cord. I believe the Mercury that caused the Bells Palsy made my face weak so the damage from having to push during labor. It took a few months to learn how to talk with a damaged vocal. I had a long term case of hoarse voice and then sounded like a little old lady. Now that I am getting old it comes and goes weekly on its own. All that from just pushing and not making any noise. No yelling, no crying, no growling. Interesting how just the feeling started causing me trouble as soon as they were in over and over until today with Morgellons.

    • Bells Palsy and loss of voice/hoarse voice are classic symptoms of borreliosis (Lyme) disease. There are several type spirochetes that will cause this not just borrelia burgdorfer. Coincidentally I read a medical paper on this just yesterday.

      • Hi Sharon

        So then the down clime of my voice could be Lyme related. Oh would be wonderful to get tested for Lyme or at least treat it and get rid of it to find out. My beautiful singing voice is so gone. Did not know the Bells Palsy was also. Very interesting. My dad did take us camping three or four times when little. I just thought it was the deep fillings sense it happen less then a year after having them done at age 14. Would be nice to know. My dad would go duck hunting and deer hunting during those years. I guess he could have brought something home in my early teens. Do not remember any deer ticks back in them days.

        I do remember the year symptoms started with my teeth and as thing progressed for about 4 years I pulled off my scalp what looked like a deer tick. Back then I thought I was just wrong, but then I remember our landlords son would use our washer and dryer after driving in from Oregon to California. He lives in the forest in Oregon. Also he grew up in that house we rented and he would visit us being high school friends to my hubby.

        I kinda feel the Lyme’s came in after the problems started. But after the Bells Palsy I would once in a great while feel parts of my face droop like I had a stroke with no stroke really happening. I would rub hard on my face to get circulation going for the dead area to start functioning again. That sound like Lyme and that got worse after the bug off my scalp that I thought was a deer tick.

  14. Does anyone know of any moderated forum where most every day someone is posting. Lymebuster changed format and practically died. It was almost dead any way. But I need a new home/forum.


    I can not find an active group. So I started one.

    In Light Lynn

    • Lynn, Facebook is full of Morgellons pages.

      • Hi Sharon

        Thank you. I will look again. Could not find any facebook forums for Morgellons when hunting them day before yesterday. If I do join a group will my Facebook friends family and friends see what I write. I want my illness semi private from family and friends.

  16. Hey all

    I joined a web site that seemed slightly active and got ignored and then this elderly man joined and got ignored and he was asking for help. I called him and he thinks his sister has Morgellons. She lives in Portland Oregon and has little use of computer and skills. Wants someone who would be willing to meet her and hear what she says and show off her condition to see if he is right. I have his phone number if any one wants to help.

    Thank You

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