Many of you might remember Sungazer who maintained the Nanotransformation site and then disappeared. He just recently did an interview on the Healing Grapevine, Ramona’s site. I too found great relief from my FAR Infrared Pad and found this interesting. I don’t want folks to freak out and think they are infected with worms, but I still think this is very worth while listening to.

I can tell you shortly before I made a totally recovery one of things I did was sit close enough to my real wood burning fire place and turn around and around heating my body up. You have to be careful as things like taking very hot baths (which i don’t recommend) can cause heart attacks. I was also using my FAR Infrared Pad a lot as well. My Poor Mans protocol is not to be discounted but if you are crawling head-to-toe still give this interview a listen …

Press the Arrow to start the Interview …
Sungazers Interview with Ramona


Comments on: "Is It Morgellons Or Nematodes Or Both?" (14)

  1. dividing cricker said:

    I’ll be spreading the word . I was talking to our local farmers about my plight and out of the blue he thought it could be a nematode used in pest control . I think they knew more than they were saying . I’m still on the pythiosis trail . Great news!!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Yes, Sungazer talks about the nematodes they use in pest control, it’s a pretty good interview. I was hesitant to mention my sitting around the fire right before I got 100% better because I thought it a coincidence, but always wondered. I knew from my research that heat kills them, and it’ doesn’t really have to be all that high …

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Here’s the thing, my uncles were all hog farmers, need deep in hog shit all day long, I used to use what they call the Honey Sucker which would suck the hog @#$# out of the bottom of the grates the hogs stood on and they’d spread it on the fields, none of them ever got what we refer to as Morgellons, nor did I as a teenager, it was only recently this really began, so I suspect some man made help, accidental I’m sure, but like I said, my blog has PGPR on the end of it for a reason.

  3. thanks

  4. Very interesting. I like the simplicity of seeing if the red light changes any of the symptoms. Not sure if strongyloides or nematodes are what everyone in the Morgellons community is experiencing, but very worthwhile to try what they are suggesting.

    I too suspect genetic modification being involved with Morgellons. Just what arena it’s coming from is the big question. GMO foods? Agrobacterium/Nematodes? Biological weaponry, escaped or released? All of the above? Big questions that all of us are thinking and don’t have answers for.

    What does PGPR stand for?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Plant growth-promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR)

      Basically, they are using all kinds of “Pseudomonas” and other bacterium that are antibiotic resistant and mutating rapidly in farming techniques. It largely coincides with the outbreak of Morgs, and “Pseudomonas Putida” is one of those heavily used, known to infect humans, and the favorite food of arthropods such as Collembola (springtails) and such. Basically, there is a chance that we are what we eat, and we’re eating live pesiticides

  5. If wrer eating live pesticides, than should,nt we all be pest free?

    • dividing cricker said:

      Kelly , The issue is it’s killing off the beneficial bacteria viruses and fungi we all need in our intestines to survive. Its astounding that there are more of this life in us than we have cells in our body by 10 to 1 . I still can’t understand how just a few of us have this infection or reaction when nearly everybody around us never gets ill. We all have this life but what makes things go haywire… I’m still stuck on pythiosis or the bio-engineered pesticides. Time will tell ,slowly , if this is covering the globe and is effecting all life…. DC

      • SSKI drops have been most helpful but one must take great care with kidney issues and selenium supplementation. I agree DC, we all have it to some extent or another. Now treating my dog’s paws with thieves oil. Watch folks on the news, constantly rubbing, swatting etc, it is everywhere. Some of us have been unluckier than others and suffer but most of us here are smarter than the alternately average pests. Neonictinoids…the root of all evil imho.

  6. Kathleen said:

    There HAS to be some common factor between the afflicted- the unwitting pioneers! I know that I am definitely allergic to some component but not sure whether it is the animal, mineral, plant, fungal, et al, or synthetic variety. I am so highly allergic to classes in all categories (except synthetic which is classless & tends towards latex, polyester, adhesive, tar and acrylic). Whenever the head strands touch my natural skin, I definitely have a systemic & topical reaction. I think my lesions are from constant exposure to whatever sensitivity is our personal trigger. It’s the “hand to hair” contact primarily (mold, damp & touching live plants close second & and as I type this, little M gnats flying around my zone).

    Morgellon’s has such a stigma now that it should probably be re-named to gather all groups together of whatever their culprits are- they could all be different- just as in allergies. (I have a depictive acronym if anybody wants to take on…..).

    I believe Bio-engineering is the culprit as well- but I couldn’t isolate an origin so much now as I can identify an irritant. I think those of us exhibiting the symptoms might actually have a leg up- if this is a complex, cultivated & symbiotically engineered pathogen that is supposed to be ‘stealth’? Well, then- our bodies just literally publicly outed it. Maybe we are all allergic to one of the components and our over-reactive immune systems went into overdrive fighting the unknown as IgE’s do. Perhaps we all have elevated IgE counts……just a thought. And who would know without a true database?

    Whatever the reason for the chosen and few, it sucks for us in a life- and mind-altering way. But when/if it is ever acknowledged as a real, legitimate public health concern, WE will have much needed documentation (although these ‘specimen’ samples are beginning to make me nervous). And by providing these theories and gathering empirical evidence and keeping journals, WE are keeping hope alive in the face of certain global acts of scientific and bureaucratic and medical negligence for dubious reasons. Even when transmuting the human body, can’t poison our souls.

  7. Cindy Barry said:

    I hope you are feeling well. Praying for you😇

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. FYI – one of the women in Ramona’s group worked for the NSA. Hint hint..Don’t ou wonder why everyone who tries to treat morgellons gets their license taken away, harassed or ends up dead..yet these women can (without having medical credentials) treat people for a disease that the others end up dead.???? Makes you wonder why the NSA wants to keep track on people who they have implanted with nano. They have your address if you order products and your IP address. And they have destroyed Dr. Staninger by stealing her protocol and making people believe that Dr. S works with them. IF it smells like cointel -pro agents, and act like them..i would be warry about getting involved with those shills.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      They can take me out anytime they like. There was time when I was afraid but now many people in the “network” know who I really am, my true identity. I not helpless anymore for a whole variety of reasons that I won’t go into to …

  9. Thanks C.S. for the info. Sungazer’s theory makes a lot of sense and it may be just one of the causes. These GM nematodes are in pesticides sprayed all over. The agrobacterium theory seems connected to this one somehow.

    If these microscopic thread worms are everywhere. It seems best to eat cooked foods or peel vegetables so as not to get continually reinfected until the bioterrain is stronger.

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