Where was I last night?

Sorry for the poor quality of these but these are literally from the show last night. We went and saw “Heart” last night and they literally blew the roof off the place, I was totally blown away. The warm-up band as Jason Bonham (son of the the drummer for Led Zepplin). This sure brought back memories of another life …


Comments on: "Where was I last night?" (5)

  1. AWESOME!!!! Love that!! ❤ We are going to see Fab Four on Sat at the OC .F

  2. Good to hear you are up and out Mr C, how are you feeling these days? Your last post was very ominous. Hope you are well.

    I was thinking after seeing the videos that some things are better left as memories 🙂

  3. Cindy Barry said:

    So Exciting!! Good to hear.

  4. hey i have been making a collection of joni mitchell songs about morgellons ,chemtrails,the universe, and other spiritual songs she has written as far back as 1969. take a peek on you tube under jonis prophesies i think. amelia (chemtrails)for example. shadow and light even speaks of the blessing of parasites(god! )
    shes been suffering for a long time. lets promote her and awareness if she cant.

    • dividing cricker said:

      The Pink Parking Lot !!!! I’m hopeful of a few things I’m working on but its a little early to start squealing for joy. Mr C I feel its close , Feel it in my bones , The prayers of a cause and cure seem within reach . So lets stay positive and hopeful and pray . If two agree in my name ,thy will be done ! //// I ‘m helping someone that’s going through the worst time , Its bringing up many memories of my time , It has become healing . I hope ,I pray this leads to a new beginning . DC

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