Ain’t No Grave


Comments on: "Ain’t No Grave" (9)

  1. Very cool. I have never heard that particular Johnny Cash song, gonna share it.

  2. This would be a great dance song. I’m going to pass it on to my dancer friends.

  3. Elizabeth E Emmert said:

    Glad to see/hear you’re keeping on truckin’! Hang in there Mr CS!

  4. dividing cricker said:

    Jack and June were waiting . You know most all blues or rock guys had a real place in there heart for Johnny Cash . He was really hard almost impossible guy to copying . I played in all the old honkytonks ,was a drummer, and we learned a few cash songs . The music seemed to attract all ages and all types of people. I really think his brothers death was his defining moment in his life. It seemed to haunt him throughout his life. WE really have defined music in this country . Its something no one can deny. Johnny could cover all brands from soul gospel rock and country he did it all. DC

  5. dividing cricker said:

    I had found a link to this pythium P.insidiosum which form into pythiosis , This disease has become pandemic in the southern states . The symptoms in horses and dogs are very similar or identical to morgellons , sells a animal product that can be used in a topical or oral dose with no burning or stinging. The symptoms seem to quite in 3 to 4 days and healing of sores could take a few weeks to a few months. This a blend of organic oils has a overwhelming Oregano smell. Back to the pythiosis. This is almost impossible to diagnose . The Vets on the front line use a visual and symptom with years of experience to treat pythiosis. Some treatments using SSKI iodine have worked and several new antifungal , antibiotics and antiviral are used. This pythium is a Oomycete not a fungus or bacteria . This was used in making bio-pesticides and in GMOs . Most of what was on the web has been deleted. DC

  6. That was awesome

  7. Good to see you are doing well. I do love this song.

    • dividing cricker said:

      How’s Trisha doing . Would nice to have a update on you health etc. I think you said you were going to write a book and do a radio show . So how are things going . , Would be nice to hear how your doing too MrC . Me I’m making headway . I’m better 95% but still get tired easy . I can work about 5 hrs without issues but if I go and do a 10hr day I pay. I seem symptom free from crawling itching etc. I’m still using several heath products and still on the gluten free and sugar free organic diet. One of my hurdles is still the mental aspect of morgellons . We could all have many /years of flash backs from this horror . I am trying to help a few people and I think its helping me more than I know. This wasn’t my first reflection because many of my worst memories came flooding back but now I am seeing this from the other side now. Well it would be nice to hear back DC

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