Gretchen"Fox and Friends" Gretchen Carlson wasn’t on vacation for the two weeks she was gone, she was battling Lyme Disease. While this hasn’t made mainstream headlines, she did mention it in passing on "Fox and Friends" live. Gretchen lives in Connecticut, which is the state that had the first diagnosed case of Lyme Disease decades ago. It also remains one of the most active states for new cases of Lyme Disease. She also tweeted about her illness on the "Fox and Friends" Twitter Page.

I watch Fox and Friends every morning as I drink my coffee and knew she had been off the show for quite a while and one day last week when she was back she was having trouble thinking of something and she tapped her head and said “Lyme Brain” and I knew then right away, most probably had know idea. I thought I would Google it today and indeed she was down with Lyme disease.


Comments on: "‘Fox and Friend’s’ Gretchen Carlson recently battled Lyme Disease" (7)

  1. Interesting……someone who has such visibility could bring much needed info to the general public…..I hope you are doing well……my situation is better but still a nightmare.

  2. sherry taylor said:

    I heard on our Canadian news they were dropping poison down..they described and said it was ok for dogs to eat it. the area includes basically all over New York State just south of us. Also the St Lawrence river was sprayed in one of the big older “experiments”..people got chronic fatigue. the babista or whatever it is has mutated in a few regions..but is testable…ie a test and study has been done. Thank you Plum Island and US military anxious to use Germany’s chemical warfare after ww2. Canada had to pay millions to help victims in New Brunswick where we agreed to test agent orange…they all died of cancer..but it helped their last days. I wonder what the Us has done for it’s victims.

  3. dividing cricker said:

    It would be great to hear her story from Infection to Treatment . Maybe someone could ask FOX to do a story on her . With all the new NEWS on Lyme Disease coming out it would be very news worthy .The latest CDC news LYME DISEASE is under reported !!! The news says 300,000 people are infected each year . I think it could be over 1 million and most Doctors never follow through with each infection that is found . Most people find a new doctor that will help them and by then its become late stage with little chance of ever clearing / healing it … The new theory is one dose of antibiotics will cure it /// That’s right ONE dose //// ONE DOSE DC

  4. Interesting. I didn’t know she lived in Connecticut or that she had Lyme. I watch the show sometimes, slightly prefer the weekend lineup. I was watching when Tucker Carlson fell asleep. He’s cute. Will try to contact them re doing a Lyme story. I was surprised when Yankee mag had a story and it mentioned Plum Island.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of yet another person with lyme and we need to establish a global task force to deal with this or we will be shutting down all the countries with this world wide epidemic. No one will be able to work ! It is about time that we fess up to the complexity and severity of these zoonotic pathogens and get busy eradicating or curing them. Take those worthless infectious disease society guidelines and you can line the animal cages at NIH, NIAID, CDC, etc with them ! This mis treatment of very ill people will go down in the annals of history, that is if we have a history, as one of the largest crimes against humanity. Over 300,000 for that number too is an underestimate are infected each and every year. Who is going to be left ??

  6. dividing cricker said:

    On THE SCIENCE CHANNEL — MORGELLONS . is a interview with Tina Engressia This will air on wed 9pm est . If you google The Science Channel it airs at 8pm on wed . and you can see the show any time on there after the first showing . I think the show is 1/2 hr with a investigative reporter and several biologists with some infected with morgellons

  7. TorpedoLynn said:

    Hi David

    I could not find it and even went to the SYFY channel website. 😦 I want to watch it. Wish their site had a search function.

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