The Gospel


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  1. dividing cricker said:

    I guess if we walked through this fire we sure didn’t do it on our own I KNOW THAT. A person with the worst crawling buggy symptoms used the fungus free product and in one night all symptoms were gone , They had nearly given up on life and now have hope. This product is for animal use but is all organic and has a oral and a topical so you can use them both. The internal can be dosed in water about 10 to 20 drops per dose 2 to 3 xs a day . Sores can be healed with the topical spray . Itching and crawling can be controlled in a few days. It comes in small 1oz bottles or 4oz and in larger quart size. its not sold for human use.

  2. pamelamaez said:

    Forgiven. Redeemed. So grateful! All Honor to Jesus!
    When we enter into prayer, we enter into the Throne room of the KING OF KINGS
    Be unashamed of the gift,be magnificent in being commissioned by the Lord of all creation.
    Little lambs with the Faces of Lions ..spiritually strong,filled with His Love. Not my own.

    Thx Mr C…. so beautiful.
    I am praying over this.
    So touched.

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