Joseph Elone’s family says the Hudson Valley teen was sick for about two weeks before he suddenly collapsed and died
By Gus Rosendale | Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013 | Updated 10:14 AM EDT

A New York teenager who collapsed in his yard and later died may have been bitten by a tick carrying a deadly disease, his family says.

Seventeen-year-old Joseph Elone of Poughkeepsie, an honor roll student who wanted to become an environmental engineer, died shortly after midnight Aug. 5, according to his family.

“Joe was full of life, gifted in so many things,” said grieving father Benedict Elone.

Elone had a minor cough, fatigue and a headache for about two weeks before his death, but his family said it seemed like a summer cold.

And then, Elone watched his son collapse in front of their home on the evening of Aug. 4. He wasn’t breathing, and no one knew how sick he was. His father rushed to him in the yard.

“I hugged my son, I called him. He couldn’t even answer,” Benedict Elone said.

Joseph was taken to Vassar Brothers Medical Center, where he later died.

Dutchess County officials, citing initial testing, believe Elone may have been bitten by a tick infected with Powassan encephalitis. The virus is untreatable and can be transmitted by a tick bite in a matter of minutes.

A recent study by the journal Parasites & Vectors shows 6 percent of ticks in the Hudson Valley carry a variant of the virus, according to The Poughkeepsie Journal. Researchers say the number is low compared to Lyme disease carriers, but it’s also higher than expected.

“There are no diagnostic tests for the disease, and no treatments that are effective,” said Dr. David Roth, co-chair of the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance.

Joseph Elone, a talented student and musician, was getting ready for his senior year of high school, with plans to apply early decision to Brown University.

“He’s a kid who knew who he was,” said Benedict Elone. “He had all kinds of ambition. Teachers couldn’t stop speaking well of him.”

“I just miss my son,” he said in tears. “I just miss my son. I just miss my son.”


Comments on: "Deadly Tick Virus Eyed in Death Teen" (7)

  1. This particular strain is named after a town in Ontario, Canada. Our health officials says it is very rare. It seriously makes me wonder if they know what they are talking about.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that in this age of knowledge and expertise we have advantage of that an insect that is known to carry deadly diseases isn’t studied with the effort it truly calls for. I know my answer I just don’t want to accept it, it’s all about the “money”. This is a tragedy, but the unbearable existence that I have been in for the past 5 years is a tragedy of a different nature. But for anyone living it, it is unbelievable that no one has an answer. I have days when I just wonder how long it will be until it will become of interest to someone who can make a difference. I know that answer also, when it effects them.

  3. dividing cricker said:

    To discover the cause would collapse a field of medicine or several branches of medicine. Spirochetes have been the cause of medical issues for thousands of years . I read 200 types of spirochete have been studied but it does seem that any attempt to prevent or cure would have started by now. The CDC just came out with a news flash yesterday Lyme Disease has been under reported ????? I know most people have not heard that lyme disease can be transmitted by body fluids . and other insects . A woman in Conn, married a man in Nev. The man and children she had all became infected by HER. Now a Dentist , William Nordquist wrote (THE STEALTH KILLER ) all about oral bacteria. He did microscope slides and all his patients had spirochetes . He has written several books and noted a connection to other diseases of the mind and heart . Well I think the bacteria are winning the war and we are loosing the battle . I have found OIL PULLING and brushing with baking soda for 6 months has helped more than any treatments so far . I have tried the RIFE (the most expensive machine you can buy ) Samento .-helped, Immutol – helped , Bs , Iodine -helped , Red Marine Algea- helped , ### A gluten free diet Sugar free diet and organic and grass fed all helped . Maybe the antibiotics helped but thought that I was sicker taking them , I’m still searching but still using all the mentioned things, I know we have this bacteria but I think we all have had all the normal parasites(mites , viruses , fungus , We have 10xs the amount of parasites as cells in our body . I still think something changed in us that made the normal bacteria go hay-wire . A bio-pesticide or GMO caused our issue . Time will tell , I hope SOON

  4. Still on the same page DC! Got bitten gain in July, thought the doxy would do me in this time!
    Stick with the sski, you can actually tell when you need it, supplement with selenium, iodine is tough on the kidneys.
    See the naturalnews site re: the Chicken McNuggets, it’s one big circle jerk.
    We are eating what is wreaking havoc on our bodies.

  5. dividing cricker said:

    Hey Lamb — Still lookin , I seem OK now with almost all my symptoms but I could be just crazy and don’t know it yet…. I’m still researching P.insidioum a Oomycete . I think the next step is to look at this as a Vaccine process used to kill insects . I know its hard to get your head around this but I think all GMOs are done this way . I can only imagine all the different genes used in these processes but the agrobacterium (Gall Crown Disease) is the main player in all this science . It has bacteria , viruses , funguses and Oomycetes along with other forms of life but without the agrobacteria nothing will jell . This processed Gall Crown Disease makes it all happen … I am starting to see new webs approving GMOs as a new vaccine for the flu . I’m sure that it won’t be long before all you need to do is shove a extension cord up you butt and stand in the rain /we’ll be charged and ready for the day ….. DC

  6. I am thinking that it’s a human form of pythiosis, hence, the iodine.
    Or as a friend told me, a rare fungus in the species called Scopulariopsis.
    I am in agreement regarding GMO, pure evil in a seed, then there is glyphosate.
    It’s in here somewhere. Fungi attract bugs…soooo..

  7. dividing cricker said:

    Hey Lamb , In my arm chair research , The P.insidium is a Oomycete that is used in the larvacide or seed coatings of GMOs . Its only one of many GENES used in this mix . Agrobacterium is the main bacteria that acts as a mixing agent so all this life becomes one. I might be wrong on this theory but I may be right , The mixed langinex or seed coating grows through the plant and has a pheromone base , attracting everything . When this enters the insect it totally destroys the intestines of insects . The first try of doing this was using polyethylene and silicone bucky ball . The Pythiosis is only one of many genes that seem to be bleeding through untouched and is going on to be PANDEMIC in the south . Its all just a theory but I think the reason biologists can’t figure this out is its a new life . If they quit trying to find a matching bacteria , fungus , virus or Oomycete and focus on the science of new GMOs and the marriage of the pesticides ,and herbicides they might find the answer . Believe me / somebody knows the answers and they ain’t talkin… There are about 200 know Oomycetes but the P.insidium is the most infective , It has many names and of course symptoms . Oh The Monsanto Protection act will run out in a few days . The large stock holders are dumping the stock . Its being propped up by very big money so our fight is working . I have found many webs connecting dots . They have erased thousands of webs that talk about the glory of Langinex and GMOs . Many of the Government webs are gone along with the University stuff . The Kaiser Papers still have several facts on the web and UK Morgellons is a world of information . The Science Channel just had a 10 minute bit with Tina, Marianne and Cindy describing their morgellons life . There are still many things that don’t add up but without this protection act some brave soul will file a lawsuit against Monsanto and maybe we’ll get some answers ….. This pythiosis or P.insidium is a Oomycete . My vet told me a few things that seem to fit the symptoms we have , it develops zoospores ,like dust floating in the air , It has a life in the skin that has moving flagellum . It also develops into a fungus like material in the body with roots , So the Oomycete can have many life forms . The symptoms that animals get go hand in hand with Morgellons . The vets use for testing . Another web is . Like I said I might be all wrong but researching this it just seems like this is the reason we can’t pinpoint morgellons

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