Syria – My Thoughts

I don’t need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor


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  1. Or : “Thou shalt not kill”
    Or : “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
    Israel is already claiming mining rights in the Golan Heights, what happened to:

  2. This is about tearing a country apart and making a “killing” rebuilding it, stealing property, resources, impoverishing the people commiting usuary.

    People should be seeing a blueprint here. Create chaos, over throw whatever government is in place, replace it with the Muslim Brotherhood who are controlled. Rule threough Chaso is the CIA motto. Through Deception Thou Shall commit War is the motto of the Mossad.

    Happened in Egypt, Lybia, Iraq, Somalia, not quite working in Afghanistan YET.

  3. Vivian Leese said:

    As we all know, war is great for Wall Street. It generates tons of income for the weapons manufacturers to food service corporations. But let’s get real, it kills people. The Powers-That-Be want us dead anyway. They do. It’s one hell of a thought to think about that our Country used to protect us and promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What happened?

  4. Speaking of killing us, here is a petition for a senate hearing on the CDC, IDSA and Insurance Companies regarding lyme disease and the lack of care. Found out why suddenly the CDC has changed their tune on the number of cases yearly. Baxter is in stage 3 of tirals for a Lyme Vaccine. Won’t work unless they have sequenced the hundreds of varieties of spirochete.

    • dividing cricker said:

      I saw the newspaper CDC article last week about the under reported cases of Lyme Disease . Funny how the worst of this happened around the time of the first use of GMOs AND we’re going to war No Doubt , Obama needs a war to cover – up his illegal acts . It doesn’t take a smart person to see he’s not wearing any clothes … All he needs now is a world war for his brainless followers to make him Saint Obama . The Saint of the Obama Nation ! DC

  5. DC, did you read the articles? They are coming out with a vaccine. You couldn’t release the numbers too soon, else the Insurance companies would lose money paying for long term treatment and big pharma would not have the same marketing impact when they release this vaccine.

    I hope you all sign the petition. When Senators are suffering from this malpractice we may just get somehwere.

    • dividing cricker said:

      (George Bush has it, Lyme Disease) This report came out last week CDC on the under reporting of lyme disease . I signed the petition ! I don’t think it will help ! If you add up the number of diseases with a spirochete cause you would put millions of doctors out of business. After reading The STEALTH KILLER , I thought that most of our ills could be related to spirochete disease . We eat beef ! and most is loaded with some type of spirochete . Nobody wants to think about that , or how many people could be carrying it . I think we must harbor more disease than the pets we have ….So don’t kiss the dog ,you could kill him/her !!!! Our law makers must be infected ? Nobody could be that incompetent without having lyme disease , To get back to George Bush , they showed a lyme disease film about his break down . there was a speech he did before Lyme Disease and then after , It was really sad to see the breakdown . I wasn’t a big fan but I don’t seem to be a big fan of any political party . ALL JACK ASSES !! DC

      • I respectfully disagree, DC. The Doctors would be just as busy billing people for treatment. It is big pharma that loses because ther is not a l lot of $ in anti biotics. But lots of money in vaccines. That is my point. The reason CDC release these new numbers is that next they roll out the vaccine. Unless they have sequenced every known spirochete the vaccine will be a major fail. baxter will still make their profits regardless.

        It was a Senator that started this petition because fortunately for him, his doc networked with 17 others an he was able to receive the treatment he needed. They each wrote prescriptions for abx for him. This is somone with influence. This highlights the plight of the people and the height of coruption in the whole system.

        Thank You for signing. Please share.

        • dividing cricker said:

          Just skimmed over the baxter vaccine webs , I keep thinking that a vaccine won’t be to helpful because of all of the co-infections . Most all of us have something in this brew that seems impervious to any cure . As far as this “cure” you could be right but just think of all the diseases that have been linked to lymes disease and think about all the doctors who specialize in all those diseases . If they find out MS, Parkinsons , Lupus , Seizures , Fibromyalgia, mental disorders , ALS , On and On and On All linked to Lyme disease , just think of all the doctors that will be out of work , I don’t think there will ever be a cure …..

        • Sharon, I admire your passion but most MD’s don’t know what Lyme is, nor do they care. They don’t know how to treat it, Quest Diagnostics has some archaic blood test that never comes up positive because it’s not meant to! Try an MD who knows Igenex.
          What? You all are trying to sink this ruse called O care now? LOL.
          Lyme does not have an insurance code number that pops up on the MD’s computer, therefore it does not exist. A family member on crutches 2 weeks ago, knee as big as a boxing glove. 10 days of doxy, good to go so far.
          The spirochetes never go away, they lay in wait for a vulnerable moment.

          Ever heard of Lymeatrix and Dr. Alan Steere of MGH, formerly in Conn.?
          Try “Under the eight ball” by Andalusian films or “Under our Skin”.

          Vaccines got to get a whole lot healthier before folks like us should take them!
          Good Luck and God Bless.

  6. TorpedoLynn said:

    I did a bit of looking into the supposed Gas attacks and found a women from Syria who is saying they were caught twice faking gas attacks and this third one is probably a fake gas attack also. it was said that if a real gas attack those Dr.s helping would be in protective gear because the gas residue would be everywhere and touching it would give you problems as well.

    In Light Lynn

  7. TorpedoLynn said:

    Here is the gal talking on one of those talk shows at night about the gas attacks.

    In Light Lynn

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